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    Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie react to LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic being named as Western Conference All-Star Starters.
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    1. oiuet souiu

      Kenny Smith trying so hard to vouch for AD... "playing like an he's not playing like ad but he's an allstar" ok 😆

    2. arkimzify

      The most popular among the fans will be picked thats the essence of nba all star..

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *That is a forced script and that is not how realism works. They're more deserving players that deserve to be given than the handpicks.*

    3. Not Important

      lillard shmillard... whatever... there are multiple excellent players but only so many spots... that's just how it goes

    4. Rishit sethi

      Doesn't shaq hate Damian lilard

      1. oiuet souiu

        In my opinion, Stephen Curry is the most feared or should be the most feared player.

    5. Jared Jackson

      I'm not giving these lifetime achievement awards Charles is too funny

    6. nieooj gotoy

      Dame killing it right now should've got the nod !

    7. sowishful

      Actually agree with Charles. Forget about luka and dame. What about Donovan Mitchell? Arguably best team in the nba rn. That has to mean something...

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        sowishful *You're the casual, I am a real NBA fan*

      2. sowishful

        @The DEfastss Tiger ok casual. Have a good day

      3. The YouTubes Tiger

        sowishful *It does*

      4. sowishful

        @The DEfastss Tiger yes because more ppg determines who the better player is...

      5. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Both of them are above DM for points per game*

    8. Riccardo Pellacani

      What time they will have draft at?

    9. John Trapper

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      1. nieooj gotoy

        Assists affect the game more because it's production all around instead of just being a good scorer.

    10. Ethan Ross

      curry mvp


      Stop being so humble Luka. He’s better than lillard

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Luka Doncic isn't better than Damian Lillard, Dame is top 5 for MVP.*

    12. Tam Aaretti

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    13. Joanna

      The first time rivals team up (Curry & James)😎

    14. Максим Шарабурин

      Dallas likes european players. Dirk was leader in the past and Luka now. It seems that Mavs has concrete mission to make Nba popular in Europe.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Damon lilliard killed me😂

    15. Daniels Dad

      Agreed on dame lillard

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Curry and Bron is gonna be hot🔥🔥🔥

    16. Adrian Belfon

      Xenophobia, Joker and Doncic over Lillard any day

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *That's not what the statistics say*

      2. Joanna

        Shaq: I was on 2K cover before Dame & Lillard

    17. zijuiy wttuy


    18. Juan Echevarria

      Luka "Magic" Doncic 🔥

    19. Sim D’Avy

      In my opinion, Stephen Curry is the most feared or should be the most feared player.

    20. Ifeoma Anagbogu

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    21. Jálale Jeowkr

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      1. zijuiy wttuy


    22. Ujiri Ukiri

      Chuck has facts only!

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Charles Barkley doesn't know what facts are.*

    23. pamela angela

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    24. Jofrey Lupul

      Assists affect the game more because it's production all around instead of just being a good scorer.

    25. Alexandra Atnif

      dumb rules

    26. CloaKzYy FN ツ

      First time LeBRON and Curry teaming up

    27. Harry Heart

      If Luka were black they'd take one look at the stats and it'd be a wrap. Love Dame, but he can't compete with Luka #

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Damian Lillard is above Luka Doncic in points per game.*

    28. Gerald Bivins

      Dame top 10-15 not 5 lol

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Damian Lillard is already top 5 for MVP*

    29. Raiden Inocentes

      Curry and Bron is gonna be hot🔥🔥🔥

    30. Arctic Masqued

      Damon lilliard killed me😂

    31. niduoe stre

      Shaq: I was on 2K cover before Dame & Lillard

    32. Scoring Machine

      Idk how TF Luka is starting over dame and mitch

    33. David OROPEZA

      Why Bron is number one is beyond redifuculous !!! Why ? Cause the guy didn’t evn want to play , Period.

    34. ClipperTown In LA

      Starters should be C. Jokic Pf. Davis Sf. Lebron Sg. Mitchell Pg. Lillard

      1. niduoe stre

        Nikola Jokić is my man . Keep strong ...

    35. phillyfanatic11

      Why should records matter in the all star game ? The fan vote is the tie breaker, which I'm sure they don't care about records. It's about who the fans want to see at the end of the day.

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Not really, it should be balanced in between deserving and voting.*

    36. DoNDoE 26

      I agree with Chuck Anthony Davis not a Allstar

    37. AFRO JOE


      I actually understand stand how he broke it down

    39. Zorana Filipovic

      Dame and Mitchell are excellent players, no one can say a thing about that! But Doncic is on the same level as Dame, Curry and many other goats and he's so much younger than them. Imagine what he'll do in 5 years when he's so good now. His rookie year highlights are someones career highlights. So, if anyone has doubts about Luka being an all star starter you're not really watching Dallas(Luka) games...

    40. Pablo Singh

      Curry needs 5 all star for 1ring lol its a wrap 8tsoverklay going nets

    41. Pablo Singh

      Kawai ain't better than curry

    42. Pablo Singh

      Ad healthy is top 3

    43. Pablo Singh

      If beal went warriors they would clean house but based on clutchness past 2 seasons curry ain't top 6 I'll take LeBron kd harden kyrie lillard klay jocic on

    44. Mara Dirth

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    45. Thabani Dube

      Jamal Murray is better than Devin Booker in every category, but the media wants to push a bias narrative

    46. Sin Solo

      Luka became Lary Bird is good becouse he is white part 2…!Shame on you Shaq, and Keni! You both became rasists! Luka has much better stats not only to Lilard, he has much better stats than LeBron! And how Lebron is main candidate for MVP... Look at the numbers! Numbers dont lie but you two are liars!

    47. Laurence Botha

      How is 3,2,2 tie with 2,3,3?

    48. Ana Garcia

      If Luka would've been black shaq would love him 💀✋

    49. М. П.

      Nikola Jokić is my man . Keep strong ...

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *I like The Joker*

    50. Jyon C

      To me, the King and the Chef are guaranteed picks if healthy. Every other spot is up for grabs

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *No, because other players can score more points per game than them.*

    51. Ramo Dugalic

      When LeBron is mentioned anywhere ,just stop barking Barkley.

    52. adingdingdiiing

      Dame is top 3 in MVP conversations for Kenny?? How?

      1. adingdingdiiing

        @The DEfastss Tiger that's the criteria? Bradley Beal should be right up there then.

      2. The YouTubes Tiger

        *Just watch the points per game.*

    53. Charming nowhere to hide

      Imagine Curry and Dame both pulling from half court

    54. Joey Astorino

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    55. Christian Ebron

      Jordan Clarkson game all star

      1. The YouTubes Tiger

        *He could*

    56. Christian Ebron

      Jordan Clarkson game all star 🌟

    57. Christian Ebron

      Jordan Clarkson

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Most feared player is Big Honey

    58. Christian Ebron

      Jordan Clarkson 🔥🔥🔥🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭💜

    59. Saul Y.

      They should actually make the all-star mean something like home court advantage for the conference because it's just not worth watching.

    60. Hector Silva

      Fan voting shouldn't count for 50%, it should be equally for each ranking category, 33% weighted. The lower the rank the better it means. Add up the scores for all the ranks and the one with the lower cumulative number wins. Damian Lillard would have gotten it by using this metric instead of weighting fan voting so heavily. Doncic 2 + 3 + 3 = 8 Lillard: 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 Lillard wins.

    61. Good Looking Rooster

      Donovan Mitchell getting shafted

    62. Sin Solo

      Luka has much better stats than Lilard.. What is your problem about starters?

    63. JJ Diaz

      Lebron and Curry will be fun to watch, I don’t see Lebron picking 🐍 Kyrie over Steph

    64. Whidbey Hiker

      If Chris Paul and Damian Lillard ever wanna be All-Star starters they are going to have to move on over to the EAST. How many times does Steph have to break CP3's ankles?

    65. tre franklin

      So now the fans disrespecting Damian L Stop thinking of big city player these other small city have good to great player

    66. Whitney Williams

      The most feared guy is Steph Curry he is the only one who is getting tripled doubled every night

    67. Jennssey Dacoldest

      I feel dame dolla should be over luka period

      1. Sin Solo

        Why? Luka has much better stats?

    68. Alexis Velez

      i remember when the all star mattered... people would get excited seeing all these all stars playing together... nowadays its boring and nobody cares because crybron made it standard for teams to be stacked with all stars

    69. Adam Fasil

      Lillard will never be better than curry individually

    70. shadiyah manning

      What about Devin Booker ?????

    71. Avangarda

      Most feared player is Big Honey

    72. DBoogie 9511

      It was no tie wit dame nd luka cuz thats who they talking about dame was winning in fan nd player voting and luka won in media voting thats 2-1 last time i checked stop snubbing dame🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️it should be dame nd curry starting together

      1. Sin Solo

        Look at the stats kid.. Luka has mich better...

    73. Zenkie

      so no one's gonna talk about how lebron and curry's teaming up for the first so excited to see them play together.

    74. ClipperTown In LA

      Rudy and Mitchell should be starters. Right now he is actually having more impact then Davis on wins beyond just numbers. Dame or luka. Give dame his respect

    75. Darwin Harvester

      They really love steph

    76. FangRu

      Draft prediction Team 1: Lebron, Curry, Giannis, Luka, Kawhi Team 2: KD, Kyrie, Embiid, Beal, Jokic

    77. Runik Vaiphei

      Finally we got to see LeBron James and Stephen Curry play in the same team... Not we need Messi and Ronaldo play in the same team...

    78. CMIRV RV

      1:17 He traveled tho

    79. Bob Ross

      Luka Doncic is better than Dame Dolla... hold my 🥜 biatches!

    80. Rclee

      Watching NBA now is disgusting and Boring..all they do is shoot 3 pts hundreds per game. It's like watching 3 pts. Shot contest..not like before the times of laimbeer,mahorn, bird etc.where the focus is defense and very physical. I got rid of my subscription..

    81. D. cuzzdog

      I like Dame and Doncic...over Curry. Doncic is a better facilitator and can score at will inside with an array of every shot imaginable....has more assists and rebounds than the other 2 guards too..Plus, Doncic can break double teams with his passing. Dame can jack it up equally to Curry, but scores inside a bit better. Double team Lillard and you can beat Portland in the playoffs. Curry is quick and a sharpshooter...and can score quick buckets inside...moves the ball very well...does not caught stuck with the ball like Doncic. But Starters should be Doncic and Lillard by virtue of their all around games which includes defense and toughness. Curry is not as good a defender and thus, not ahead of the other two players.

    82. Omkar Shendge

      NBA eastern Conference all stars: toh hum kya karein khelna chod de?

    83. Daz555

      Steph rightly ranked 1,1,1. There is a debate between Dame and Luka and I am probably more in the Dame camp.

      1. Sin Solo

        Luka has much better stats then both... Problem is becouse Luka is White?

    84. kimmirossi46

      Luka is excellent choice! Luka is MAGIC!

    85. Jarvis Werk

      Look at curry man so inspirational coming back from missing last years all star game

    86. Scott Harris

      Just straight out Anti-White BS. You knew that was coming

    87. dave latumbo

      Donovan Mitchell. He is ha ing a much betyer season than Dame. And they are winning. Stop crying about Dame saying he got snubbed. He will definitely play and would probably play more minutes than Luka at the ASG.

    88. Luigi dicarP

      what is the point of the media and player vote if whatever the fan vote (2nd) wins anyway.

    89. Cap Levi's Page

      The most feared man in bball is Dame Lillard...........Not in that Steph Curry game.......

    90. Mark Chops

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    91. Amanpaul Atwal

      Dame isn’t a top 5 basketball player in the world? What is Kenny saying

    92. Jesse MacLean


    93. Tomislav Badurina

      Stop it...Halleluka starting over everybody

    94. Von Farquharson

      No devin 😒

    95. fouoii gyhh

      Kenny got caught on his list later on lol

    96. luzon rodante

      Should this 2021 all stars lead by Mitchel Team for Western Conference and Simmons Team for Eastern Conference?


      all star starter........ ALL STAR. 😂


      good thing they brought back the East and West Tradition

    99. The Slayer

      Ad not a starter? But jokic is? Something ain't right😤

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Kenny's swim cap appears to be moving.

    100. Fabrice Uwihirwe

      Barkley talkin about how the MVP always goes to the best player on the best team but what about when Westbrook won it 😐