141 | SpaceX Starship SN9 Launch - Heat Shield Trouble - NASA Perseverance Landing

What about it!?

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    Today amongst other things I’ll explain to you, what’s next for SpaceX’s Starship SN9, what’s the trick with Starship heat shields and where NASA’s Perseverance is right now and what we can expect for the landing.
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    1. What about it!?

      When will SN9 Launch? What's your best guess?

      1. Aneesh Kalla

        @John DoDo Doe seems like I was pretty close(1 day of)

      2. YCIUJ

        Wednesday or Tuesday

      3. Tassadar

        Jan 26

      4. Peter Lyall

        It will never launch sorry to burst your bubble here it isn't going to happen because Elon Musk has gone bust. Meaning Space X is an X company it' no longer exists. And you know what I'm glad.

      5. Andy Long

        3 weeks, given good weather.

    2. Mr. Pete Channel needs 900 subbies!

      10 will be another RUD.

    3. doire aintu

      Hope you had a good break...but knowing you, you probably spent a good chunk of it prepping for SN9s flight. Good to see you back, sir

    4. Christopher Thomas


    5. aola wili


      1. doire aintu

        Honestly amazing

    6. bestamerica

      ' oh no... that is a not good computer animation edit video at 100 to 101/ 511 to 516 / 520 to 532... stop watch this video at 532

      1. aola wili

        belittles the work done by his employees. The ones actually doing rocket science. So thanks for talking about SpaceX as a whole and not one person xx

    7. harold cooper

      INPORTENT NOTICE [THEY USE ULTRASONIC WELDIG it dose not create heat and makes the weld stronger because of no weakening to the surrounding metal. PLEASE ask are they already using this method????

    8. Dipak Bhamare

      Amazing, perseverance is on its way wow!

    9. Ray Ching

      testing 7 tiles then performing the heaviest math *mind ruds*

    10. Isaac Berry

      Tungsten Coated Craft Have no problem bro. put some aluminized Mylar under it.

    11. Amir Abedian

      They should sell the retired starships to the highest bidder

    12. joe bustard

      Good content but getting too much advertising

    13. Mark Hancock

      I like the way you hoodie looks but I am hesitant to buy wearable Merch online. I previously got a graphic tee (not from you) and I loved the graphic but the cotton is so thin that I you can see through it. I am a professional and if I get something to wear, it has to be a level of quality where I can wear it amongst my co-workers - if I can't then no one will ever see it.

      1. Mark Hancock

        Comments on the Merch store look like I am right to be hesitant.

    14. Justin Dart

      What does SpaceX do with the disassembled starships? Do they recycle the metal for new starships?

    15. bilinas mini

      Missed you for 2 weeks, hope everything is okay. Great update. Aim High!

    16. pravinkumar322

      Dr. Strange is that you? 😳😅

    17. AMZG studio's

      Hey, Hey, Felix Schlang Here!

      1. bilinas mini

        Your voice is epic 🤩

    18. The Interfaith Shepherd

      I'm really glad you're adding new content from something other than SPaceX (as much as I love them).

    19. Michael McCardle

      I'm no professional welder but I think the issues they've had with shrinkage are on the larger welds. Something as small as a stud likely wouldn't cause much of an issue?

    20. Tyg Rahof

      Oh! They are ALWAYS improving things. Also those engines look awesome! Ikea workers assigned to put together...?

    21. hoiy vinosa

      What's about the" sweating" heat shield ? Ist ist canceld and repleaced by ceramic Heat shield ?

    22. Jonathan Jay

      Your the first person I've seen cover SpaceX that is able to say SpaceX without having to say Elon Musk first. I do feel every time someone says Elon Musk and means SpaceX it belittles the work done by his employees. The ones actually doing rocket science. So thanks for talking about SpaceX as a whole and not one person xx

      1. hoiy vinosa

        recorded and heard in the Vacuum of space! 🤔

    23. J Abbott

      I don't think Musk got any richer to take the number one spot, it had more to do with Bezos having got poorer. That divorce hurt.

    24. Mateussz Pytel

      how is sound from rover heard in space ?

    25. bobbymac1947

      why is Elon dragging his feet?

    26. Don Halley

      A note for post: The percussion in the music bed is WAY too noticeable, and - at least for people with decent audio systems - makes this almost unwatchable. Think "someone constantly pounding a bass drum in the background". You don't notice this because you are very used to it (it's "normal"). For the rest of us - not so much. Just sayin'.

    27. Chrys Encinosa

      “rapid unscheduled disassembly” 😂

    28. phillip sundal

      Every time I see Felix, I see DR strange for a split second

    29. Greg Allen

      I’m a no watch commercials guy and I pay for premium because ad free Sorry Felix but I can’t stand the ads You go


      Who is this guy ? something doesn't sit right, first off, he sounds like a robot, lol and then facially, looks just as mute, first video uploaded 11 years ago, some weird "middle earth video" and as of a year ago, you got it, space ! spaceX included ... hmmm and the channel name "What about it!?" huh ? come again ? what about what ? space ? or middle earth ? honestly though, there are already plenty channels out there that do a great job at following whats happening in the space industry and well, the channel name, come on, something relevant at least ? or are you simply leaving it like this incase you need to change subject matter in another 11 years ? lol ... the sheer lack of character is off putting but, good luck I guess, I can't help but think the entire channel is a cash grab, merch and everything and you've been running the page in this manner for a year, hmmm, yeah, I'ma go elsewhere

    31. Willliam Stronghammer

      It was a static fire test on SN9 because of the header tank problem on SN8. no problem on the engine un SN9 or what so ever. get better information pls.

    32. themadking 2

      Your voice is epic 🤩

    33. Jari Sipilainen

      if it not land mars 2025

    34. Andy Long

      Great Video.

    35. tatfung

      I have used your promote code for joining surfshark

    36. Bo Jangles

      Nice click bate with the landing in the tile

    37. Hannes Respondek

      Perfekt ausgesprochen :D Danke für die tollen Videos!

    38. John Richardson

      Towards the end you played a recording of from a space probe travelling through Space and said the noise was the on-board pump! Just wondered how that could have been recorded and heard in the Vacuum of space! 🤔

    39. Rienk Kroese

      Why don't they cover the outside in inverted golfball holes mads of ceramic?

    40. german wittgenstein


    41. Pat

      They should make a metal recycling building at the site so they can just meltdown scrap ships and forge new parts really fast.

    42. Astrofrank

      Nice telescope - a Newtonian on a German equatorial mount is a popular setup.

    43. Mizaru

      February 18, my birthday 82 years ago.

    44. Piston Broke

      Do you think SN 45 won the Vote. and will it leave when it term is over

    45. SAMUel Gouby

      French people wtach your video 🇫🇷🇫🇷👏🏼💪🏼

    46. M_Swizzy22

      I cannot wait for the perseverance rover landing, and since it’s all going to be broadcasted, it is by far going to be the best of all rovers to date, just hoping that everything will go to plan!

    47. Music

      Dr. Strange, is that you?

    48. MadScientist512

      So did they ditch the original water vapour cooling for Shuttle-style heat tiles?

    49. digitalkitty cat

      Video of landing on Mars ? Wow. What a technological success ! Love it, cannot wait to see !!!

    50. Jared Jeanotte

      Stainless steel welding is very difficult I can tell you from experience. What would take me 20 minutes to weld with mig including set up and breakdown down of mild steel will take five times that with stainless tig welding

    51. Waylon McCann

      Happy New Year Felix and the WAI Team!

    52. Aviral Singhal

      how did it record sound in vaccum of deep space?

    53. Markus schneider

      What's about the" sweating" heat shield ? Ist ist canceld and repleaced by ceramic Heat shield ?

    54. Markus schneider

      I'm Interesed what did Buzz Aldrin now Talks about the safety of Space X ? He was one of the Heroes in Elon's childhood and Takes the biggest Stones in the way of Space X at there First steps in commercial Space flight

    55. stardude2006

      Awesome ! 😎💙💙

    56. UDontKnow 4Sure

      The Father of my Friend is the CEO of Kuka which is kinda funny and intimidating

    57. toastbrot21016

      It would be really great, if you'd add these time stamps to your uploads. Thanks for the video :)

    58. hawk7825

      Tell Elon to convert the upper portion of SN6 to a booster.

    59. Jaspar sk

      Regarding the Mars rover, I still think that hindsight would have been a better name as hindsight is 2020

    60. Steve Eisenburger

      THANKS Felix. My birthday on the 14 th of Feb so I won't miss Persy.

    61. Milan Ondrak

      I'm looking forward to seeing SpaceX's endgame for the Starship programme when the production space craft finally gets to achieve its mission with a crew on board.

    62. Peter Hill

      Nice red and black hoodie where can I get one ?

    63. Ian Canty

      Great report! Keep ‘em coming Felix! Not sure why some are confused about the title. Has it been changed since some said it was click baity? Surely it just represents, in sequence, the 3 separate topics covered. The title in no way links any of the 3 elements, especially not the heat shield trouble to the Perseverance lander.

    64. Anywhere PCGeeks

      Thank you very much, Felix, for all those excellent professionally done updates on space exploration technology development. I am eagerly looking forward to Perseverance's Mars landing, particularly to being able to see video and hear audio of 7 minutes of hell as Curiosity's landing approach was called. In all truth, you are the one who really rocks.

    65. henry cross

      About 22 Light Minutes from Mars, not 7

    66. Hoani Warmenhoven

      We all know that sn8 is the best in everyone's memories👍 until sn9 lands on all 6 baby legs. Then we'll praise it. Yeah 🤞😎 good luck musk. Ps good to see the weld's are holding together. Argon post and pre flow fusion working nicely.

    67. EscapeMCP

      Jody from WT&T getting a cameo :)

    68. 1340 Greenview

      Fake as NASA.

    69. Viryl Lucas

      Imagine in the future when musk just perfects abd automates the rocket. It's gonna be a rocket factory :D

    70. Stafford Evans

      Nice Ducati font used on your hoodie.

    71. MrMojoRisin88

      Thought we had a heat shield problem. Scared me. Now I believe this to be a compliment but you look remarkably similar to Benedict Cumberbatch.

    72. MAWMAW 6969

      The real reasons for those heat shield tile tests are wayyy cooler than you think. It gets much deeper than you cover here.

    73. Stereo3DProductions

      Please don't fucking call it "persey"

    74. Nic Tanghe

      I had totally fergotten about the landing.

    75. Stoney3K

      So... my guess is that Elon is planning to send a cargo fleet to Mars in '22 and he wants to get a dozen of them ready to go to orbit by the end of this year. So a manned mission can take off in 2024.

    76. Widnezz

      I didn't notice that you didn't upload last week, but I have been having this feeling like something was missing... Glad to have ya' back, keep it up!

    77. djb0110

      I feel terrible about clicking through ads on your really good video but youtube thinks it's fine to put 52 minute commercials on a 15 minute video. I allowed one to play (horrible Epoch Times nonsense) but I hate that you're not getting the revenue you deserve.

    78. Rono Patrick

      going for dr.strange

    79. Gerald Saunders

      What does "Heat Shield Trouble" in the title refer to?

    80. Robert Vorster

      Looking forward to the Mars landing. The NASA commentary... not so much... hahaha

    81. Adam Rutter

      Gods speed! So cool!

    82. Florencio Vela

      i can't wait for my cybertruck tri motor fsd to be here.. may order the S dual or tri? got 27 solar system battery backup too.I LOVE SPACEX & STARSHIP..to the moon & MARS..!!

    83. Alessio Snow

      Hey Felix, sorry for my english, but my question is: What about think you at the Gateway "spacestation" building Beginn is 29.01.2021 Hi Felix, ich habe hier auch noch ein Thema das auch mit SpaceX zusammen hängt. Was weisst du oder wai darüber Von Gateway die Raumstation vor der Erde das ist ein Mega Projekt, Baubeginn 29.01.2021 Beste Grüsse

      1. Alessio Snow


    84. Inverted Reality

      Impeach 45!!!! It's racist! LOL! I doubt most of them will know which end the rockets go to but for the few that do, trigger alert!

    85. WOLF GAMER

      Very good thank you !

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      Where will they be at the end of the decade?

    88. Simon Bradshaw

      nice vid Felix

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      My name is Felix I sell toothbrushes, condoms, tomato sauce, cocoa beans, candies, and for grandmothers wool for knitting, for travel families .... damn you fucking shit with your ad

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      The Return of the King (and I'm late ._.)

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      Doctor strange 🔥

    92. Courtney Downs

      I love your videos man. Lol I basically instinctively hit like to all of your videos as soon as i open them now.

    93. Neil

      Look forward to the Flat Earthers losing their heads over the Perseverance footage.

    94. Maanhaar Jackal

      In re: welding - perhaps looking for a technique that's simpler than "mix" welding, but is as strong or stronger? Hope your 2021 is Successful, Safe, and Sane!

    95. Jesse Ziegler

      F*ck twitter

    96. amit soni

      Why it is short static fires any particular reason?? If you know??

    97. Donavan. Anderson.

      Geus lets geus what number will leed to the final starship production I think sn20 version is the last one

    98. Fredy Fred

      The synonym of Now you Know

    99. bruhify army


    100. Me Me

      Hi Felix. Will you be livestreaming the SN9 test flight?