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    Am Vor Monat


    1. rarubikul

      tracklimits? lol

    2. Psychlops 924

      Where is the full race???

    3. Diego Lugo

      Where is the full race GTWorld?

    4. M B

      @GTWorld When will the Full Race Replay become available on this channel? Many fans are asking and waiting for it.

    5. Will Pittenger

      Where's the main race video? I was waiting to download it.

    6. Joshua Hatfield

      When is the full replay of the race going to be uploaded???

      1. David Tripp

        Seriously when gt world????????

    7. hoiy vinosa

      Fantastic coverage watched in and off the whole race cheers from Tas Australia

    8. dolita windo

      I would get about 20x in a few laps of I done that on iRacing , ridiculous track limits

    9. Sean Campbell

      OFFTRACK (1x)

    10. alida flus

      What happened to the Track Limits in some corners? Is it now allowed to drive wide in the last chicane?

    11. BluntForc3 Studios

      Fantastic coverage watched in and off the whole race cheers from Tas Australia

      1. hoiy vinosa

        If the race is gonna be this way i gonna skip until next year totally disgraceful

    12. Guerilla59

      Why can’t I chat?

      1. dolita windo

        Unless they do this, they don’t get an F1 track licence. I remember years ago Martin Brundle said this about Monaco where they’d moved the barriers way back at the swimmi

    13. SenorSjon

      Was this a NASCAR onboard? I wondered if he would cut Eau Rouge as well.

    14. Sergi Aladid

      At 1:16:40 you can see a vortex coming out of Marciello's rear wing!

      1. alida flus


    15. kiardon

      Track limits have just been updated today. "Rules regarding track limits for this year's Total 24 Hours of Spa have been defined ahead of this afternoon's 15.30 CEST start. A bulletin from the race director states: "The track is limited by two white lines. In turn 3 right hand side, exit turn 9, 17 and 19 the kerbs are included in the track. In all the other turns cars must remain in contact with the track." Whole post at total24hours (dot) com

    16. EnemyCoot2

      what happen with track limits? new rules?

    17. Daniel Straub

      Damn just shut up in the comments man, yeah the defined track limits suck but just enjoy the racing and stop being butthurt

      1. LewStep

        Stop being butthurt about people being butthurt :P

    18. TARS

      The new exit of T11 just straight up looks dangerous.

    19. Jim Daniels

      So sad, and difficult to watch. Will track limits be enforced for the race?

    20. albert92f1

      What a joke guys, wish there was gravel in the run off areas, this is terrible...

    21. ACEECARI

      I understand why people are annoyed with the track limits, I am too. However if all drivers can have the same track limits then it's fair and no one gains an advantage. However it gets dangerous at points which is what the most ridiculous part is

    22. Eijah Dobkins

      Disgusting abuse of track limits by almost every driver !! Is this race a joke cause drivers made mockery of them

      1. Mani 1610

        @BlueFlag Alpha Well if they didn't they wouldn't have done it.

      2. Eijah Dobkins

        Oh absolutely I’ve seen more footage then just this super pole video and yeah they were gaining

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        did they gain time from that track limit

    23. rocki4k

      Remember the 2019 iRacing Spa 24 hrs?

    24. N. Nicolas

      If the race is gonna be this way i gonna skip until next year totally disgraceful

      1. Daniel Straub


      2. BlueFlag Alpha

        Go ahead. No ones stopping you

    25. Damar Fadlan

      FIA should delete all of their lap times due to intentionally leaving the track to get good lap times.

      1. Mani 1610

        It's not a FIA series so they won't be able to do anything I suppose.

      2. BlueFlag Alpha

        they wont have time to do the superpole again

      3. Fabian Reusch

        Well it's the fias decision allowing them to drive like this...It's faster, you can't really expect them not to do it when it's allowed and faster

    26. chillyfly

      Sorry but it’s F1 that has ruined tracks with these ridiculous vast areas of asphalt. Great circuits becoming like hire kart tracks marked out in a car park between white lines. Unless they do this, they don’t get an F1 track licence. I remember years ago Martin Brundle said this about Monaco where they’d moved the barriers way back at the swimming pool and La Rascasse, and just painted white lines on the track. He said “They’ve got to stop doing this... This is Monaco, this is what gives this place the challenge...” No one complains about track limits where you have a gravel bed or grass just beyond the kerb...

    27. Daniel North


    28. robmanner00

      This is disgusting. Never witnessed drivers wipe their asses with track limits like this. I sure hope the race won't be like this

    29. Kevin De Smet

      Push it to the limit😏 in all seriousness, the region looks beautiful in the Fall and with all the cool GT cars, wish it was spectators allowed. Please consider a Fall edition for next year as well?

    30. SerPurple

      Yikes... what a disaster. There's a track, then there's the run off area. "Lack of stewards" is some lame BS.

    31. rpfitzpatrick

      useless, this abuse of track limits turns me off tuning in.

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        this isnt an airport ,no need to announce your departure

    32. James Bacon

      If a marathon runner took a different route to get to the finish line first, he would be disqualified for cheating. SRO better sort this shit out for tomorrow.

    33. Tony Stack

      I would get about 20x in a few laps of I done that on iRacing , ridiculous track limits

    34. bq

      what a shitshow with those track limits... it's 2020, use laser sensors for track limits ffs...

    35. Umut Berk Askay

      Ugly ... Ugly to watch. If it is this kind of famous race and everyone watching on tv , SRO should manage and find a way to control and check the track limits.

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        writing here is pointless , write an email so that they can see it

    36. Don Barzini

      Pole was won because noone else was running wide in T1? Did i see that right?

      1. Daniel Straub

        We didn't even see every car going through T1 so probably everybody did it like that ;)

    37. BlueFlag Alpha

      Most of the chats are about people complaining about the track limits lol. Why are people upset about that?

      1. Joe Vudu

        @Daniel Straub a line (in this instance a question) can make anyone conclude about anything. His "opinion" is in the public and anyone can conclude. But it wasn't in bad faith if that's what you thinking. I may sound harsh but I was just surprised someone not new in racing would ask such. Anyway....with that said, based on your comment...I can conclude that you would make a really bad steward 😂😂.

      2. Joe Vudu

        @BlueFlag Alpha yeah. Was hoping so too coz that would be super boring but I see they now have the limits are enforced.

      3. Daniel Straub

        @Joe Vudu why are you concluding something upon one sentence of a person's opinion? Yeah the non existing track limits definitely suck but everybody did it so its comparable again

      4. BlueFlag Alpha

        @Joe Vudu its only the first time they did that and it might be the last time they do that too ,they wont do it in the race for sure. Also ,im not new to racing

      5. Joe Vudu

        If you actually don't see any issue with teams/drivers abusing track limits, then I can only conclude that you are new to racing sport or/and you really don't understand how crucial such a factor is for getting not only a faster lap but also fairness & equity to all involved in the race. Btw...just a Q. Do you know teams normally get penalized for abusing track limits?

    38. Yatman ilyas

      please go back to the 2019 design!!!

    39. Tom Van Put

      Can't wait for gravel traps to return, what a joke... They always enforced track limits very tight but this is a joke...

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        its also one small part of the track ,no big deal

      2. mister dog

        They will all end up using the same lines anyway, 2020 is weird and so is the Spa 24

      3. Joe Vudu

        I totally agree with you. So far the worst 24hr spa coz of this. It's ridiculous

    40. Turbo Jockel

      I wonder, why nobody cut Les Combes. :D

      1. BlueFlag Alpha


      2. Mitch Chubey

        I was wondering the same!

      3. Joe Vudu


    41. K Ben24

      Straight up disrespectful to drive Spa in this fashion.

      1. Tyler Braden

        Best comment here

    42. Fatih Ömür

      Dislike because of non existing track limits

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        but the likes are more than the dislikes.....

    43. Ahsan Sarwar

      If you are wondering about the track limits, because of unavailability of sufficient stewards, track limit was only enforced on turn 3 (Raidillon). So yeah, drivers could take whatever line they felt like taking.

      1. Stokar

        @Dorientje Woller I think the positional tracking in the cars is not accurate enough to do this? I do agree that they can create a system that flags suspicious time gains, it's so unfortunate that there is a lack of stewards.

      2. Damar Fadlan

        @toobahjon stewards must've turned to lenient by all the drivers.

      3. toobahjon

        Do you know if they'll have more stewards for the race, or will it continue like this over the weekend?

      4. Dorientje Woller

        I am wondering in the age of technology, those cars are equiped with transponders to know where they are on the track, what position they have, to time time them ... yet they can't create an automated system which tells what car went over the track limits at what place on the track.

    44. Eppmaster

      Super Pole!? its more a Super Farce these Track limits are ridiculous....

    45. agenthoini

      Excuse the language but what the fuck did i just watch? Somebody tell these guys theres a race track somewhere there and more importantly tell the race direction to do their job. I cant see myself watching much more than an hour or two of the race if theyre gonna continue like this... Unfortunately cant find anything for this year but these are the 2018 rules regarding track limits: 118. Drivers must use the track at all times. The white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track. Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may rejoin. However, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage. Drivers consistently crossing the white lines defining the edge of the circuit, whether or not they gain an advantage, will be stopped during the free practices, have their lap time(s) cancelled during qualifying and may receive a “drive through”, during the race. The Stewards of the Meeting can apply any other penalty available. At the absolute discretion of the Race Director, a driver may be given the opportunity to give back the whole of any advantage he gained by leaving the track. Notifications will be for the car, not the driver. Going by that not a single lap shouldve counted. Watching these guys drive like this is just ridiculous (although theyre not the ones to blame, they have to take the fastest way around thats possible but race directors should enforce the rules and make sure that fastest line is actually on the track)

    46. Joshua


    47. Massimiliano Belloni

      No comment track limits non existing it's a joke

    48. Rafael Placce

      Those track limits are ridiculous. WTF.


      I can not watch that s**t constant track limit abuse! SRO wtf

    50. Nico_amityx

      What happened to the Track Limits in some corners? Is it now allowed to drive wide in the last chicane?

      1. SenorSjon

        @BlueFlag Alpha Watch the whole lap...

      2. Nico_amityx

        @BlueFlag Alpha am i mad? lol :D ( i´m just wondering)

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        its only the last chicane ,not the whole track. Why are you mad?

    51. Chris 1234

      Wtf are those tracklimits