The WORST Furry Art Thief on DeviantArt

CreepShow Art

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    1. EgyptianDragon1

      Holy crap I'm shocked to see you cover her, I actually remember back to when she was stealing from DauxyCheeks and watched the many accounts spring up on FurAffinity to be banned to have a new account pop up not even a month later most of the time. I don't think I ever got involved in anything related to them other than seeing many journals pop up from Dauxy pretty much warning people to avoid them due to the constant theft and just watching as the ship repeatedly sank. Sad to see they're still doing this tbh, you sometimes just wish these people would grow out of this behavior but sadder still I've even personally come across people in the furry community that this behavior is their livelihood and been affected by them. I guess a small warning to other artists that if anyone starts behaving entitled like that, tries ripping off your designs or anything of the like, that should be the red flag of get the hell away asap.

    2. Doodle Dank

      search marsha rodricks on deviantart... youre welcome😁

    3. S. D.

      Cool art your drawing in the background

    4. Loxy Light

      hazbin hotel tags on the video

    5. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ

      I'm so sorry for your lose 😔✨💖

    6. Morgan Cody

      My sister's also had her own art reposted without credit several times and it's only slowed down a little since she kinda lost interest in Tumblr. She's mostly able to put food in her mouth today because she has full-time employment elsewhere.

    7. Patient Zero

      Whats furry and devinart lol

      1. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ

        A furry is a human in a fur suit

    8. Lozulei

      I hate art thieves......they deserve to die. 😑

      1. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ


    9. Aubree Wright

      I like that the people who are losing their money (The people who have their art being stolen) don't block them back. It's easy :)

    10. killerq


    11. Twinbornduke308

      1 I'm very sorry for your loss 2 you make amazing art tbh

    12. laylayrd

      I’m so sorry Shannon, we are here for you!

    13. katy cat

      Came here for the furry art thief, stayed for the diamond potion bottle. I love your art style♥️

    14. MollysMoshing TankCrew

      it bothers me that you draw straight lines vertically instead of horizontally. its BUGGING ME XD

    15. glitching arrow

      "because its furry porn" me: *suddenly realizing my parents are in the other room and can hear the video*

    16. Audrey Withers

      While I do agree that Allaras is bad, I personally think there's someone worse on Instagram. They've stolen from TONS and I mean TONS of artists' work, characters, species, and even animated memes and it's so weird cause they're a literal minor who's had tons of call-out posts on Twitter and Instagram and no one even bats an eye at it.

    17. Rinomon

      bruhhhh im literally on imvu rn xD

    18. A Goblin Cat化け猫

      Ok but, I agree with literally everything u said, but just because she was born and raised in Louisiana doesn’t mean she knows English as a first language

      1. Moodle Noon

        Riigghhttt I’m born in Louisiana and I speak PERFECT ENGLISH it just kinda country tho lmao

    19. Kabu

      I was doing NSFW stuff when I was a minor, seriously, why are people triggered over this..

    20. Ricardo Javillonar

      As a furry, I’m speechless


      this makes me feel bad i took a blank refence sheet of an angle dragon and i drew my Doggo fursona (nown as Dingo) and colored him on the sheet IM SORRY ILL GET RID OF IT :(

    22. Poland Loli

      I'm a furry hater and that kind of art only purpose is disgusting fetishes. But I still support the original artist's work

    23. Poland Loli

      Now tell me what app you use

      1. Poland Loli

        I thank you

      2. Exo Fluff_Maniac

        Pretty sure she uses procreate

    24. coolcat Ali

      I've had my art stolen it's so upsetting.

    25. Tamaada Requiem

      "You should credit artists if you used their work as a base." Me: *Looking at my instagram account* Shit fuck shit shit shi- Note: Most of the uncredited stuff is when I was like 13-14 and I add the credits if I find them.

    26. Sidney Reading

      Im just sad that furries are seen as bad people because some evil people were having s** in a costume when most furries are like blumming 11 year olds and would never do those terrible things but why WHY WOULD PEOPLE WANT TOO SEE A PICTURE OF A PERSONIFIED TIGER THATS NAKED THATS SO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway most furries dont do that but apparently ALL furries are bad according to most people on the internet but thats like saying oh no this dog ate a child so all dogs must eat children

    27. Faith Grant

      some one fricking stole my art that took 3 months to make and said it was SOOO easy to make that it took her only a week to make THAT THEF HAD WAS SOOOOO BRIGHT AND PUT IT ON HER INSTA long story short i got her banned from insta lol

    28. ・Hxneypxe・

      Oh my gosh..

    29. President bread

      I’m used to getting talked down to because I’m a competitive dancer and no one that I meet in like school takes it seriously

    30. Dander woolf

      i have my fursona where i looked at many different artwork and get inspired by them and made my own fursona, but one of my works i traced a sketch of a paw, then changed it up a bit with my own coloring, how do i give credit, bc i can thank many people on the internet for being a piece of inspiration. my eyes, i got the idea from fursuits, the colors, were from my old pfp, which was a paw, my pfp face however, is my own, i made soo many derpy shots, and discarded them till i got better, soo proud bc i dont want my fursona to look like someone elses, i just hope im not stealing, bc i can give credit to alot of people for inspiration i feel soo bad for everyone whos art got stolen, and those channels that got striked, i feel soo bad, ima sub them

    31. Yen

      At this point art theft is really a thing that artist know right now, and literally 6 years, and if someone outwits her she’s gonna have some serious consequences.

    32. Megageno

      Your not a weenie

    33. Andreas Drake

      One thing is that she is tracing other people's work but she started to make/trace 18+/NSFW art as a 14-15 year old kinda creeps me out

      1. Zed The Skeleton


    34. Ku - chan

      Do you know you said "literally" 5 times in just this video?

      1. CreepShow Art

        That’s less than usual

    35. 레몬 I'm tired

      Why is everyone in the comments a member I-

    36. Monomi X

      so i am not a actual artist I just do it if im bored but the thing I love doing is editing I am a beginner and like if you use a overlay or anything that is made by someone EVEN IF THEY SAY THAT YOU DONT NEED TO CREDIT you should credit them

    37. 「.•I’m Your Granny•.」 :3

      Someone did think I traced and STOLE art. She said, Why don’t you send me your speed paints I said idk how to and she said something a tracer would say, but really I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO

    38. メデヌちゃん // Medenu-chan

      Callimara ? Nope. Never gonna subscribe. Pretty good video tho

    39. Game Policies

      On another note, I’m a manga artist and I’m trying to get into digital b/c traditional manga is hurting me. What platform are you using to draw that potion? It looks versatile

    40. ?Dreamy_ Night¿

      Why does everyone have a green mark next to there name?

    41. Corey Bloom

      I’m very shocked that they would do this I don’t make art and if I do will never put it on the internet for others to see. profile is NOT my art I would say where I got it and to go check them out but I can’t remember but they are really good at it and good animators.

    42. M Z

      As someone who is a victim of this particular art thief I'm glad to see people are calling her out both on dA AND youtube. She's still very active and constantly hiding throughout the community while stealing art and sketches from others to trace over and pisspoor color them. I won't dox myself on this, but good GOD this child is annoying.

    43. The Dark Artist

      What art program are you using? It looks pretty good!

    44. Viviana Nova

      I’m not even part of the furry community and tbh idk why I’m here but whoever they are, they sound horrible and I hope everyone gets the justice they deserve.

    45. Rara Tigris

      also look up bewares on erika grothe, she did semi the same as alyssa (alarris) but instead of art she's been using fursuits as her way to scam.

    46. Rara Tigris

      she has me blocked on several platforms because she blocks as soon as someone mentions she is an art thief lol she doesn't even give a response anymore cause she knows she is wrong xD

    47. Z4ckx Bl4ck

      i love how youre drawing tricks btw💜💜💜

    48. anais

      i really wanted to say weinie from weinie hut junior but sorry for your loss 💞

    49. Z4ckx Bl4ck

      I feel for this artist who has to deal with this, I'm working to become an animator and I already know what it's like to deal with crapy people on Pinterest. I give my love and prayers for the channels💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    50. Comet Wolf animations!

      That makes me sad

    51. Argon Sol

      It makes me sad that a tracer is actually getting money and not an artist that has honed their skills for years on end

    52. Chloe Dino

      I’m sorry for your loss:(

    53. Duke L'Orange

      Yeah I was accused of stealing someone's art once it was a Disney character in there original pose and this ass hat acted like the artist owned the character and pose I said that the pose is owned by Disney and the character is owned by Disney he never posted again so I blocked him

    54. Chris The guy

      Sad that you lost someone, I am going through similar stuff right now . I hope you can continue your work and live a calm life.


      Wait, this happens in your universe?

    56. Ensial

      F in the chat

    57. Monomi

      Oh god I hope monokuma gets to her with his BFF death himself

    58. Socri Abbas

      Her logic : I like this art so I'm gonna steal it and make make money out of it. Also her : Oh you're going to use my art as your base? Fuck you it's mine get your own Like what ?

    59. Giada Giorlando

      Ok but your art while your talking ✨😭👌✨

    60. 《 kawaii weirdo 》

      Wow, your older then my grandpa

    61. ReaperCode Playz

      Because thats what furries do.

      1. Cocoa Chillin'

        -what? No, that's what tracers do. And Shannon supports furries from what I see, as I'm confident she's friends with Spoctor. Furries create alot of original art, you directly disprove what you say since you'd need original art to trace art, which is evident that furries have a lot of.

    62. IceBurg Cryptic

      What the hell why is this simple *potion* so good? ( also sorry about your loss.. )

    63. The Nightly Assassin Shilo

      i suddenly feel glad that i'm not popular enough or even good enough to have my art traced, because i'm very shitty at my art

    64. Melanie Elliott

      When I make a character, I sometimes use someone’s base that you are able to use, and I would ALWAYS credit the base creator. Because it is just wrong to steal someone’s character and their base. If it is ok to use someone base, then you can use it, but you should credit the original owner.

    65. Hazel Rain Gonzales

      This is why i dont share my drawings Art thieves are EVERYWHERE and why dont they make their OWN artstyle Its not that hard to make ur own artsyle :/ And please if ur reading this......PLEASE DONT STEAL ANYONE ART THEY PUT ALOT OF TIME AND EFFORT AND UR JUST HERE TO GO TRACE AND STEAL THEIR ART WORK SO P L E A S E MAKE YOUR OWN ARTWORK AND STOP STEALING/TRACING PEOPLE'S WORK THANK YOU..

    66. 0- bubblegum -0

      I still dont understand how you can steal art and STILL have your art look that bad, like???

    67. Baby Yoda

      The dislikes are from Lily's alts and bots.

    68. legend of zelda craft

      What is wrong with a person that would make them plagiarize furry art. Not even normal art.

      1. Cocoa Chillin'

        Oh, and they made money off of others work.

      2. Cocoa Chillin'

        Art is art, and it takes time and effort to make.

    69. Øystein Kjennbakken

      Do not steal art from people, it is not ok.and if you yuse art creddet the purson!it is Clald logik 😀

    70. Ω

      hehehe you're a weenie

    71. It's Eri

      Lmao imagine going out of your way to steal furry art

      1. Cocoa Chillin'


    72. Perrah Normel

      Oh my heart. I wanted to see the completion of that drawing so bad. Do you post the completed drawings somewhere? I'm a new subscriber.

    73. Carl Mauser

      I have to check this and hope I don't have to sue out the shit of this scumbag.

    74. Dander woolf

      What's her name

      1. callie falliday


    75. Vee Prohaska

      Can't tell whether or not Creepshow likes or dislikes furries. I promise we aren't all horny, weird degenerates.

      1. Cocoa Chillin'

        She's friends with Spoctor, she actually is okay with furries and from what I can tell she doesn't understand the hate.

    76. Kaye UO

      The thing that sucks is they have talent. If they would actually try and credit people, they could genuinely be liked for there potential.

    77. Lover_of_neko 101

      Just wanna say that is this art thief knew anything about Sweden then she wouldn’t have used a broken accent because according to a quick google search it seems like Sweden are the 2 best English speaking country in the world beaten only by Netherland.

      1. Lover_of_neko 101

        Btw I don’t know why England or USA aren’t in the top five. Don’t ask. 🤷‍♂️

    78. Happy •ᴗ•

      If this lady traces my art without credit or permission, I would be at rage mode.

    79. Emilia Rodrigues

      I luv u :3

    80. SilverWillGame

      I don't understand if she's good at re coloring and shading and redesigning other people's art why doesn't she just make her own art instead of continuing to trace

    81. Katsu Shepherd

      i'm not surprised but i am pissed this person can get commissions and i can't XD

    82. Mrs. Cream puff

      Hey ummmm.....hoi-

    83. Kitten Purrincess

      I really hooe one day you will cover Laney Kiff/Delaney Shultz who steals and profits off of plagiarising other artists likes Babs Tarr and MissUpacey. She's been called out by the artists and still does it. Shes been banned from deviantart in the past. She's horrible.

    84. XxPastel SpadexX

      Yeah, one of my best friend lost their father to covid..

    85. Slevin Channel

      Lewd Art has never been Art, but thats too high for most people in modern times. Cause in modern times, a lot of common sense got totally lost or at least scrambled up. Its really sad.

    86. Slevin Channel

      Everyone who makes Art that is Lewd is bad or dumb or both. Not just the one who steals or cheats. Can you all figure this out already? Its really overdue.

      1. Slevin Channel

        Lewd Art has never been Art, but thats too high for most people in modern times. Cause in modern times, a lot of common sense got totally lost or at least scrambled up. Its really sad.

    87. Sparkly Unicorn

      Its ok if you use somthing as a base but you have to credit them even if you dont post it

    88. Bethany Kay Grace

      You should look into this girl DelaneysArt/LaneyKiff. This is so similar to her lol. Blocks the artists she steals from, says she's "inspired" by the artist and that they should be flattered, swears up and down she doesn't trace and of course adds the disclaimer people can't steal her art lmao. There is an entire Facebook group where we share her art and find the art she traced it from and its like 100% of her work is traced and stolen yet people are still supporting her and buying commissions from her.

    89. Animaier

      She was a kid and probably wanted to be someone else, someone as talented as those she traced. I doubt that calling her out will help her because she is too deep in it. It takes balls to admit to ur wrong doings. Hopefully she'll realize that she is making others sad by taking their hard work and learn how to make her own things while being open about her being dumb before

    90. ella uwu

      istg every time I see stolen art I get really mad and scream at the theif

    91. Anthony

      I think if she was starting making her own art these 6 years instead of stealing others people's work she could have been also a great artist maybe who knows

    92. Animealpacaart UwU

      Im watching this while being a minor and i do art i’m also a really unpopular creator and i’m watching this and i’m saying in my head {why do they do that they why cant they just make their own art and not trace its more fun to create random things then to trace, i will say i have traced before but it was fnaf characters and i didn’t post or do anything to share them i just wanted to draw a fnaf robot, and i was around 10-11 and i didn’t even like the idea of tracing that was the only thing that i have ever traced that i remember, i mean i dont even lie about my age they shouldn’t be doing that, yes i use references pictures but manly poses for my OCs} [thats all i have to say]

    93. Straw_beary12 '

      Sorry for your loss, this story sounds very serious and I thought art theft through communities has settled a bit but seeing this is just sad.

    94. Flowers_Falling!gxchx

      "Some of these videos are getting copyr-" "hey it's me, your skin. I want you to use something like alavera"

    95. Eliya x Rockstar Freddy

      Art thiefs still exist? Sorry I was not active on DeviantArt for almost 3 years now-

    96. Lelynn Miller

      my Daughter draws furries, on Amino.. ("Ayla the Sergal") ... she's gotta couple THOUSAND followers on there too... (she's been with them for years)

    97. Sakura Tree

      I’m an art thief Lol Art their killer/destroyer AND HER NAME IS SAKURA TREE 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    98. Cris Mondra


    99. Kaliypso

      Whats that program?

    100. Wonder Of U

      Art Theft More like *Awnsering To The Geniva Convention*