This Guy Confuses HIMSELF "Debunking" Pi


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    Concave Earther DeRealM Concave Earth ties himself in knots on todays Tinfoil Tuesday whilst trying to debunk Pi. This really is a special one today folks!!
    Here is DeRealM's original video:
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    1. Phil C

      Pi, I'm a cheese cake kind of guy myself.

    2. Farfoe

      Look, I'll admit to imbibing occasionally, and, personally, really have no problems with it, but this guy should definitely consider giving the Maui-Waui a pass. I mean, seriously, dude!

    3. Wayne Templar

      This fella is the bastard offspring of Mr Dunning and Mrs Kruger

    4. Ian W

      Couldn’t help but picture Homer Simpson. Hmmmm Pi...

    5. Mark Stratton

      At 10:34 he says he's got 13mm for 10 meters and 1 point 3 centimeters for 100 meters! 13mm is 1.3 cm you numpty.

    6. Alan MacDonald

      And this, boys and girls, is why you should say no to drugs.

    7. Kornél Bertényi

      It was really a WTF moment of my life

    8. Tobin Sparfeld

      To be fair, wouldn't we all get confused trying to debunk pi?

    9. Mark Harrison

      This is the funniest thing since Spinal Tap

    10. Steve Lloyd

      Wow what an IDIOT. His ruler is transparent plastic with the scale impressed on the underside while it is viewed from the top side, the thing has some thickness, so when flexed the upper and lower OR if you like, the inner and outer surfaces have different lengths. So why is it a surprise that using a thin tape measure over the outer surface gives an error?

    11. Aqua Peet

      I know what he did wrong. He didn't sprinkle enough salt on his measurement.

    12. RSProduxx

      pi not for a straight?! but...but... uhm... I always use π x (distance)² to calculate...uhm... uhh... something...

    13. toamaori

      What do you think? Is this guy capable of making a bowl of corn flakes and milk? I think no.

    14. RSProduxx

      Pie is fake, it really is a Calzone...

    15. Andrew Galliano

      Scimandan, I'd like to see you make a video comparing Pi vs Tau. I've seen much that Tau is easier to work with than Pi, but Pi has been taught for so long that educators find it easier than switching to Tau.

    16. Rudolf Gernd

      Reminds me off a story the british author Terry Pratchett wrote: In his story was a genius but also incredible stupid inventor who just thought that pi should be exact 3. Because it's just clean and simple. So in a small area he altered reality that pi could become exact 3.

    17. JohnM3665570

      Did you know that the average wait time for an Apple pie at McDonalds is 3.14159265 minutes?

    18. Andrew Holdaway

      Ouch! You must've really hurt his feelings - he's removed the video.

    19. Andrew Holdaway

      I'm glad it's not just me that couldn't understand a word of his hare brained nonsense.

    20. Joris

      3.14159265359 Oops, i have just proved the existence of pi

    21. Paavo Bergmann´s lasting for minutes now...there is an empty, fluffy feeling between my ears since "if Pi were straight, of course...." Does it wear off, or do I need to worry?

    22. James Perfect

      Na.......He just done this to get on the Scimandan show!!!!

    23. Vulcanus

      As a math major... I am looking forward to more debunkings of random numbers

    24. Allah SpreadsHate

      And this is why your shouldn't do cocaine, boys and girls.

    25. Patschenkino

      I like the pattern of the tablecloths.

    26. Fedo Mandelli

      3:48 Which NACA wing profile is that? 😂

    27. Stringology mchugh

      Guy needs to attend catz remedial class!

    28. Craig Shields

      I'm calling Poe.

    29. David Lewis

      Next week: How to calculate the speed of light using an orbital sander, a pair of welders gauntlets and sandstone quarry.

    30. Ugly German Truths

      Oy vey... does he think that the RULER turns longer if he actually bends it? THE SAME RULER???

      1. Ugly German Truths

        Of course he won't debunk Pi, he doesn't even understand what that is.

      2. Ugly German Truths

        Wait it gets SHORTER? HOW? What is this "genius" babbling on about???

    31. Ugly German Truths

      There is no "pie". Only Cake!

    32. Shane

      The man doesn't deserve that pencil.

    33. Real Radish

      SciManDan.... why Why WHY are you doing this to us???!! My brain is literally hurting from that utter nonsense...

    34. Adam Britsch

      This kid took his video down already, looks like you’re making a difference. It is very sad to see just how stupid people are getting.

    35. Joe Shmoe

      Bending a measuring device does not automatically induce a negative tolerance. It would depend on the materials. He thinks bending a 12 inch / 30cm ruler can be extrapolated to the entire circumference of the planet.....Idiot. A 1 mile / 1.6km ruler made of the exact same material would have a different error, than him calculation 5280 12 in rulers...also Pi just works good enough to be used every where. Hopefully his children don't pay much attention. We don't need 'stupid' spreading worse than it already is....

    36. Stephen Andrusyszyn

      I think that he simply has a misunderstanding as to how distances are measured on a globe. He thinks that the distance is the straight line through the interior of the globe, when it is of course actually the distance along the surface. As for circumference vs periphery, I believe he really means perimeter here. Still wrong though. And it is so nice of him to have a place for the rats to play Twister.

    37. Joe Shmoe

      Another case of 'debunking'. A word used way way too much lately. His 40 inch circle calculation is off by a large margin. How does he not understand that using Pi, works every time, every where, for every body...over and over and over again. We could give him a circumference based of using Pi, from a random square area, then he could take a flexible ruler to measure and he would find the calculations worked within a conceivable tolerance of his bending the ruler. Math is a tool....some people should step away from tools, so nobody gets hurt....

    38. Kev Rance-Jackson

      Was he just trying to replace pi with the square root of 10? That wouldn't be an awful approximation, not right, but not ridiculously wrong. The big question is why though?

    39. Phil violin maker

      I didn't know anyone could have an IQ with a decimal place in it!

    40. Joe Shmoe

      OK, what is it with you in the UK using 'maths'?? It is MATH, no need for plural. If you speak of all the different types of math, you could say collectively, maths. I can do the math, or use math to sort out a problem....math...not do the maths....

      1. Bailey Baxter

        To us the term is Mathematics. So It is Maths here. I'm not sure whether you call it "Mathematic" where you live but we don't here. Also trying to argue dialects as correct or incorrect is just silly. Have an idea of the world outside of your own.

    41. Comrade Dawid

      You should try get a Concave Earther and a Flat Earther to do a debate, i feel like it would be intresting to see if that would happen and us normal people could all get a bit of a laugh out of them. Great video

    42. Quinna78

      Original video already removed by user. Funny!

    43. mark ostrowski

      I feel bad laughing at this because I feel like I’m laughing at someone who is mentally delayed

    44. Chris Worley

      LOL. Awww. Dan you made him take his video down. WTF is he talking about tolerance on a ruler for? I'll give him credit for thinking about something other than the Kardashians , but clearly the fella has never taken a math class

    45. Norman Riggs

      I didn't know that Trump University had a campus in the UK. So sad!

    46. Red_ Enderman

      Feels bad for that man his calculator has ads 😂

    47. TheFunkadelicFan

      My gast is flabbered.

    48. david martindale

      Is he from Jersey

    49. dayone

      Wait a minute, as a guy who has been out of school for almost 30 years, never took anything more than your standard high school math courses, and doesn’t use any math on a daily basis more complicated than whats needed to count my change at my local convient store, even I know pi is not debunk able. This should be a great tinfoil Tuesday.....

    50. najaB76

    51. JP Baley

      I get these concave earthers. When they complained how hard they have it, they took their parent’s (or grandparents) response to heart when the parent scoffed and told them they had to walk 10 miles to and from school, in a snowstorm, uphill in both directions.

    52. Gitmo Goodtimes

      In the past, they called these people 'village idiots'.

    53. Andrew Vaughan

      This really does sound like the beginnings of schizophrenia, unfortunately... tying together unrelated pieces of info as super important (like the Class 1 part of the ruler) and creating grandiose conclusions from rambling facts... I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy degrades in health, unfortunately. This is a bit different from most flat earthers who are just willingly dense, I think this guy might genuinely be showing signs of a tragic medical issue.

    54. gertjan van der meij

      OMG make him stop ! .......... *My brain hurts !*

    55. Bill Schofield

      If the earth curved inwards it would look a lot like HALO.

    56. Grezza Smidge

      ''yes you can do the maths, because I definetly can't''!!

    57. Patan77xD

      1:46 To be fair you can calculate the area of a circle without using pi, for example by using Monte Carlo integration, and there are various other algorithms and formulas for it as well, but of course that is not the level of math we are talking about here, just thought I should point that out.

    58. s0metimesYES

      The video has been removed!

    59. run 187

      That's numbetwang. My thoughts well watching his vid..

    60. Mustafa Leak

      It's like watching a man have a breakdown and filming it.

    61. run 187

      Pi exists, I've eaten pi so pi must be real thus pi proven..

      1. run 187

        Just eaten a cream pi, very tasty, 100 percent proved pi exists..

    62. Juiced BREW

      He deleted his video lol.

    63. Trevor Larson

      I think he has a disability.

    64. x angel

      One of the reasons why aliens don't visit earth! Rip math😞😂

    65. TheDickieP

      I still am absolutely baffled by his approach, ideology and workings. What saddens me is he will likely fill children’s heads with his nonsense

    66. thatmar1neguy

      That was migraine inducing

    67. torytrae1974

      I just can't bend my mind around this.

    68. TheDickieP

      I had to watch his calculations about ten times to try and work out what he was trying to do

    69. Warren Burstein

      Just like the P900 is the official camera of flerfers, that tape measure is the official measuring tool of hollerfs.

    70. Joe Knowles

      That table cover is like Twister for little people

    71. TheWombat2012

      Please Dan...I almost need to send you my doctors bill after treatment for the strained forehead muscles caused by my frowning in confusion so damn hard while this idiot was talking and showing his maths...😂

    72. Bo Dan

      There is always some social acceptance for the bending of rules, but this is just... abusive?

    73. Steve Forbes

      My brain is rebelling against this new level of stupidity. I think it is about to melt and start dripping from my ears! Please, please, PULLLLEEEZE! Do not let him breed or even get near any children! They are already being conditioned/indoctrinated into little socialist robots. They don't need this kind of lunacy to help! He may not do much for math but, at least he's amusing. LOL 😂

    74. Jonny Othman

      what is the show of "not this time?"

    75. Reckless Modelling

      My forehead hurts so so much

    76. Liu Kud

      omg my brain cannot deal with this im literally got dummer by watching it my brain genuinely hurts.

    77. Wizard Suth

      Someone should show him the video game Halo: Combat Evolved, which is set on a ring world. You can see the ring stretching up from the horizon until it's directly overhead, and then continuing down to the horizon in the opposite direction. If we lived inside a hollow ball, the same effect would occur in all directions. There would be no sky, just a view of the interior of the ball.

    78. Fredrik Vold

      Usually, when science and "proof" is discussed on DEfasts, there is no such thing as "proof". It's just a hypothesis that was vindicated into a theory, and it matches all the known facts. It can never be fully proven, only disproved. That's how science works. ...except mathematics. Actual proofs can be made to verify it 100% as an absolute fact. An example of that? The value of π. There is no "debunking" it without resorting to silly things like "Well, actually, in base 8 it's..."

    79. Larry Scott

      The original video had been removed. The feedback comments must’ve been harsh.

    80. Gene Greigh

      "Circumference" is more specific than "periphery."

    81. Larry Scott

      Why someone would post a vid of how stupid he is just escapes me. Even Brian Mullins just face palmed on this idiot.

    82. Niranjan Dixit

      Dan, give me my 12 minutes back.

    83. david foster

      Love to see a debate between a Concave Earther and a flat Earther

      1. Katy Jones

        I'm not saying they are stupid, but that poor scam convex erf video a while back was hailed by every single one of the flerfs as "proving" the magic pizza of speshulness.

    84. Peter Russell

      Dan, I commend you for your patience. I get tired just listening to this poor fool

    85. Maerahn

      Flat-earther: "I can debunk space and the globe earth! DeRealM: "Pffft - amateur hour! Imma gonna debunk MATHS!" **proceeds to do a series of 'calculations' that takes FOUR TIMES AS LONG as simply using Pi. And also makes no sense.**

    86. Jeriel de Silos

      @SciManDan, the link to DeRealM's original video is already unavailable.

    87. Terri MacKay

      I'll be honest...I didn't understand a thing he said, and once he started measuring rulers with tape measures, I stopped even trying. I'm going to go lie down head hurts. 🤦

    88. Gary Wain

      Thanks Dan, I usually look forward to your videos but this guy actually made my head hurt trying to make sense of what he was saying, actual pain. I just, well, I, OK there are no words ;-)

    89. Simon Cochrane

      And he took down his video !

    90. Noituri The remarkable


    91. Dremwolf

      Is it bad of me to hope his ruler was going to snap in half each time he flexed it?

    92. Dremwolf

      Well drats! He took down his video.

    93. kingkong84

      Instead of debunking things, why can't these flat earthers and concave earthers do some useful work, like try to invent perpetual motion machines?

    94. buffalobill8

      The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger Club is that you do not know you're in the Dunning-Kruger Club.

    95. Tim John

      So, because commercial rulers are inaccurate to a certain amount over a certain distance, this proves?....The conclusions uneducated people jump to based on unrelated data is truly astonishing.

    96. muadhib001

      Wouldn't it be simpler to bend the measuring tape? 🤣

    97. Me Myself

      This guy clearly needs some kind of help.

    98. Hadz

      He divided by root-ten, typing in 10 d.p., and later he multiplied by root-ten, typing in the same 11 digit number! A much quicker route to the same wrong answer, is to multiply the perimeter by two-and-a-half.

    99. muadhib001

      It was hard to resist the urge to extract my brain from my skull and throw it at the screen

    100. Doodle Boi

      Why does even DEfasts allow misinformation and idiots on this community? They can't even do their jobs on Policies.