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    🔶 Pettis vs Thompson versus finished by Pettis superman punch
    Superman Punch KO in super slow motion #Shorts
    @UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship @UFC Russia @ufcespanol
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    1. Super Slow Mo

      Elon Musk Spent 8 Hours on Omegle (REAL VOICE Ai) ► JUST RELEASED GO WATCH!!!

    2. Семён Владимирович

      Он был готов к удару,чтоб принять стойку лёжа )))

    3. Coffee Bleu

      Expectation vs Reality

    4. Queen Islander Dance

      Wow nice shoot🔥🔥🔥

    5. king Queen

      Good Taekwondo but mistake

    6. SAMAC maca

      They should do this for all fights. Float like a butterfly drop like a tree.

    7. ihank jangkie

      One punch man

    8. King Jerel

      Body went to the first floor and soul went to roof.

    9. Daniel Alvarez

      Wait! Where's the superman punch🤔

    10. MMA Talk

      Super man punch 👊

    11. Greg Godfrey

      Yeah he did that recently and they just cut Anthony Pettis

    12. Re Pure

      That's what happens when you admire your leg 🦵 ...

    13. mohammed sgr mido

      Good baby ko

    14. Michael Blody

      Night Night !

    15. Chris Ortiz

      Lol when you watch in slow motion and see his face it looks like he had all the time in the world to move or counter.

    16. ROT and ASSIMILATE

      Just got caught. WB would probably beat him 9/10 times. Pettis fighting cans now. WB should be fighting colby or usman but the ufc is retarded when it comes to matchmaking and ranks. I mean wtf is masvidal fighting for the belt? Should of been colby or WB fighting usman.

    17. The Hermetist

      Damn!! grounded

    18. Patrick Murry

      Look at Herb Dean

    19. imran bajwa

      Beautiful counter punch

    20. 정치우천왕

      이런거 올리지마라 눈 빠질라고 한다

    21. ThePopeIsDope

      Im not a martial artist expert or a anything but wonderboy do be having his hands down alot during fights.

    22. Boost Mobile

      Night night baby 😳🤤

    23. Johnathan Spencer

      I laughed so hard when his facial expression changed when he saw it coming 😂

    24. Giancarlo Gonzales Del Valle

      Ooooooooodin!!!! Nyy#3!

    25. All Blvck Everything GAMING

      Sounds so peaceful lol

    26. Jonathan Wharton

      It's wild to see how quick the brain reacts to knowing you're about to get destroyed, but the body didn't react at all

      1. Johnny Florence

        Superman punches only work because it is a fient for legkick. He goes to block the leg kick and knows he got trapped.

    27. ronald sabourin

      He launched his whole being at that dude

    28. Marco Salgado

      You can hear his brain pop like a little balloon you know he's not going to be the same ..

    29. Temesgen Besha

      This is so cool !

    30. Nate Taite

      craziest shit is Wonderboy was absolutely beating the crap put of Pettis. But BAM ko.

    31. Robert Jacobson

      The floor got him just as bad. Damn.

    32. John Doe

      Wow! I think I can do that now.. lol. Nah but after gettin whooped on (the whole time leading up) Pettis was the "wonderboy" for a few seconds, no one saw that shit coming, damn I love mma.

    33. Basho Khan

      Ahhhhh the wave in the first punch

    34. Gabe Ascencio


    35. Steven Kennedy

      Herb deans face is the best

    36. Jeremy Gregorek

      I always liked Pettis. He fell off though and started losing fights but when he was on "Showtime" whooped some ass

    37. ippothedestroyer1

      So this is the 1/10 chance that wonderboy loses this fight.


      watch lake a fly

    39. 13guQYdj7fd9wkCFQ4DFqUTTr4qyVrh6TN

      Dang wonder should change his name to wonder BREAD! THAT BOY GOT THE CAKES on em!🍞

    40. Saedric Edquila

      Who else says "Boooom" inside their head?

    41. SeDemo

      That's a full forced, beautiful punch. I felt it myself

    42. modern society sucks

      God brings me back to my kickboxing days and how bad that shit hurts but u cant think u just react amd try to fight on no matter what

    43. Rico Rocket

      It's not a Superman punch unless you're wearing a cape.

    44. kvb385

      " OHhhhhh‼️‼️"😮 In the Joe Rogan voice.

    45. Football Player Game GAMERPTY

      Look to Hern Deen ... im dead

    46. shahid shaikh

      The kick gave him the fire and strength 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    47. de0509

      Side kicks dont work - Icy mike

    48. Nickest Nick

      😂 he saw it coming and just looked at it

    49. TheUniversalBean

      He completely let his guard down lol

    50. Larry Hodge

      Slow mo everything

    51. Jr neones

      When ALDOUS get 500 stacks😂😂😂

    52. Alexiz

      Pettis is a BEAST.

    53. chess fun

      Am I the only one who thinks referee looks like black panther

    54. P TUB


    55. Orange T

      This is where being a nice guy gets you

    56. Vec

      It was at the moment, he fucked up

    57. Kev Cumiskey

      Boom, goodnight Wonderboy.

    58. Vanlalhriatdika Didika

      He doesn't know how to guard with safety,poor a**ho/* fighter 😂😂

    59. Brian Joel Anonuevo

      why am I imagining im watching universal sandbox 2😂

    60. H.Fishing

      Pettis another OG Of the GAME he's got a SiiiiiiiiicK ResuME

    61. Johnny Wick

      LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

    62. SRT

      (a noob observation) Wonderboy stood there like an open book after the kick, wth, what do u guyz think?

    63. SrMaisUm

      Kkkjjjjjjkkjjjj se fudeu

    64. ERIC Rothschild

      Herb dean ; 🧍🏿‍♂️

    65. Warren g

      Stephen Thomson le kiff

    66. insomthegreat

      Worthless kick Lol

    67. Christopher Espinosa

      He was winning and then he lost ...😭😭😭

    68. well you see

      Why you shouldn't drop hands

    69. Jj Smith

      That would never happen again if they fought

    70. Arfan Syazwan

      That hit was so clean

    71. Moe Sheikh

      He was watching his reply. The kick he kicked but he didn't wait for the rebound. I wasn't ready for that😂

    72. David Rosales

      Can someone add the death noise from Minecraft at the end of that punch? Thank me later lmao

    73. D.D

      The true meaning of : It was at this moment he knew he fcked up

    74. 777liverpoolfc

      Good night

    75. FwumpY

      Man can someone make a who zen knockout comp super slow mo??? This was one of the most peaceful things I've ever seen!

    76. MICHU MTS TV

      BoOom 🤜🤛

    77. BklynPrototype

      Herb Dean looks so focused!

    78. Mr. Linguini

      Herb dean: 🗿

    79. MAS

      Does the Slo mo Guys know ? Their audio is being used here

    80. Jack Volkwyn

      Man was knocked out before he got hit

    81. Tio Mussa

      Opened mouth = knockout

    82. mohamad beiranvand

      This is Roman Reigns's punch

    83. Dude

      He had all the time in the world to block the punch

    84. S.O.G IAmHealed

      Pettis a beast Milwaukee Native Baby 👊🏼

    85. Калямба мочить

      Вот ето чотко

    86. Nixer Doyle

      107 doesn't save you here.

    87. Aaron Lehman

      Keep ur hands up!

    88. Victor Velázquez

      Como se le asé pata para entrar en esa luchas

    89. Zack Esada

      His ass would've been hit with a sidekick trying that shit with me

    90. 한장군


    91. Сэм Питт

      Если бы он отскочив от сетки подпрыгнул и с разворота пернул ему в лицо, это был бы самый страшный нокаут

    92. Anibal Jesus Delgadillo

      That punch launched using 🌎's gravity😬

    93. Jess cadabyr bong


    94. Harry Miles

      Looks like Wonderboy had his eyes closed and didn't even see the punch coming. Anyone else see that? Love these slow motion videos. Wish you would share your secrets as to what tool you use to slow them down like this. Much better than using the DEfasts 0.25 speed and staring and stopping to see what's really happening. I'd buy the tool or even the fights in super slow motion. Just a thought....$$$

    95. Monsieur F

      Show time baby

    96. Brooklyn Mack

      That was a successful hail mary, because my dude Wonderboy was lighting him up the whole time. Props to Pettis for not giving up though. Also, it wasn't a normal superman punch, it was a super superman punch lol because he used his foot to propel off the cage. That's why Wonderboy didn't anticipate him covering so much distance so quickly.

    97. Olivier

      BTW this is how Herb Dean sees the world!


      Even in super slow motion herb dean is useless lol.