UNBELIEVABLE Nvidia RTX 3060 Leak & RX 6700 XT Release Date

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    UNBELIEVABLE Nvidia RTX 3060 Leak & RX 6700 XT Release Date
    Nvidia's RTX 3060 originally had an MSRP listing of $330, however the new AIB models that were leaked online show much higher prices. Some models even reach $500 and up, making them far more expensive than what many thought the 3060 would be available at. Additionally AMD's RX 6700 XT had its release date leaked.
    #RTX3060 #6700XT
    RTX 3060 Leaked Prices - 0:15
    Is the RTX 3060 Worth Buying - 2:03
    RX 6700 XT Release Date Leaked - 4:01
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    RAM: 16GB @ 3800MHz 15 14 14 14 (1.47V): amzn.to/38Hh8C0
    CPU: R7 5800X: amzn.to/39zUlfg
    MOBO: ASUS X570 TUF Gaming WIFI: amzn.to/38O02CC
    GPU: RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra: amzn.to/3t9dagV
    CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62: amzn.to/2JJpXkL
    Storage: 2.5TB PCIE/SSD: amzn.to/33f0etc
    Case: Thermaltake Core X71: amzn.to/2W4KJmi
    RTX 3060 Prices Leak: coreteks.tech/articles/index.php/2021/02/22/rtx-3060-exclusive-pictures-and-pricing/
    6700 XT Release Date: cowcotland/status/1362325300726665218?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1362325300726665218%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fvideocardz.com%2Fnewz%2Famd-radeon-rx-6700-xt-to-launch-on-march-18th
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    1. Graphically Challenged

      GOAL: 2,000 LIKES! Will AMD be able to fix the mid ranged GPU segment and produce enough cards, or will they be too expensive and hard to get? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! RTX 3060 Prices Leak: coreteks.tech/articles/index.php/2021/02/22/rtx-3060-exclusive-pictures-and-pricing/ 6700 XT Release Date: twitter.com/cowcotland/status/1362325300726665218?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1362325300726665218%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fvideocardz.com%2Fnewz%2Famd-radeon-rx-6700-xt-to-launch-on-march-18th

      1. hohn

        Lets talk about it :))))))

      2. xxMurcuryxx

        @Shredder Orokusaki i am still saving up for my first pc custom build i need 2 parts cpu and gpu it’s almost been 4 months with out buying any part i want to die im honestly trying to buy gpus from youtubers at this point or offerup what im looking for is a RTX2070super and they are selling for over 1k on amazon tf i hv 307$ life sucks rn

      3. Shredder Orokusaki

        Since October try to get rtx 3080 and havent gfound one yet due to low supply. Fortunately my GTX 970 G1 GAMING still runs evrytghing at max setings 1400p 30+ fps but a employee on a shop told me one week ago that they except high supply on April or May. I hope he is right and i find one then!

      4. Graphically Challenged


      5. Douchenozzle McGee

        AMD won't fix it. At least they won't tell me what I can and can't do with my card. At least they won't gimp my card either.

    2. Equibit Gaming

      Just wait, will soon enough be cheap cards on the market.

    3. Mr. West

      i ended up snagging a zotac for $500 on amazon but cancelled it.. the resell on it is not worth.. $500 for this card is not worth. this is all BS.

      1. Mr. West

        @WhiteNinjainblack agreed

      2. WhiteNinjainblack

        That is good call Sir screw them both Amd and Nvidia.

    4. sean donovan

      The card is absolutely trash anyone who buys a 3060 is an absolute idiot!

    5. ANIS BENZ

      intel HD be like : dont worry gamer im still here

      1. WhiteNinjainblack

        And Retro games like Red Alert and Tiberian Sun

    6. yudhisr

      Long live 1060 Ti

    7. Andrew Bedford

      $490, for 2060 performance wow! these will go for $600-$700, its just appaling.

    8. F!zZ

      Here I was hoping to upgrade my GTX 970 by the end of the year. I guess it ain't happening any time soon.

      1. WhiteNinjainblack

        Actually that could happen wenn Mining craze stops.

    9. Colter

      Potential release date ha the scalpers already bought em all

    10. MON33YBOYY

      Wtf bro😭😭😭

    11. The Real Pure Essence

      Just get a PS5 which can do RT and some games at 4K 60. It’s about the same as a 2080 in power and will get better over time. Then when the gpus come back to a normal price in 2024, wallah!

    12. Gissersj

      Was waiting to buy a 3060 or 6700XT but REFUSE to pay these outrageous prices so sticking with my old 1060 6gb until the prices become stable

    13. Dethlok

      I gave $99 for my 1060 on Amazon when the 20XX series dropped guess ill be hanging on to it because im not paying these inflated prices

    14. Mitchell Goldstein

      Got a 1660 super to replace my 1060 3gb bc there's no way 2070s or 3070s will be either priced realistically or available at all. The bots will get the 3060s first for cheap then mine them all over again same old song and dance, why is everyone getting excited? It'll be a year at the most until any average person can put a 30 series in their cart

    15. Tzumer

      3:00 no comments about the cat? XD

    16. heri Helke

      If i could get my hands on one for 500$ i'd cry tears of joy. The prices of the biggest local retailer. RX580 830$ / 6800XT 2200$ / 6900XT 2900$ / RTX 2060 780$.

    17. voidling

      Yea wait untill they hit the market and they will go up another 150usd 3060 ti is at 700+ usd atm and no stock ...

    18. Cheesecake Patel


    19. Kelvin Hii

      Problem with AMD is unlike NVIDIA, AMD has to also supply both the Xbox SX and PS5, leaving less semiconductor supply for their GPUs.

    20. tzacanitu tzakanitu

      my order for Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 6800 O16G Gaming was placed on december 7th 2020 ...... Still waiting.

    21. Ryzen Division

      got my 6800xt so i could care less, last 5 years sucked baut last 2 and next few yeard is gonna be horendous. but no. AMD wont be able to supply much 6700 series gpus, and gonna be $500 +,

    22. Colin g

      DONT BUY MSI !!!!

    23. JP

      Supply demand eco works here. Yes I am sad.

    24. ANGeLITE

      yada yada yada

    25. Naser S.N

      man my main goal was to buy 3080 but after trying uncountable times and i didnt get any, i decided to go with the 3060 ti and now I just bought 2060super and fuck the 30 series :))

    26. Prekaz Vucetaj

      Damn so when I finally convinced my parents on $360 for the 3060 I get fucked huh? Stuck with this 960 2gb for a while longer...

    27. Graphic design for Free

      Until a mining crash prices will stay high I'm afraid.

    28. Kris conley

      I lost all my profit from Bitcoin buying a graphics card inflation is ridiculous. On a good note I didn't have the ridiculous prices pay only paid $50 more. Start saving now and hoping scalpers get tired and altcoin miners lose interest in graphics cards. By the way I got an RX 5500 xt 😭😭😭🙂.

    29. xForzaMilanx

      Where will we able to buy these on launch day? Nvidia website? 9 am pst?

    30. skurteh

      I replayed the start of this video like a dozen times 😂😭

    31. How to Guides and Reviews

      Posts a worthless leak every 10 minutes,

    32. ChartaBona

      Word on the street is that mining Coinflux and RVN are still very profitable on the 3060. Nvidia only nerfed its ETH hashrate.

    33. Maamimi

      I mean, who do they think is going to buy this? It’s too weak for the people in that price bracket and too expensive for the people who would actually want to buy it lol

    34. No lol

      This is what happens when major retailers force you to order it only

    35. Raj Aditya

      Companies themselves are becoming SCALPERS now😭

    36. Keith A

      I'm kicking myself now. Microcenter had 5 rtx3070's in stock launch week and I got there when they put them out for MSRP. I told myself I want the 3080 so I didn't buy one. Now they are $1200

    37. Also Mantis3254

      mans pulls a ricardo at the beginning of every video

    38. Jason Jansen

      Pretty. Obviously they will be expensive as shit n out if stock

    39. Yissnakk Lives!

      The 6700XT will have an MSRP of $199....go crazy AIB's, $600+ is more than reasonable...

    40. FINN's Just Another Day

      Nvidia don't care about customers. They are just greedy. Why would you sell a mining only card that will last maybe 1 year just to have to throw in the trash because you can't sell it because its worthless at that point.

    41. G M

      I mean, is it really that expensive? Everything is way more expensive at the moment. And with govment printing money like we’ve never seen before with their “stimulus” BS, inflation is about to make $500 nothing.

      1. Bog

        Same in romania but tomorrow I think they will make it 500 euro s

    42. Upstatenate518

      They needed to raise the price in order not to screw all of us who bought a 2070 super and 2060 super. I think it was absolutely intentional

    43. Archaic Hero

      I was lucky enough to get 6800XT at retail price within a week when it came out. I was hoping for 3080 instead but I couldn't get my hands on the... but at this point I'm so happy that I got that at all with all of this stock/price madness going on....

    44. Jesus MLG

      The RX 6700 XT is supposedly slower than the 3060 Ti, correct?

    45. Justin T

      I would rather pay them directly than these sleezy scalpers

    46. Swiffy

      We should boycott Nvidia

    47. Lee

      I bet you can’t even find anything close to $329

    48. Star Gunner

      Me with a 3080 bot giving AF agahahahaha buy EARLY

    49. Rick Hess

      I will not pay $500 for a 3060. I was willing to pay that for a 3070, but no way am I paying that much for a 60 level card. I’ll just keep my 970 another year

    50. Okman HV

      special for miners to buy

    51. Refluent

      $500USD ? Oh, boy I'm in Canada, and can only imagine how much it will cost, I need it for my first build, but I don't think I"ll be building a pc this year :(

      1. --

        around $630...and at that price i would just get a 3060 ti...if there was any

    52. Tom D

      No RT, no DLSS. Janky.

    53. SadChonker

      wait.. there is no 3060 fe ?

    54. Glenn Kamers

      These vids are a waste of time at the moment

    55. Chandler Maillard

      It's really, really short sighted to act like NVIDIA making mining cards is a good thing, for reasons that I shouldn't have to explain to a tech tuber.

    56. Low Profile13

      I am still surprised I managed to get a 6800xt today 😭

    57. Nom

      Who cares. It's not like to can actually get one

    58. PayPal

      All this guy does is complain about scalpers and stock while hoarding multiple graphics cards

    59. Nhan Thomas Nguyen

      Time to buy a used 2000 series i guess ;_;

    60. Cory Seaward

      Yeah, blame the miners and not the scalpers. Nvidia is a joke.

    61. Gaurav Uniyal

      Re-releasing 20 series as rtx 2170 rtx 2160?

    62. Meta Sense

      i'll hold on to my gtx 1660 for a while then

    63. Steve Holvoet

      paid 500€ for the zotac 3060... now give me my drivers dangit!

    64. EmeryAustin


    65. Skar@G

      if your life doesnt depend on these cards, dont buy them...

    66. Chad Franks

      a used 1080 is $500 on ebay..lol

    67. csandazoltan

      i tought i can snag one of the 3060... why are they this expensive? Scalpers is one thing, but retailers are scalping now? What the hell is going on?

    68. evz

      msrp of fe is a gimmick and false advertisement. it only available in us store and the stock are limited.

    69. NocopyTenda

      i have a 1050 ti rn and i really really really reallllyyyy want a 3060 pls guys dont buy so theres more in stock that i can buy ty :)

    70. Razzelz

      wow... i was really excited to get one this thursday..

    71. TheAnon03

      I remember when you could get a 70 tier for £300.

    72. mike m

      They are increasing the prices cause scalpers are making money of them so they decided to get some of the scalpers money you know ppl are buying at these high prices

    73. Iron Crab

      I was excited to try and get one of these to upgrade my 960, but after seeing this I might as well wait for 3060ti to become available. Not paying a cent over $390 for a 3060.

    74. Edi Sirio

      if it s true that the 3060 is only 19% better than the 2060 ...at that price it s useless. it should be like 200-250 $ for that level of performance...

    75. jung bjozhy

      Thank God I got rtx 3070 EVGA for 600 Imma keep it and not going to downgrade to 3060. I was planning to downgrade due to its price but then they raise the msrp. maybe thank you next.

    76. Zahry Darko

      Better qait for 3080ti in april. 3060 seems weak to me...

    77. Doct Point

      What about 330$ 😬🤕

    78. Shadow Reaperz


    79. StarFox

      Nvidia is pricing the 3060 like they know AMD won’t be able to keep up with demand.

    80. John Russell

      Is anyone even interetested in entry gpus especially with the insane price hikes

    81. Jan Schapdick

      Leak over leak over leak over leak over leak over leak.....

    82. Joseph L

      People will buy it. The 3060 isn't worth the price. Keep your 2000 series cards if you still have it.

    83. Joseph L

      Every time you swing your head, I picture the old Batman theme.

    84. Tony Tone

      Nvidia should be renamed to Michelin with all this inflation going on. Then we can call Jensen Huang the Michelin man

    85. Byron Kingston

      Honestly it's a bunch of dog water. Screw these prices. Went and just ordered a xidax so I don't have to pay as much markup. Seems like like best route and honestly pre builders are the issue also.

    86. Shredder Orokusaki

      Since October try to get rtx 3080 and havent gfound one yet due to low supply. Fortunately my GTX 970 G1 GAMING still runs evrytghing at max setings 1400p 30+ fps but a employee on a shop told me one week ago that they except high supply on April or May. I hope he is right and i find one then!

    87. Egelloc Daddario

      2 months ago: let's wait 3080 price to stabilized. 2 months later: 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿📈📈📈📈🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🤪🤪🤯🤣

    88. Eric B

      Unpopular opinion here. Other than the pricing, the Turing cards were actually pretty damn decent, despite the hate. Anything 2080 and above has enough power to tackle this upcoming generation of games.

    89. Robert Johansson

      over $500 for midrange card is a no buy

      1. Thomas Rossi

        500 $ is awful. Midrange should be 150-300 $

      2. Robert Johansson

        or $400...

    90. Cleetus Vonbehren

      I've really been wanting to upgrade my 1080 ti but it's just not worth it for me yet. Maybe next gen when supply has stabilized. Really wish geforce now would support minecraft rtx.... that's really why I want one. The only game I play with my son.

    91. Kingdomofrust

      It's ridiculous! It looks like Nvidia want to skim the gamers as well, not just the miners with the cmp cards. The whole nvidia company can do me a favor.... STICK THOSE CARDS RIGHT UP IN THEIR @SS! 🤬🤬🤬

    92. game ison

      its gonna be slower than 2070 super and will cost more than 2070 s should be. go fuck your self nvidia

    93. MuscleChicken

      man I was gonna get the 3060 ti but then I saw this card come out, its cheaper and it has 4gb more of vram, so I was gonna buy this one instead...

      1. Easton LeMon

        You must not know how GPU's work but its defintly worse than the 60ti

    94. Robert


    95. Marco B

      Seems like my msi black and red gtx970 has to serve me for long time before retiring :(

    96. fu5ionazzo 18

      Its nice to see the price being the same as what they said 😒😒 330 my ass

    97. gamtax

      Can't wait for $200 RTX 3060. That bubble's gonna pop quite soon...

    98. Raven Wolfe

      Thank god they "crippled" them to stop miners so we gamers can get these great deals.

    99. ILove Cake

      I hope the price drops soon my 1080 is on its way out artifacts showing 🙏 😫

    100. 0xc1d3

      The tariff thing is a joke considering alot of these cards are shipping from Taiwan