TOP 10 Red Bull Rampage Crashes

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    Song Overjoyed by: Lakly inspired
    Credit: red bull tv

    Hope you enjoy 😊

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    2. Merissa Eisenhauer

      I just wanted to see if kelly was on here

    3. big adz

      Yo bmt

    4. Alexander Hensel

      What's the song name?

    5. Daniel de Bruijn

      Is 2:33 ok?

      1. NIX

        @Daniel de Bruijn none he was just bruised up

      2. Daniel de Bruijn

        @NIX what injurys did he have?

      3. NIX


    6. Pro Player Y_T

      I was go in this place but

    7. Łukasz Lewkowicz

      What a stupid "sport" moto-pussy buahaha fucking loosers

      1. NIX

        This isn’t moto

    8. malek melaab



      Que dolor 😥

    10. Michael Williamson


    11. louey chouat

      bella chicco

    12. jar jar binks

      The difference between actual men and men who play football and soccer

    13. Graciela Mandujano


    14. polski

      Fricking annoying music

    15. Janusz Łodej

      Szymon No Syzmon

    16. Space lAp15

      From witch rampage it's the first guy?

      1. NIX


    17. B. Haupert

      This why it's cool to wear helmets

    18. Blazing L's

      Some of these are painful just to watch lol. Jesus.

    19. MiD _NA_TayO

      2:17 why he hop his bike off?

      1. NIX

        Cuz he was over shooting and landing to do flat

    20. Justin Shen

      im watching this cause even though the step up I did wasn't as big as the one from the rampages i feel them.

    21. Art Crisis

      what the hell with the song

    22. Cameron Oneel

      Good video!

    23. Ade Srimulyati


    24. Uriah Graves

      How in the hell did Wade get up?

    25. Morgan Schaefer


    26. Dirt Bikes

      1:44 dude must be trained by Travis Pastrana because only Travis could get up from a hit like that

    27. Maciek Soszyński

      2:24 best and bad fail

      1. MiD _NA_TayO

        When you believe you can fly

    28. Jan Wilms

      Cam Zink jumped to fucking flat this guy is crazy

    29. Zachary Braam

      The rogatkin one is a classic lol

    30. Liam Pope

      1:17 hes dead for sure

    31. Walden Bart

      if any of these were me the medics would come over and i would get up and say ARE MY STANTIONS OK

    32. Cade Schaeffer

      2:38 his bike almost rode it out without him.

    33. Cameron Sirrell

      why wasn’t adolf silva on here

    34. Michael Burgis

      That beat goes hard as hell...💯💯💯👌

    35. Bernard Huang

      Watching this video is how you recover from crash trauma 😂

    36. Korni93

      ale gleba jacy jestescie slabi ja tak jezdze z tatom na pzejazdki po bolkui do rzebki mimo ze nie mam ronk i nug

    37. Backyard Bros

      Number 2! Ouch!!!

    38. Simspeak

      Unfortunately Red Bull did not give them wings

    39. Piotrek

      Not Syzmon but Szymon, in English Simon

    40. Andrew Shepherd

      Not Kelly McGerry but Kelly McGarry - Legend - RIP

    41. Kalinowski MTB

      Hey! Number 10: not Syzmon, Szymon !

    42. Oskar Boström Jansson

      Wade can not be a human

    43. PKL_ alejo

      minuto 3:16 Biembenido Aguado

    44. Wojtun


    45. M M

      RIP McGazza

    46. Stunt nałogiem

      watch me new edit

    47. Abhinav Kp


    48. HOTEQ LIVE

      4:10 szymon godziek btw

    49. imk437

      these bikes are strong

    50. Mark St Jean

      lol I wear 100% more gear than these guys and I just do trails 😳

      1. joaquinloco 812

        they have really good protection gear under their jersey

    51. FaZe JAG

      2:30 why would you show that!! Is he okay Pls answer if anyone sees this That sounded terrible

      1. NIX

        It’s cam zinc and yes he was fine

    52. Freeride Central

      My apologies for the crappy music choice

      1. Adriiin Delan

        You like your own comments?

      2. NIX

        @Solomon Moore lakley inspired overjoyed

      3. Solomon Moore

        What's the song for the transitions???

      4. Simspeak


      5. Christian Forderer

        i like it haha

    53. Alan Martínez Rodríguez

      I suffered throughout the video and question the choice of music throughout the video as well.

    54. The Belldog

      The music does not accompany, it lulls.

    55. Ramel Laroda

      The jump is just to high🤦

      1. NIX

        Jesus why are people so toxic

      2. Ramel Laroda

        @Daniel Turkovic in the grand canyon idiot

      3. Daniel Turkovic

        That’s the point idiot And which jump? What on earth are you talking about

    56. MTB Madness

      Rad bro you need more subs

    57. Kye Swadling


    58. Epic Vids Insane content

      omg yikes

    59. Cadens Outdoors

      #7 tho

    60. Car Soccer Legend

      2:00 that would be sad failing the first jump.

    61. Sandwich Studios


    62. Kent Zyven

      0:23 Why did you have to slow mo that😭🤮

      1. Your_local_agent

        His neck sheesh

      2. Zachary Braam

        The original clip is only slow mo

    63. Dennis Deng

      Oh you play football? That's cute.

      1. Cameron Oneel

        you play hockey? That's cute.

      2. Daniel Zimmermann

        D du bist fett

      3. Alex Quinn

        Literally 😂

      4. vayo crack

        @Oliver Heck MTB is very fun but there are consequences once in a while

      5. Oliver Heck

        Football is a very hard sport that DOES require skill, but mountain biking, the injuries are ALOT worse, getting clocked in the head sucks, but getting clocked in the head after falling down a 20 foot cliff, ouch.

    64. Little_Neo

      nothing just ouch

    65. Lorenzo Bellusci

      RIP Kelly McGerry the jump of die

      1. Rohan Holloway

        Kelly McGarry. Legend.

      2. Sorin Vladu

        The jump of die?

      3. NIX

        Kelly McGerry?

    66. Nitin Verma

      Goddamn! I fell from my bike today. My first crash. The feeling of being so out of control while i saw the world breeze past my helmet is fucking incredible. The adrenaline kicked in so i made it back home some how.

    67. J Dizzle


    68. Lluís Lozano

      fans: MY GOD, he is going to die! Wade: I have come from the dead

    69. Cedric Claes

      What is the name of the song?

    70. Edgar Kaksis

      What an idiotic music for a video content like that.

    71. Fish For Life

      Bruh people in this fall of cliffs and then just walk away

    72. Joschka Hilsenstein

      Isn't a top 10 list supposed to go from 10 to 1? Gnarly crashes!!

    73. Donald Alger

      Damn....I can barely get off the couch after watching this....OUCH !!

    74. laplanddream

      7 of 10 bails because guys just use brakes too much. I'm not saying that they are not all badass but I think confidence in those runs is the key.

      1. Sorin Vladu

        1 mile per hour too fast on the canyon gap and you'll be sent to the moon. 1 mile per hour too slow and you won't make it

      2. NIX

        Also there are more overshoots in this video than under

      3. NIX

        I disagree it’s really difficult to judge speed for jumps that big, even 1 kmh faster and you’d sail past the landing too flat and in most cases overshooting is worse than coming up short

    75. Lysol

      You can’t even blame these guys they are literally riding a bike off of a cliff

    76. Yuuup

      Probably could have gone with some gnarly death metal... just sayin...

    77. Brian Harder

      RBR has to be one of the most dangerous things in sport. My hat is off to every one of them who toes that starting line. The fear is real.

    78. Sorin Vladu

      Anyone else watching because rampage was cancelled?

    79. Elias R

      1:55 hope he was okay after the adrenaline kick

    80. Wing ridden Angel

      1:45 how is his back not broken

      1. Wing ridden Angel

        @GiaNt_TaLOn true

      2. GiaNt_TaLOn

        they wear body armor

      3. Joseph Foster

        More like 1:20 he landed right on his ass

      4. sambit kanjilal

        they wear a sort of pseudo armor that covers their torso but it probably still hurt very badly

    81. Jake Kowalik

      But why the NBA style highlight music?

      1. Ercilia Del Carmen Padilla Martinez

        overjoyed lakey inspired

    82. John Kim

      Cam zinc hit the ground so freaking hard.

      1. Twitch Ecxev

        Did he survive

      2. Sunil Ghosvi


    83. AlbanyPeeks

      Noice video mate 🤠

    84. Silly Jenga

      Ur underrated

    85. Alfredo Tellez Dector

      Damn but what about Paul Bas

    86. Cohen McPherson

      Hey I, the 280 like

    87. Boaz Talkar

      Holly shitttt

    88. Newt

      Nice vid bro

    89. Gavri1a

      I wonder how many of them become disabled...

      1. Tyrooo

        Not many

      2. sambit kanjilal

        One of GMBN's crew is paralyzed from the waist down but luckily a bike company which I don't remember the name of made a bke for him. (It's electric so he doesn't have to pedal)

    90. Silverback Shooting

      Wtf is wrong with these people 😂😂😂 who’s idea was it to ride metal bikes down fucking rocks holy shit

      1. Tyrooo

        ? It works and is cool.

    91. Freeride Central

      I just want to say thank you guys, when I originally uploaded this it only got like 5 views and now it’s on 8,000 don’t know how this happened, I had stoped uploading for a while but I guess I’ll continue to upload expect weekly uploads (hopefully) ill probably upload on a Saturday or something

      1. Jacy Fisk

        This is a good vid

      2. Head Nobody

        Almost 100k views now. YT algorithm is doing it’s wonders

      3. Radek Raczka

        Nr. 10 Szymon Godziek ;-)

      4. lovelessissimo

        Solid work.

    92. Calle Cordoba

      How can you just have 32 subs🤔😁

    93. Jack Murray

      Good job on the editing

    94. george c

      Nice video dude

    95. Joda Polska, ,

      Not Syzmon godziek but Szymon Godziek ;)

      1. siamper PL

        @ZwierzYnskiwillwipeyou plus jeden

      2. ZwierzYnskiwillwipeyou

        Pl gurom

    96. Kieran_holland

      Great vid