Trying To Drive Off The Repo Truck


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    Debtor jumps inside vehicle after it’s already hooked up and tries to drive it off the tow truck. Clearly didn’t go his way.

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    1. Life With Slydz

      Imagine not being able to afford a base model v6 “muscle car” 🤡

    2. Alyjah Dauda

      Of course it’s a ricer v6 owner🤣🤣🤣

    3. DzNuttzOnYaChin

      why would you even want it after that 🤦🏼‍♂️ only two reasons I could see ( not saying its right) is because he\she there and its there only home or he\she was so close to paying it off either way its trashed now

    4. Kim Douglas

      He discovered that vehicle is nothing more than a robber of wealth while seeking to go faster than the Jones'. The Jones'could care less...

    5. Tony Hoover

      To hell fucking up my car, I'd get out and plug that bitch

    6. Trucking With Mercenary

      If u drive one these you instantly turn gay.

    7. francisco yepez



      I'm seeing alot of videos of tow truck drivers Jacking up cars with people inside them, then filming that must be a thing now 🤷‍♂️

    9. Magnum Johnson

      Fuck man I hate to see a nice car getting damaged just make the car payment

    10. Maximiliano Sanciveli

      its more expensive repare the car ! pay the ticket asshole!!!

    11. Rori Jackson

      If he can't have it nobody can

    12. Шухрат Исмаилов

      Ну тупые

    13. john smith

      Make payment IDIOT.

    14. Rusty Jackson

      Idiot 🤣

    15. Coty Balthrop

      Damn let him have it . get it another day

    16. Mike R

      Pay your car note. Loser.

    17. Brando Commando

      Tow truck drivers are scum of the earth.

    18. saya kanzaki


    19. Taequan Hicks

      This is when the GOLD DIGGER CHIC GET REVENGE on the dude that pulled the prank on her .... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Always roll with the SNATCH TOW TRUCK ..hahahahahaa

    20. Norville Rogers

      Disappointed the repo man didn't get ran over 🤷🏻‍♂️

    21. zaza baba

      Stupid guys reper 3000 dollars

    22. patriotman84

      Fuckjng losers cant afford shit they buy. Step your game up child

    23. Jesus Herrera

      Rich Country, Poor Education, GodBlessAmerica,

    24. Joe Forte

      I hate people who don't pay there f****** car bills but I think Repo Men are scum bags they are like parking maids so I don't know how to feel about this

    25. Brad Maximinus

      Isnt dat a rear wheel drive

    26. Christopher Keillor

      Too bad there wasn't a cloth type thing that could be utilized with this type of stupidity clamp the car down. I know your reporting it to resell it but he's going to have a dumbass like that best Lee not have a vehicle either.

    27. Oddball Dynamics.


    28. rampage3510

      If you can't afford it after Tax time, Don't buy it.

    29. Thomas Bailey

      Pay your lease agreement

    30. Bobo 423

      So u can’t make the payment but ur fine paying the damages

    31. Valient Six

      Soon as they owner gets involved the repo guys should stop attempting to take it. Wait for grocery store trip or at their work.

    32. Marco Valencia


    33. Vera Lucia toledo

      O cara tava querendo fugi?

    34. Brian

      No one wins here, smh 😤

    35. GANKSTER

      Не проще было выйти дать ему в хавало и опустить машину?😃

    36. Robertoo Najera

      Todo lo que pasan en estos videos lo hacen al estilo wevon segun ellos lo hacen para ahorrar tiempo pero esa no es la cuestion la cosa es hacer el jale bien para poder estender la mano a la hora del pago

    37. Nick3valve

      He definitely in the hood. This isn't surprising 😐

    38. Marshall Foreman

      Broke people trying to pretend to be rich

    39. OlderG0ds

      Back up the track make him flip over

    40. James Wyllie

      Didn’t know it was 4WD this twat just ruining a nice car

    41. Pav W

      People are so clever

    42. EastSide RC

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pay your bills!

    43. 杉下右京


    44. 正牛成


    45. The House Of Crumbling Idols

      Mopar or no car?

    46. حامد العنزي

      ياخرا نزلها مادامه مجنون

    47. Bob Cobain

      Definitely getting 4wd car for sure!!

    48. john schmitt III


    49. Sarah Nelson

      Should've made your payments.

    50. Sean Zhang

      FWD charger?

    51. Tuff Guy


    52. MrOof3459

      The damages probably cost more than the price he'd have to pay to get the car back

    53. kris mcaulay

      Would have just forced the fat tow driver to let my motor off or would have drove away with his tow and mine still on back !!! Fkn scum bag lifting cars anyway! Low life’s job !!!!

    54. x2WheelThrottle

      Stimulus check never showed !!! 😂

    55. Deleted

      I didn’t know it was 4 wheel drive

    56. Jake A

      Why is he trying so hard to save a V6 from a repo? Lmao

    57. Jeromy Williams

      Thank God he opted for the AWD version.

    58. Ns Sn

      That’s why I love four-wheel-drive

    59. Jason Littlefield

      Stupid ppl

    60. Daryl Duane Mabry

      WHAT A DUMB ASS!!!😂😂😂😂

    61. Maxime Lopez

      Come on bro get my v6 awd hellcat wannabe car down , I can afford it bro I’ll pay you double next month

    62. Shannon Zittlow

      They see me rollin 🎶 Oh wait not !

    63. million dollar ideas & stuff

      My friend saved 2k for a starter bike Honda ghram but changed his mind to a used mustang for 7k which is not terrible but then he drives off the lot in a brand new eco boost 4 banger mustang for 20k and he was living on his GI bill at the time he says he owns his mustang but I could see this happening to him

    64. Matss Helli

      Fucking idiot 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    65. Suborian Thomas

      That L is a hard pill to swallow

    66. Robert Gammett

      Now he has to pay for the tow truck damage and will be in debt for the damage on the car, nice one dipshit

    67. POB108

      Show off today Tomorrow embarrassment

    68. Jimmy Brewer

      Not good at all

    69. MOB ENT

      Its a V6 Charger. Let it go....

    70. Mike O

      Why are people so ignorant 🙄

    71. R. B.

      I’d walk on up and stab em tires fr

    72. Juan Penaloza

      You know you make it worse if you actually got it off the hooks that high. Not only worry about the payments but also the maintenance.

    73. Peter Pankov

      AWD charger moment

    74. gruby 17

      Propably would cost him more to fix the car than just paying the fine, no insurance will pay for that plus the police and all that, whybeven bother?

    75. Ahmed Hakim

      Does he not know that it’s RWD?

    76. Calysis FFA

      Lmao, we humans are something else “ ain’t nobody taking my car “

    77. cris tooreal

      You can have it

    78. cris tooreal

      Damn I have the same car. . .pay too much to do that sht.

    79. Invader. Indigo

      Thats...totally the car they ALL get. Jesus.

      1. Invader. Indigo

        Any year after 2015.. that or a dodge challenger. So damn predictable...moron.

    80. Steven Cruz

      These are the same type of people who do steroids and flex at the gym.

    81. Steven Cruz

      When you're in a situation like this just lower the car. You already know who the person is and it makes no sense to potentially have your/companies tow truck damaged.

    82. Allen Hay

      What a loser

    83. Carson Arnet

      Can't the repo guy just knife the tires in a situation like this or pull a gun

    84. Carson Arnet

      Car sounds like shit, guy must be desparate if he's trying to keep the fucking v6.

    85. Brett White

      I mean what was the next move if it works?! Lol hide.... forever from the cops... Dumb people suck.

    86. Nobody Business

      Dudes probably a sound good rapper with a 25% interest rate happy he could show off his lifestyle... Lmfaooo especially the towing part.

    87. Brain Drain

      Fucking loser

    88. Sami

      This guy is a f’ing moron. Now not only he’s gonna have to pay to get his car back but also he’s gonna have to pay to fix the damage to the car. What a dumbass.

    89. Diablo

      Dealerships will finance anyone with a pulse that knows someone with a license!!

    90. Joseph Knueppel

      Dumb why risk it it's only a car

    91. Trail Rants

      All that over a rental car?

    92. D Bongoloid

      2 things, always buy what you can afford, ive never done anything but bought a car flat out and shocker, its never been repoed. Also, poor dude catching a felony over a charger.

    93. Bryan Espinoza

      Wtf they’re awd?

    94. JDub 44

      It's not going to be worth much after that

    95. JDub 44

      Should have got the basic package 😂

    96. Matthew Melton

      That's right! Get it! F repos!

    97. Stephen Maxwell Fuks

      So many fools try this lol, just take the fine and the cost to pickup from the impound lot

    98. AG

      the price to repair the car is gonna cost more than actually paying the bills 😃

    99. corey phillips

      I see a lot of people saying that he shouldn’t have gotten the car if he couldn’t pay for it. Though I agree. I also had my vehicle repoed after I had completely paid it off. The bank had not realized that the account had been closed, and when the “payment” wasn’t made they sent a truck. Then, refused to pay for the impound fees, and for the damage that was caused by the tow. Now that’s probably not the case here, but you never really know the situation.

    100. Abraham Roque

      I thought those where all back wheel drive