Trying to enter the world of #shorts



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    Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

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    1. TerrieTex Gaming

      What are those things you are chopping it is so satisfying to watch❤️

    2. robloxian D


    3. robloxian D


    4. Avijeet Sharma

      What are they cutting?

    5. Daniel

      Y la igualdad feministas

    6. Илья Ржевский

      Шо это

    7. Hadil Hadil

      كل شي فوق إلى الاَّ الحذاء و شعر تحت

    8. Lil Juice

      What is this?

    9. Team Exot1c

      I am hungry now

    10. MariaokPz9 Ammar


    11. Ahsan Wiguna

      Yang laki dah biasa ..kan dah kebiasaan kek gitu.. sedangkan si cewe kan muter

    12. Susan Sanchez


    13. blackman96ify

      Is that candy

    14. Виктория Краснова

      Мужик лучше однозначно

    15. DNVN


    16. Adriana Cristina

      ah stop! saying that men are better than women.

    17. Chaitanya Deore

      What is she cutting

    18. MR Sokny

      Cute sister

    19. Kalila Kalina

      Kak hebat

    20. jordi amos enora ferrer

      Y después se quejan de que ganan menos, trabaja la mitad y quiere ganar lo mismo xD

    21. Asmaa Mzire

      What's this thing?

    22. Jesus Sanchez

      Pero weon el esta cortando 4 y ella 2 nmms

    23. bhanu Vdoz

      Man is man

    24. Nxtxliexplxys

      Why arent they wearing a mask in 2021 (im not a karen btw)

    25. Javi Martinez

      The girl with the black hair had more rolls.... yes I said it, the girly boy girl....

    26. Latha Reji

      Super fast

    27. Guuurgle Bros

      bro are those shotgun shells? lmfao

    28. 、 K


    29. Kissme we’remarried

      He let her win no fair


      que es eso ?

    31. Lil sloths

      What is the name of the sweetness?

    32. Savage Hawkins

      I knew girls were better than boys

    33. ThatboyLaiden

      I counted it was60

    34. Super SpontaneoUS

      Me still wondering what they are even doing.....🥴🤨😂

    35. Mateo Nicolas Paccot

      Cómo que hay una gran diferencia acá la chacona compute con dos tiras mientras que el macho con 4 y no se queja


      los chinos lo hacen mejor.

    37. Jaciel Arzola

      Arriba el patriarcado

    38. posazu pl

      world of what

      1. Alexey Karpelevich

        The world of short youtube videos, and with hyper success - look at the view count

    39. john jordan

      ⭐So satisfying ⭐

    40. Chicle Rosa

      Double of job and he lose WTF?



    42. Aeth Zen blaze

      Itu apa

    43. Columbusohio

      Strong female there

      1. Columbusohio

        If u clicked on this to hate me i am obvisouly being sarcastic and now u are in the comments looking dumb

    44. S A

      Perfect excuse of making them work extra faster 🙄

    45. 3li 37med

      اى ده بقا

    46. Candy Paws

      What is that?

    47. Zacch Canavan


    48. Hazel Español

      Thats a candy😁😀😀😀

    49. Sub 2 AliOnCurry

      Lol i thought she wad lufu

    50. Dumu3 Darwish

      لبنت حلوة كتير😍😍😍😍😍

    51. danix_YT

      El hombre termina antes y encima es noble y hace más comida mientras la mujer es desagradecida

    52. Klixy

      ✝️𝑯𝒆𝒚, 𝑰 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒂𝒚 𝑱𝒆𝒔𝒖𝒔 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒅𝒊𝒆𝒅 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖, 𝑱𝒐𝒉𝒏 3:16✝️💞

    53. BOI BOI

      Girls always wins even in argument

    54. Karlo Djak

      What is that


      But she have 2 and he have 4

    56. WhosThatAnimator?

      What are those

    57. kakali pathak

      Wow,,, he is an expert 👏

    58. Emeric maton

      Heuresement ils ont adapté la meuf en a que 2

    59. Rojalin Sahoo

      What is this yrr reply me 🙏🙏

    60. kenzie al fitrah


    61. Dustin Walters

      This is like female pt standards in the military... Female does half what the guy does and everyone praises her for not being able to compete at the same level while the guy gets zero acknowledgment. Female entitlement at its finest!

    62. Julian-Johannes Koerdt

      So cool

    63. Loveme4life Gholson

      What are those??

    64. snehaAmmu snehaAmmu

      What's this plzz tell me❤

    65. Alysson Boss

      Mas afinal, que porra é isso ? What fuck is this ?

      1. Breno Kings


    66. dot

      Sometimes you just gotta let women think they won to keep the peace.....this guy obviously knows what this girl is capable of when the cameras aren't on

    67. Lorna Daly

      U knew she would win


      SO CUTE

    69. Kurique Sharesias

      Welcome here for the toxic cheap mentality of **** who can't see women wining actually they can't accept it clearly, you'll find those here lol.... She literally was fast and won

    70. Strahlinski


    71. Arathi Arabhi

      Bro this guys was in TLC

    72. CallmeCoco

      Tbh the girl was beautiful!

    73. jeswin Joseph

      What they r chopping??

    74. Nissy S

      What is the thing they are slicing

    75. Zuper SpamsL2

      What are they chopping

    76. Dennis Luger

      Give me all of that

    77. scraxtz

      mans chopped twice as many and didn’t even try, true gentlemen

    78. ObeyObay

      I just want to know what they’re chopping

    79. Fatima Rasidi Zain


    80. Caltos Virnam

      so many incels in the comments "Oh she did bad yet they still want equal pay" when they know basically nothing, 1. She was still pretty fast, the other guy definitely seemed like he could've done faster but no one is considering about 2. They could have different experience, he mightve been doing this a lot longer (ignoring the jokes that can come about that) so he's more used to it, 3. They could be training her, she might be new so learning how to do it fast with efficency, making sure it's done fast while the sizes are basically the same throughout and lastly 4. They're just having fun, either because theyre bored, to keep work morale up so people arent just depressed while doing this, so incels, shut it

    81. Noelia Melillo

      Que son

    82. Kf Gamer

      Yah Lal Lal Sar kya hai yah To Bata dete

    83. Tim Yassa

      What is that stuff??

    84. Dani Liendo

      Yo creo que tú fuiste el que le hiciste los caramelos de limón a mikecrack

    85. Samuel Rodrigues Fernandes


    86. Ian McCallion

      Only done half the work still wants the same pay.

    87. Dennis Röwe

      Sweet Lady

    88. Debora Priscilla

      Jesus Christ loves you he wants you well he wants to give you the happiness that you do not have your soul he has already bought just you accept the purchase that on the cross paid

    89. Fredrik Von Malmborg

      Why is 90% of candymaking vidoes these round hardcandys, ive never in my life eaten, bought or even seen them.

    90. Saskia Bechter

      I love candy 🍬

    91. NJB Motocross

      What are thoes

    92. νιяαт

      Chop em' out. Quick

    93. ألين

      ♥IraqI am

    94. Louis Pan

      What are they cutting?

    95. حسناء الرشيدي

      الرجال معطيها جوها😂

    96. De viagem!!

      Anne With an E, find a new job!!!

    97. retal and rodina roblox


    98. Ember Hydra


    99. Worstgaming Gamer

      Can I work there