The nWo stand the test of time: WWE Network Exclusive, April 6, 2021


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    Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Sean Waltman are happy that nWo keeps thriving after all these years. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. Food Reacts

      Swear they got inducted last year

    2. Chris Walker

      Scott hall promo videos are still entertaining to watch. Chicas are for fun.

    3. Vanitha Suppiah

      To consider they're age group hulk Hogan is the oldest damn he is still looking so young

    4. Krayzie Roach

      Eazy-E worked with them? lol

    5. Krayzie Roach

      i dont like the bit of going to the hall of fame as a group. it should be an individual honor. you dont see the 90s cowboys going to the hall of fame as a group

    6. Shaun S

      Hey Yo... My teenage years will never forget these guys.


      123 kid

    8. Skyrim Warrior

      It’s time for Evolution to be the next big Inductee’s in WWE Hall of fame, but it can’t happen until Randy Orten retires, Ric Flair needs to collect his 3rd Hall of fame ring.

    9. Thomas Weber

      NwO 4 Live tooooooo Sweeeeet 😎😎

    10. G.K

      That’s one thing about looking older when your younger... 25 years later and Hulk still looks the same, BROTHER !

    11. sagar sondarva

      Hollywood Hulk Hogan is stuck in time. He's ageless...

    12. wrestlingfan87

      Scott Hall and Shawn have aged terribly. That's what hard drugs and alcohol do to you folks.

    13. murder orgy

      Hulk Hogan is a overrated racist

    14. єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

      What's missing is all the other WCW greats like Sting, Goldberg, Paul Wight, Macho Man(RIP), Steiner, Booker etc. P.S. Xpac needs to take a hike. May as well be Rey Mysterio standing there with these legends.

    15. SHADI AWAD

      I have a feeling hall will be the next legend to pass, probably this year

    16. Alan Guillermo


    17. Kevin Moore

      Scoot hall looks so old

    18. kanekanekaneable

      Syxx doesn't belong

    19. Yudhajit vishwakarman

      Shaun waltman must be the luckiest guy around ,did nothing worthwhile just hung around like a shirt hanger nothing more than an errand boy & today he's in the HOF...

    20. Jonathon Taylor

      Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, Hollywood Hogan and Eazy E definitely deserved to be in the wwe hall of fame as the nwo.

    21. Eric Stuff

      Hall looks frail. That being said, so glad he and Waltman turned it around just in time.

    22. Jorge Rojas

      What the hell is Shitpac doing in the HOF?

    23. Diggler Knight

      I like X-pac but that dude has no business being inducted in as the NWO. Only hogan hall and Nash should be inducted. PAC gets props for being the only guy to be in NWO and DX though.

    24. Omer B Iftikhar

      Hulk Hogan still looks younger

    25. Leory S

      Congratulations guys 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    26. Emily Anderson

      ok so zero effort whatsoever thanks guys

    27. Billy Martin

      How can Syxx stand with Hollywood Hogan who told him he couldn't cut the mustard in the NWO?!: IT'S STILL REAL TO ME, DAMMIT!!🤣🤣

    28. Logic105

      It's sad watching these guys now. They look old AF. The old days they tore it up. Now they need diapers.

    29. Tidbitkid

      How do they pick Sean Waltman over any other NWO member prior to his appearance in the NWO (Ted DiBiase, Giant) or any member who had a longer attachment [Vincent, Sting, Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, Randy Savage (posthumous)] Seems like they just like awarding the same people for the sake of keeping them relevant vs contribution.

    30. Rongo Ngatai

      nash makes hogan look tiny while xpac is probably of average height

    31. Roxanne Maison

      Does Xpac always have to ride the coattails?

    32. 12-Mojo

      Xpac in NWO?!?!? You may as wel through the big show in the mix why not lol

    33. Just2Fly

      To the reporter. Dont run your haircut fade to high. Keep it in the middle. The back looks wild when you go to high

    34. Malcolm Sawyer

      Hogan looks so small compared to Nash and hall

    35. Tony Tone

      It’s good to see my boiz in the Hall of Fame where they belong. Didn’t get to experience them in WCW only in the WCW games until they came into the WWE (WWF) in 2002. Scott Hall was always my favorite

    36. tom

      Razor thinking ,Who's the guy doing the interview 🤔

    37. J F

      There would be no Monday night wars or attitude era had it been Sting instead of Hogan in 96.

    38. Darren Forde

      When Nash said " I'm just glad I'm alive " I was in fits laughing the other 3 guys never laughed. I thought it was hilarious 😂

    39. Crypto Taskforce

      “Get the nWo Buff Bagwell hat! For just 19,99 USD!”

    40. Eddie Alan

      Why the hell was Waltman there? Just out of place so much 😂

    41. Gringo loko

      Again? Rehashing a bunch of guys who held a lot of great talent back.

    42. dennishbergkamp

      Can't let Sean Waltman or Scott Hall have a live mic.

    43. Eric Kennedy

      X Pac so overrated what he did meromable in the NWO

    44. Capri 82

      Dang is razor ok?

    45. Capri 82

      Friggin kevin nash doesn't age. No offense but xpac wasn't a huge player in the why is he in it

    46. Bhavesh

      X-Pac the lucky guy!! Inducted twice as DX and as NWO

    47. Samuel Estrada

      I got I bit shocked watching the Hall of Fame awards 🏆 I think I caught Ultimate Warrior in this video ? 🤨 (he is dead ⚰️🌹❤️)

    48. Moonlight Graeme

      I feel sorry for Scott, he’s had a hard time. He looks older than hulk.

    49. Super Natural

      Sean waltman looking like a senior version of Daniel Bryan 😂😂

    50. E Honda

      What about all of the other members of the NWO? Where's : Ted DiBiase The Giant NWO Sting Vincent Bischoff Too many to mention.

    51. E Honda

      The WWE totally botched the NWO in the WWE angle. That could've been huge.

    52. Huey Freeman

      N.W.O 4 LIFE!

    53. Sam_ 82

      Holy cow Hogan looks op

    54. D C

      NWO 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Jaspreet Bedi

      bro Hogan looks pretty well for his age.

    56. BLM Big Lipped Marxists President Baboon Obonobo

      nWo Scott Hall 4 Life

    57. damon mauke

      This is why you don't induct stables and Tag teams. NWO had about 50 members. WWE has been in it's own bubble for way too long. It's okay with honoring stables and tag teams, but Wrestlers should go into the HOF based on their own personal career, which includes everything they've ever done. Ax and Smash should be in the HOF because each one of them made a HOF contribution to the business. If you want to induct them in at he same time that's great, but do it just the one time.





    60. peterrm28

      Nash makes Hogan look short :)

    61. Rick LaiLai

      NWO is definitely for life. Hulkamania is indeed Immortal he has outlasted most of his era.


      Hogan shouldn't be in there at all because of his use of the N word this is wrong.

    63. Hotlog

      Wow, look how short Hulk Hogan is. Leg drops are a killer.

    64. kellsAC1

      Wow. Hogan account looks like the best one there.

    65. a h

      Kevin Nash Aka Diesel Aka Michael McDonald

    66. M TM

      The coolest guys in wrestling

    67. Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel

      Has Nash got taller or has Hogan seriously shrunk?! If Nash is a legit 6'9 / 6'10 then even the interviewer must be around 6'6.

    68. Steven Sharks

      Nwo 4 life bother 🤘

    69. Riaz Alam

      The coolest wrestling stable of all time...

    70. marc gooss

      The Real NWO is Nash,Hall and the third Man Hogan !What Sean Waltman doing there ? Nash is just an arrogant idiot!!!

    71. RedVader7

      Big Kev looks great! 4 life!

    72. I Was DX Before DX Was Cool

      I like x pac... but it should just be the original 3... cause x pac can’t cut the mustard 😂

    73. Daniel 0504

      No crowd though... They could have still done the HOF last year lol

    74. b s

      Why is xpac there? It should just be the three

    75. corey richardson

      scott hall looks like a 80 yr old

    76. ABC DEF

      Glad to see Sean Waltman looking well.

    77. Abhishek Bhattacharjee

      Scott Hall looks like Ric Flair in spite being 10 years younger than him

    78. TEEMER

      This is bad by WWE management. HTF did Syxx get in being the 6th member yet #4 and #5 didn't even get in with NWO.

    79. dm9542

      This time, Nash did not injure his quad in the making of this video.

    80. Christopher C

      Everyone saying hogan still looks the same. The bandana, glasses, and black sprayed on beard do a great job at hiding his face. He is old AF and looks it without all that

    81. The Outsider

      Once you’re nWo, you’re nWo 4 Life🤘

    82. Kot W

      Just realized this is the second induction/ring for all 4 of these gentleman and one of them haven’t even gotten a solo induction yet!


      As a fan....Hulk Hogan or SCSA is the GOAT in WWE. In contrary he was the best heel in WCW. He seems like a regular wrester in this interview. True wrestling fans see this is B.S.

    84. stevio's channel

      Next year it be kliq an wolfpack lol

    85. Kevin Murphy

      No bishoff for the 2020 nwo induction? Brother what a joke!

    86. yoj samuel de guzman

      who here thinking that hogan doesnt get old

    87. Hollywood 4-Life

      nWo 4-Life

    88. jammiedodger

      Hollywood Hogan is a look. Man could relaunch the NWO tomorrow.

    89. scorptarget

      Love it! NWO Comeback 💯👏🏽👏🏽

    90. Drenrams

      They're all in their 60's except X-Pac lmfao.

    91. Joseph Heckinger

      Nwo for life

    92. LynSkyn1981

      It would be nice if they would get back in the ring I know that Scott Hall should do some more working out but I'm sure give him about 6 months he'll be in great shape.

    93. d Va

      Hogan vs Rock at Mania will always be my #1 match of all time. And the ovation the next night at Raw was insane. nWo Hogan will always be my favorite wrestler of all time. 4 life!

    94. stephen Newman

      How in the hell does Shawn Waltman get into all these achievements. He wasn’t even a founding member. Oh yeah hhh buddy circle .

    95. Mr H

      Hogan has lost 3 or 4 inches with that back of his.

    96. Sohail iqbal


    97. hookah guy

      Hope Nash didn't tear his quads on the way to the ceremony.

    98. Katta Phanendra sai ram

      They became old 😭😭😭

    99. M J

      Nash, Hogan, and The kid could still go!