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1,7 Mio. aufrufe963

    Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails for ya!

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    1. Camryn Sabin

      FailArmy can always make me laugh no matter what mood I'm in lol :D

      1. Michelle G

        Same that’s why I’m here I need a laugh it’s working.😂

      2. Jay Murillo

        Hah same

      3. Lard Lover

        @ElcrackGG 1 lol probably a patreon donator

      4. Tobias Mills

        I can't complain about the channel, just the sheer amount of people that shoot in portrait mode. I'm not sure why it triggers me so much, it just does.

      5. ElcrackGG 1

        @MeiCosta89 😂

    2. Nicholas Nguyen

      This was hilarious

    3. Zilla Deliva

      The Look at me Society.....

    4. su oh

      The vagabond moat microcephaly realise because pickle lately pedal despite a rebel fisherman. handsomely, fresh word

    5. Joseph McGowan

      6:30 hardcore parkour

    6. jessie james

      The dead nitrogen algorithmically suit because writer apparently ignore pace a abiding candle. magenta, elite sneeze

    7. MattDP

      4:30 he has to be deaf

    8. Jan Cernak

      04:22 oh kurrrrwa... Deaf for two weeks.

    9. stefano dash

      In 2020 cars will fly 1:10

    10. Just Videos

      Hi everybody

    11. eioshen boboi

      3:14 Pyro from TF2 screaming

    12. Sammy One Thumb

      The only thing i can say is this fail army im a huge fan, but wow there were to many adds in this short video. It ruins the viewers attention on that. I get your making money on here but thats a bit much. It got real annoying no hate im a youtuber too, no where near your level, but I would not bomb my vids like that.

      1. eioshen boboi

        6:27 LMAO literally every morning when I wake up

    13. Firstname Lastname

      Dumb, hairy creatures trying waxing. And they say they don't believe humans come from apes.

    14. Scott Binder

      I can't believe that there are this many stupid people in the world. I really have to wonder how they survive day-to-day.

    15. yasio bolo

      6:34 uh sir, you can’t park there

      1. yasio bolo

        I do not like your mirthful I see a bad weed the hat

    16. helmut kohl

      die arme unter den armen

    17. helmut kohl

      4:30 was ist den da passiert? war das eine auto bombe ?

    18. itsyaboixa 11

      1:26 you’ll sneeze it out later

    19. helmut kohl

      1:33 °-° aiaiaia lol das ist unglaublich, der arme sein laber bart weg ^^ ich seh nichts mehr meine augen sind voller tränen, vor lauter lachen

    20. Dutch Van Der Linde

      4:22 wtf did he do!? He was pretty lucky.

    21. DOOM667

      u can die from an infection if you plug your nosehairs. dont do it.

    22. Davor Varga

      What is this creature on 1st video?

    23. BETHANY R Jimenez

      5:00 dude just ask to join that blue man band or something 😂😂

    24. bcvbb hyui

      A lot of these fall under the "You get what you deserve" principle.

    25. ayyrron reko

      6:34 kamloops bc?? LOL

    26. Ka I

      7:00!!!! Omg he could die

      1. bcvbb hyui

        How deep is it ? 🙄

    27. Wonho's Michelle

      4:23 Yeah, funny -.-

    28. Lorik Qui'in

      0:16 Eye you bastard. Best one look at the bird's face!

    29. Marc-André Lafleur

      6:27 LMAO literally every morning when I wake up

    30. dcoog anml

      4:20 when you let one rip in a closed space while lighting a cigarette.

    31. Casey Peck

      4:21 what the hell happened

    32. Sean Carter

      I do not like your mirthful I see a bad weed the hat

      1. dcoog anml

        Damn i haven't watch a Video from failarmy in years. Lol I still have a subscription to.

    33. tonya mitchell


    34. Paweł Bronek

      Szkoda czasu. Wogóle nie śmieszne. Zwyczajnie głupie

    35. Shannon Peacock

      How did the explosion in the work van happen?

    36. ObsessionPC

      4:22 THAT is the reason why I never buy cheap propane torches and make sure the small shut off valve is closed when I am done, beside the fact that the trigger is safe guarded. Lucky dude, walking away like that. DAAAMN.

    37. L.Roy

      Somebody PLEASSE explain 4:21. A bomb from the inside, is powerfull enough to destroy the metal doors... and the guy comes out of it like nothing happen... is he the TERMINATOR or what? 😨😨😨

    38. Brian Andersen

      7:12 - Just got a divorce and is starting to date again...

    39. Thomas Jeffries


    40. David Christoffersen

      Just for you guys who don't want to go dig for answers, the clip at 4:30 is a propane gas explotion caused by a leaky torch that the driver axidently ignited when he entered the truck.

    41. Michelle G

      How deep is it ? 🙄

    42. Dharzjinion

      4:02 and now to our late night screening of The River Wild. Tee hee hee :D

    43. Vidio Unik

      Lol 🤣

    44. J S

      Wth happened @4:25

    45. FBI

      Well we cant fix and felix this

    46. Dave Johnson

      Wait, I need A LOT more info about the 4:23 minute mark

    47. Satans braten

      Damn i haven't watch a Video from failarmy in years. Lol I still have a subscription to.

    48. Jr Vivaldo



      4:23 what the fuck just happened

    50. Diego Herrera

      4:22 how that guy got out of the car unharmed???👀

    51. SeriousHex

      the people freaking out over the lizard makes me laugh. they're generally pretty chill as long as you dont do something dumb. if you're calm, they are just gonna do their thing.

    52. vextvvideo

      Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

    53. Determined To Rise!

      What is the best thing in Switzerland?? I don’t know but ... Their flag is a big plus 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Javier Zárate

      I thumbs downed for the armpit hair chick

    55. Samwise Gamgee

      that dude at the beginning could have just shaved his nostrils like a man

    56. Lili Jasso

      I can't believe you post till this day

    57. vbddfy euuyt

      4:23 there has to be more to the story! Explosion big enough to blow the front window out, bend the roof, and pop the doors but somehow he still walks away

      1. Karen D

        There is an explanation about the exploding van (about 1 week ago) in the comments posted by "I Wanna Make".

    58. President Elect SDBASSIN

      obviously emotionally torn apart person on the cover photo gives this an instant 👎 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤷🏻‍♂️👎

    59. Tyler James

      04:30 "Just incase i die lemme delete these hoes numbers and delete that porn she gonna think is weird"

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        first place is beyond me.

    60. My33T

      2:08 that crunch was very satisfying yet very painful sounding

    61. Richtiger Lelek

      Nice Video Broo😘

    62. JuliansCarChannel

      0:52 is my video hahaha :D

    63. Kamran Ali TV

      hi dear Failarmy channel, We are atique ahmed and kamran ali from pakistan and we make reaction videos. so can we make reaction videos by using videos from your channel ? Best Regards, Kamran Ali TV

    64. iSpy

      @4:21 😳

      1. iSpy

        He said "I'm dead".

    65. Edan Pino

      4:22 That's the most powerful fart I've ever seen

    66. P L

      Wanting attention huh?

    67. John Trebil

      The deranged roadway scientifically glue because net densply bow concerning a doubtful biplane. true, mean mosque

    68. NerdyDullahan Art & Gaming

      That mom who told her daughter to get out of her house over a broken TV that isn't even broken is kinda fucked

    69. Alexandria Renard

      I do like the last one, wax them armpits with as much pain as possible!! OUCH!!

    70. bouytt guyt

      6:34 uh sir, you can’t park there

    71. Mikey

      A lot of these fall under the "You get what you deserve" principle.

    72. ExoChen B

      Why does everyone always look so shocked when they use clippers on their hair? 🤣 They're clippers! What else would happen!? Idiots

      1. bouytt guyt

        How did he survive a car explosion like that?

    73. Schøn Badøn

      4:22 wtf?

    74. Colorado Mountain Man

      Could not watch. Focusing on the center of 3 panels and blurring the other two outer ones makes it very distracting to watch. Why do these dumb-asses do this (3 panels) in the first place is beyond me.

    75. billiard ball

      what the fuck blew up in his truck ?

    76. Ken Harrison

      So, does that one guy have a face still?

    77. Ironymus

      that poor guy running around for more than two days looking like a smurf

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    79. K V


    80. Андрей Георгиевич

      Всё связанное с волосами было отвратительно. Не надо так

    81. Philipp Götten

      3:30 where is the fail!?

    82. Jason Fletcher

      Can i send in a funny video. For yall to upload on channel

    83. Kocak Gaming

      Laa ukalimaa fail army abadan

    84. Shahid Elahi Vlogs


    85. Ron Boston

      Seriously, your 3 panel format sucks

    86. Anonymus

      „OmG I bRoKe ThE GlAsS“ this british acent is legendary

    87. Shaymus Harvey

      How did he survive a car explosion like that?

    88. Luis Romero

      Gracias por seguir subiendo contenido! 😃

    89. Eddison Her

      Just Taco Bell 4:22

    90. Sweet Little Weasel

      Why would you film yourself waxing your armpits in the first place? Wtf?

    91. Sweet Little Weasel

      WHO TF WAXES their nose hair ??? The who is dumb enough to put it online???

    92. Aviation Nut

      People so stupid, people so dumb. -Tom Macdonald-

    93. k w

      4:22 - The guy blows up his truck, climbs out the window and the first thing he does is check his phone to see if he has any messages!

    94. metero92

      Bruh 7:14 bush extration

    95. asioe kiou

      7:40 why she sound like lilu in the 5th element

      1. asioe kiou

        Artists: never any good at DIY.

    96. Zalorian Styles

      WHAT HAPPENED?? @4:24

    97. Denise Creagh

      The Marlynn pic was amazing! Great job.

    98. Pony Rescue

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    99. Daniel Arede

      0:38 thicc

    100. the weird guy

      4.25 what happen