TRUST Trailer (2021) Victoria Justice, Romance Drama Movie

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    TRUST Trailer (2021) Victoria Justice, , Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNamara, Romance, Drama Movie
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    1. innocent bi irie

      Please what IS the song of the trailer

    2. Victoria

      This movie seems so intense🔥 but am gonna add it to my watch list

    3. Shower in my garden

      haha matt and kat...must‘ve been funny

    4. Fabricio

      Hollywood and his race agenda.

    5. Adam

      0.21 I thought he was hitting on Mathew

    6. Kinga Słowiak

      What's that song???

    7. Mint Lemonade

      Why doesn't anyone realize the first shot is where Matt took Karen for dinner after dropping the fancy restaurant behind. I miss daredevil

    8. vmeds1012 08

      at first i thought it was just matt but then i saw kat and now it's weird

    9. evita kogkou

      I'm telling Magnus and Jace RIGHT NOW.

    10. Dinesh Raghu varan

      What's the background music called ?

    11. Mikasa Ackerman

      She is doing her music stuffs and acting too...damn I just want her to achieve something huge after this.

    12. Vivien Tresp

      What if nina dobrev were to play?

    13. Gibo Teodoro Eran

      Who's here after watching victorious

    14. SADBIT* YeSsir

      Victoria,MATTHEW and KATHERINE OMG😭🥰🎭

    15. Jada Douglas

      I just wanna know the name of the song used on the trailer

    16. Tasneem Brown

      Does anyone know the name of the song?

    17. Speli Pela

      Can't wait to see this movie!:)

    18. Bella Ruiz

      Wow Naomi and Gabe the doorman look so different here

    19. Keni Delgado-Ramis

      Now she gets to kiss both of the cutest shadow hunters 🥲🥲🙌🏽

    20. Brenda Brenda

      Makes me hate humans

    21. Karen Lm

      I was like ... Drake? That you?

    22. Kylie Auguste

      when i saw alex i was hooked but when clery showed up thats when i freaked oit.

    23. Nia m

      when they show the whole movie in the trailer so you don't have to watch the movie

    24. littlemouse91019

      of course they'd choose two previous cast members from Shadow Hunters to sign off onto the next new project together.

    25. Edits by Fish

      Damon your girl is with magnus’s guy, oh wait he’s with jaces girl

    26. Cheryl Prasad

      okay Mattew Daddario is just WOW!

    27. Life Kicks

      Well this looks💩💩💩

    28. Christina Cooke

      Whats is the song playing ? Its really good. Does anyone know???

    29. Maryiam Reda

      Seems like a stupid movie

    30. loureen k

      Why does this give me Wattpad book turned into movie vibezz

    31. Estephany Cervantes

      Yo viendo como van a cuernear a Alec

    32. A J

      those 2 together again !!

    33. KCBreezy‽

      Alec Lightwood gæeee... And now straight 😗

    34. M M

      They knew exactly what they were doing with this cast. No Kiss List and Shadowhunters gang, where you at?

    35. clara

      matt and vic in another movie together 🥺 he looks so different here tho lol

    36. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺

    37. Kiaa Manarae

      Must watch

    38. sybxl top

      This is the alternate timeline where Alec and Clary get together oh God send me back


      victorius 20 years later

    40. ididnt66797

      I don't think the story if for me but the aesthetics are killer! might just watch for the visuals... also I feel bad for victoria justice

    41. Rose J.

      This is so awkward for Shadowhunters fans but I'm also so glad to see them act!!!!!!!

    42. Stealthy Mongoose

      Is this a remake of Last Night? Lol

    43. Euan Kinloch


    44. Charlotte Carter

      does anyone know the name of the song playing?

    45. Casey D

      a movie with Matt, Kat and Victoria, couldn't get better

    46. A Khan

      This annoying teens song in background

    47. Andreea Emy

      Does anyone knows the name of the song in the trailer?

    48. Derek McAdam

      Wow I’m so surprised to see Vic on screen again plus this scene she really look like Nina Dobrev in here

    49. • C H i C a •

      What is the song in the background

    50. Daniela Bartolo

      This looks like a series rather than a movie

    51. Darkxnvons


    52. George

      Song title anyone?

    53. Aaron Velez

      My wife

    54. Navya Singh

      I feel sorry for Jace. It's his best friend and girlfriend

    55. Megan Mcleod

      the shadowhunters reunion..

    56. puli ali

      This cast is like a crossover plotwist

    57. I'm A WonderFul

      This is Clary after she lost her Shadow world memories & Alec pretends to be someone else to try to bring her back.. cuz Jace is just too busy being broken & drunk..

    58. Hey it’s Shakil

      0:02 Anybody notice chang from daily show ? you know the asian guy who always uses swearing words

    59. Aileen Alvarado

      Omg when is this coming out?

    60. Cerys Heaps

      Kat and Matthew reunion!!!

    61. Yats

      reminds me of Last Night (2010)

    62. Ambra Nika

      Only people who saw both Shadowhunters and Naomi and Ely's no kiss list are truly shocked about this one.

    63. Catheolia

      Great to see Victoria and Matthew reunited on screen :D

    64. Ariana Grande

      So happy that victoria is back in the industry

    65. Brian Kimball

      Has anybody figured out the goddamn song yet?

    66. Deborah O

      I was about to click off then I saw Lucien😏

    67. Chiara Chimienti

      alec (matthew daddario) ma che ca🅱️🅱️o fai senza magnus

    68. neil donaghy

      oh jesus give me strength. more gossip gurl

      1. X-MISMA-X

        I dont care, I am gonna watch it

    69. aqeeb adnan

      Everyone: The Shadow Hunters!!! Me: Ayye isn't that Victoria Justice from Treat Myself?!!

    70. t_army

      Zeynep!Onur nerde neden beraber değilsiniz?😂

    71. Ralph Michael Panganiban

      Magnus and Jace will be sooo mad! And I hear Ely screaming right now because Naomi just broke the no kiss list vow. Andddd I am so ready for it 🤣

    72. Astronaut

      Does anyone know the song in the trailer?

    73. Alexa Hamilton

      wow tori went rogue

    74. Kudakwashe Masocha

      What's the name of the song???

    75. lil J

      Okay but Victoria looks so beautiful and it’s so interesting

    76. Addy Ben

      I just can't take it seriously XD

    77. Stephanie Juergens

      Is this gonna be in netflix?

    78. Alekhya Samhitha Appy

      tori vega with her same personality turned into brooke while jade west with the same personality turned into fallon carrington so finally both of them turned to business women

      1. Alekhya Samhitha Appy

        @N M. V. yes but tori and brooke are sweet where as fallon and jade are sassy

      2. N M. V.

        Really? I feel like Brooke and Tori are different from each other. Brooke seems much more professional, work-oriented, and composed than Tori. Brooke tends to try to keep her emotions in while Tori lets them out. Vic and Liz are both great actresses, though; I love seeing them both on screen!

    79. Soumya Pandey

      I was only here for Matthew Daddario but the trailer looks great

    80. Sara

      what can u watch the movie on

    81. SES Sagarese

      Shipping Matthew Daddario and Victoria Justice so hard. They have such strong ChEMisTrY.

      1. SES Sagarese

        @N M. V. SAME

      2. N M. V.

        I loved them as Naomi and Gabriel in "Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List" so much; they had such great chemistry and were adorable. I'm rooting for their characters in this to be endgame

    82. Jessi J

      Alec and Clary from shadowhunters imagine if they had a love scene together. Boi i can't.😄

    83. Eucharia Etokhana

      she looks so evolved OMG and i haven't watched anything she starred in since victorious and I'm getting a "confessions of a marriage counselor" I vibe here. I'm gonna watch for Victoria been a while Jesus 😊

    84. sabrina

      this is a really weird combination of shows XD

    85. Ajobros V

      Me: hey look, Victoria and Matthew just like in Naomi and Ely´s.... Wait Mathew and Clary, just like in Shadowhunters.... What kind of alternative worold is this?


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    89. Ajobros V

      Jace would be so angry about you two. Clary, how could you? An with his parabatai?


      ESCRIBAN en las Paredes por qué les borran la memoria en tres segundos


      Me es Muy fácil MATAR La impostora monarquía el problema son los perfectos JUDAS que son más de quinientos mil haciendo fila para reemplazarla PEOR entrando como héroes victimisados. De Izquierda o derecha.


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    93. Jaidyn Garcia

      When is this coming out

      1. M. E.

        13 March I think

    94. Alia Palacio

      Lmaoooo what is this. Even the music sounded forced. No thanks

    95. Rashad Heyward

      this actually looks really good! wish it was a show instead

    96. Arhat M.


    97. Marilyn Matt

      Wow this movie sucked. I just watched the entire movie by watching the trailer. Next! 😂😂😂😂

    98. kev del Rey


    99. Momo Afolabi


    100. Kainat C

      someone halp what song is this :(