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    1. KING


    2. Yaseen Bhatti

      "3:53" p a r a i s o - g a m e s . c o m / p u b g *When anyone need some working CODES simply use: f r e e a l l g e m s . x y z / p u b g * So incredible it exists in 2020() ఇది అందరికీ అనుకూలంగా ఉంటుంది

    3. La Gaming


    4. Little boy who doesn’t know shit

      Bring ewo back

    5. BigYogurt O

      GTA VI (2021)

    6. Dude T

      GTA is a garbage game.. totally broken.. thank god for Cyberpunk 2077 I can't wait to uninstall GTA and never play it again..

    7. Sinhooker

      Bro wtf is Gta

    8. 퍼플 하트태형의

      "2:26" *when anyone needed tons of Gift Cards then try this 𝗖𝗟𝗔𝗜𝗠𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗𝗦.𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧* available on everyone() 📌

    9. Daryen

      San Andreas


      Guys lester is dead but why?

    11. シ RASENKS シ

      Copia estilo CP

    12. كنق العاب

      في عرب

    13. LIGA Garcia


    14. Kratos O Deus da Guerra.

      Rockstar Games I Came Here On Your Channel, Ask You To Pay More Attention To The GTA 5 o Offline Story Mode For PS4. I Would Like You To Put More Things To do In The Game, In The Next Update For GTA 5 Mode Story Offline For PS4. Put It Like Michael Trevor And Franklin To Be Able To Eat Hot Dogs Burgers In The Stalls, And Eat Chips In The Refrigerator, And Eat In The Burger Shop And In The Game Restaurants. And Put Michael On Trevor And Franklin, Feel Hungry In The Game, Put Franklin On To Play Tênis, And Put Michael On Trevor And Franklin To Work Out In The Gym. Put More Missions In The Game Puts Mission Of Driving Truck Driver Taxi Uber. Also Place So That Michael And Trevor And Franklin Can Eat In Their Own Homes, Eaten In The Refrigerator, Table Etc Anyway Ok Rockstar Games Ok Yes Ok, Such As Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sodas Chips Etc. And Put The Option On Franklin's Cell Phone So He Can Call The Stripers At His House So They Can Dance A Private Dance For Franklin And Trevor That's It. Please Rockstar Games For God's Sake Ok. Put All This In The Next GTA 5 Update Offline Story Mode For PS4! And Put More Musics In The Game Put The Songs Of Ariana Grande Selena Gomes Walan Walker, 50 Cent Justin Bieber Ellie Gouding Cris Brown Pleases Rockstar Games.!. Rockstar Games Thanks You Very Much And Stay With God.♡☆♡

    15. Alejandro Maldonado


    16. Alejandro Maldonado

      Cuándo va a salir el GTA 5 para Android


      I know when GTA VI comes. The answer is in my comment but use ur intelligence.

    18. abbsnn cose

      The 1+5 map better be a whole godamn county for how long we’re waiting

    19. Jammo

      It’s a map expansion

    20. M̄iͬg̡̉̽ue̔̈l̲̓ͤ Castro

      is creppy but breufile

    21. Miler

      Someone is doing money drop streams on this channel and DEfasts is doing nothing about it

      1. abbsnn cose

        add songs of Rochy RD from Dominican Republic

    22. Mike Garrett

      Make it free

    23. Ensuing Chaos

      Rockstar! Let us own more than 1 bunker! I wanna sell guns entirely! The city gun Lord. Please let us buy multi. Thanks

    24. Cuic

      The update is already in the gta files, just use a little bit of coding and play on the iland in single player lol

    25. DarkGore

      Mannn John doe went from Roblox to gta 5

    26. Phoebe Johnson

      "4:36" *when you wanted many Gift Cards then try *** available to all people^^ 📌

    27. Prince G

      The new island looks big, so I don't think we can only go to it in the heist, maybe you have to go to it when you are doing the heist and after doing the heist you can go to it whenevr you want and be able to explore it, that's what I think



    29. Água Molhada

      GTA VI

    30. Mr parkar


    31. Guilherme Araújo

      rockstar could make the gta future with 10,000 year old new york with laser guns and cars that fly a meter from the floor

    32. Mr parkar


    33. Thiago Aguirre


    34. makiki mehamad

      ياركستار هناك احد هكر جي تي اي اونلاين ولم تضعوله باند اسم قناته يايسن

    35. Sayd Perez

      add songs of Rochy RD from Dominican Republic

    36. cvesed

      Grande theft auto 6

      1. Ceco Panjo


    37. Juan Camilo Loza Paternina


    38. Horny

      Missed opportunity to call it Tahiti

    39. Luis Mayendia

      Cant wait

    40. M E T A N F E T A M I N A N D O

      Grand Theft Auto 6

    41. M E T A N F E T A M I N A N D O

      Grand Theft Auto VI

    42. MJ GAMES

      "4:14" I just got from here ** 📌📌 I am playing on my Mobile now 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

    43. Josh

      Watch Dogs rip-off? 😂

    44. Michael Play

      What's the point of this video?

    45. SOU BUGADO

      Grand theft auto 6

    46. habib حبيب


    47. Bootzinn ff


    48. Charles R4TO90T

      Quem será esse cidadão na praia???

    49. Maxsuel Santos

      Where is GTA VI?

    50. THALLES EDU06

      Gta VI

    51. THALLES EDU06

      Gtav 6

    52. Os illuminats

      Grand Theft Auto 6

    53. Khalid Gawer


    54. Khalid Gawer


    55. endless

      Covid -19 edition???

    56. CrazeDizzy

      John doe Roblox? Lmao

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        John Doe is a universal name that is often used by the government when someone's identity is unknown.

    57. Mitesh JC

      Hi gat 6 is flik

    58. João Victor Martins Rodrigues

      Gta VI ?????

    59. Oskendo

      Ma pp go up

    60. Олег Плискин

      dear developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, please add one more Manhunt2 game, I would very much like to play it on the phone with a passion for Rockstar Games and Rockstar Hort

    61. Pizza

      Imagine being a gamedeveloper and only releasing 1 game in 7 years

      1. Dun Sun

        They released rdr2 idiot

      2. Mark


    62. TDF

      In this video. Mr Cheng (The Hangover Part II and III - Ken Jeong) escapes prison and now wanted by LSPD and FIB, CIA even the army. Los Santos is Flooded. Everyone dead except Trevor and Mr Cheng. This is long before Coronavirus came along. Maybe it was a sign of God or a warning!! DOES HE SURVIVE?? Did I miss the small detail, he is on cocaine, and dressed up as Spiderman while travelling high-speeds in a natural disaster. 😂😂 Watch the Video: My Socials ☑️Twitter ☑️Instagram ☑️TikTok #lossantos #gta5 #gtav #gaming #memes #memestiktok #thedeadicatedfounder #tdf #coronavirus2020 #covid19 #thehangover #kenjeong #MRCHENGINGTA

    63. ZARAZEK

      Can you add underwater big vechicle? No stromberg other and biggerst

    64. Kalliusz

      Grand Theft Auto 6

    65. Kalliusz

      What about GTA VI

    66. Kalliusz

      gta vi

    67. Gorila ___

      Gta vi

    68. chico genial 28 ツ

      Quien estraña a CJ 💚

    69. lukinhas gaymer

      Gta vi

    70. lukinhas gaymer

      Gta iv

    71. Syahrul I.M

      Game of the century

    72. Helix Moss

      GTA 5 STARTED DEVELOPMENT IN 2008, stop fukin milking this game and fix rdr2 online

    73. RadiantBrood

      И че блять?

    74. 4Bit Gaming


    75. cin cang

      Rockstar pliss is gta v android yes, I'll pay whatever the price is

    76. R gaming & tech


    77. R gaming & tech


    78. R gaming & tech


    79. R gaming & tech


    80. R gaming & tech


      1. R gaming & tech


      2. R gaming & tech


    81. name baba

      Pls gta mobil plsssss

    82. Juubix

      Just show us gta5

    83. SUDARSH S 8- C

      What is this I don't understand. Can anybody explain me pls

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        It's a teaser for the upcoming heist update. Here's the actual trailer:

    84. Sylu X

      gjetea sześć potwierdzone :)

    85. Keerti Acharya

      "1:37" p a r a i s o - g a m e s . c o m / p u b g *Whenever anyone desire some working CODES only try: f r e e a l l g e m s . x y z / p u b g * So happy it exists in 2020+ ఇది ఇప్పటికీ అందుబాటులో ఉన్నందుకు చాలా సంతోషంగా ఉంది

    86. jawed ay

      Jhon Doe Is Joker Real Name

    87. Brotherz 711

      Y cant i merge

    88. The M Art tv

      Cyberpunk 2077 vs gta5 djdjdixi rip gta series 🤣

    89. Mehrshad Torabi

      I want know when gta vi release :)))

    90. DARK GAMES

      Rockstar you Beast 🙂

    91. Shagufta Ali

      GTA V play store pe kab aayga

    92. VHS

      I know this isn’t a rdr2 video but I have 2 ideas that could make rdr2 online more “cool”. Add cars and add bank heist.

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Submit your feedback here:

    93. cute soomro rohaan

      Bro please gta v android lunch

      1. Prakhar__Don YT

        GTA 5 for Android ppsspp in 78mb Watch this👇🏻

    94. Muni Nayak


      1. Prakhar__Don YT

        GTA 5 for Android ppsspp in 78mb Watch this👇🏻

    95. Muni Nayak


    96. MR. LINK

      Hmmmm this looks familiar *cough cough dedsec cough cough

      1. Prakhar__Don YT

        GTA 5 for Android ppsspp in 78mb Watch this👇🏻

    97. Euan Gyn