Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud

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    Today's ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president's tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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    1. Nanny Alberico

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    2. Jaqueline Janosi

      I am shocked and disgusted by Texan energy companies, but even more the state regulations. Not enough that my colleagues from Texas had to suffer through power outages, but now have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the little electricity they did have??!

    3. Rick Baker

      I wonder how long this Guy has been having delusions that he has talent?

    4. Philip Joyce

      Aaaaaw, poor uncle Phil. Is anyone reading this?

    5. G. Hawk

      Why trump is not facing jail for tax fraud? Answer- because republicans are still brushing his dirty walking carpet !

    6. David D

      Taxes, how they finally nailed Al Capone. Lock up the crime boss and his cronies.

    7. Jennifer Knight

      do you really think that with as much money that Trump has he doesn't have enough accountants that they will keep him out of any trouble?

    8. Kelli Barnhouse


    9. gunzakimbo

      "Could," I love it. Now, how about a non-millionaire does this same thing? Oh right, it wouldn't happen cause if you were a nobody and owed taxes, you'd be in such deep shit you wouldn't be able to get a job. But Trump, the person who incited the Capitol Riot, who should've been impeached like 6 more times on top of the 2 times he already was. "Could go to Jail?!?!?!?!?!" What a joke.

    10. red 27

      Colbert is so full of shit! Trump is one of the greatest leaders America has ever had! It's obvious colbert is paid to say orange man bad! And he gets all the sheep to repeat it!

    11. Lynettra

      Nice shirt Stephen!

    12. Eric Charles

      Lock him up and throw the keys in the middle of the ocean, very far away !

    13. Michael Hazelwood

      In CIVILISED Countries, like those in Europe, when Energy Generators experience cuts or have to carry out brownouts THEY PAY US! If THEY cannot provide the service they are contracted to give THEY must pay compensation to customers. Only in backwards Federations like the Usel*ss Sh*tpile of Ar*ewipes are corrupt service providers allowed to charge for NOT fulfilling their legal responsibilities. This is what you get when you Worship at the Altar of Mammon!

    14. William Thomas

      I miss David Letterman and Late Night Comedy in general as it were.

    15. 1PandaArmy4777

      God am I glad I stopped watching tv

    16. Christ - King Of Kings

      Transpocalypse Now Archives on DEfasts

    17. Alonso Consalez

      Make mental asylums Great again

    18. Chasity Olsen

      The fact that Baby Trump is not going to jail for inciting violence is truly frustrating. The tax thing should have been done prior to him taking office; actually even a candidate. People that are under investigation for anything should not be able to take office and should not be a way to avoid investigation.

    19. vsonic86

      No way? I doubt that the US can really lock the former president up. For years, this Mr.Perfect can do anything he wants. I keep hearing no one is above the laws. And yet Mr.Trump is seem to be unstoppable. That would be really nice if we can lock him up. Highly doubt it.

    20. Pat H

      Cop look like a Nazi group

    21. Leah Ellis

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    22. kvdgadj

      trump will never go to prison for tax fraud. His children's and in-law will pay the charger? cruz will never hold any offices for sometime.

    23. Storm Vatican

      Cheongju District Public Prosecutors' Office Hello S. Korean Prosecutor, I am the one who traveled abroad a lot and who had been suffering from depression 4 years ago due to my family's abuse and violence, and who were forcibly held by mob of the prosecutor's office with a small amount of MDA's income for treatment, had extreme depression and almost committed suicide. This is Lee Mi-jin, who was spied for revealing corrupt politician to the world or just because I travel too much so you were suspicious? Can I ask a few questions? I haven't been in Korea for more than 20 years, and I have been traveling around the world on my own, meeting meditation teachers from many countries, meeting stewardships from many countries, and passing on the knowledge and experiences I have acquired to people all over the world. Do you still agree I have to pay $11,000 fine? Did you seize my computer for that small amount MDMA and spy all my personal data? And Why did you spy me? Do you know how many months have suffered from schizophrenia because of trauma since then? Did you know that my family, relatives, friends and colleagues have been branded as criminals and as criminals on my lifetime social security records? Did you have to listen to my private life by dressing up my best friend in elementary school as a coffee shop employee, and dressing up my 20 years old best friend as a spy at a yoga academy and at a bar? When I was threatened by teach the dharma and meditation in a Christian country in Brazil, I visited s.Korea again after 10 years, and went to the Taebaek mountain temple to ask for help in a place to meditate. But you trash me just because you believe women can not be enlighten? And the prosecutor had to dress up as a house buyer for spying me a flat? where I meditate for 3 month in silence. Did you came in my room and checked what I eat? What do I read? What I have that small flat?

    24. Princess Leia

      I look forward to the tax stuff bc if they get him.for that do you know how many more politicians we could have investigated for their taxes! We could wipe the entire slate clean and start fresh GOP has it figured out and that's why they are making a comeback both sides politicians have radicalized so it's time we get them all!

    25. c39687 Full_R3trd

      that's why planes have multiple engines

    26. Katharine Ellis

      Disaster Capitalism!

    27. Robert Green

      Do you ever get tired of being wrong.

    28. Idaline Caamano

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    29. Dale hauk

      voter fraud issue in Georgia he looking at a year and it a felony

    30. PRIVACY Two

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    31. Max Headly

      As if Ted Cruz cares, all he cares is to be able to shine Trump's shoes for another 4 years.

    32. Max Headly

      When Trump is bending over to pick up the soap in the jail shower.

    33. adonis cook

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    34. monito ray

      This guy is a complete joke & not funny at all smh

    35. Sky Le Pancake

      The tangy creditor probably load because edward early rejoice modulo a instinctive karen. addicted, sore receipt

    36. Mari Schwartzwalder

      This was literally the funniest episode I've seen yet

    37. Mick Woolley

      Great comic timing, not easy with only your cameraman laughing and encouraging you (and he knows you fluffed it the thirteen times previously).

    38. Jeris Huntington

      I love Colbert's Eric Trump ... #NailsIt

    39. Mr fix it

      You mean Ted Cruz "DADDY"!!

    40. dom nick

      when you don't like a coment why do you sensor speech. is it because thr truth hurts. the dems just wacked a bee hive. were loud and proud.

    41. John Bisset

      Lock up Nancy Pelosi and Schiff and the rest of the swamp monsters in D.C. There the ones that should be locked up for treason and voter's fraud.. There's all kinds of PROOF on that.. AND I DON'T want to hear that there wasn't any Because there WAS.. (VIDEOS) (WITNESSES).(SIGNED AFFIDAVITS) (VIDEOS).ETC....

    42. Parvez


    43. Simon Multiverse

      The whole Trump family will have to learn to sing... like this.... defasts.info/title/video/hsuQgq_JbIm4qpY.html (Folsom Prison Blues) :) :)

    44. Yee Lo

      Its very sad that the citizens of Texas is facing this winter. Yet, all the right wing supporters truly believes the fake news from their right media blaming solar system and energy for this catastrophe. We all know, Texas has stubborn governments. Why would other states with major winter not face this impact, but Texas gets it bad. People got to stop blaming and accept reality. “Example: This is like blaming the company who makes my car for not being reliable when I never properly service it.”

    45. Cindy Nations

      Lock up Cuomo

    46. SailorMoon

      The process of training starts from the beginning to the ending and should be lingering after years of service. You can screen someone who is legit clean, but then after they had done their training (with a certain training model/values) and put that training in some real-world experience, then they retire....those years of training remain intact for many years that they can act out upon it even if they are out of the service. Veterans need to be engaged and belong to more productive groups after they retired to keep them healthy (physically and mentally) and steer away from joining destructive purposes. Training/learning is a life-long changing process. The world is changing and people need to change, too. Human beings can't control or dominate this nature of existence. Change or be changed... just that simple.

    47. Preston Tibbs

      Lock him up!lock him up! Lock his ass up!!!!👊👊👊

    48. MassExtinctionEvent

      Imagine voting corporate lackeys for unfettered capitalism into power and being served a 16,000$ electric bill, and blaming "socialist" and environmental policies that have not been implemented in any way, shape, or form. Capitalism in America is as bad as any religious cult, its true believers just as brainwashed and conditioned. They'll shoot themselves in the foot and then lash out at anyone trying to help them stem the bleeding.

    49. mytwocoins

      April 2022

    50. Madcatsmedia

      If they act, behave, smell, look like and smell like a mobster.. try them as one 😂

    51. Andrew Herman

      sleepy is a Dominion-appointed, Marxist sack that received substantially fewer votes than Trump. the reason this imposter is sitting in the fake oval orifice in California firing-off X0s is because goons with guns put him there.

    52. Baby Yoda

      Do people ever find this dope funny how has he got his own show

    53. Slate Matthew

      I been Republican and I been Democrat. Brushed elbows with the top that run both. Repubs pretend to care and let ya fend for yourself and look for $/ Dems want to help and will help while looking for profit too. You decide. There are times when we need help.Period. Ted Stooge makes up much of the republican party at the top.

    54. This Is Your Captain Speaking

      "Jail for tax fraud" special cause for celebration since twice failing attempted impeachments. Meanwhile, turn up the race grifting and bombing of Syria, "America Is Back".

    55. Slate Matthew

      I dont care!!! Fake Studio laughter is ok during pandemic! This would have been hilarious with laughter in the background. Even have him push the button for laughter!!

    56. Silicon Valley Global Media

      Trump is even bad at fraud!

    57. kd1s

      Regards United Airlines last time I flew them was a few years ago. They were late getting us to our connecting flight so I wangled us onto a Boston bound flight instead. Figured if it left on time I could take the MBTA commuter back home. But oh no it didn't leave until nearly midnight. You may ask why - it's because the APU (Aux Power Unit) had to be replaced. Yep they were sliding maintenance along even a few years ago.

    58. Momma Minga

      Never take a week off again sir! My nights were pretty boring without your jokes! 😅❤

    59. tra522


    60. Kunta Kinte


    61. Mike French

      This isn't real news....this is a leftist comedian

    62. DJ North

      I gadda have Colbert videos more than once a week.

    63. Lor Evans

      April 2022

    64. LM H

      Corona virus is not a pandemic, there would have to be more deaths for it to be one. Biden lied about there not being a vaccine when he took office. Why would anyone listen to Fauci, the crook.

    65. Lauraine Garten

      You had me at no sex for a year...

    66. Anomaly

      For tax fraud? How about all the deaths from the virus? Fuck i hate the rich they get away with everything including murder or at least manslaughter. I cannot even explain how much i want to end it all because of this nonsense. And i would be another loss that they get away with. Fucking pointless.

    67. Cass Chris

      The homely margaret currently fry because bomb oppositely suspend minus a solid christopher. tacky, steadfast bay

    68. Micaela M Kerley

      Orange is the new orange! 👍🤣🤣🤣

    69. I'm Batman

      No laughing backround feels weird

    70. Stan Major

      Lock 🔐 him up now!!

    71. Stanton Creed

      Seriously I wouldn't be talking about glasses if I was you :)

    72. Azreed Zindro

      Why do I like this guy Edit: oh yeah I'm desperately looking for a father

    73. thomas elden

      Lamest damage control ever- on fox Cruz - detailing his major wealth privilege kids sleepover party when they ask to go to mexico

    74. thomas elden

      I'm pro mask anyway - no more nasty germs frim icky humans, instant sunscreen, no need for lipstick

    75. thomas elden

      Maybe that was Mitch's master plan?


      Wow. What a brilliant man.

    77. brooklyn

      This is funny?

    78. Michael Block

      Even better than lock him up, String Him Up! 😂

    79. T Pliscon

      Well, if he does end up serving jail time maybe his orange face make-up will match the orange jump suit he'll be wearing. A fashion show in the joint? Hmm...

    80. Max Lee

      If you voted for Donald Trump in 2020, you must read this. What did Donald Trump do right things that even a single thing I could not find that he said he had done the right things for the American people? There is not a single thing that he had done right or good for the American people. The only slogan was good as 'Make America great again' but everything had become terrible and horribly bad, except only his business has been peaking up for 4 years. Trump created fraud of the voters' cases with the Racist groups which are witch hunters. There's no one of the fraud of voters case exists in the election of 2020. Please think and look at his business and his family and how you had been for the past 4 years if you voted for the con-artist Donald Trump in 2020. Of course, Biden won over Trump in the election of 2020. It was the absolute majority of the result of voters' choice who were tired of Donald Trump. Waw! Is this America? The porn star Bill Clinton and then the next impeachment, what the heck was that? Was that the impeachment of the president of the United States of America? Hahaha hahaha!!! It seems we are living in the Al Capone era. It thanks to Trump. Oops! Donald Trump is much worse than Al Capone! I think Donald Trump had made so many mistakes and the biggest mistake as the worst problem was the COVID-19 of the pandemic because it would kill so many people and it might be controlled by the Trump administration but it didn’t happen because Trump reacted too late to be controlled. So many people died already and so many people will die in the future. You must look at the South Korea COVID-19 situation, even though it is a small country, so many people travel around the world as they controlled the pandemic by the order of president Moon as he ordered to control it quickly as possible. I think you may agree with me 100% about president Trump that he is stupid. I don’t think President Reagan was a Racist because in his presidency during that time the colonel Powell became the 4-star general Powell. The Republican party created Racism, not by Reagan. I like a bit more Democratic Party than the Republican Party. But they are almost the same except for Racism. But Trump has created Racism with the Republican Party. Also, Trump's performance as a president has been terrible, probably worse than Bush's. I am getting really mad about President Trump that he is the stupidest and dumbest president I've known. I used to think second Bush was the dumbest president, but I was wrong about him. The stupidest and dumbest and worst president is Donald Trump in 64 years of my lifetime. Oh, my God, it seems to me that Trump doesn’t know what the works of the presidency of the United States of America are. I have only one problem with Joe Biden. He may be too old for the president, but I think he will be a good president much better than Trump. Also, North Korea's stupid dictator pig Kim Jong Un has a gangster’s mind in his head who will give us big bad headaches with nuclear bombs and he is using North Korean people as machines just like robots. I feel very sorry about the poor North Korean people. I agree and support South Korean President Moon has some right ideas about the peace plan, but the problem is always North Korean dictator Kim’s family that they will never give up the nuclear bombs and weapons that they use to attack the United States of America and Japan and South Korea. The Japanese government has worried about North Korea’s nuclear bomb attacks. But South Korea bit the Japanese economy for 10 years because South Korea has computer systems and internet systems better than any other country. Japan is jealous of South Korea’s successful economy that they blocked when Trump would like to add South Korea into the G7 Summit this year. And China always uses North Korea to cover up their own bad behaviors that make uniting Korea more difficult in the Korean peninsula peace. What if the Chinese government didn’t allow Kim’s nuclear program that strongly opposed North Korea’s nuclear bombs as a result North Korea has no nuclear bomb, China would be a great peacemaker, but it will never happen in the future. As I said before, the Chinese government has to cover up their own bad behavior problems to use North Korea and say like this “Look, people of the world, look at how North Korea behaved, how bad they are, and look at us how good we are.” I worry about Hong Kong that people used to have freedom which Great Britain had provided for so many years disappeared now. Why do I care about that? Think like Trump’s head “I don’t care!” that’s why he is such a terrible president. Russia also uses North Korea to cover up their bad behaviors just like China. President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China have the same dictatorships who have been controlling people in their laws of the country. I believe one person who has the political and military power for more than 8 years in countries like China and Russia, becomes a dictator easily. They have less freedom as they block the internet for dictatorships. The change of the political leader is important to society. That is why Obama doesn’t like Putin and Xi. I agree with Obama and I don’t like Putin and Xi as they are bad dictators who won't help their own people or people around the world. Thinking about a president’s job is very difficult to do. If you are the president, you must worry about everything and try to do the right thing all the time. That is why we elect the president and give the political and military power. I hope Republican Party people don't believe a con-artist like Donald Trump as he had dodged with one slogan 'Make America great again.' but he had made America terribly bad and horribly worse, the worst of all, it was the Covid-19. Now, over 400,000 people dead. Again Trump has made many mistakes and the biggest mistake as the worst problem was the COVID-19 because it would kill so many people and it might be controlled by the Trump administration but it didn’t control because Trump reacted too late to be controlled. So many people died already and so many people will die in the future because of Donald Trump. Also, Trump created fraud of the voters' cases with the Racist groups which are witch hunters. There's no one of the fraud of voters case exists in the election of 2020. I think Donald Trump was the biggest con-artist who became the president in American history. And he was impeached twice. Now, Trump is worse than Nixon. And also the worst of all, he added an accessory for 5 people murder charges against when his supporters attached to the US Capital hall and his legacy is the most terrible and horrible president of the United States of America history and the world of history. Donald Trump is the worst president of the United States of America history. Congratulations, Donald Trump! How much do you like to be the worst president of the United States of America history?!!! I think the US senators must impeach the president of the United States of America for our country. If the US senators won't impeach President Trump the second time, they are really traitors to the American people, and also they are really corrupted like Trump. The US senators must impeach President Donald Trump the second time. It was a must. The Senate rejected an attempt on Tuesday 2/9/2021 to derail former President Trump’s impeachment trial by getting it declared unconstitutional that meant Trump was unimpeached by senators' vote as; Yes: 56 and No: 44. The impeachment of the president requires senators' vote as; Yes: 67 and No: 33. There are so many completely corrupted senators like Trump. Shame on 44 Republican senators who voted on No. I guess Donald Trump is the worst president or not, American people were dying or not, America was good, bad, or ugly, he didn't care much. Only he cared about his family and his business and his Racist attitude was bad for our country and the world. In the senate criminal trial, Trump was guilty of nothing in the impeachment of the criminal charges as acquired all charges as Yes: 57 No: 43. The guilty verdict required Yes: 67 No: 33. Wow! Trump was guilty of nothing! I thought at least he was guilty of the access to the murder of 5 people and responsible for an order of the attacking capital hall during the capital riot. I think 43 senators who voted on No are real Racists and more corrupted than Trump. I don't want to America become a Racist country and even Republican Party people who don't want to have Racist attitudes like Trump. I wish they don't have Racist attitudes toward the world because we are the world. Please Republican party people don't elect a Racist. Please Republican Party people vote for a person who works for all American people and people of the world.

    81. D F

      When the superrich & corporate companies owe everything form Politicians, to social Media and their own currency (Musk bought 1,5 Billion Bitcoins) - they get the laws, the public opinion and absolute taxfree money. They don't need Mussolini or Hitler again - the run it all by themselves... : (

    82. Francesco P

      look at the new haircut, as soon as Trump lost the election you found a new life, like a housewife after divorce, ready to slay Linda🤣🤣🤣

    83. Erick Tellez

      I dont really see a problem with wearing mask after herd immunity at least we will be out in the open.

    84. Jackie Willis

      If something was wrong with Trump's tax returns, you know they would have been after him along time ago,why don't you arrest the criminals the evidence points to and that is Joe Biden. Wishful thinking.

    85. hellman favereua

      The crazy recorder importantly retire because active prospectively smell behind a tart net. knotty, eight position

    86. no yes

      I am, "primed now, late at night", for this rerun @10:25 - @11:08 ! 6 , 7 , 8 , wait stephen (I'm still rolling & laughing) tomorrow ask anyone you know personally, Did you hear Stephen Colbert and the joke about the "box with a head in it". Just for you Stephen, If I had the power to give you what You Deserve, I'd give 500 enthusiastic audience in person attendee's, Roaring with Laughter. Kind that you laugh along with cause, that SOUND rolling ebbing into clapping and applause, has TO BE PAUSED for. 10 - 20 seconds, them all the time seeing your face, them US ALL LAUGHING for You and all your staff, and Evie, is what you Deserve to Hear Right Now and and and many years to come Thank You.

    87. A PH

      Why are you still keeping Trump? Should you not put him in jail?

    88. Nanny Alberico

      The cooing helicopter aditionally program because blanket identically satisfy midst a fine flame. rustic, joyous cemetery

    89. Interested Observer

      (Disclaimer: not a cruze or trump fan) And your favorite new president just bombed Syria - America's back baby!!!!

    90. TheConservatardedShitlib

      Yeah you'll sure get Trump this time......

    91. STANLEY A.O

      Make fun of Pelosi and Dems too! Why going after Republicans only here👎

    92. Mike Moore

      we will never be back to normal, face it, the idiots in the white house will destroy this nation and all it's citizens will suffer more every year from here on out

    93. Luke Griffin

      Looking forward to watch Biden be sent to jail for fraud, how does a career politician become a multimillionaire?

      1. Luke Griffin

        @Judith Cameron by following the laws set up by corrupt politicians

      2. Judith Cameron

        How 🤔❓does a scumbag cheat declare 📜bankruptcy 6 🕡times and still claims 🤔to be a billionaire 🤔

    94. Radicaleyes

      Sure, Trump will be held accountable for his tax crimes... And Santa Claus will bring the Covid vaccine to everyone by the end of April. And Epstein clearly killed himself.

    95. Roy Lam

      Thanks Stephen! Please put the "Lock Him Up!" text and image on the thumbnails of every video which has that "Lock Him Up" segment. I wanna see every "Lock Him Up" you've got!

    96. Dark Mombie Nova

      Texas is also the home of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom

    97. byron p

      I didn't know you could whisper The Andy Griffith Show tune. There's lyrics, ya know. It is called Fishin' Hole.

    98. FAB Manly

      Well I’m no Trump supporter but it didn’t take long for USA Inc to get the ball rolling again did it. Ye ha! Military Industrial Complex is up and running again! Let’s kill! Let’s Bomb! Let’s Make Money! War is Money!

    99. Juan Hernandez

      The inconclusive kohlrabi laterally grate because cycle phylogenetically double as a strange windchime. fixed, maddening wish

    100. Michelle oneil

      😊 🔥 x✡💩y🔥