Try Not To Laugh (Inappropriate Edition)

JJ Olatunji

8 Mio. aufrufe401

    New song with Anne Marie & DFA -

    Am Vor 26 Tage


    1. Sebastiano Fernetti

      Try shoot on iPhone meme It is ilarious😂

    2. Levi Ackerman

      POV: the house is the same

    3. Christian Pence

      4:55 I legit was cryinggggggggg for like 10 minutes straight after watching that😂😂😂😂😂

    4. baseballdragon456

      The kid with the Oreos a bit sus tho.

    5. xxcloud_skyxx xx

      All man milk best thing I have heard from night

    6. Just a Bum

      Thats Bre yup yup yup Vvvvvvvrrrrr

    7. Jackson Langley

      5:31 “when twitch streamers forget to turn off there cameras😬😬😬

    8. Isai Sawyerr

      Bruh the Oreo got me😂😂😂😂

    9. Giros Gaming


    10. Lee Adams

      Bro I didn’t know this was the gay edition

    11. Christopher

      That said all black and ethnic people. I don’t think the guy knows what ethnic it

    12. g00gleyes

      this one is kinda meh

    13. Bad Kitty

      First time watching you Deserve a sub

    14. Michael Franklin

      England ghetto sounds classy

    15. Boris Vallejo

      There is literally almost no change on your room

    16. Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness

      That mushroom isn't poisonous, it's a chanterelle. Yes, I like mushrooms...

    17. Holly Mills

      omg dont play is actually my fave song istg i havent stopped playing it

    18. lil wassabi

      i did the math and that guy with the oreos stuffed 4.5 inches (roughly) down is throat without gagging

    19. Kaleb Masse

      What song was at the end?

    20. Daredevil

      In the sentence "Try not to laugh" _Not is silent_

    21. Brian Baeza

      is it the first time ksi sees jonah?

    22. al ali abdullah


    23. Eamonn Maxwell

      he laughs intro lol

    24. Meme Legend

      The dude with the Oreo🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Hi Bye

      Bruh camles do ware mask if you live in the middle east will understand

    26. Abel


    27. Venom

      The Jamaican one so accurate my family does that to me

    28. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

      btw titanium oxide is used to whiten the cream in oreo's it's a cacogenic we were supposed to have it banned from foods in the UK but the government is refusing because it makes too much money aparently the smaller the particles of titanium oxide the more chance it can irritate your throat and cause cancer... i'm not against oreos i'm just against them putting whats used for tiles in them! currently in medicines like you wind eeze tablets, tooth paste and other medicinals all use it as whitener including foods aswell) the best thing for this to change now is for customers to boycott titanium oxide products until they change it Me personally I got enough problems with gastric issues, repeated trap wind, UTI's and acid reflux so like £uk am I gonna risk throat cancer I plan to live a long live so high risk cacogenics I plan to reduce in my diet as much as possible

    29. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

      I think the guy was trying to say the reason he prefers "women that have more on their bones is because theres more cushioning"... he doesn't like bony butts digging in like even on the wholesome level cuddling a skeleton can sometimes hurt I know because I once had a super skinny body I have a bit more muscle and some fat on my 4$$ now. gotta say it actually make sitting in chairs more comfortable to not have a skinny 4$$ anymore though I need to work off the little bit of stomach fat covering my abs is weird though I feel like a gorilla why do the pecks retain muscle when my stomach has gone to hell once I clear my room I'm gonna see if I can find somethin to train on my stomach and back muscles specifically

    30. Teddy Kania

      Someone should tell jj that David Dobrick is racist

      1. sky

        Wait really?

    31. Vl Pc

      Your KSI ok

    32. Ur Dad

      hey, hey... jj... I don’t think you moved. “New room” looks the same

    33. nimic special

      5:25 all that pleasure to eat that cookie is gone

    34. elizabeth_mlpfim

      4:09 bruh i have the same cup as you

    35. Mouhcine Alaoui Behhari


    36. Jaraiya Sensei

      That’s bre? Yea ok I’m out cool to meet u

    37. RedMouse

      While watching this video my crush said she liked me!😍

    38. Disrupt Ozone

      This guy looks alot like KSI?

    39. Holy Molly

      The title should be ( try not to laugh, Poor guy edition )

    40. sus games

      Love from Jamaica 😂🤣

    41. Mariano Dcosta

      He forgot to turn school mood off

    42. Jun Vislenio

      Wait?indians are asians

    43. Canaan Hagemeister

      You better giv Moe a fuckin raise after this one

    44. Mihailo Mandic

      i don t unedstand that, what did he said to her? 11:25

    45. skulls killed

      sir. sir. 😂😂😂😂🔥🔞

    46. pinky

      try not to laugh, as ksi proceeds to laugh on all of them

    47. Mike Wazowski Jr.



      The fast guitar socioeconomically bolt because rule coronally explain as a steep temperature. smart, thankful lead

    49. FANZ

      Please subtitle Indonesia:)

    50. doomslayer360


    51. deadmaugh

      Wait are u the dude who fought logan or jake did u win I hope u did

    52. The red Rose20


    53. ASTRO

      Scomo and bojo

    54. HelloItsKebu


    55. hxvoc

      Nobody mentioned it but I just realised his PC is on the carpet

    56. Williams

      When the white guy says NOOOOO 🤣😂

    57. Nigel McKenzie

      “satisfy the fungi” - JJ 2021

    58. Justin1x -

      Thumbnail had me dying fam

    59. Antonio Castillo

      piss of bacon or piece

    60. Mood Jay

      bro wtf is going on?!. i checked my tiktok at 3:13 of the video and the same fucking guy appeared.....yoo this is so damn trippy

    61. Neva Amituanai

      "Is he gonna satisfy the fungi" lmao😂

    62. Razs Plays

      Bro I feel so dumb I used to like jake Paul I regret everything until I started watching jj

    63. Chilling with Brandon



      All man milk?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. Profighter !!!!


    66. Jan Cedric Punzalan

      I fell sad with Bre😥

    67. Daniel Williams

      I cant stop laughing

    68. rolleh

      It's not even try not to laugh anymore its reacting to funny videos

    69. ANZACK 2008

      What happened to try not to laugh

    70. Noah Efevberha

    71. John Albert Cornelio

      his gonna slap that mushroom

    72. Ninja

      Dit he say KSI LGBTQ

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Ksi olajidebt

    73. CelticGuild

      “Try not to get banned”

    74. Cheddar

      Indians are asians too why do people not get this

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Yes bhai but in their slang it's different

    75. Thomas Szulczewski


      1. MBsComedy


    76. max skinner

      Get me that fruit

    77. Nikolay Komissarenko

      If only the almond milk guy responded with "I dont want all man milk, I said almond as in the nut. Jamaican guy says he wants our nut milk!

    78. BlazinPheonix47

      Satisfy the fungi, I'm dying

    79. Elias

      try NOT to laugh✌🏼

    80. omarion schoolmates

      5:25 he be acting like he dont want the sidemen doing that to him

    81. Skullio

      Being black and have a brittish 🤣

      1. Skullio

        @K Y L E hes brittish right?????

      2. K Y L E


    82. Faze Mellon

      Ruined her life

    83. MBL

      7:36 if miniminter was Asian lol


      3:35 grab me that creature

    85. PapaBacon

      Oreo man can back it tho

    86. T DRUMZ

      He do be having the same desk as me tho

    87. tingle

      Bun uP 😂😂😂

    88. Degan

      "try not to laugh" lmao

    89. Unique

      I just realized, when he showed his new desk and that you can see his pc and it kinda looks like he got the case lookin like the lines on the lambo.

    90. Oliver Björn

      5:24 Remember when he said “hand me that creature?”

    91. IcyKnoX

      I couldn't even tell the audio difference from the video. Good job to your editor.

    92. Nedla H

      Just saying for those wondering he went back and explained to Bre that it was a joke, here’s the vid

    93. TOPAz PEEZY

      Head phones warning

    94. ZacBeastBoi1

      7:15 I finally found the video !!

    95. Edgy

      This is fucking the awsome

    96. Ace.D. Viper

      Man go banned from this video

    97. Hopezz

      Yoo when is the house tour coming up🏡👆

    98. First World Problems

      That mc Donald’s guy wasn’t funny that was just a dick thing to do

    99. vbddfy euuyt

      JJ: “Why don’t the camels have masks”

    100. Fatimata Sissoko