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    Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het DEfasts kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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    1. Amazon Prime Video Nederland

      I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car

      1. Dave

        I want one 🤪🤪🤪

      2. A NormalGuys Perspective

        Germany* ... R8 is still a better car. Try racing it on a complex track. I love Tesla but I cringe when people actually think it can beat a legit super car because of the instant torque factor?? -_- just fan boys I swear lol

      3. Amol Kolhe

        He was probably too busy driving American Muscle cars

      4. Charlie Bezant

        @Aryan Far you missed the joke

      5. Muhammed Asghar

        hol up

    2. Arnie Duckworth

      How much was the Audi, for comparison?

    3. david stuart

      Price? - Ludicrous Mode engaged........ :(

    4. Silas Dietrich

      Can't wait to watch him lie to the world about the model X like he did with the roadster!

    5. c_b_a

      The moment he opened the sketch pad app I knew he was going to draw something stupid :P

    6. QL Entertainment

      I must admit I thought he'd bash the Tesla, but was very positive about it. I took it he'd be a die hard petrol head.

    7. Me !

      I think I’ll stay with my ‘76 Chevy 🚙

    8. Alberto Aranzabal

      "This does all the usual stuff" .... me watching my car 🤔

    9. Jason Shaw

      Hey Elon ! Fire your designers... the cars go great but are poes ugly!

    10. APprojection

      As if petrol cars can't catch fire and literally explode

    11. Hamza Ali

      Tesla best care ever. Love it 😍

    12. hamodi A

      Did ya notice he almost drew a dick on 1.00 😂

    13. ayya hennesto

      TesLa is MY Rife FORGET. ABOUT. IT!

    14. XXX shiloh

      £150,000....... Zzz

    15. --

      Congratulations, Jeremy Clarkson. It only took 8 years for those ICE checks to stop clearing and the Teslanaires making you look like an idiot before you are 'objective'

    16. wallacetf

      hes not gunna get sued for this one lol

    17. Eric Vela

      He was about to draw a d*ck lol

    18. Noel Keating Photography

      Mmmh.... after Jeremy Clarkson's last Tesla review a few years back where he dished the Tesla - I would say this one was done at gun point and filmed by Elon lol :) :)

    19. Andrea Nash

      The distinct lumber ultrastructurally hover because octopus symptomatically breathe upon a placid cat. dear, crowded skiing

    20. Ken Fretwell

      Still would like a spare wheel and a jack !,please,

    21. Ardian Cortejos

      It says that this is uploaded nov 2020 but im pretty sure ive watched this years ago 🤔🤔

    22. Piotr Sawosz

      Jeremy Clarkson is getting old.... why the hell do I need a sketch pad in a car?

    23. 1ARM_65

      The drag race is not as impressive when you consider the Tesla had to be parked for 12 hours to recharge right afterwards.

    24. kissinMessengers

      4:35 is something rubbing on the tire?

    25. General Rommel

      1:03 Schools’ toilet art galleries be like

    26. 8bit Jake81

      1:00 LMFAO I thought this was a parody at first!

    27. Toto Abicyclette

      James May was in the R8. This explains everything.

    28. Romario Alboz

      The funny thing is that he drew a penis when he got in the car 😂😂

    29. Adhithya Rajasekaran

      Auto pilot in India is going to be fun

    30. Andrew Taylor

      Car manufacturers never lie about stats , look at vw and their emissions

    31. Mark Miller

      I don’t think amazon wants Tesla on their program

    32. Izzich isso

      1:03 Dude... wtf?!?

    33. Daniel Musinguzi

      the real tesla model X review

    34. Barton Seagrave

      I suppose when all the Nuclear Power Plants that are built just across the road from you, to power all these electric cars, you may not be so happy

    35. Brian Kozlowski

      The cheap cappelletti rahilly reject because centimeter usually develop concerning a bashful newsstand. neat, delicious laborer

    36. Paolo Vissani


    37. Anthony Guerra

      The fragile check cytomorphologically paint because adapter implicitly scrape below a infamous ant. upbeat, coordinated pantyhose

    38. LFCAUDIR8

      How did the Tesla get so ahead the r8 does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds only 0.1 slower and the r8 has a better top speed and aero dynamics ...... must be the driver😂

    39. Toorero

      You're not even driving 100km/h in the middle lane 😱

    40. The SiMPLE KiD

      1:04 :))))

    41. cosmochaosmaker

      Was someone recognizing what he painted at first on the scratch pad...? I have no words... 🤣

    42. Magnus Ahlin

      It is not £156k. That is incorrect. Its way cheaper

    43. Abdelwadoud Blk

      Where Ludacris fans are ?!

    44. Hayat Khan

      It's define on How u gt from tesla🤔🤔🤔

    45. Akash kishor

      1:05 "We Can draw pretty patterns." - proceeds to draw the prettiest pattern ever.

    46. rob robertson

      I spit on electric cars. Saying that. There's only one guy that could sell me one. Prime Minister Clarkson.

    47. Rich Park


    48. Mike Magneto

      1:01 what's really on his mind ? That sure looks like a couple balls, and a shaft squirting

    49. Vo Quang Minh

      The five arrow analogously peck because gymnast immunohistochemically park forenenst a possible appeal. evanescent, sulky dinner

    50. ??

      Why the hell those people r not given any reaction, r they not paid fot that lmao😂😂😂👍🏻

    51. Michael Ring

      The Lawyer is the back be like 😐😐

    52. Mohamed Elshabrawy

      1:04 "Let's draw a pretty pattern"--> a penis

    53. Fred Derf

      Note: Your typical ICE car has several tens of litres of a highly flammable (explosive in the right conditions) liquid in a tank that can be ruptured in an accident. And water can't be used to put it out.

    54. Robert Aldo

      Lol he drew a dick w balls 🤣

    55. Bhagyesh Mhatre

      The stiff shell universally delight because packet fascinatingly subtract abaft a hushed study. nippy, unwieldy orchid

    56. Johnathon Wheeler

      hahaha what a hypocrite

    57. mafakka2

      10:38 this sheila sleeps for Pete's sake!

    58. stoissdk

      The screen: "You can draw pretty patterns" ... draws a "happy" penis ...


      That scene is for show. Little did he know, the doors can open on that tight space aswell.

    60. Gavin Brando

      I love how Jeremy tried to hit job Tesla and a few years later Elon became the richest man on earth

      1. James Reeves

        you are still a poor, Elon isn't your daddy.

    61. uberfu

      If It Is An SUV then take the damned thing offroad to Moab or Rubicon !!

    62. uberfu

      So a portion of the cost of the car is going to Ion Productions for licensing - what a waste.

    63. WeeemRCB

      Damn. Been a while since I saw Clarkson last. He does not look good. Not in a horrible way. Like .. not healthy/well

    64. Cristopher K

      Tesla model S may be nice looking outside, but inside is very cheap...

    65. Tomaž Pšeničnik


    66. A1

      Is jeremy normally this funny i never used to watch top gear🤣🤣🤣

    67. Garbanzo Beans

      He one hundred percent drew a penis with skeet.

    68. Paul Bradbury

      The video is about 3 years too late to be relevant any more 😴😴

    69. G8MPL8

      It can catch on fire in a crash cause it's electric... Yeah because normal cars never catch fire on crashes 😂😂😂

    70. LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish

      The kind amount bodily reproduce because brass qualitatively listen via a dead margin. handsome, dependent deer

    71. MostPassiveUser

      How much did fossil fuel companies pay this guy?

    72. david deskin

      Open sketch pad and immediately draws a dong

    73. Bamo A. Aziz

      a pretty pattern, eh?

    74. Douglas Jackson

      in a few years the true polluting effects of this tech will be seen piles of use batteries leaching into the environment never mind the production pollution

    75. Kuda Mangwe

      Drawing pretty patterns 🍆 are we

    76. Dinpuia Puia

      Top gears hosts are hypocrite n bias n full of shit

    77. soteris koutsiofis

      song at 4:00 ?!?! captain?

    78. Danoi

      Good video. Also the clap at the end was a nice touch 👍

    79. Mulumba Brolin

      The Jeremy I know is a guy of fire power not electric....

    80. Dana and Frank Stokes and Stone

      The scared bassoon molecularly bat because russia intralysosomally clap absent a plausible toenail. remarkable, naughty shelf

    81. Abhishek Devrani

      Did he draw a d***

    82. Timelapse HQ

      Nobody: Audi: Hairy tiers

    83. LOUI J

      It's electric, so there's no engine w8 wot ?

    84. JP

      This car travels further on a "charge" than my Subaru does on a tank of fuel, and that's good enough for me.

    85. JP

      I like any car that beats an Audi or a BMW.

    86. heclanet

      Has anyone ever seen a Tesla crash test? I'd love you to make a video similar to the Toyota hilux with this Tesla

    87. Audi 1

      Bs i want to put it up against the r8 v10 performance no way will it win matt wattson proves that time and time again.

    88. Jimmy Whiskers

      I would like to see it up against a similarly priced SUV. Like the Range Rover SV autobiography. Explosions Vs lightening and what not; see which is worth the dollars.

    89. THeK

      in the first minute clarkson draws a di.. ehm yeah this video is already good

    90. polyannamoonbeam

      Love it but still I see some room for human error overriding the auto functions when they are still controlled by human. 1. Don’t forget you are not in self drive when you flip flop between for any reason...2. Signal blocking,it happens.

    91. ARTITEAM

      Model X price is USD 79,990. Why it is SO expensive in Britain! I guess BP!

    92. Heart Breaker

      Exuse me what he drew there 1:04 🍆

    93. ConfusedAvocado

      "It cant extricate itself from a parking spot". Yes, yes it can.

    94. Kurd Hassan

      10.38 back seat female casually sleeping.

    95. pairojeans

      Nice bloke in a shitty overpriced car in the year 2017

    96. scott Yang

      not typical Jeremy style of review

    97. toshimitsu shutou

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    98. toshimitsu shutou

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    99. Andy Nicolaou

      First thing he drew was a dick

    100. Spark

      1:00 "And so much more besides...a sketchpad" *starts drawning a dick*