The Greatest Troll In History | G2 Worlds 2020 Semifinals Voicecomms

G2 Esports

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    We're honestly the greatest trolls in League of Legends history.
    Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz and Mikxy didn't win the World championship but they won a direct flight home! Listen in on our voicecomms from as we trolled our way back to the airport (and EU) in our Worlds 2020 Semifinals match against Damwon.
    When will we finally win worlds? Let us know in the comments below!
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    1. Sax Gimli

      Big brain strats: Can't get 0-3 in finals if you don't qualify

      1. Svart Frost

        @G2 Esports It's actually official, if you defeat G2 in worlds you actually win worlds.

      2. Critico

        @jo donkey Lmao nah SN would have beaten G2.

      3. Bai Su Zhen

        @Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyes Well, they lost. Am I supposed to have a winning mentality now? As I said, at least we fucked NA again xDDDDD

      4. Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyes

        @Bai Su Zhen lol what a loser mentality

      5. I Am Not Who You Think I Am

        @jo donkey lol.. sure.....totally just doesnt sound like reasons for THE BEST TEAM EU HAS EVER MADE

    2. HairoxxFR

      greatest cancer : your trash team

    3. leo marquez

      The greatest troll? The greatest ridiculous would say

    4. Nfeuvxsrh


    5. sheon c

      IG - FPX - DWG

    6. 김주명


    7. R3dd

      Karma is real

    8. ItsTommyV

      ITS TIME FOR DAM LOST idk why but I cracked up so hard

    9. anxiety

      their positivity is actually hurting me

    10. Loluś Plejer


    11. weeb stuff

      👎 for the removed last part

    12. progenesis

      the last few seconds on voice coms, "they cant end can they??" LOL

    13. Kyle Turner

      SKYRIM first time playthrough, Offseason Chat, PS5 WAITING ROOM

    14. 브렛앤더슨

      I'm an LCK fan and also love G2 for their game style is quiet interesting and trash talks.

    15. Leon Tißen

      I really like how funny G2 already is. Their own YT-Channel is laughing about these five 2heads! Imagine! Your boss laughs about you instead of hatin'! #nochampionsbutstillthegreatestteam

    16. Kichana

      they are laughing to not cry

    17. Nguyễn Nhật Khánh

      dam mad

    18. dylan sotelo

      i need sub spanish :C

    19. ZIX 76

      Rep jg troll big diff

    20. FreeL0ad3r

      That first game draft was so int. They had it all figured out. Lucian mid, constant pressure vs TF, Ez bot to survive hecarim. And they put fuckin Lucian bot. They could've won the series with a game 1 win, and they just threw away a perfect draft :/

    21. MisterJohnsonCruise

      I love the mentality of this 5 guys - just the best way to handle such pressure of worlds, no matter if winning or losing :)

    22. Four Letter Words

      Greatest team in LoL that will never win Worlds. They focus too much on having fun and take everything lightly. You know this hurts for their trash G2 players and fans.

    23. Thangtititu

      I Hope G2 dont get a single seat in Worlds for the future. Every year they are so disrespectfull and trolling. Last Year the same against FPX. The Problem of G2 is not the skill. The Problem of G2 is: disrespectful against other teams in professionel tournaments they are not serious they are to hyped and lose the game because they think they are gods of the rift. For example: The match after Gen.G ( disrespectfull against the LCK Top Team Damwon g2 were too sure they could win and that's why g2 lost

    24. Nolan ZW

      3:51 'He can't get away with this fiora pick..' 'ok, maybe he can get away tho.' ' he CANT get away with this fiora pick!' LOLOLOLOL that was gold.

    25. haru wajima

      the legendary clapping of the overly hyped team Fact is Eu got lucky with the meta / state league was in . ( before ya'll go and say i am NA fan or w/e chill NA is garbage and i am from NA loool ) main point of the post is G2 bm people and then get shat on then the fans blowing up being toxic worse than TshitM

    26. Benjamin Harding

      It just wasn’t your meta bois. It fits DWG perfectly though

    27. bullabl

      Jankos might actually be a good jg if he took playing serious.

      1. bullabl

        The org is failing them for that as well, their mentality is why change something if it’s not broken. Even though the game they have lost have been because jankos consistently fails to apply jg pressure.

      2. samuel Jakob

        I mean he wouldnt play in one of the best teams in the world if he wouldnt be good :D

    28. Garrett Gomes

      NA thanks you. Weren't the only ones super embarrassed.

    29. Colin Cha

      Big brain..lose on purpose so they can produce memes and content damn 200 IQ

    30. Emanuel Capasso

      when the lost is an easy 3-1 fort them is easy to take. But when it is a so close 3-2 oh mi God... gg for Eu

    31. 지나가는나그네

      유쾌한 미국형들ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    32. darian dotzinski

      I am sorry, but saying that you trolled is just an excuse

    33. Ramen Guy


    34. Samuel Williams


    35. Space Jungler


    36. ᄒᄒ크앙

      Good game

    37. Rimm0n

      For me, G2 will be the best in the world

      1. francois guyot


    38. Fran Silias

      troll? Little did they play to troll? :v

    39. Evandar

      Rly i want dont see last map

    40. Romer Dave Sales

      You call it the greatest troll simply because you lost 😂

    41. N 3 r o n mobileYT

      maybe be you should focus a lil bit about strats instead of thinking qbout the cameraman biceps...

    42. Trixi Nour

      LEL everytime you lose it's a troll .. sure

    43. WIng TaM

      greatest troll history lmao..btw good game

    44. Le Mean

      Greatest Troll = Fastest Game

    45. Martin Hansen

      Atleast you made a fun video😅

    46. Jose Arturo

      Amo la actitud de g2, juegan para divertirse. Pero me parece que les faltó más ganas de ganar. Aún así los amo espero que el año que viene ganen todo

    47. CougarX

      Troll is an understatement. Trash would be the appropriate word.

    48. Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyes

      Time is running out for caps, he wont win a worlds if he continues with that team, faker won his first worlds cup at 17 caps is 20 Is now or never

    49. Milou


    50. litphet


    51. SHAZZY

      This is a great video

    52. Tomek :3


    53. Jibril Awad

      Guys we can't beat them, let's just troll. This is embarrassing than TSM 0-6 @ worlds

    54. MyNameIs AFCC

      This series and Cyberpunk being delayed again are the biggest disappointments of 2020.

    55. Marek W.

      DAMLOST, love it

    56. Harsh bisht

      This costed me my perfect pick ems 😥😢 my free laptop 😢

    57. Davide Poggi

      That omnistone on ornn...

    58. lycozur

      love how chill ur voice coms are, even though it was worlds xD

    59. Ray Guo

      GOOD LUCK guys, See you on S11!!

    60. Varga Máté

      You guys creazy but I love it :D

    61. Bad Peanut

      Played so bad and get outmatched by opponents = troll Lol ok

      1. PDX Naehyun

        And good teams like Damwon Gaming learns how to punish that? Maybe consider a video's title with a grain of salt :v?

    62. Zeduken

      Greatest excuse "troll" don't forget that they get bm'ed like a kid getting babied

    63. Cee

      They may not have won but they were having fun as a team so I guess that's a win! 👍 Also, CAPS in G2 is so happy 😆

    64. 은서


    65. Ecalos

      Can we get a comment from odoamne? No? Still quiet?

    66. EGToasty

      bro the subscribe button edit on the sylas e was actually so funny

    67. Damon Tan

      Lol awww suck it g2, talking about always beating Korean teams, you wankers can’t even last 20 mins in the last game 🥱

    68. Híu Qan


    69. Davey Jovellanos

      Greatest flop in league's history

    70. Shofiul Azam

      No wonder this team can never win a world's title

    71. 박주환

      G2의 포기하지 않는 모습이 멋졌습니다! 내년 롤드컵에서 만나요 :)

    72. Enes Üzel

      troll, sure :)

    73. Raven Montemayor

      the reason that I love this team is that they never tilt like faker :> #G2WINWORLDS2021

    74. Bloody• Mare

      After watching their vids, I don't have any reason to hate g2 now XD #IStanG2

    75. macaroon lover

      7:54 going back home comfortably

    76. Brian

      No one: G2: discussing how to dance in front of enemy's base in semifinals

    77. ali naeij

      Cant tell if this is before or after they got their back blown out by dwg

    78. Loue Roque

      So the greatest team Europe has ever produced can't win worlds after all.

      1. PDX Naehyun

        Sadge :(

    79. jean lefonca

      no skin g2 sylas for this year , let's wait for 2021 but this time there wil have no way this skin don't exist

    80. 꿀꿀

      lec is a really weak league. However, the g2 has maintained its reputation for two years with the weak lec. Such a g2 also lost to lck now. Once lck gets to the finals, lck will win for 5 years. Now lck is the most powerful league. From next year, 4 teams of lck will advance to the Worlds Cup. Isn't it scary eu, lpl fans?

      1. PDX Naehyun

        We prefer being the underdogs bro :D

      2. PDX Naehyun


    81. mink hoànq

      Getting 0-3 in a final 3 years in a row is not a good move so G2 have decided to step down a litte bit to come back for the next year World Final. And get 0-3 again (at least not in a row xD )

    82. flonp z

      You meant „The greatest Cringe in history”?

    83. Ross Yi

      At least, they are enjoying it. It's all good-

    84. Judelson Baucas

      We can't get swept if we lose 😂😂 Big brain for EU TRASH

    85. Limflet

      Reading the comments made me realize how true reddit is about G2 fans. Damn.

      1. PDX Naehyun

        Woah what did they say :v

    86. Hebele Hübele

      They played so fucking terrible tbh

    87. Dai Do Trung

      I love G2 and I will love G2, but tbh I could never fully trust the team when the moment comes. I hope that I'll see G2 again in Worlds next year, with the same lineup, and win.

    88. Lori

      To anyone who said g2 crying Stop being an asshole online, g2 and g2 fans have nothing to do with you, if you dont like g2 just leave, we dont beg you guys to watch our g2 videos anyways.

    89. LCU Nash

      1-2 is our comfort zone... well that didn’t age well

    90. 정지원

      Good Game G2 whose attitude is the best in the world

    91. meteorsnthunder

      Noticed this in previous comms vids as well: the comms are not aligned with the player cams, so either the comms or the cams are not synced with the game.

      1. Sven Kernaflen - - Costeux

        The cams are never synced with the game, you actually always see players dropping mouse and keyboard and standing up before Nexus explodes every game.

    92. Avian streak

      Best gane was game 4, could had been reversed sweeped if jankos would had taken sejuani

    93. Stabber85

      I watched this series live and still while watching this video was hoping for G2 to win this time lol.

    94. dnejrgn

      Standard operation procedure: 1) Massive trash talk and over confidence 2) Lose and just say it’s trolling 3) repeat

    95. flawless mr

      The speech from Jankos before game 4 is very true and encouraging. Such a shame all those individual deadly mistakes killed G2 this series

    96. hp40 pro

      3:19 who said help me like this KEKW

    97. Teemu

      g2 just isnt good enough to win against china or korea but hey at least they beat na

    98. L9 Noob

      Troll2 Esports name suits more than G2

    99. Beryu Hadzhiev

      "It's time for Dam - Lost" The award "Best joke of 2020" goes to G2 Perkz