SKY SHARKS Trailer (2021)

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    Trailer for Sky Sharks

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    1. Alex ML09

      En serio 😒😒😒

    2. Marco Cannilla

      2834 persone non stanno bene col cervello

    3. Bokayeo

      this looks like some halo shit

    4. Oddball Skull


    5. A Oai

      We need more movies like this! Best film!

    6. Max H

      Sharknado iron sky. Cool

    7. thEannoyingE

      This looks terrible. How did Tom Savini get roped into this?

    8. mad viking

      This is cancer

    9. LifeOfTexasTony

      Wtf did I just watch......

    10. Jeff Bob

      Hollywood running out of ideas

    11. Dustin Long

      Us Air Force vs Flying sharks Clear winner

    12. llMitsull

      I'm so pump to watch these type of movies

    13. Shaun Page

      this looks like the best worst thing ever

    14. Humongous420

      I just found this at Walmart for $9.95! Had to have it

    15. WeaponOfMyDestructio

      Flying sharks? Best call the Japanese.

    16. Ap Gamer

      Armed Sharks attacking a plane in the skies with guns... Bruhh oh they can even get invisible lol

    17. Peter Jakubik


    18. darkangles fallen

      the gnome overlord has sent me to the salt mines i now return

    19. DraCc ShouHei

      Whta the actual f*ck😂😂😂

    20. jared america

      You can't feed starving kids but you can make stupid ass movies like this

    21. NotYou

      “Based on a true story”

    22. Ramón José Lorite Sánchez

      If Hitler saw it he would commit suicide again.

    23. carlos flake

      This looks like a 2 bit movie

    24. Leon Campa

      I mean... might as well use baby shark kiddy song for the movie theme at this point...

    25. Rajo Andri

      "That's a disaster"

    26. Rufina Lucy

      This is soooo bad...

    27. Cuauhtemoc Topete

      Shut and take my money

    28. Max Thor

      looks like if "Iron Sky" Mated with "sharknado"... good stuff !

    29. Rishi Makhanlal

      It took 4 years to make this movie. Let's hope it was worth it🤞🏼

    30. Philippe B

      how does this have 2.2k likes lmao

    31. theMelvinShow

      This will be the best movie of 2021

    32. Matthew Abel

      flying natzi sharks??? what the fuck"?

    33. Tom A

      This will be a masterpiece

    34. JE FF

      Wtf did i just watch?

    35. Aaron Nadjorf Bodino

      what if sky sharks met sharknado

    36. LUCKY 13

      Ok but why always sharks?

    37. Aaron Pedrajas

      Ok what? Flying nazi sharks German science at its finest

    38. Marek V

      Wait this is not a joke

    39. Krenton


    40. Noah.

      I saw this trailer six years ago.

    41. JJ Samuel Gunn

      This is so dumb. They should have just formed a special team of chinese cooks. They would have eradicated all sharks from the sky (and the ocean) in just a few days.

    42. TheBrob1983

      Why ,that is the only question that i need answered

    43. lonewolf0281

      WTF did i just watch!?

    44. Steven Helliwell


    45. IronPlayz

      Real title: sharknado but with a big budget

    46. Игорь Санкевич

      WHAT?? 😂

    47. Young Goodman Brown

      Finally a movie that speaks to me.

    48. Vadjan Degoni

      Welll FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF uuuuuu ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... I will give them credit that scene when the sharkplane cames out from the hanger looks nice... and looks like we will have a "Yamato type" ship... Tirpitz or Bizmark?

    49. Steven Smyth

      Is this by the Iron Sky crew? I saw one Nazi banner in the background.

    50. Blundered Gaming

      *The Nazi Blitzkrieg across Europe, 1940, colourised*

    51. Fernando Castillo

      Sky Shark!!! durudurudu

    52. Schreiber


    53. Kyle Moss

      Fucking atrocious

    54. Sang Lê

      Hungry Shark evolution 2 trailer look like🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Anthony G

      True story.

    56. Jason Sims

      SHARKNADO meets IRON SKY (1)...Take my money!!!

    57. Muamer Memic

      Oooo f it, why the hell not

    58. Chris Hamilton

      Am I going to watch it? Yes Am I going to enjoy it? Probably Is Hollywood out of Ideas? Definitely

    59. wilkatis

      Gura going a bit crazy!

    60. bronc haris

      What were they smoking when came up with this and where can i get some

    61. Bruno Castiglioni

      lol love this cheese movies, hahahaha. good combo, Nazi and sharks.

    62. Brett

      We're running out of ideas for movies.. College grad* Hold my bong

    63. E.philly


    64. Sobie Gadam

      But... why?

    65. Business Clank

      Nazis and Flying Sharks in one movie? Lol is this made from the same creators of Sharknado

    66. November Alpha

      The General should have said : "Get this cocksuckers out of my airspace"

    67. Dimpie - JIGSAW

      Wasse honnestront is dié 😴

    68. GAW 26 DOG

      People running out of ideas to make movies shaking my head

    69. Jason

      Who the hell approves this? Somebody read that script and thought.. yep, blockbuster hit.. here's million dollars the actual budget.. don't mess it up, you are the last hope for our studio, it was either this or a new alien film or the matrix 4.. we chose you guys.

    70. Air and Space '46 and Beyond

      Is that Tony Todd?

    71. Łukasz Tomczak

      Kto od Antyradia?

    72. Sisen

      nazi zombie flying sharks I'm sold

    73. Shadow Spidey

      Damn and I thought that Sharknado was weird.

    74. thejaraf

      These is the kind of movie a character from a TV sitcom would be excited to watch.

    75. Robert R

      No dummy, i said make a movie about STREET SHARKS

    76. General Tso Joe Hayabusa

      .... meh, sure why not.

    77. Dennis Raj

      Maybe the story writer high on weeds when writing this story

    78. Luca Tavanti


    79. Jason

      1980: we'll have flying cars in future 2021:

    80. Alexander Castro

      universo iron sky

    81. BLACKOWLgamer

      I hate it and love it at the same time

    82. Eisengrindt

      Isn't this movie out since 2016 or am I missing something and this is a remake?

    83. Wasim baloch

      Hhhhh😝😝 Very funny trailer

    84. PITER1783

      Типа "Железное небо"....

    85. Thabang Sibanda

      This is the closest thing we'll get to a horizon zero dawn movie.

    86. Dominick


    87. Charlievideos 1

      Ok now wtf 😂😂

    88. Pineapple Guy

      Ok then

    89. MeMe Man

      wth did i just witnessed , mofos be crazy

    90. Snap

      Im just imagining here, Dude talking on a meeting with the studio's Director and he says "this is great, because they are Sharks that flies... and for no apparent reason at all." Director goes "Fuck, thats original".

    91. Maxime Adeline

      1. I would have loved to be at the meeting when the Nazi decided to invent flying shark. The pitch must have been epic. 2. Who the f**k read the script for this and went "This is going to be an epic movie."

    92. Gary Scott

      The movie will be a FAIL!!!

    93. Nether Charger

      People are running out of ideas.

    94. DokkanHolics


    95. Ryan Morgan

      Why do people waste there time on making films no one will like?

      1. Joseph Prince

        Except people will like it lmao

    96. to tosh


    97. Maximilian Mitchell

      The pitch Guy: Ok zombie natziz with flying robot shraks producers: YES!!!

    98. Alex Meg

      Maybe this movie can beat the weirdness that can be found in the " Velocipastor " movie.


      The promo of movie sucks, unable to understand what they trying to tell

    100. bon custudio