This HUGE problem threatens MacBook repairability for YEARS

Luke Miani

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    Most MacBooks from the last 6-8 years have a Retina display. These displays are beautiful and crisp, but they pose a huge problem for the future repairability of MacBooks as they age. In this video I'll outline why this problem is so huge and one potential loophole...
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    1. Carolina Aerial Visuals

      Maybe show how it can at least be connected to an external monitor and revived that way?

    2. Iggy Cygnus

      If this is due to an accumulation of fingerprint grease, there could be some preventative measures you could try to keep a MacBook looking new. You could try wiping down the keyboard every couple of days with a mildly damp cloth and some water diluted soap to get rid of the finger grease. And additionally you can lay a large microfiber cloth over the keyboard before you close the lid. I do it for mine.

    3. dougonutube

      Another thought - is it possible to replace the retina display with an older display type of the same size? Are the internal ports compatible?

    4. dougonutube

      how about run it as a desktop, with an external screen? (maybe even remove the screen so it fits better on a desk). I agree it's a crying shame that such a great computer would end up scrapped for such a bogus reason!

    5. David Charles Stewart

      Unfortunately if the computer industry doesn't 'cleanup' it's act , government will be forced to regulate this e-waste and any environment statement by the manufacturer is in my opinion 'Green wash' and they are ignoring the whole issue of carbon footprint and recycling precious metals

    6. Michael Wu

      sell parts for profit. That’s how Mercedes and BMW make money to repair their defect car engines. I do not want Apple go to that way to make profits.

    7. Cereal Pirate

      apple got tired of people buying the cheapest mac then installing their own ssds and ram ... I say ssds because I did the disc drive to 2nd hdd mod. so yes .. 2010 15" macbook pro with 8gb ram 2 ssd hdds .... this is why mac has went to soldering in just about everything. and same goes for their LCDs use to get a mac lcd for like $120-$180 now days you have to buy the whole lid for $500 and up. so yea Apple isnt as GOOD as people think. they are screwing their customers. i wont get into the purchase price vs actually hardware.. I have better hardware in my $1300 pc build i did myself than any imac !! Apple could have been so much more but their greed and control has killed their real pro users ... windows sucks ... but having the options to change and upgrade makes it all worth while.

    8. Oussama Chanii

      Just put it with an external display and make it like a Mac Mini

    9. Jackson Gunner

      Parting out won't work on the newer ones because of Apple serializing everything so that you can't pair the part with the new computer just like they are doing with their phones.

    10. eyes

      Yes you can fix the delamination... I used a very soft microfibre cloth and toothpaste. I masked the visible area, and the black bezel, so I only ‘ scatched’ the visible screen area. Fine gentle circles not too much pressure, my screen looks fantastic.

    11. TechLiberator

      Honestly, use it as a kitchen computer for looking up recipes.

    12. Juan Millaruelo

      Someone, somewhere has a blown logic board in his computer and a serviceable screen. Find him.

    13. Juan Millaruelo

      I have a MBA 2011. No prob in ten years. Apple quality is going down the drain. (My wife has a fab 2012 MBP Perfect, updated. That's the kind of machine we want.

    14. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      Part it out and see if you can break even+.

    15. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      The dumbass self-destructing ribbon cable?

    16. Flippie

      Big F for Apple

    17. NIHAR

      Apple is a F***ing Shrewd Bas***d of a company. Sorry, I had to let it out. Being a musician & having used its products to create some great content, no amount of that goodness, good times, deciphers the amount of frustrations I have gone through to get past the problems of working with what this company makes, just a f***ing “TOOL” for whatever you want to do or in my case express art.

    18. Michael Scott Cutler

      Buy a better brand of laptop. Repairing mac machines seems constant and commonplace. There's more reliable stuff out there.

    19. Ian Givens

      my early 2015 pro has this near the webcam. its incredibly annoying as it messes up my camera quality

    20. WaveFront

      Makes me miss my 2012 MacBook Pro. Sure the hardware was outdated and bulky, but it was so easy to swap parts on it. I’m tempted to buy a new M1 Mac, but the proprietary SSD and soldered components make it really difficult to justify the investment.

    21. Joey 551

      I have that mac less the upgrades. There is some delamination. Didn't know what it was for while. Tried to clean it with a cloth. With the screen on I do NOT see the delamination. It is perfectly fine! So when I think about upgrade eventually I do wonder about getting a mac mini. Keep this one for the rare time I need to take a laptop with me. Sell it for parts? Interesting but no. I like the laptop format as everything is there, the camera, etc.

    22. Martin Erskine

      I come here to bolster my hatred of greedy Apple, I'm never disappointed...!

    23. Martin Erskine

      Apple mantra of 100% disposable and 100% unrepairable, who knew..?

    24. Paul Rawcliffe

      My 2015 got called in for a battery replacement on a recall and the guy at the Genius bar wasn't happy with the screen so replaced it, that was 2019, it was a slightly different design, sort of more recessed so the keys don't mark it now. Very happy.

    25. Victor Paredes

      Ey Luke! Grettings from Argentina!! Last month i fix my syster notebook ( not a apple, a lenovo computer ) and i bought a notebook with logic board damaged and take te parts i need. That was the best economic option. This is a problem with electronic waste, apple know... lenovo know... but they don't care about our planet, only money

    26. Tony Harper

      It’s like a old German vehicle. cheep to buy, expensive to fix😢

    27. JonnyInfinite

      Forget this, the M1 Macs are destroying their SSDs, they'll all be dead in 2 years, that's why Apple is flogging them cheap

    28. Raphael Ferreira

      You could use it as a desktop computer by docking it to a proper dock connected to an external display, keyboard, and touchpad/mouse. That's the only use case I can see that will bypass the problem and give you some sort of utility for it. Cheers!

    29. Francis

      My 2013 Mac Pro has the same problem. I just bought a 27” external monitor n continue to use it till I see smoke :) After that I shall take it apart to sell whatever is still working. Thanks for reminding me. Cheers.

    30. Griddiho

      Buy a Mac mini in the first place? NB I wish Apple would make the mini a fully repairable upgradable computer for hobbyists. To make up for the rest of its computers.

    31. YouTube Sucks

      took forever to get to the point....

    32. Walter Zetino

      I was able to repair the screen of my 2015 Macbook Pro in a simple and economical way: Mouthwash. With a piece of cloth and mouthwash, I was able to remove that horrible stain from the screen protector. It's 2021 and I'm still using my 2015 Macbook Pro with no display issue.

    33. yanassi

      Joking right? Apple prevents, handicaps, blocks, inconveniences repairs to all apple computes. They manufacture blocking methods to prevent repair. The force a new computer sale, even if the repair would have under $100.

    34. Sirena

      I currently have a 2011 MBP 15 that I bought for my mum and the graphics chip died (very common) and now I'm looking at a $200 logic board for a laptop that's price is about the same. Kind of ridiculous.

      1. rnd

        My gpu died three times, so I know the pain lol. I'll never buy an Apple product again, unless they seriously change their attitude towards right to repair and upgrading. There used to be a program where Apple replaced the main board for free, but ever since they stopped that program you're basically fucked, if the gpu fails. Fortunately it's quite easy to disable the gpu in single user mode. I wouldn't spend any money on replacing the gpu as it's only a matter of time until the new gpu will die again

    35. Hamish M

      Would love to see that video :)

    36. What's In Dan's Garage?

      This is an eight-year-old computer. If you look at the PC world almost most none of the OEM will honour an old computer like this. Microsoft only grant Surface laptops for four years. Apple still service your computer as long as it is not obsolete and it is often up to at least seven years. I know this comment might sound irrelevant but at least there are abundance of Apple parts while I it is often impossible to fix other laptops. I’ve owned a Chromebook Pixel there is something wrong with the SSD and it is impossible to fix since there is no such part available for sale.

    37. Decafpancakes

      I see this all the time as an Apple repair technician. Apple has had a repair program for laptops with this issue for a while. It covers MacBook's within 4 years of its original purchase date and they will replace the display free of charge, twice per serial number ( given that the serial number qualifies).

      1. Decafpancakes

        @rnd They will cover it 4 years after the original purchase date. This program has been around for a long time; If you didn't take care of it within that time, that is on you. Asking them to cover an 8 year old machine is kind of unreasonable. Besides, even if you are out of that 4 year window, if you call Apple they will usually give you an exception.

      2. rnd

        A laptop in that price class should have a way longer life span than 4 years, so that's just not good enough

    38. あなたは誰

      you can drop it onto my hands

    39. Quatele

      Ran into the same problem with my 2015 MacBook Pro with cracked screen. Got a wireless keyboard and trackpad and cabled the HDMI port to my TV. Now it's my new home theater PC.

    40. Matthew Trump

      Thanks for this video!

    41. A.M Gaming

      Completely agree. I managed to get a replacement display for £190 for my mid 2014 13" luckily, had a small chip in the corner but I can put up with it for the saving of £100+! Such a shame. Seems my display has also had the layer taken off or has not started to peel yet, hoping its already gone!

    42. Gord158

      Maybe find a Retina Macbook Pro with a broken motherboard or similar, but with a good display. Change the display and sell all the other parts (broken display, rest of the other Macbook) to get some money back :)

    43. Bob Sykes

      The new set looks really good! I've never seen a screen fail that way, but I suppose I'd just connect an external monitor and use it like a Mac Mini.

    44. Ronnie Lamkin

      This is the underlining problem with the whole Mac line up. With everything soldered on the mainboard when not if tings crap out the whole computer is gone and hopefully you don't lose your data when it does. I'm the last one who should complain because I'm neck deep in the ecosystem being trapped with things like airdrop and imessenger. But each day I look back at my old PCs two of which I built myself and think when you crapped out on me I just ripped out the hard drive then put it in a case and I was back in business. However, that won't work with my Mac because there isn't a hard drive to rip out. I've gotten around this by using an external hard drive for data and only keeping programs on my Mac but is this anyway to run a railroad?

    45. NewVawnWhoDIs

      I have a hand me down 2013 MacBook pro that my sister got for $50, and she cracked the screen. Went to a repair shop, was told its anywhere from, 300 dollars to 600 dollars for a new screen, and just decided to turn it into a mac mini and get a nice budget monitor instead.

    46. Christopher Feldmann

      Recently I replaced our Church's Mac mini (2011) with an M1. I'm now using that old Mac as an automation machine. Maybe moving files from one place to another, a PLEX server, a personal media archive - heck I even do some MAMP website hosting with it. It's fantastic as a headless machine. The native screen sharing and VNC help me remote in and a self owned VPN's help me stay connected to it when I'm away from the house. I had a late '08 MBP that I did this with too but that's now working as a terminal always by the couch pretty much as the battery is the weakest link on that machine. Yes, always be on the look out for ways to use our long running Macs :) I'm loving Noodlesoft's Hazel for watch folder triggering. Watch folders have been so much fun. Set up an ingest station that will automatically move files off an SD card when inserted. Use the ease of Carbon Copy Cloner to make backing up that footage simple and in the moment of ingest. So many things you can have a Headless Mac do automatically. Given me tons of reasons to learn AppleScript and Shell that it gets really exciting diving into Command Line Interface tools for Compressor or HandBrake or even Adobe Media Encoder.

    47. Ken Odlum

      I have one of those but the SSD died last year and the batteries are shot. The screen is OK.

    48. FJ21™

      This is one of several reasons I’m hesitant of M1 macs and a select few new Intel macs, apple is slowly making repairability and user upgrades impossible to do without causing major damage or spending a ridiculous amount on proprietary parts that cost more than the Mac it’s self

    49. Javier Mar

      I would sell the display for $150/$200, then my full price for the computer will be around $80 and I'll use it as a desktop with an external monitor. Tada!

    50. Kevin Lloyd

      Thanks Luke. I have a lovely (used) 2015 top of the line model (which I've added a fast 2Tb drive to), but the screen coating is wearing away. I'd like it if you could make a video with demonstration on how to remove the remaining antireflective coating safely and effectively, whilst not incurring a liquid ingress issue. An idea for a short video perhaps? :-)

    51. Wann Sklobi

      Just make a desktop out of it. Easy peasy

    52. H Y

      My late 2015 macbook is suffering from the display issue. its so stupid that apple knows of this issue but does nothing to fix it. One reason why I moved away from macbooks.

    53. Paddy Gordon

      Buy an Apple Cinema Display/Thunderbolt Display, Keyboard and Mouse/Trackpad then use it as a desktop machine!

    54. Eddie1340

      OMG, this exactly happened to my mid 2015 mbp a month ago

    55. Bobology

      It’s not limited to MacBooks either. I’ve got a 2nd gen iPad Pro 512GB, and in the first year it developed (infamous) light spots on the screen. Apple took it back and gave me another replacement. Then the exact same thing happened one more year on. They now want over £600 (UK pounds) to fix it and recommended I just buy a new one. Doesn’t do much for their claim of ‘green’ focus.

    56. ImStillHere _

      I just read about how to delaminate the the screen but I didn't think about liquid getting behind the screen. One site recommends making a paste using a baking soda mixture to delaminate instead of runny liquids. Now I see why.

    57. Fly Sky

      Kudos to one of the best tech channels on DEfasts today,thank you Luke.

    58. Archangel Tyrael

      Who TF would pay $600 for a 8 year old computer?

    59. Luca Orlandi

      You could use the logic board and everything else (without the display) to make something like an all in one (you attach it on the back of a monitor).

    60. Pedro Miguel

      Very noble quest! We truly have to be more conscious about the way we handle our electronic waste. You've given me a great idea for what to do with my old MacBook!

    61. RRP

      Would like these videos not to be forced to over 10 minutes long by repeating the same thing over and over

    62. Bryant A

      I've fixed the delamination on a lot of customer computers. You use the disinfectant wipes (make sure it's not dripping wet but just lightly wet) and you take a few minutes of quick rubbing with a light pressure. The screen looks like new. I then put a screen protector on (the ones that cost a few bucks on Amazon) just in case. The first one I ever did, the customer brought it back for another issue a few months later and the screen still looked great even though I didn't put a screen protector on it.

    63. Kenny Hardy

      Please don’t stop making videos! I’m the Apple expert at a Best Buy and I use your knowledge on a daily basis

    64. Matthew Reis

      The keyboard backlighting at 5:31 is flashing. Annoying... I wonder if this is another issue with the laptop besides the delamination issue.

    65. Matt Halpain

      Let’s harvest the parts :)

    66. Imix Muan

      Why I will never buy Apple products. If someone gives me one, I'll play with it. I only will buy Thinkpads.

    67. ricky v

      Luke, thank you for sharing with me how I can get more cash for my old MacBook Pro. I’ll sell it off as parts. Good video and love the new set sir.

    68. Lancelot Armstrong

      Apple should walk the talk when it comes to "saving the environment" BS they use to sell us when they removed the charging brick. They have caused this dilemma due to their greed, planned obsolescence is real folks!. If they would only sell genuine parts needed to revive old Macs and iPhones, repair shops would not need to resort to these types of desperate measures of buying faulty units just for "donor parts" and consumers selling salvaged parts from broken macs and iphones for your kidneys. Apple don't see selling these components as lucrative enough and their business model says it all.

    69. M Prabu Wibowo

      Put it in a vacuum box with a water/humid absorber for a couple of days. You can thank me later.

    70. zzz

      I love the new set

    71. Jonathan Nogueira

      How “repairable” are the Microsoft surface products along with all of the other newer PC laptops? I imagine parts can be just as hard to find on those especially if they aren’t high volume models? I feel like this isn’t only an Apple issue.

    72. 32 bit link

      Turn it into an apple IIc type "halftop!"

    73. ItsaB3AR

      Honestly, the majority of people will just live with delamination.

    74. K.B. Tidwell

      When you're talking about parts prices compared to the price of a complete laptop, about selling them individually to make a big profit... You've just described the normal operating procedure of every junkyard ever. Refer back to your $5000 car versus the $4500 engine.

    75. Gregory Smith

      DO THIS: Make it a MacMini. Take out the logic board and put it in a small case. Expose the USB and Thunderbolt/DPI, take the power adapter and put it in the case, part out the batteries on eBay.

    76. Gregory Smith

      Is this some sort of "Gift of the Magi" - you part out your mac to buy your girlfriend a new display for her mac, but she parted out her mac to buy you a replacement keyboard?

    77. loveharmony1


    78. Alexandra

      DAHH!!!! Why don't you hook it up to a nice large screen TV or monitor with great resolution????????? A Nice Home Theater puter.

    79. Tommy Crosby

      Apple care a lot about electronics waste and being green, it's part of their announcements for years. This care just happens to end at the moment they sells the device.

    80. Kuein


    81. Hjonkamgouse

      MacBooks Look like pianos.

    82. wolves201

      I've got a 2013 Mac book pro. There was a known problem with the screen film protector, or whatever it is, degrading and a replacement scheme was introduced. My display started to peel ( as I called it) about 2 months after the scheme ended. Cost for a display? c£500. I don't know how much it would have been to replace if it had been something like a Dell, Lenovo, HP but I'm not prepared to split with £500 on a screen when I am looking to replace it. It is ok when it's on and I have it hooked up to an external monitor. I am waiting for the new iMacs to come out when this will be kept in reserve. Besides, sooner or later Apple will shoot themselves in the foot if they continue to take their customers for granted. Sooner or later folk will make do with Android, MS and non Apple eco-systems for the return of more cash in the pocket and better software.

    83. Tobias Mann

      At least for the 2014 Macbook Pro this issue is covered by Apple even out of warranty.

    84. ThatTonybo

      2012 doesn't face de-lamination because it isn't retina, right? (non-retinas anyways)

    85. online consumer

      Just get an external display

    86. Itiel Dos Santos

      That would be a nice video, you should definitely do it

    87. Rosie

      I never knew this problem with Macs. I'm currently using a 2019 Macbook Pro 13" and I'm worried that one day, this kind of issue is gonna happen. I'll consider the replacement parts the next time my current Macbook breaks, and I'll get a new laptop.

      1. Rosie

        @Frank Silvers That's so nice to hear! Thank you for that. I'll make sure to clean my screen properly too.

      2. Frank Silvers

        Rosie the newest MacBooks are not affected by that problem. Basically by the end of 2015 the issue was properly addressed. I use a 2015 iPad mini 4 that was released in September 2015 and it’s display is similarly anti-glare coated. I bought it brand new when it came out. To say it is heavily used everyday is an understatement. The display has a wonderful coating on it and I have constantly cleaned it over the 5+ years I have owned it and it literally looks brand new. That said, I also only use plain diluted dish soap to clean the display.

    88. Ralf Bohde

      Keyboard spillers and display breakers, unite!

    89. Jimmy Vila

      I removed my screen coating with no issues.

      1. Jimmy Vila

        @eyes I used Meguiar's G12310 PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish I guess it’s like a very fine sandpaper except it leaves no scratches. It came out like new with shine. I used a microfiber towel and rubbed it on.

      2. eyes

        Yes ! I did the same with toothpaste. Easy...

    90. Paul Bahre AKA Crash

      Apple really doesn't have a great parts business. They don't sell parts because they want you to buy new computers. The screens from used chassis on Ebay are few and far between because it's a common problem and when the chassis gets trashed but the screen is good it's like everyone is jumping in. The laptops are keeping their value because they run Mac OS. If they ran windows, they would all be dirt cheap. Too bad some third parties have not jumped in with 3rd party replacements like they do with cell phones. I'm typing away on my mid 2015 i7 with 16GB RAM, Intel graphics and I upgraded the Apple SSD to 1TB. This thing came flawless from a corporate refurbisher and I paid 300 for it and another 100 for the SSD

    91. Nick Loss

      *Louis Rossmann has joined the chat*

    92. Efreim Jude Pineda

      That’s staingate. Got mine replaced for free.

    93. Mostly Claudy

      This is insane. If Apple is really commited to the enviroment, they should have a replacement program for display replacement.

    94. Dan W

      As a fellow repair guy, I can tell you NEVER have one of these as your primary computer! The retina displays are garbage. I had a customer with the exact same unit (mid-2013 15" MBP), and she ended up paying $469 and change for a used display that was already starting to de-laminate, but it did work. Guaranteed the next laptop she buys will be a Window$ box, not a Mac. Not sure what the difference is, but I have a 2012 15" MBP, with the retina display, and it shows absolutely no sign of de-lamination. I got it for cheap because the battery wouldn't hold a charge. Replaced the battery, upgraded the SSD to a 1TB. unit, and it works fine. If something ever DOES happen to the display, it's getting an HDMI cable to an external display and re-purposed as a desktop! I like the way Macs work, but their business practices absolutely suck.😜

    95. roberto grillo

      sell it for parts or can work as a desktop machine

    96. Andrive

      Didn't recognize the channel cause of the different color scheme

    97. mikldude

      When you think about it , making devices essentially throw away due to exorbitant part or repair prices , it makes apples claims/pretence of being a green company an utter joke .

    98. mikldude

      Planned obsolescence , if they allowed replacement parts to be sold at a reasonable cost , they would miss out on selling you a nice shiny whole new one .

    99. Piyush's tutorials

      I rlly want to see what would happen if you take apart the laptop and make a profit from it!

    100. Charlie De De

      Hi I have 13 air 2015 also a good friend has a Mac book air 2014 nothing wrong with the screens all good But my MacBook Pro 13inch 2015 screen is Deteriorating its more noticeable with the Mac turned off---couldn't they fix this problem come on apple