THE ROOKIES Trailer (2021)

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    Trailer for The Rookies starring Milla Jovovich

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    1. Thee king Yodah

      GOING to watch it now

    2. Alpha 6 Games

      Mila is unrivaled at over acting. Her two best roles were in Dazed and Confused and 5th element. Both she either didn’t or barley talked.

    3. Alex Blinoff

      Типа новые политические веяния - Милка Йовович в роли Джеймса Бонда - трансвестита/трансгендера...

    4. WanganTunedKeiCar

      This film is some of the worst rubbish I’ve ever laid my eyes and I’ve even seen pictures of a landfill. Even as what seems to be a parody of James Bond at some points, it is an unforgivable sin of humanity.

    5. VKEY

      She is action hero.

    6. SirSkully

      1:09 I think someone should maybe take another run at that shot lmao.

    7. f

      I'm so glad the movie theatres are closed. All of these new movies look terrible.

    8. Star bright

      The Old Guard vibes...

    9. Tran Quang Huy

      I love Talu Wanggg

    10. JKM qwerty

      nice try ccp.

    11. Sonyapeach

      What’s with the head acupuncture?

    12. William Samuelson

      Thought Michelle Rodriquez was doing intro

    13. T Tiainen

      Forget Cavill and co, can I have Milla as the new Bond? :-D I'm feeling nostalgic for some 80s cheesy action

    14. Valentino Siffredi

      she deservs better roles in better movies

    15. Макс Разумный

      закат кинокарьеры йовович походу настает

    16. István Juhász

      Did u know? Mila Jojopitsch is a complete waste of time?

    17. Hunor Miklos

      If this is parody look nice!

    18. Adam T.

      Milla WHY??? You are very talented actress, why you choose such a shitty movies to play?!

    19. steve3528

      Milla J is a great actress and I love her ever since the 5th element! I would love for her to change her roles and for change do something different than action/fantasy movies, I missed her being in a good movie, Monster Hunter was terrible, Resident evil...well you all know, and hell boy 2 did not go well at all. Such a talented actress with bad movie choices.

    20. Gelou

      Who discovered this because of the wolf or Darren wang?? 😻

    21. Galvao Brito

      When you are born blind and you grow up, you learn to do almost everything that a normal person can do. Power of mind and instincts of survival.

    22. Jacinto P M Da Costa

      How many terrible films this lady can do, let me her is husband is the director!

    23. Freddy Junior this movie already out?

    24. umpus

      Assassin's Creed meets The Matrix meets The Transporter

    25. Robin Pagarigan

      Milla my number one action star. I am from Philippines 😘

    26. Seif Tara

      Link for full movie

    27. Prabath Vitharana

      A wannabe Kingsmen movie

    28. tiger

      just looking at the trailer I can figure out how much China money has put into it.

    29. Idowu Sumisola

      When is this coming out

    30. О путешествиях

      Очередной третесортный фильм с ужасными эффектами...

    31. Alfi Ler

      China backed film? Gonna be crap

    32. Ravi Yadav

      हे मूवी हिंदी में में कब मिलेगी

    33. Kevin Duffey

      did we just see ALL of the FX in the movie in this trailer.. or is their more

    34. Anomitro Mukherjee

      Is she becoming the new Nicholas Cage?

    35. zsombor szekely

      I taught this was another Paul W.S. Anderson bullshit. But it's some other kind of bullshit

    36. Richie Beck

      I thought that was James Charles in the thumbnail. I was immediately confused.

    37. Mar Mac

      When you really think about it...Milla has been one this generations greatest action star.

    38. Luke Reti

      Excellent. More fire and cars and blood and stuff. Movies are so great these days!

    39. Fernando

      Chinese thanks

    40. abdus sohail

      I saw that guy in a funny chinese movie😹😹😹

    41. James Cho

      This was a 2019 Chinese film, I gotta say this trailer is so much better than the original.

    42. Roderick Pommier

      I'm in

    43. k2d10tode11

      fast car, fast cars, fire, fires, explosion , explosions. thats the movie.

    44. Bima Sudiarto

      Ultraviolet 2, more likely.

    45. Conal Hendry

      Gotta be said.... Apart from her part in Fifth Element, all Milla Jovovich films are garbage 🤣🤣

    46. NƎLO

      arg..i thought this was the sequel..saw the film in 2019

    47. James Almazan

      She sound like girl version of Ethan Hawk

    48. A Card

      So this one is for China....ok

    49. 하정우

      왕대륙 나오는군아 ㅋㅋㅋ 이 영화 흥행시키고 싶어서 중국에서 떠오르는 대만 배우를 쓰는군아

    50. M B


    51. Nick

      I really liked her in hellboy, we need another sequel.

    52. Dial 0 for Operator

      Jumping the Shark: Trans Style.

    53. Саша Шаповалов

      Очередная шляпа

    54. Andrei Lucaci

      this looks like shit, TBH

    55. Bob Smith

      Looks like a movie thats had CCP influence forced into it to appease the China market, Hollywood helping to support Genocide for $$$.

    56. N o a h T e a

      Thought this was a CG David Bowie

    57. darren pilkington

      this looks absolutely dreadful!!

    58. nanohawk 001

      maybe this is the part before Ultraviolet

    59. NEP TUNE


    60. Southern Cinephile

      What did she spray at a bunch of those guys? Her giant fart or something

    61. Saleem sha

      wooow wooo wooooowww what a movie i love her

    62. Sukiran S. Amritsari

      Wow, It's terrible.

    63. Subham Bhuyan

      Order of the phantom knighthood😂😂👌

    64. Mr. Remastered HD

      Why this 2019 movie release its trailer in 2021? Anyway done watch it and this underrated movie is good 8/10👍🏻

    65. Vĩ Quí Châu

      I love Milla Jovovic

    66. Fracisco Sagasti

      😉🤗✌️🌺🌺🌺 🌜🌛

    67. Jason Nitely

      I think i just puked a little.

    68. AGlan

      Oh I have the same phone @1:14 ^^, 2021 and shes not using IP12?

    69. Casha Linn

      Jovovich looks as if she is about to laugh after saying the order of the phantom knightship...wonder if that is how it became a piss take.?

    70. Guy Vizard

      It's like Ultraviolet meets From Paris with Love. When and where!

    71. Juan Carlos Guzman

      I Only see Pew! Pew! Pow! Pow! Boom!

    72. Achraf Alilouch

      I can't believe people steal produce this kind of shit in 2021.

    73. Eric Eric


    74. Meriabed Abed

      🥰🥰🥰 I love it

    75. Tahsin3D


    76. Valiant Pride

      This has cringe spelled all over it

    77. Laarji TV

      When you watch “Kingsman” “baby driver” and “black panther” when you can’t come up with any other ideas for your own. She’s like Keanu Reeves... the movies are better whenever they’re not talking

      1. JJ

        ayyyyoooo why you gotta come at my guy Keanu like that?

    78. dl1151

      Why has everyone of milas movies since resident evil open up with a serious monotone dialogue lol

    79. Winch Largo

      first time i love this woman but know only make shity movies.

    80. ElitePortraits

      Everytime i see her face i feel that im going to watch a trash movie ( thank you RE), and i wasn´t wrong with this one.

      1. ElitePortraits

        @Shady Mahmoud ugh.. I watched the trailer.. I avoid this kind of films..

      2. Shady Mahmoud

        After seeing monster hunter I can agree unfortunately.

    81. dev dutt

      Mila is no more feminine.

    82. Charles Hunter II

      This looks interesting and since I like how Milla Jovovich has embraced her action hero role I'll watch it. As a freemason though I laugh at how it's a branch of freemasonry. I don't remember paying my monthly dues for this. I would have requested an immediate transfer to this lodge if I knew about it lol

      1. Dial 0 for Operator

        Seriously. This beats Corned Beef on St Patrick's Day at the lodge. But not by much.

    83. Marion fan

      I see Darren Wang made it to Hollywood!

    84. Spizzmattic

      Not being directed by Paul WTF Anderson automatically makes it worth a watch.

    85. Nathan S


    86. Dove King

      I have no knowledge of this film, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is a Chinese-made or Chinese-targeted film trying to leach off the James Bond franchise. As with most things Chinese made it will look good but have very little in the way of substance. As for the Jovovich, she gets a big Chinese paycheque and that's about it. The film industry is quickly turning into a streaming world, dominated by Netflix or/and a Chinese invested money pit for the mindless masses. I honestly don't think such movies as Shawshank would ever get made nowadays. But I hope to be proven wrong.

    87. Furious DC

      Her movies are always fun to watch on the couch for a couple of hours of entertainment.

    88. Faresz 76

      ha ha ha ... there has never been a P126 Polski police car in Hungary

    89. Akshay Sharma

      Is it me or is Milla Jovovich looking a little like David Bowie?

    90. T. Munkhdelger

      hey wait a minute why smoke looks so strange

    91. Sebastian Gruenfeld

      Why do I get Tom Cruise vibes from her?

    92. Deleted channel

      No no no a million times

    93. Roes One

      до чего же это позорное дерьмо

    94. Jarrell Mckenna

      It’s like a Diet Pepsi version of Kingsman

    95. Joe Song

      looks like they copied kingsman

    96. Кумыс Изпакетов

      Мила Ёо ёо ёо бич

    97. Jamel Holoman

      She can't to save her life

    98. GetOnADamnDiet

      When I see someone shoot a gun and blink I go fake

    99. patrick Riley

      so.........a crap version of kingsmen! nah im good ill just watch kingsmen.

    100. Angry Android

      Is she really going to attempt the Batman voice the whole movie? smh