tik tok made "i'm not like other girls" trendy again... great

Casey Aonso

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    tik tok made "i'm not like other girls" trendy again... great
    Hey everyone welcome back to my channel! Today we’re going to be looking at a topic that some of you guys have been requesting for ages- I took so long to finally make a video mainly because I felt like there were some great videos already up on DEfasts talking about the subject so it kind of felt redundant if i made one, but in light of a new Tik Tok trend, I thought this was an opportunity to make a video on the original “i’m not like other girls” phenomenon and it’s new-ish form you might have seen online as of late. Before I blither on a bit more, these are the videos I referenced earlier:
    tiffanyferg's I'm Not Like Other Girls" : defasts.info/title/video/Z8-FZdDMmZLGo6c.html
    Jordan Theresa's "i'm not like the other girls" : defasts.info/title/video/fsizaKmWgWi9w5Y.html
    Tara Mooknee's "the rise of the "pick me girl" meme" : defasts.info/title/video/dM5tb7G-n2K2o9E.html
    Why I mention Tik Tok specifically as the platform that inspired me to make this video is because it’s due to a trend on the app called “introduce yourself as why girls hate you” or “introduce yourself as the reason girls hate you.” The idea is pretty simple, it’s just people using the trend as an opportunity to introduce themselves as the reason they believe to be why girls hate them and boy… is this trend ever filled with “i’m not like other girls”/pick me girls. I thought it was especially interesting considering there’s been a pretty big shift in how people look at girls who claim to be different from everyone else online, being that they’ve turned into the butt of the joke, so the fact that this trend not only popped up but also has caught a ton of traction just seemed really surprising to me. What also felt worth noticing was it seems like the “i’m not like other girls” mentality has shifted from a more victim-esc, “poor me” tone to more of an “i’m a villain and proud” vibe? lol
    SO i thought why not reflect on the idea of what “i’m not like other girls” is based on, how it’s branched off into different variations, and try to figure out how even though claiming you’re “different than everyone else” is now clown-able material, it’s still popular online.
    intro + video recs 0:00 - 1:17
    thanks skillshare! 1:17 - 3:12
    what is “i’m not like other girls?” 3:12 - 4:12
    inlog MEME *clap* REVIEW *clap* 4:12- 6:22
    how did the original INLOG trend fall off? 6:22 - 8:02
    why dont we want to be like other girls? 8:02 - 10:36
    in my inlog era 10:36 - 12:49
    the second generation of INLOGs 12:49 - 15:44
    how do we defeat the INLOGs? 15:44 - 18:52
    bloopers + end credits 18:52 - 19:37
    I mentioned this briefly in the video towards the end but I’d love to hear about you’re “i’m not like other girls” phase if you’re willing to share... i’m nosey what can i say lol. hope you guys enjoyed the video though, if you did feel free to toss it a like and subscribe. if you want to stay updated on uploads you can also turn post notifications on and set them to “all” that way you never miss a video! that’s about it for me, i’ll see yall in the comments and thanks again for watching! :)
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    1. Casey Aonso

      streaming on twitch tmrw be there or be square 😳 www.twitch.tv/caseyaonso videos mentioned ✨ tiffanyferg: defasts.info/title/video/Z8-FZdDMmZLGo6c.html jordan theresa: defasts.info/title/video/fsizaKmWgWi9w5Y.html tara mooknee: defasts.info/title/video/dM5tb7G-n2K2o9E.html GO WATCH THEM IF U HAVENT ALREADY THEYRE ALL SO GOOD!!!!!!

      1. The Smallest Beans

        As a child I was bullied and outcasted so much that I embraced being ...pretty weird, but my true self. This did cause issues with most high school girls they would hate me on spot, to the point where I stoped trying to be friends with girls at the time, but as an adult 50% of women I meet really like that I’m weird and that it’s just who I am and how I dress regardless of if they are weird or normal in style or persona, but the other half truely have a hate for people different to them no matter how much effort you put into trying to bond with them. I think definitely tiktok girls are trying to get attention but in general I’m not surprised girls want to prove to be seperate from other females as females are always lumped together as a whole instead of being treated like individual beings quite often especially if you come from a conservative/old school family. However in saying this the need to put others down in the process is childish and uncalled for but expected from teenagers.

      2. Brian Degnan

        SORRY bu,;t I need to make sure... it's $10 a YEAR, right? The skillshare thing? Not $10 a month? Thanks:)

      3. jankk

        No, this is incorrect. I’m 54 and I was ‘not like the other girls’ EVER, nor was I really like the BOYS- because the way I naturally gendered falls pretty much right in between what our society considers ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. As far back as I could remember had people assuming I had some sort of “masculinity fetish”- that I thought I was, wanted to ‘act like’, or ‘be’ a boy/man. And it used to INFURIATE me because I was simply following my natural inclinations (being “un-feminine” was not discouraged or punished in my family full of people who grew up dirt poor in rural areas during the Depression when EVERYONE did what they had to regardless of gender and NONE of whom fit neatly into gender essentialist boxes) which included climbing trees & playing in the dirt *just as much* as it did playing dress up & with Barbies. If I’d been born 30 years later, I might have grown up considering myself NB or bigender, but in the 1970s it was either girl or boy and the one thing I have always known FOR SURE was that I was NOT A BOY, nor did I have the slightest desire to be one. I wanted the freedom to be MYSELF without hearing anyone’s stupid commentary, because it was patently obvious to me EVEN AS A CHILD that if I did not fit into society’s definition of what was considered “feminine/female” it wasn’t because there was something wrong with ME, there was something terribly wrong with SOCIETY’S DEFINITION OF FEMININE & MASCULINE. And if nobody else could see it, they were morons and it wasn’t my fucking problem. But ya know, it wasn’t ME going around when I was a kid/tween/teen/young adult going around all HEY I’M NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS...the people who wouldn’t let me forget it were THE. OTHER. GIRLS. The girls I DESPERATELY wanted to be friends with who instead bullied, tormented, and ostracized me until I reached the point (around 11/12) when I realized that bullies were just fucked up individuals whose bullying had NOTHING to do with me at all and stopped giving any fucks whatsoever about what they thought, and found my friends in the OTHER girls who had been scorned for not being like the other girls. Boys bullied me too, but at least a FEW of them would be friendly/talk to me because we shared similar interests (Star Wars, D+D, etc) even if they did not actually “get” a girl being into those things. So FU with this “wOmEn reJeCtinG TrAdiTioNal FeMmE sTeReoTyPes = FeTisHizNg MaScULiNty/rEjeCtiNg bEiNg A wOmeN

      4. jankk

        I’m 54 and I still hate pink, but that’s because I’ve been obsessed with the color BLUE for as long as I can remember (and totally not kidding when I say ‘obsessed’.) I can still quite clearly remember being a small child (4 or 5) and RANTING to my mom about some cheap seesaw toy that had a little people no plastic girl on one end and a blue plastic boy on the other about ‘why is pink the GIRL color and BLUE the boy color? I HATE pink I want BLUE to be the girl color!’ But I also hated red because it hurt my eyes, and orange because it was ‘ugly’- which was because of undiagnosed sensory processing disorder. I now like red and LOVE orange, but find most pinks nauseating.

      5. Book Book

        Wow! You’re not like other girls. You stream and make DEfasts videos. No girl has opinions anymore, so you’re pretty darn special! /s

    2. This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

      I’m not like other girls since I identify as a tree and not a human

    3. ria dsouza

      The girls from the 'im not like other girls' trend are the butt of the joke in the new 'pick me' trend on tik tok. Where the 'im not like other girls' trend brought down more than half of the female demographic, the 'pick me' trend was like a response to the previous girls. The women that were brought down from the INLOG trend are now participating in the PM trend to bring down the original participants from the INLOG trend. (does that make sense???). It's like some sort of bidirectional trend that collectively brings down all girls or women which is just so stupid. I understand women trying to stand up for themselves but why are we dragging each other down? men already do that for us... Anyways, those were my two cents about these types of trends. I also watched this video about the girly girl trope and that was kinda what caused this revelation for me. Also now I like pink... after years of internalized sexism, I'm finally a human being again without the jarring hatred for a colour. Can't believe I was tricked into hating a colour. A COLOUR. FOR YEARS. wow.

    4. Teddy Bear

      Tbh I LOVE being like other girls ilyg 🥺🥰

    5. Hektor Gregor

      I went through a im not like other girls phase when I was like 11, turns out I was right because im a guy now

    6. AIGHT IMA

      I love this video

    7. milkyway

      I remember being so ashamed of having a pink princess lunchbox when I was in 1st grade. I don't know exactly where that shame came from. Probably because boys like to shame girls for having girly things. This leads the shamed girl to feel proud of herself for liking stereotypical boys stuff so she's not labeled as "ewww cringe-y girl stuff".

    8. Moira Black

      I used to think that in order to be taken seriously, or heck even be treated like a human being by other people, I had to do everything I could to be the opposite of “other girls” I would hate bands purely cause they were popular, I hated pink purely because girls stereotypically liked it, I would do anything to be thought of as a tom boy or “one of the guys” and I felt too embarrassed to do anything stereotypically feminine despite the fact that I enjoyed them to avoid being considered “like a girl” it took me years to realise that “other girls” are actually pretty dang amazing and in some ways we’re all “other girls” #I’mLikeOtherGirlsAndProud

    9. koirasikin

      In middle school, I was definitely a "not like other girls"-girl. That was more of a defense mechanism, since the "other girls" were always mean to me, and well...bullied me until i was ready to just kill myself. So obviously, why would I want to associate myself with people like that in any way possible? It has taken a long time to unlearn that, since I still see girls (or actually just all people in general) as possible meanies.

    10. Gabrielle Lytle

      Lol I was a ‘not like other girls’ person in middle school cause I had depruans I didn’t even feel like a human soooo obviously in my brain I couldn’t be as cool as other girls. I’ve since worked hard to unlearn that and now I dress in tighter clothes and I’m just... me! And I was driving with my boyfriend in the car and I rolled the windows down (cause it was nice and warm and yes) and he’s like ‘wow. You’re so cool’ and I was like?????? And he goes ‘you don’t even care about your hair and you roll the windows down!’ And I was like?? Dude. Look out the window lol. Like it’s not a dude thing. It’s an everyone thing soooo. You’re the one that has never rolled down your windows lol??

    11. Rhiannon

      I love how you answered why people want to be "not like other girls" question. It's really more than just a meme.

    12. favOriTe

      there's a similar trend in the male gay community too "I'm not like the other gays I dont like lady gaga and beyonce, I listen to alternative rock and alternative pop" - said every single 20yo white gay ever

    13. GrumpyCrumpet

      Such a good point on this being a pervasive trope in books. I started writing as a hobby when I was 16, and I didn't realise how deeply invested in that trope I was (Def a by-product of media I consumed) until I re-read my work over a decade later. Such special. Much cringe.

    14. Nitara Jones

      I'm a serial killer so...yeah. I'm not like other girls

      1. Turkey Sandwhich


    15. Оля Смирнова

      I'm not like other girls. I'm nonbinary

    16. Baguette Gott

      I feel like this is kind of lumping two very different sentiments together. It was a staple of the original INLOGs that the *other girls* always have big boobs and butts and a tiny waist and like showing them off, while quirky me is wearing an oversized sweater lololololol... But these girls here are the opposite, they brag about their conventionally attractive figure, making it out as the reason why all the girls hate them - jealousy. Their boyfriends like me better. The "I play video games" ones feel entirely separate from that (and honestly a lot less gross).

    17. Aubrey Keever

      tbh I think every girl plays video games, whether it’s only for 10 minutes or 3 hours.

    18. Roni Katz

      This is why "guilty pleasures" are usually stuff that teenage girls like (or things that people think that teenage girls would like).

    19. Signe 994

      I feel like the quirky girl trope is ANCIENT - litereally. 10 things I hate about you is a rescripted shakespeare play my gawd I hope things can change but honestly it's propoably always gonna exist on some level :/

    20. Signe 994

      I don't know if this makes sense, but I think that because men are constantly trying to impress / want girl's attention, they interpret every action girls make as them trying to achieve the same goal: male atttention. How tiring is that?


      pick me girl: "i'm not like other girls" other girls: *same*

    22. Moon Ice Dream

      Aww this hit home for me! I used to always wear childish clothes that were unflattering to my body. The girls at school wouldn't straight up tell me I dressed weird, but they would give me THAT LOOK OF CRINGE ya know😂😂 and be like "You really like to wear pink huh" or be like "Why don't you wear high-waisted jeans or skinny jeans or leggings" or be like "My little sister has that exact same Hello Kitty shirt" AND I WOULD FEEL SOOOOO INSECURE becuz I stood out like a sore thumb looking like an elementary school kid going to high school LMAO. We all just need to stop being judgy 🤣

    23. Bee Sonia

      ❝ I'm not like othe girls... I eat dirt. ❞ - Kurtis Conner, that was the only time was ever funny.

    24. xSweetie Bloomx

      I'm not like other girls. I'm an otter. *With a dark side.*

    25. Mari's Corner

      the "I'm not like other girls" movement from back in the day was very self deprecating, while this new version seems very arrogant and hateful

    26. Micaela Clifford

      This makes me realised something, I love Billie Eilish music but I think she has a little of internal misogny cause I have heard in many interviews how much she "hates" certain attitudes from girls, and in some songs she acts a little bit like "i'm not like the other girls" and I truly loved her music but seriously, I hope someone could tell her that just because she doesn't like certain "feminine" stuff doesn't mean that she is special. I hope that girls like Billie understand that they still not the only ones in the whole world and they should not critized other girls cause they like something "different" than you. Just think about why you hate that, maybe it is because most of the society has a machist judgemental point of view and you just accept it, even as a woman yourself?. I truly wish these girls that think they are something else could change their minds.

    27. Melisa Mašić

      We need to spread the word!!!!! .... Gently tho...

    28. Moonstar79

      Why is anime always the quirky thing to like? Everyone and their mother likes anime sis, contact me when you you make cardboard cutouts of characters from extremely in-depth documentaries about platypus feet.

    29. Anna Kin

      I remember a few years ago sitting in the ladies small group bible study (we were chitchatting after the study) and listening to like 90% of the ladies shamming everything I enjoyed doing, saying it was stupid, lame, weird, immature and me just sitting there like....”yeah but I enjoy this stuff” One example is the “worst date ever “ where this guy takes her out and plays Magic the Gathering. And I’m waiting for the part where the date sucks but that was it. It was really humiliating to have to sit through that and God forbid if I speak up and say “I think it’s fun!”

    30. I aM gEtTiNg A hAiRcUtT

      at this point the girl who likes pink who wears makeup who got 1000000 shoes and 999999999 hand bags is the real unique girl

    31. Saga Åkesson

      my im not like other girls phase was correct apparently, it ended when i figured out i was a guy lol

    32. Barn owl trapped in the rafters

      another obligatory: you do realise a lot of these quirky, weird or tomboy girl tropes are neurodivergent (usually autistic or adhd) coded right? like, girls do get ostracized and bullied by other girls for quite literally being not like the other girls. And usually these girls fall into the girly girl category bc they are able to preform femininity right. Usually neurodivergent girls/people dress differently and can't wear makeup bc of sensory issues. and if they do try preform femininity, it is not the right way and then get bullied for that. So I wonder why the girls who are bullied for not being girly enough end up having some sort of resentment towards girly girls. 11:30 Most of these girls named or shown on screen could be considered neurodivergent coded. I'll even name a few more so people get what i'm saying, Ginger and Bridgette from ginger naps and Daria from Daria. yes i know thats onnly two but my brain is dead at this point. 15:44​ - 18:52​ I always appreciated the weird girls in movies, it made me seem like less of a freak, or at least it made me feel more ok with being a freak. so please, lets not just straight up erase the weird girl trait bc they actually exist, and it's nice to see it in the media. I might sound a bit bitter, but I'm more concerned for ND girls growing up now who will be called "pick mes" for just being themselves and literally not being like other girls. also pls don't take this as hate, just trying to show people another side of this.

      1. koirasikin

        I completely agree! A lot of girls who didn't perform femininity "right" (according to some girls in the middle school or whatever) got bullied for being tomboy is for having weird interests, even those who dont go under neurodivergent-umbrella. The "im not like other girls"-phase can be understandable defense mechanism for the hate they receive. Why would want to be like their bullies? A lot of the people who have made videos about the "not like other girls" are a bit tone-deaf, since they only seem to focus on those "different girls" who are not like others for the sake of internationalized misogyny and who think that makeup and pink are uncool just because those things are "girly". Obviously, they exist too and it's a huge problem. However, for many, the need and want to not associate with traditionally feminine things might be a defense mechanism in order to get by the constant bullying. Eg. for me, I dont want to associate with traditionally straight male-things, such as watching sports or being into cars or whatever, since in my head stereotypical straight white male = danger due to bullying.

      2. xSweetie Bloomx

        As a neurodivergent girl who lived through this phase because of a genuine thought of not being like everyone else, I agree. If anything I think the not-like-other-girls aspects should become just a character trait, even a prominent one if necessary, but not their entire personality. Think Luz Noceda from Owl House. (I know it's a kids show but bear with me) Her quirky traits are an integral part of her character but they're balanced out with other traits that make her feel fleshed out instead of cringy. I think another example is most, if not all of the main female characters in MLP. (Another kids show but again, bear with me) In fact, the whole show of MLP is about showing how diverse girls can be, although they still use tropes, they don't actually diminish or shame anyone for their life choices (unless it's for drama and having lessons learned, but they always make up in the end).

    33. Amisa Ramazani

      Out of topic but you are so beautiful ❤

    34. Bhargavi S

      I'M nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs Because unlike y'all I'm made of Dark Chocolate 😎

      1. xSweetie Bloomx

        At this point I've eaten so much sweet chocolate that the first part of my username fits me well lmfao

    35. Ash Lynx

      I’m not like other girls, I’m not even a girl

    36. Kristen Drechsler

      not me in high school putting my whole identity into my intelligence and assuming no other girls were smart, even though there were plenty of girls (that I was friends with) in my AP/honors classes

    37. Diane Rin

      Why is “I’m friends with boys” even an accomplishment? I’ve seen so many girls being friends with boys??

    38. Bread lover

      Me: I'll never be like other girls who are crazy over boys. K-Pop boys: Allow me to introduce myself

    39. Kamilla

      The number of other girls and "not like other girls" is equal at this point ... so, everyone is an individuality and has versatile personality

    40. X Oz

      It kind of sucks because a lot of these young girls are victims as well. I think a lot of the comments here are missing the point and villainizing the kids who do this however I suspect those comments are coming from those in the same age bracket so I won't really harp on them. This need definitely stems from seeking approval and a competitive atmosphere that is so engrained within US/Canadian culture (I guess I mean individualistic capitalist cultures). If we look at the trends girls enjoy like the VSCO thing and Twilight, a lot of people including much older men would criticize these young girls for enjoying their own interests harmlessly and minding their own damn business. So I totally get why some girls choose to rebel against popular interests among young girls so that they can avoid the weird vitriol from grown adults and the other kids who parrot those weird thoughts. Moral: people really just gotta leave kids alone like damn let them like stuff in peace. A way to get there I guess is to try and stop this obsession with competition in all of the US/Canada so good luck to us all I guess lol

    41. Bobcat1978

      I'm- Like other girls because girls like me are just built different but we all vibe like villains.

    42. nicole auguste

      As someone who always loved pink, that "not like other girls" phase was rough for me XD

    43. Mentanii

      I used to think I wasn't like other girls because I was attracted to the girls themselves lmao

    44. •Careless Dreamer• Project Lyrii

      Clearly you’ve never met me and my friends. While other girls wear pink, we wear black. Others paint their nails, we paint portraits of gods. You dance? Cute. We leap over fires in the dead of night. We are a coven. We’re witches. The pink girls can join too, they just have to bring their own materials for the ritual tonight. We’re sacrificing Bill for making fun of Kelsey’s acne.

    45. Frankie O

      They’re going to realize how important female friendships are when they’re older

    46. Madelaine Magee

      I was soooo deep into the "not like other girls mentality" when I was in middle school all because I enjoyed reading and got good grades.... Like girlie, you were *not* different for reading all those YA novels🙄

    47. Hann uh

      bruh i agree with you on the fact that this trope will probably come back again in the future.. i really thought i was special because i was one of the few girls in my school to watch anime, read manga and play video games.. im pretty sure i thought worse things but id rather not dwell in my cringe as i do that enough already so im leaving it there.. :')))

    48. Greg Splix

      Every few years each social media platform will recreate tumblr culture in at least a few aspects.

    49. - Violetdahyun -

      Me: Likes to read, likes kpop, likes Star Wars, likes Avatar the last air bender, likes drawing The internet: you are hereby trying to be qUiRKy

    50. Austin

      My "im not like other girls" phase ended with finding out im trans... makes sense lmao

    51. Ella Barreau

      okay my pick me phase was def in like 3rd grade. I discovered this book book series called A-Z mysteries and I thought I was different from everyone because I thought I was like sherlock homes or something 💀. Also in the same year I had I crush on this really athletic boy in my class. At the time me and most of the girls in my class were really interested in colors like purple and pink. I wanted to be different and quirky so I started to dress in like nike, under armor, and more "boyish" colors. Looking back on it the whole thing was so weird and toxic.

    52. chkn 10

      You know, people who are truly different from other people never self-claimed "I'M DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS HOW QUIRKY I AM!!" People who are quirky and weird almost never acknowledge their weirdness and quirkiness. They completely believe they are as same as other boring human beings lol

    53. Karina Cisterna

      the "i'm one of the guys" girl, at least for me, is not annoying until they start thinking they live in a reversed harem comic and that's so disrespectful to their male friends

    54. C.J. Zimbabwe

      I was going through my old journal from the 3 grade and it reeked of "I'm not like other girls"

    55. Rachel Peters

      i was 1000% in the 2014 tumblr i’m not like other girls phase. i was 14 and thought reading and not wearing makeup made me so cool. and i listened to rock music, not taylor swift or fifth harmony, because they don’t make real music. im so glad i evolved from that misogyny.

    56. Siberian Breaks

      yeah you are not like the other girls, and other girls aren't like you and are not like each other because we are all individuals and whenever we find similarities or differences, it should be celebrated, not hated :) if you are reading this, you are special in your way, love uuu

    57. Tajrian Mehnaz

      ~ I am not like other girl's I eat fried babies/kids ~

    58. liya ann mary

      Anything that is traditionally catered to women is looked down on and is used to shame them and are called basic (eg pink, barbie, rom-com etc) . Whereas the things that are traditionally catered to men are celebrated and not branded basic ( cars videogames, war movies etc)

    59. liya ann mary

      Ikr!!! It annoys me so much! Like you were supposed to be over internalised misogyny by now! And no not being like other girls" doesn't make you superior and is not a personality trait. There is nothing wrong in "fitting into the box" and not fitting into the box! Be you! Stop giving others shit for what they like and don't! Stop pulling down other women!

    60. paradoxxx

      Most of these videos go like: "I am not like the other girls. I am girl"

    61. a dc

      people who take pride in the fact that they have cheeto dust finger are sick in the head 😩


      The not like other girls trope is a male fantasy

    63. Not Mary Poppins

      If I eat 40% am I in?

    64. n6kko

      I'm not like other girls, I'm a criminal in 76 countries

    65. Mia

      Growing up I was this very girly girl and I was low key upset that girls who dressed like me and were interested in similar stuff like I was were always painted as mean characters and the only good thing about them (well good thing from perspective of my younger self) is that boys lusted after them. Needless to say, Clueless was my favourite movie.

      1. Kennedy Jo Jackson

        Yes! Clueless is my movie, I was Dionne for Halloween a few years ago 💛💛💛

    66. Cecily Griffis

      I also think the current wave of the feminist movement is helping and harming people's ideas surrounding this topic

    67. Cecily Griffis

      I'm not like other girls, I don't say I'm not like other girls... Wait lol

    68. Anastasiya Yefimova

      I really hate to think about my "not like other girls" phase. I was 11-12, basically i loved reading, so thought that it made me super smart and special, like a fucking lisa simpson in a world of homers, also i was super proud of having guy friends (also i was a "omg i'm such a nerd haha" type). So well, if i had a time machine i would punch my 11 y/o self in the face

    69. Seven Belle Days

      Oh no, hell no , not this again 💀💀💀😩

    70. Hope M

      In middle school I was actually genuinely teased and alienated by other girls for being different from them because I was weird, quiet and I have a learning disability 😵 it was only when I met girls who didn't treat me like a weird pet and genuinely liked the same stuff I did that I was like maybe I'm not so strange after all. It's sad because I'm sure looking back those girls were just maybe insecure in themselves and didn't understand me.

    71. Vita

      I like the song most girls from Hailee Steinfeld

    72. kat o'brien

      this was so beautifully spoken and like really inspirational and s good message

    73. Rhosyn Achlys

      honestly being not like other girls was such an ironic trend, because at some point if you were like "insert other girls" you were actually different, in middle school my favorite color was pink(still is) when the school let female students wear pants I sticked with my skirt, I liked girly shit in general even tho I didn2t have the energy to put on make up or look attractive in any way, and I was actually the one that stuck out, I was the only one in school wearing a skirt in like a month or two, the moment I mentioned wearing pink every other girl went "eww disgusting eugh" everyone was into drama shows and true crime and books and other thing the "not like other girls" girls enjoyed while I was into emotion driven stories and cutesy cartoons still. most ironic of it all I was the only one truly not like other girls because turns out I'm not even a girl

    74. Mirela Mirna

      My "I'm not like other girls" fase was while I was really young. Until 13? I got depression and couldn't stand my friends (boys) anymore. Until then, I hated pink and a bunch of other things that were seen as "girly". I'm better now. Also, definitely media makes think like that.

    75. ???

      If you're making a "introduce yourself as the reason why girls hate you" tiktok thats the reason girls hate you.

    76. hi thithter

      Im not like other girls, i gave birth to my mom

    77. Lourdes Mufert

      other girls dont hate you 'cause you only have male friends, they hate you because you're sexist to other girls

    78. Cynnikal

      InTrroDuce YourSelF as whY Girls hAte yOU “ I’m a narcissist” this is literally all of this videos

    79. Panicking Potato Cos

      My phase was in primary school. I thought i was cool because I listened to death metal and like dark clothing-

    80. Ruby LEE

      I am like other girls Because I’m not like other girls Have fun getting your head round this!

    81. ann。 。

      Where is Ramona from Scott vs The World? She's the epitome poster "I'm not like other girls" girl

    82. Nelly

      the peak example of this is gilmore girls. lane even calls rory out for her snobby behavior.

    83. Loki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱ

      I'm not like other girls. I'm not even a girl-

    84. Kylie White

      I was so that girl who thought that she was different bc she read books. I have hyperlexia tho so by grade 7 I was practically reading at a college age level. And thus I have proved I had the mentality of ‘oh I’m so not like other girls’ maybe I still do tho 😂

    85. Alexandra Baysore

      I love the trend where it’s like a guy tells you “you’re not like other girls” and you’re like no, actually I am the amalgamation of every girl I’ve ever thought was cool

      1. Kennedy Jo Jackson

        I love the trend where a guy says "you're not like other girls" and the girl says "no" then turns around and slaps him with a dinosaur tail because she's a dinosaur.

    86. Faith Borak

      I’ve never necessarily thought of myself as “not like other girls,” but for a long time I didn’t want anything to do with anything feminine (clothes, nail polish, makeup, etc.). Those things just had a negative connotation to me, and I also lacked the self esteem to try and pull off anything other than tshirts and jeans. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that it’s ok to be into more “feminine” things, and my self confidence has grown immensely. I love doing nail art now and wearing things other than tshirts. I definitely think that the books I read and movies and tv shows I saw growing up influenced how I saw things like fashion and wearing nail polish, because they were often portrayed as shallow and vain.

    87. Rebel•Baby

      I do not understand how some of these girls probably preach about love, peace and to love one another then yet make tiktoks or videos talking about how they're not like other girls or reason why girls don't like you and just degrade other women. it makes no sense and it's upsetting.

    88. the washing machine has eaten all my SoNkS

      Wait yall think 40%is dark chocolate?? Wtfffff. I eat 88% dark

    89. ripscout103109

      16 year old me *in high school*- “I only having guy friends”... turns out I just had major depressive disorder and my brother’s friends were at my house a lot, so I interpreted that as them being my friends. 18 year old me *at a women’s college*- “huh.. other girls are actually pretty nice! I appreciate feeling respected and like my opinions matter” 24 year old me *women’s college graduate*- “I WISH I COULD BE LIKE OTHER GIRLS BC THEY’RE FUCKING AMAZING! INSPIRING! TALENTED! INTELLIGENT! BEAUTIFUL!” It was a pretty big shock to me when I learned how deep my internalized misogyny went. So glad I spend my time lifting other women up instead of shitting on all of us 💕

    90. narancia's backup headband

      im too gay to have even seen this trend

    91. BritGotBored

      Oof, my “not like other girls” phase has been basically my entire life 🤣 I think as a result of being bullied at a young age I found comfort in being labeled ✨ quirky & unique ✨ I still have men who are attracted to me use that line that I’m “not like other girls”, thinking that they’re complimenting me. I don’t associate with men like that because they’re usually trying to make me their manic pixie dream girl 😬 which I think is another point to be made, the manic pixie dream girl trend has sort of enhanced that idea in men that “unique” women are somehow better than everyone else. It’s disgusting and I can always spot a misogynist when they compare me to Romona Flowers 🥴

    92. PzKitty678

      For me I think it's partially because we want others to share our interests and want to talk about them but we feel pressured not to. This can lead us to believe that others don't share that interest but it's just not something that always comes up in conversation. I've found myself trying to find the most subtle ways possible to express what I'm interested in.

    93. Jessica Rhodes

      I’m not like other girls, I’ve never had an “I’m not like other girls” phase... Oh nononono no noooooo

    94. Callista Tappe

      I thought I was “not like the other girls” when I was in junior high because my parents took me camping and my best friend was a boy that we camped with. I thought that I was literally the only girl who enjoyed the outdoors.. so embarrassing

    95. Flor Pintos

      Much much needed video and commentary to deepen the conversation

    96. RobboBobboMakeup

      I spent so much time when I was younger desperate to fit into the 'not like other girls' category. I AM like 'other girls', if that even exists. And that's fine. Im not here to trash other girls

    97. King Roxie

      Exactly! Someone said that because I like ANIME it means I wanna be like a dude...

    98. King Roxie

      Why must every girl be and act the same?... It's because of that stupid bubble they made for every girl to fit into... We should all know that people are different...

    99. TetraTerezi

      Liberal feminism be like.

    100. Study Buddy

      It’s more like “introduce yourself as why *everyone* hates you” and the answer is that your selfish and arrogant