Try Not to Laugh (GTA V MEME EDITION)

JJ Olatunji

6 Mio. aufrufe327

    New song with Anne Marie & DFA -

    Am Vor Monat


    1. Stan

      Ksi: I won't laugh today Literally at 1:19

    2. Fitsum G

      4:03 when someone is so stupid it’s actually contagious

    3. Arnold Martey

      This was actually lit asf 🤣🤣


      Did you actually say is apple😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Soldier

      Not funny

    6. Finlay White


    7. Hamza Tahir

      What’s the real name of the movie at the end?..

    8. Dyego Anthony Tinio

      4:04 “It’s an apple” That shet was mistake hahahah

    9. UrDawgIOS

      Don’t Cancel Mario

    10. Kraig Bruh

      Look how quick set 8 syndrome affected JJ. That suit more dangerous than covid

    11. Game play BD

      He is the funniest guy I ever seen.I love you bro like a child brother☺️☺️🙄

    12. BayernFan and LiverpoolFan

      At 14:12, 14:13 and 14:15 why is mo there

    13. Habib Habib

      i think ksi is atheist

    14. Aimbot Dragon

      R.I.P Kid

    15. Gniotek C

      its a peeeee

    16. P O L A R

      "its an apple"

    17. Josh Littler

      Song at 3:11 please

    18. swayam rana

      Wabaa ,lunna dunn dunn

    19. I D E N T I T Y

      4:13 habibi been stiffed

    20. King Ren

      That needs to be a movie

    21. Oscar Clark

      The bent soybean architecturally claim because goldfish subcellularly kiss past a empty club. hesitant, clear jacket

    22. Dogeity

      I like that when Obama said nigga

    23. 3N1c

      bruh, its funny when he says 'how can you be gay to a car' when he doesnt know the cars gender lol

    24. Yoi Gaming

      4:52 funniest shit i ever saw

    25. nickgm12

      mo ur done 3 seconds later: AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAH

    26. VC シ MEGMA


    27. Nisha Kelkar

      When the dog chase him ohhhhhhhhh daym daym

    28. Luke Zerakiel Pabustan

      the time when i laugh at tue gta steve part i laugh so hard that i hurt my throut and could not laugh anymore i could do is gigglr

    29. physco

      Wait was that harry? 3:20

    30. ɪɴsᴀɴɪᴛʏ

      4:04 The face of JJ knew that he did some dumb things like saying "MURAL"

    31. Milkonus

      17:52 minutes of try not laugh, laughs at 1:31

    32. mohsin bg

      jj muslim

    33. Yusuf Altinok

      Wait 4:15 since when did u join us Muslims jj?

    34. Rayden

      Spider ****** is actually dope

    35. Jake Stewart

      Nate Robinson was hilarious

    36. GamerDude426

      5:28 the n word killed me 😂 Btw IM BLACK in person

    37. Matthew Garza

      11:22 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. If you respond to me your gay

      He forgot the challenge

    39. Hajun

      Can anyone link me to this video here 1:08 I need it thx

    40. Daniel Dadzie

      14:09 woah calm down

    41. ToXiC _martinjo4

      9:45 that’s mystic the youtuber

    42. Aiden Mastrogiovanni

      jj: it an apple me: it a pare ya fuck

    43. MEGAsmallbrain

      He kept saying omfg

    44. Aizy iOS

      Black dude

    45. Rjcaven V2

      0:40, then 1:19

    46. XIX Flair

      What is the movies name in the last clip. Looks like a good horror film lol. Good vid jj

    47. Gabriel Gill

      ksi s funny as fuck

    48. Sy-Co

      I just love this guys laugh it makes me smile

    49. TriggerHappyEU

      Whats name of movie at end

    50. Grim

      I feel bad for that litter box girl


      It’s an Apple

    52. Mickyboo

      Me:sees man kissing a car also me:YO MOM I WANT A CAR

    53. Genosgaming _


    54. بطاط.e xe

      It's an apple

    55. gurdip singh


    56. NeezPrestige

      ACTUALLY NO HE AINT GAY TO A CAR CAUSE ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE ALL MECHANICS ARE KNOWN AS FEMALE, EVERY TIME SOME 1 SAYS U SEE MY NEW CAR WHAT ALWAYS FOLLOWS IS SHE'S A BUET, but i dont condone having sex with cars just saying all mechs are known as female always have been

    57. Th30 Fortnite funny moments

      15 years ago Hahahahah Im peter griffin

    58. Obo32653 Obo32653

      her: What's this Fruit????" JJ: A P P L E

      1. LIKE BUTTON


    59. supremee 23

      5:29 😂😂😂

    60. Liam Kim

      I cant find the video where he didn’t laugh

    61. My Name

      I feel like making fun of the girl at 3:33 or the people that are at 10:10 or the guy at 11:43 was mean, like instead of making fun of people, u should just be nice, nobody is gonna be perfect

      1. Anas Alowaidi



      Minecraft was the funniest

    63. WyattWilkins! [Really old account]

      1:18 The transition between emotions though. 😂

    64. DArkside


    65. Jamila Khatoon

      RIP for all headphone users🤪

    66. Joshua Myers

      Shut up woman that kid is not my son!

    67. Joshua Myers

      5:45 KSI uses light mode for DEfasts ewww

    68. Mia Solano

      He laughed at the Minecraft one...

    69. Tmotion Z

      Who else turns on there subtitles just in case no disses jj on there

    70. Abel Halkett

      alien: says the n word jj: no mario: says the n word jj: he he he

      1. Craig Von Naldoza

        Evn obama and oof minecraft

    71. Abel Halkett

      alien: says the n word jj: no mario: says the n word jj: he he he

    72. Nathan Gombakomba


    73. Lucisys Kai

      That laugh tho 11:28

    74. DannyAH99

      Still can’t box

    75. Tyler Kelbrat

      its a peh

    76. Ever Gonzales


    77. Ever Gonzales


    78. Ever Gonzales

      Pol whoquer

    79. PanosGaminGR

      4:03 *visible confusion*

    80. Dark


    81. Indie Boy

      Respec it

    82. c h i l l from state farm

      *Mario* saying the n word kilt me

    83. Linick

      Does anyone have the link to the dog video?

    84. TZRG Films

      The only thing I can’t not laugh at is jj’s laugh

    85. Sham Tesfu


    86. Jack

      12:25 Man be looking like a noncy mr beast

    87. Gustavs Driķis

      this dude just wanna do the car so bad

    88. Crappats

      14:03 beo thats an ironing board...

    89. Enderman Infinit

      I was drinking water and when you laughed i threw the water out of my mouth.

    90. Lucas Stafford-Venn

      That guy fell off the shelf quick ass time

    91. x7Shad0w7x

      What is the title of this movie 15:08 ?

    92. Lucian

      Me Tryna work out how with a title like this it has 6.3 million views

    93. YouTuber_TV

      11:25 some guy needs new pants:0

    94. Tolu Oredi

      4:04 KSI we caught you lakin bro

    95. Dom Kay

      Thats not an apple, its a pear. Smh

    96. Team Photon

      JJ says aliens can’t say the n word and then do precedes to mimic an alien saying it

    97. dab Pig

      I know that you probably wont see it but you uploading means a lot to us

    98. Olivia Gilliard

      Are we just going to ignore Babatunde's email? 15:41

    99. Eye Y

      “It’s an Apple!” *Instant Realization* Funniest one I’ve ever seen

    100. Aayan Taimuri