studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

Ariana Grande

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    positions out now:

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    1. AssaultedPeanutt

      Around 4:26 she says "yea!" and it's auto tuned 😂

    2. Abigail White

      Post more behind the scenes! These are so amazingggggggggggg!

    3. Eugene de Torres

      Talent, dedication and hardwork.

    4. Stella Rae

      i feel like i just learned a million things from like one viewing of a single 4 minute video. ariana is such a fucking legend dude. thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

    5. S sb

    6. Kikoy

      she use a little bit of autotune but she's so good

    7. TU MUSICA

    8. oboraa Tube

    9. Ryanna Bouka

      The voice's coach 😍😍😍😍😍

    10. Amir Hisyam

      Did you guys hear 3.16 I mean like WOW

    11. Ömer Demirkıran

      We need worst beahviour

    12. AriAnastasia Grande

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    13. Princi Rawat

      Her voice is autotune in itself...


      She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented 💙


      ariana : *yeAH* me : *dies*

    16. Maddie Graf

      im in literal AWE

    17. Louis Mariano

      come on Ms. Produce-HUH

    18. notavafn

      This was so entertaining for some reason... also Ariana has so much talent ❤️

    19. Shone Smickle

      Ur vocals are SOOO 🔥🔥🔥Crazy I luv this Album My Favorite

    20. Refentse Kheswa

      I legit watch this video everyday 😩😭😍

      1. katherine lv milfs

        she's so talentedd

    21. dantetita marasigan

      They cannot get out of the line

    22. Sedi Pg

      Am I the only one who felt the need to go watch the actual song after😂😂

    23. ErenXMikasa


    24. Mia Vega

      this footage is literally so cool and inspiring

    25. jubi butera


    26. wearesupernovas •

      I love her but why does she even need that producer/mixer when she can clearly do it herself like she has from the beginning of career when she started? this has always been her layering style lol and that would be so annoying starting and stopping so many times...she should just be like move over I'ma do it myself lmao

    27. John Hagood aka RXA

      All dead now

      1. John Hagood aka RXA

        Anyone all dead under an aliases.

      2. John Hagood aka RXA

        Room for you

    28. John Hagood aka RXA

      I'm s killer now

      1. John Hagood aka RXA


    29. Pedro Antonio Ferrer

      Thank you for showing this

    30. f a n n y

      Como una persona puede ser tan talentosa y tener una voz de ángel?

    31. todoroki _simp_china

      Hi I know you are probably not going to see this this but I am writing a song and was wondering if you could please give me some tips

    32. Taeko

      did anyone else go to the music video to appreciateee this ? :))) sorry i cant type lmfao

    33. Cassidy Hatch

      OMG can we please get more videos like this!! i love her putting the song together and all the notes omg it’s so amazing to watch!!

    34. Ny A.

      The fact she says *"sorry" "please" "THANK YOU"* Shows the respect she has for them. 💕 People be calling for 20 things and never once say thank you or please.

    35. keenz

      I literally watch this every day

    36. JőNøSãy YT


    37. camila hincapie betancur


    38. Janei Isaacs

      worth ethic bro...fucking immaculate

    39. blinkfilms1

      They really recorded vocals with pitch correction huh

    40. blinkfilms1

      I feel this SO HARD I spend HOURS getting vocals yeeesh

    41. Bianca Miguel Ofc

      B R I L H A N T E

    42. Alex Lopez World

      Omg never thought would be this hard recording a song

    43. Aves aryanna

      Why do I low key feel like Ariana battles with anorexia...:(

      1. dula peep

        Hey, dont say that , ariana its healty

    44. August Virgo

      I need a documentary

    45. Tash Groeners

      “Oooo I LOVE that” she’s sounds like a Disney princess 😩

    46. Jamie McMullen

      I dnt think we appreciate how patient u hav 2 b 2 b a singer that illustrates it ryt there i knw i cudnt b one thats for sure

    47. seerpou

      it sounds nice but is she singing actual words or just humming lol?

    48. Booche

      Am i the only one hearing a ton of autotune when she is speaking?

      1. Kai


    49. SuA수아


    50. SuA수아

      im gonna add another ✨⭐️y u h ⭐️✨

    51. smarts

      This is the part of pop that I love! Just because its popular or mainstream doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of work, time, effort and thought put in to it, and it certainly doesn't mean the artist isn't talented! Ari makes it look so easy!

    52. kay rose

      almost forgot to watch this today

    53. angelica bassett

      the talent is immaculate

    54. Holly and Haven's Adventures

      I wanna see more. 😭

    55. Dior. Buteras

      Yes bestie


      I ligit just went back to listen to the song....and this all makes soooo much sense....I can see it all. Ari you're sooooooo great. I ligit to be as talented as you are one day.

    57. Lotto Rich


    58. Jups

      Sempre querendo dar o melhor pra gente, RAINHA❤️❤️❤️❤️

    59. Oscar Stuttgen


    60. angie lozano


    61. Jimena Noda

      QUE INCREIBLE ESTA MUJER! Tiene una noción única! Bravo 👏🏼

    62. Crazzi-j North

      She’s amazing

    63. Karolina Games

      Wow i am happy

    64. khaïla d

      Oh so that’s why it’s always taking a whole ass year to make new album ok noted will never complain ever again under your posts but brb gotta complain under rihanna’s

    65. pixiesnow

      damn, this made me admire her more. what a fckn genius. her inputs are so fckn brilliant. this is golden. 🙌🏼 this is what u call an "ARTIST" ✨

    66. Kryst Cabb

      As an artist myself, It's really hard to find people that would completely understand your vision and ideas and making it real. Even just by explaining the ideas that u have in mind, some people wouldn't be able to pick that up immediately. But in her case, Ari is too fortunate to have these brilliant people working with her. Kudos to Ari and her team!

    67. Isaac Griffin

      Hey I am Lucas Gabe's friend and we both want you to go to heaven not Hell so here's a song of truth I want to share you:

    68. AsYouKNOW TY

      Actually the ways she created that part 3.45 m is my fav part!!!

    69. Jong Hong

      Ariana I love it ! Baby be Mines & only Mines !

    70. Anjel Storm

      This just blew my mind, Ariana is just BUILT DIFFERENT! She made this look so easy, and yet nailing stuff like this is incredibly difficult. Freaking QUEEN😍

    71. laliflm

      definición de satisfacción auditiva en un solo video:

    72. Ellie Trinh

      the " Oooh! I love that ! " though. reminds me of cat valentine

    73. Mndz acst

      Ariana and that producer were connected by the spirit of art because they way he understood ariana vision without even asking question is mind blowing !!!!!!!

    74. Mndz acst

      the discipline this hasssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! LETS TALK ABOUT THAT!!!!

    75. KyunJame Gaming


    76. DARI- UZ

      Hi idol im your supporters from the philipines❤️

    77. 18 swetha

      fun fact : this is not youre first time here

    78. Agnieszka Linkiewicz

      1:34 that was cute

    79. Alexia Gray

      mau nangis keren banget

    80. Makayla and Isabella

      It’s so amazing how she doesn’t computer make the back notes she individually records them and adds everything together and no matter how she sings anything it’s good

    81. Qwerty Qwerty

      Her singing is boring to me. Like she tries not to use all her vocal range so hard.

    82. itsmeShanny

      yeah !

    83. Pikelet12

      I could watch this 100 times. Love creative processes

    84. Nader Acosta

      She may be little but she acts like a major and she is.

    85. loredana zefi

      nobody: ari: one more maybe

    86. Lam My Phuong


    87. Leoni Ikhlef

      I love you Ariana💜💜💜

    88. CC Shinoda

      She's the BOSS

    89. Chiffon Cake

      Can't get over watching this deymmmm

    90. Kanishka the Arianator

      She is so talented 💜🌸love you ari

    91. Nisha

      My Talented Babe❤️

    92. swtlikecndy

      Literally after every time I watch this I have to go listen to the official version to hear the end product and ITS SO SATISFYING 👏

    93. Aleksandra S


    94. Mili Chen

      do you realize what kind of a goddess you are???

    95. James

      Why need a music producer if Ariana herself is the one suggesting what to do LOL

    96. Terka


    97. Gabrielle Cocucci

      So much work goes in! Music genius! Definitely passionate and talented!

    98. edits of the century

      she can just say yes in her song in the song whoud be so good

    99. Philton Wildt

      I was in aww when i heard the song. I was hipnotised by her voice.