Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)


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    1. Cowboy Kent Rollins

      Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

      1. Tom C

        @mrnigelng need your opinion on this guy's "fried rice"... lol defasts.info/title/video/fZqhiLTJmIfT290.html

      2. Darius Jordan


      3. Daz

        Love Kent Rollins, what a guy, and Uncle Wodga he’s alright too!😀😀😀😀

      4. The_Pesmat

        you made me realize Texas DQ has steak strip baskets and i cant forgive them for not having that here.

      5. Christopher Robles

        Hey Cowboy Kent, you got a new subscriber. Your recipe video was entertaining and despite some of the fun criticisms, looks very tasty! I might try it at home!

    2. lia

      i never thought I see felix in uncle Roger video

    3. tyler griggs

      You crossed line coming after Cowboy Kent

    4. jovidancefreak

      Uncle Roger! You should start remaking all these cooking videos that you see while commenting on it! Would have been interesting to see you actually try eating these different fried rices! Haha 😄

    5. James Hill

      Love the new intro uncle

    6. Slappy The Fish

      Heineken for kids

    7. The High Resolution Dora

      Cowboy Kent: “Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef” Uncle Roger: * Proceeds to insult his recipe, his sauce and his fingernails *

    8. The High Resolution Dora

      I think in most cases having a stove on fire is a bad thing 🤔....

    9. Anthony

      Do a review of Babish's fried rice; defasts.info/title/video/dMxpmd21mXSV0ck.html

    10. melanie llaga


    11. Daniel

      the only difference between you and Peter Chao is a pair of glasses, your videos are as original as your title, fucking fried rice

    12. Andy Head

      Thumbs up for the comedy. Thumbs down for the social distance bs talk. Stick to comedy and leave the lies to the governments.

    13. jjstarrprod

      I think we all agree that the absolute best joke is in the outtakes ^^

    14. Muhammad Zaid Bin Halimee

      14:18 he said sad but the caption said shit

    15. Jessica Thomas

      13:58 😂😂 bruh is to funny

    16. Clark Isophe

      Where is the meat

    17. Crap1st Class

      Me drinking a 10% beer while watching this. °.°

    18. bocoy noiu

      Watching while wearing my "Sorry Children" shirt makes it even better when he says it in widyo. 🥰

      1. bocoy noiu

        This is how many times uncle roger said haiya 👇

    19. Daz

      I love Kent Rollins, he is a great chap. However I also live Uncle Wwwroger.

    20. just_janice_247

      absolutely loved the bloopers!!! I am still laughing.

    21. Mary Shawn

      The "sorry children" is really getting old, please be a little more creative, your early show wer really good and researched

    22. nana 68

      He's old style english

    23. Nails By Madz

      Euwwwwwww No fricken thank you

    24. Emily Sheffer

      Kent: You know the next thing you do there, dongha? *inserts dirty thumb into food* Uncle Roger: NOOOOOO, DON'T PUT OH MUY GAWWWWWD LMFAO IM KENT ROLLIN' OVER HERE DYING LAUGHING RIGHT NOW.

    25. Daily dose of Hana


    26. USNMelanie Daria

      Damn right .....Felix is 5 💫!!!❤️🤣

    27. Baron Tamago Gaming

      9:46 I totally agree to uncle Roger. They should put heavy metal musics/songs to that part. Killing in the name of...

    28. ICE Za

      2:43 Do dark

    29. kai li in the buildingꜝ

      han jisung from stray kids isnt malaysian but he has studied there during his childhood and he still proudly talks about his malaysian memories from time to time so it would be nice if you mentioned him in your future videos as well 💓

    30. Zach Doughty

      City folks be scared of germs when your workin outside you wash your hands if you can but not a priority

    31. 황현지

      The harmonious moustache nomenclaturally overflow because crate phenotypically hunt circa a parallel select. evasive, living voyage

    32. Roxy c

      I love this so much

    33. Ha Neul

      i'd taste it ngl.

    34. Dexter MLBB

      I'm surprise the tent doesn't collapse after he did the pole dance

    35. Tyler’s random stuff

      This is how many times uncle roger said haiya 👇

    36. Alan Po

      3:21 sorry children

    37. Uncle Kay's Hub

      Ohhhhh so Uncle Roger doesn't talk like that😂😂😂😂 wow and I was here imitating you

    38. Ben Tsiphlidis



      Dia dapat tajaan arak la geng😂😂😂

    40. The Unidentified Changeling

      (11:05) but, I mean, it looks good to me. It doesn't look disgusting.

    41. Katherine Z

      I subscription you both :>

    42. Easein

      Rollins would not Slap Ya Mamma. But I would.

    43. Hackplays

      i live in malaysia

    44. Joshua Chan

      6:05 I was eating my lunch box with celery while watching this video. I looked at my celery for two seconds then I ate them all.

    45. Cheuk Kwan May Chan

      Damn…yeh yah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Killed me 100%

    46. Bill Michael

      Uncle Roger so damn cute.

    47. Little Birdie

      Uncle Roger, could you review Dan O's lobster fried rice?

    48. Nermal Jamslow

      My GF doesn't believe your accent is real. Can you please show her.

      1. wraith talion

        It isnt

    49. Tika Majere

      Be glad he didn't use brown gravy.

    50. For Reals?

      Well.. I do absolutely loves me some Kent Rollins, and while watching the blooper outro, I can see your sense of humor. I guess I’m just saying I truly loved this video. I hope Cowboy Kent didn’t get his panties in a twist. Something tells me that he has a sense of humor.

    51. Hesher Beats

      I did acid once and watched cowboy Rollins. By the end of the episode he looked like the devil in a 10 gallon hat. Not fun

    52. Blaine

      No such thing as 5 star Michelin. Only three Michelin stars are possible

    53. Amber Hillier

      Uncle Roger STAY confirmed

    54. Kim's Family

      9:33 Why you torturing the baby cow

    55. thestormishere

      Oh Washington DC is definitely watching us

    56. Daniel Hawkins

      Take a Pepcid or Zantac 30 minutes before drinking to prevent the red look from alcohol

    57. Maxx Black

      So funny.... Especially the bloopers

    58. EliteMiku01

      I want uncle roger anime.

    59. Jisung's Hypewoman


    60. c h e r r y y y

      12:20 STAYS RISE

    61. PATMcUSer

      Don't be war and drink zero alkohol beer. Your anchstors will hunt you

      1. PATMcUSer

        alcohol is like peanut for ashian people... ...don't be weak

    62. robert harding

      wegan lol

    63. MRSketch09

      "Maybe I should name my stove Auntie Helen" lmfao... This is one of my favorite episodes. Mainly because I like some of the food that ol cowboy cooks.

    64. Mehreen Tasnim

      Cowboy Kent drew the line at showing that scene of torturing that baby now 😡😡😡

    65. D

      Love outakes lol

    66. 313 ttv

      QUOTE:and havy enough to kill some one

    67. D

      I was today when I learned bullion cubes had msg lol, very informative (have a bit of confusion about people having those in their kitchen cabinet but go Karen insisting there is no msg in her take out at poor cashier becausethey were severely allergic *smh* ) now unpausing to continue video :) Thank you Uncle Roger

    68. Kelly

      "Uncle Roger says bad breath means you live good life."

    69. Blazing Onyx

      Kikko man sounds like a Mega Man character

    70. Carolin Reich

      Ok but could you react to stray kids cooking? Greetings from germany:)

    71. The Mighty Demo

      Next time you do one of these, make it step by step with them, that way you get to taste it too

    72. Javier Low

      So that means kids can drink also

    73. itz a ReAlLY hURtZ


    74. Ghost&Leo

      White southern people joke was hilarious 😭😂

    75. Lily Skye

      Omg FELIX

    76. big knees124

      How many msg does uncle roger snort

    77. Pnxgaming Ayaz

      Who wants uncle roger to try and cook all the recipes that he seen

    78. Ryeon

      Look forward to try the taste of cowboys fried rice

    79. Sky Werk

      I'm the one who turns into a bright red traffic light after a pint of beer :)

    80. Goo Enough

      Who the fuck would want to drink non alcoholic beer? Normal people don't consume alcohol for the taste.

    81. ToVee Tu


    82. Matcha Ch.

      Uncle Roger the anime

    83. Kayla

      How on earth did he get a Heineken brand deal from rice videos 😂😂

    84. Farhana Riduan

      I KNEW you're gonna talk about Jamie's reaction ahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

    85. xXBaconHair10Xx

      Uncle Roger on master chef episode!

    86. nja122890

      The "can't pronounce certain words correctly" blooper made me do a spittake.

    87. Itz Ibad

      Uncle Roger, I have big news. You made a debut in a popular Malaysian comic book, Lawak Kampus the 39th chapter page 69.

    88. John David San luis

      uncle roger can you react to joshua weissman fried rice

    89. Pravin Erode

      "Bad breath means you live good life" - Uncle Rorger, 2021

    90. Muhammad Hidayatullah

      Ehhh??? i cook fried rice using butter leh?? did I cook it wrongly?? 🤔🤔 Btw it's called nasi goreng mentega in Indonesia...

    91. Joshua Langston

      Watched this video cuz I love Kent Rollins... :D

    92. AZAM AMIR

      uncle roger please react egg fried rice from Indonesia youtuber.....this is the link defasts.info/title/video/lrqEsZ6mcIHX2NU.html

    93. Benjamin Wu

      Bruh i found this channel cuz of my school lol. Now I keep using Uncle Roger's accent.

    94. csc csc

      Hi, uncle Roger. I’m Japanese. Thank you for releasing a new review video of the fried rice cooking weejio. I was also enjoyed. Now, I will introduce for you an another cooking video I want you to review. It’s a recipe of egg fried rice with salmon. defasts.info/title/video/gbmQjc6cjWSUtqs.html This guy in this video is Mokomichi Hayami, a famous actor in Japan. He is also known as a cooking guy. He had performanced the techniques of cooking in a morning TV program for some years. It is called “MOCO’s Kitchen”. Since he says nothing in this video, it is unnecessary for you to understand Japanese with hearing(some Kanji characters appear as a letter,though). I wish you to review it.

    95. Darod Marinas

      i use 2 sauses and that is soy sauce and fish sauce

    96. Marty Ollier

      Ha ha, Steven Crowder did an "Asian rosacea" experiment on his show just a week or so ago... it's a thing.

    97. Raphaella Edward

      jamie got roasted everytime and i laughed everytime

    98. Jonathan Jr. B. Guerra

      Uncle Roger Just Sparking His Msg in Fried Rice

    99. Millsy Kooksy

      😂🤣😂🤣 this is so hilarious

    100. imasecret

      gero point gero