START 1000th AND FINISH 1st! IS IT POSSIBLE?! Mountain of Hell, the biggest mountain bike race!


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    Is it possible to win the biggest MTB race on earth while starting 1000th?! Jump on board with Damien to relive his journey through the Mountain of Hell final race. To learn more about this MTB mass start and Damien's result:

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    1. owlaps

      Cette vidéo n'est pas un reupload, la vidéo n'a jamais été publiée. On vous avez partagé le run de Max, celui-ci est celui de Damien ! 🔥 Pour en savoir plus :

      1. MUH FAREL AMRI Aldous Markocop Early Game di rusuh Late Game auto Ngamuk🔥😍

      2. Bas Bakker

        @A human Who doesn’t like noobs only when the video creator enables that. Most people don't enable that.

      3. A human Who doesn’t like noobs

        @Bas Bakker DEfasts translates automatically the video titles 🤦‍♀️

      4. Grayson Shuart

        Don’t drive it when flat it will bend the rim

      5. John

        @LEC illuforce why click bait with an English title to get more views and they post a French video? Seems silly. But I know more that one language. French just isn’t one of them.

    2. LSX717

      When your a try hard in real life and in GTA

    3. yasuke tandjigora

      4:40 🏆🥇☺️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤮🤣

    4. sK__ SyRo

      Français ici parmi les commentaires ? Sinon dommage car tu étais vraiment bien partit mais là crevaison ta tuer ton parcours c’est dommage et j’ai le seum pour toi car vu le nombre de vélos qui t’a dépassée après ta crevaison c’est triste enfin sinon ta fini la course et c’est le plus important ! Bien jouer

    5. Marlon

      Spoiler alert. He gets a flat tire about half way but keeps going! I can’t imagine how exhausting that must have been!!!

    6. mattgamig ps3

      #team français vous êtes la

    7. Camogamer 15

      I like how he cut across the grass to pass the guy that wouldn’t move 😂😂

    8. Dominikゴミ箱ギャング

      You are not first!

    9. Emi Laddaran

      Try this in vr

    10. I Mohammad shafaie

      Wenn dein Fahrrad nicht durchstoßen wurde, könntest du der Erste sein

    11. Jøhan *__*

      Le commentaire français que tu cherchais 😙

    12. F. s

      OMG, i finally realized why they call those bikes, "Mountainbikes" lol

    13. The red Tomato

      Anyone else’s OCD go mental when that smudge was on the camera

    14. 4B Varela Sánchez Diego

      9:30 ibas a 100.0000 km/h

    15. JustPotatt

      2:07 props to the fuy with a prosthetic leg

    16. Luigi Fire

      With bikes it's cool but I imagine how it would be with motocross

    17. Lu Lom

      That was shitty

    18. damar seribu

      If I join, I don't think the champion is just looking for experiences with friends

    19. SuPR_Heros YT

      A 8:18 Maxime il s'est prit un vent sa ma tué

    20. Luis Angel Rodríguez

      No entendi ni mergas pero me gusto el video

    21. siapa ya

      Asu akeh men dimiliki

    22. William Buchholz

      Bravo 🔥🔥

    23. Twin Glitch

      Had he not had a flat when he reached pavement shortly'd have been gone baby!!!

    24. Z Shack_7

      I would have started at the top of the hill and finished at the top of the hill

    25. D C

      Unbelievable heart!!

    26. Rodrigo V

      Wow can't believe he could ride like that with a flat. Skills. Feel sorry though, he was killing

    27. four eighths way switchable joystick

      Your smurf account:

    28. Velius Kain

      🤔 ... Yeah, I saw my death at about 10 instances in this video if I were in this race.... some of those tight turns I for certain wouldn't of been able to judge, would of hit the bank, and off I'd go to heaven down the side of a rocky hill/mountain!

    29. K-POP CRUSH

      The dirt on the gopro looks so beautiful

    30. FerdigVibes

      Am I the only one who’s mouth got dry and heart is beating like we’re all doing this right now?

    31. Ernesto Flores

      Wow great video

    32. Riley LeHane

      as someone who works in mountain rescue/ski patrol, this looks like a logistical nightmare

    33. Victor Dragneel

      Come on, now I wish doing that

    34. Kayrento


    35. Aedan3068

      How to accidentally spend 45 minutes in the bathroom

    36. Sega Gador

      ¡Hola! Te invito a unirte a este grupo donde REGALAMOS cuentas premium como Disney+, Deezer, Spotify, Crunchyroll y más de 50 cuentas. No te vas a arrepentir 🥰


    38. Κωνσταντίνος Παυλίδης

      Amazing stamina

    39. Ima Fish

      i would've gotten lost, jumped off a cliff, roll down a hill, break every bone in my body, be in a coma, and still be ready for next years race

    40. Romanos Violetis

      This dude never touches the brakes. Unfortunate the flat tire. Kudos for finishing!

    41. joshua

      like si hablas español

    42. LaTeam-_-family tot epic

      Il y a des français les gars

    43. julien joube

      moi jai deja fait sa et je suis arrivé premiet avec une roue en moin et plus de frien et plus de chéne

    44. Cristopher Torres

      Jajaja epic 😂

    45. Da Quinstah

      Plugging merch while in the race? That’s awesome! 😂

    46. FAM LAUD

      Muita gente mano kkk

    47. Arlo de Haan

      Did that woman have her tits out?

    48. Fabio Dasilva

      Trop fort

    49. Всё серьёзно!

      Ну фиг с тобой, +сую))

    50. Uzegt

      Do you have a link to Max his video? I hear you talk about him commenting to/on his followers? Would be cool! Awesome ride. That first 6 minutes off the glacier are insane.

    51. c’est moi

      12:35 dans sa tête : wlh tu passes pas

    52. nmikk10

      Smh shouldve just flew off the mountain.

    53. young kurt cobain

      4:16 you could see his back tire go over his head 😂😂

    54. OlivierOR06

      On dirait moi dans fifa an début quand je tacle les l’autre équipe ou gens ou personne comme vous voulez le dire

    55. Mehmetkemal Saban


    56. Руслан Магзанов

      Я один русский?

    57. BMXand SKATE


    58. Hazelnut

      I don't understand a single word (Edit)just realized there are subtitles

    59. Mohamed Basbous

      الا رسول الله

    60. Космо Котяра

      Как по рассказам родителей они добирались до школы:

    61. henson lacap

      So determined btw love from the philippines

    62. 정진형

      ㅈㄴ 재밋다 끝까지 다봣네

    63. Les Catalyseurs [La chaîne]

      Le nombre de commentaires anglais 🤡

    64. MR. Hiệu - Cô Đơn

      *4:58** Tưởng Thế Là Ngầu 😂*

    65. Rayky arya

      mantap, im in indonesia bruh

    66. Afrah Naili

      Wowww, you strong From 🇮🇩

    67. Lam Jun Yu

      Noticed how I spent the best 43 minutes of my life watching this video

    68. DA DAMIAN

      That was so fcking stressful and amazing!

    69. gsx channel


    70. Dhena Y

      Denger napasnya ikutan engabb capekkk woy

    71. Станик Станиславский

      Я тоже как будто спустился с гор))

    72. Arif Budimansyah

      Indo ad k😂

    73. ꧁༺BAR BAR༻꧂ GAMERZ

      I always laugh when he fall from bicycle

    74. TucsoN! Jr.


    75. davin

      donhil njer

    76. MrRik0SHET


    77. L P

      Bro this is so lit

    78. Derp Ninja

      Onoda vibes!!

    79. sean kim

      Legit felt like I was watching Call of Duty at some points

    80. Taw Mathews

      This is legendary! Glad you stayed the course!

    81. Evelyn ZT


    82. Erasyl Ermekuly

      Тихо едешь дальше будешь

    83. god gaming

      Im jesus gaming


      How could you not 👍 this! That dudes badass!


      He did the “RAD” move at the start! Getting ready to break the ICE!😂


      imajine losing your phone and have to go all the way back

    87. Y33T_PL00PY

      That’s a dope megaavalance

    88. Snowjix

      Flat tyre? That means 0% chance of puncture on said tyre.

    89. Com facas e facalhões Se cortam os manjericões

      But you didn’t finished 1st, the title is incorrect...

      1. Epic Vlogger


    90. Mangust

      бля он чё колесо пробил чтоль, звук такое ещё

    91. Tenzin Tashi

      Downhill Domination OP

    92. Lautaro Galatto

      NO amigo la re cagaste a palos, Maxime te va matar REEEY!! No era por ahí.

    93. J Ty

      Dang, this is like steel ball run or something. People could just fly off the track lol

    94. Samuel Saavedra

    95. José Ferreira

      Is this a tutorial on how to ruin a 5000€ bike?? Just kidding.. 😛 Massive and amazing ride! Thanks for sharing!

    96. Manila Kid

      This chaos is like Normandy without the guns. lol

    97. KaЯma The Schemer

      0:13 nah men cetait froid 😂

    98. ChikeNNN Gaming

      fin de video j'ai fait une crise d'asthme ^^ sinon bravo pour ta perf