Tom Holland reacts to Cherry: 'I dislocated my ankle during filming’ | British GQ

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    Tom Holland on his American accent, remembering lines, toupees, crying and taking on the most challenging role of his career in Cherry, exclusively for GQ Action Replay.
    Directed by Cristian Bernal
    Produced by Mateo Notsuke
    Edited by Kieran Brett
    Content warning: “Cherry" is rated 18. The following video is a clip from “Cherry" and contains footage that may be harmful to some viewers (gunshots, blood, images of war). Viewer discretion is advised.
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    Tom Holland reacts to Cherry: 'I dislocated my ankle during filming’ | British GQ

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      Check out the full cover interview here:

      1. Antonella Oliveros

        ANTO 🤟🆗👍❤️🇦🇷 Hola Si Si ok Hola Si Si ko 1

      2. Kanninchen Welt

        Tom pleas dont cut ur hair 😭😭

      3. Antonella Oliveros

        @Kara Holland Hola Si ok ❤️

      4. Antonella Oliveros

        @Kara Holland ANTo1🤘👍🆗🇦🇷❤️

      5. Antonella Oliveros


    2. Lixxcome_Yt

      Dead squirrel “ 😂😂😂

    3. Jaden Lee

      Jesus loves you

    4. HokieChick84

      Tom Holland: advocate for bully breeds and soldiers

    5. Nicole Sheils

      I don't think Tom gets enough credit for how intelligent he is, I think coming off playing Spiderman as a young dorky kid I think it's great he's reaching for roles that are so different and really display the breadth of his abilities. Excited to see the film after seeing how passionate he is about it!

      1. Nicole Sheils

        @ALESSIA ESPOSITO thank you!


        It's already out you can watch it on Apple TV+but if you don't have it you can watch it on F2movies it's a free streaming site but you have to turn off the cookies

    6. Tarja Lubojanski

      'why can't I remember this line it's what i'm getting paid to do is to remember lines' I can't with him- hahahahha

      1. Tarja Lubojanski

        'imma be rich's boooy what you need the 5 bucks for? you already rich what do you want?😂

    7. Tarja Lubojanski

      he: i am really really proud of the movie me: AS YOU SHOULD KING👆🏼

    8. gaminator nita

      wait...didn't he just spoilered that there is a spider man maybe i didn't know nothing.


        Spider-Man no way home will be released on December 17

    9. Lena Niederberger

      NO! Pleas don’t cut your hair like that hahha

    10. The Food Blogger's Kitchen

      He looks more like his brother right here.

    11. Kim sono

      I love Tom Welcome in moroco Im from mroco

    12. Delaney Sekulich


    13. Stella Greeves

      i am in love with this man

    14. Aileebelledoss23

      Tom Holland has met my step dad he works on movie sets and he met them on the set of the DEVIL ALL THE TIME he told me about it and I was amazed ..

    15. kadir DUSAK

      hello tom holland my name is kadir I am from türkiye I love you tom holland

    16. anonymous .26

      did he just spoil spidermam

    17. anonymous .26

      pretty DOPE

    18. Joseph William Hack-Myers

      Don't worry Tom! Your hair is with your mothers chromosomes, if the men in you mothers side of the family have hair then you will be alright.

    19. BeljoTheFool

      “I dont cry that much, i cry -like- all the time”. You wat.


      Omg 8ts kinda weird to see Tom as a military person when mostly I've seen him as a 15 year old avenger as spiderman


      Tom cursing??? Never heard of him


        What? He swears like all the time he's British😂

    22. Ahsoka Tano

      Oh no, something bad happens in spiderman. He cries😭😭

    23. Julie Prescott

      Spider-Man 3 I just heard 👂

    24. Xavier Smith

      I loved it it was so good

    25. Ava Walsh

      His accent is so different omg

    26. Don't Change

      I actually saw the add to this

    27. Joanna Santana

      I feel like this is the most serious I’ve seen Tom

    28. Madison BrazeauTaylor

      i absolutly loved this film. It really educated me, i was never aware of how severe drug abuse is, and how the war can affect you. Thank you to everyone who took part in this amazing movie.

    29. Pelin İçerler

      2:50 "Baby are you seeing bad things"🦋🦋🦋🥳😭🥺❤

    30. Girl playing games

      Tom stop talk pls

      1. Bruh

        Girly go and play your Royale high school💀

    31. Calistso

      I'm a fan of Mr. Holland. Thank you for recognizing mental health and our Veteran's.

    32. Mckenna Willis

      He keeps pausing it each 10 seconds literly

    33. Lenni-Kim Italia

      “Let me tell you all, imma be rich” 😂

    34. Misha Patel

      God his accent is SO 🥵 love his new film 😍

    35. Malak.Naziha Qrimeche - Elev

      me when tom says they shot this in morocco Me: AYYYYY MY HOME LAANND, me freaking tf out

    36. Rebekah Nielle

      ( 1:49 ) SPIDER-MAN 3?!?!?!

    37. Parise Wellington

      Is there a Tom Holland movie where he actually speaks in a British accent??


        The current war

    38. Tozzie F.N

      Why is it just me who is trying to understand his accent, like what it 'royt'?

    39. Hannah Mae

      His little smile when he sees Ciara... so cute

    40. Prime Devil

      8:12😮 he'll be great

    41. sarah

      wow listening him talking how he makes himself cry for his character is really amazing. to be realistic and all that. i think if i become an actor and thinking abt my past mistakes i don't think i'd cry bcs idk maybe it's from the past or you don't remember much what you did idk

    42. Hanz

      Kick a persons balls or sensitive part that'll make them cry.

    43. Jay

      So Spider-Man cries during Spider-Man 3? Hmmmmm

    44. Blessing Eborka

      He acted his a** off in this movie I love his American accent lol

    45. Tina K.


    46. shaundale gaming

      I hope they make a spider man 3 no way home with Tom andrew and tobey

    47. playmo motion

      Pls DON'T cut you're hair, it makes you to a ICON

    48. Riemann walker

      Morocco ❤❤

    49. Eve h

      I love Tom, such a genuine guy

    50. Rubi Aarkay

      1:58- 'u just troi and croi and u just kont' 😂👌well done ,lad!

    51. SA_BadBot

      My guy actually spoiled spiderman 3,because he said he had to cried which means someone died.Yeah


      9:14 his silent "aww" and his smile when he saw his bestie Ciara🥺he's so proud of her🥺their friendship is so precious🥺


      13:28 Thomas you precious angel you're millionaire😂his money be like:"are we a joke to you? He doesn't see us? You see me? Yes I see you do you see me? Yeah.. "


      13:03 he's rubbing the computer like he can heal it🥺😂

    55. kie parker

      13:04 the computer after 9 months: 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼

    56. Sabrina Adamo

      Tom’s performance in this film is shockingly amazing.

    57. ToH Genius

      This film made me hate Tom, but then I watched Tom being a crackhead for 3 minutes and all was well again. He could do no wrong in my eyes. But I feel like this movie was very good for Tom, especially for him as an actor. Kind of showed a different side to his acting abilities, trying out new genres. I’m so used to Spider-Man but he really did a good job of making his role of Cherry come to life.

      1. ToH Genius

        @ALESSIA ESPOSITO yeah I know, but that was probably the most emotional movie I’ve ever seen Tom make. I guess I just wasn’t use to seeing him do wrong since it’s deferring from the cheery, childish Peter we see 24/7, as well as Tom’s personality in general.


        That's great but you have to remember that acting and reality are 2 different things Tom would never do these things

    58. Cosmic Rose

      love the end of just Tom trying to say the first line.😂

    59. JATP Fan

      'That was so british' Tom Holland 2021

    60. Niall H

      I really like actors breaking down how they filmed a scene. Could yis do a longer version with actors talking about a variety of famous, iconic scenes they had done. Like Sam Jackson talking about the infamous snakes on a plane scene or Dan Radcliffe talking about the yer a wizard Harry scene or Orlando Bloom talking about the Helms Deep sequence in LOTR. I think it would be cool

    61. Bára

      I love him, he is brilliant.

    62. preston heil

      I watched this after the devil all the time, and still haven’t decided which one I like more...

    63. Melanie Arnold

      The hurt lathe peroperativly bore because pants surprisingly help at a shaky cook. symptomatic, stiff lyre

    64. Riti Hingu

      tom: *talks about how brutal the last two weeks of shooting was bc he messed up his ankle* Also tom: “it was an amazing experience to make a film like this” 😂😂😂

    65. s.z

      why did y’all not show THAT scene

    66. Brael Ashneel

      Aren’t you a hero you help me 😂😂😂😂

    67. miahtya

      "sorry i just spanked your computer" - tom holland


        He said "banged"

    68. purplephoenix_guitar

      Just starts off with "Hi I'm Tom Holland!" as if there was anyone who didn't know

    69. Dorothy Coal Eventing

      why is his accent.. like.. not like usual 'croiying'

      1. Bruh

        Ig his American accent is rubbing onto his normal accent

    70. Vennie Lopez

      This movie is so amazing I just can't! My favorite movie at this point I've watched it 7 times 😂

    71. Dhieen

      "the camera is a portal" very nice way to say it !

    72. Mala Balerina


    73. Avo Pink

      Omg. It's tough when them people be waiting for you

    74. nessascorner

      he pauses the video and talks a lot in the middle

    75. Alicja


    76. Jaimari Ramos

      Don’t cut ur HAIR PLEASE

    77. Flore may Japsay

      i love him so much 😩😭💕

    78. Alexandra Connell

      (2:51) Baby are you seeing bad things 🥰🥺

    79. Ariana Sturla

      Los anillos!!!!!🤩

    80. Pearl P

      "oi honesty think that oi did moy loines" he just straight up aussie or sommat

    81. Nina A

      and then other tomes yo troing croying hahahah this sounds so funny i love him

    82. milk box

      so we know peter is gonna cry in no way home........ good to know....

    83. sherbies

      i swear he's so perfect in every aspect

    84. Hannah Yeboy

      " The food was Really nOicE "

    85. Ross freecointrader

      We love Tom Holland all d time.. we support u Bruh

    86. theo c

      6:02 the hits hes taking at zendaya tho 0_o

    87. Lexi Sena

      The movie was great, it made me cry at least 7 times

      1. Lexi Sena

        Maybe I’m just sensitive

    88. Martin Eisenberg

      1:03 not me looking back to this point if it was changed😇

    89. arely's journal

      "i was doing my loines with this massive bloke" tom sounds different here haha

    90. Taryn Johnson

      3/27 is my birthday🥺

    91. SKENDAE

      Straight up inspirational!

    92. Crystal Thompson

      Is anyone else getting a Johnny Depp vibe rn from our beautiful boyo

    93. Lena 098

      I Love him so much

    94. Mille Returnoff

      Tom holand is cute 😊

    95. Tifany Sadet

      aww he is so cute🥺❤️

    96. Hanna Alrez

      timeout - he looks so tired while filming this,, i feel like COVID has made it so actors have had to work even more with less sleep because they have less time for filming

    97. Samantha J Holland

      I agree that Tom looks like a king and I bet he smells incredible, but are we not going to talk about his voice? So we’re just gonna ignore that

    98. Avi _

      His british accent has gotten so much stronger




      our kid is growing awh