Urban Freeride Lives 3 - Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer

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    Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let's Go!
    ► Check out the Behind The Scenes Documentary "To The Limit" here:
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    Huge thank you to CONTINENTAL for supporting the high speed journey!
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    Am Vor year


    1. Alex Petrov

      HOW U ALLIVE???

    2. HEY GUYS

      Give mi a bike pls

    3. HEY GUYS

      Give mi a bike pls

    4. I Mohammad shafaie

      I can't believe this

    5. Jaishankar Vetrivel

      Upload new video

    6. Jaishankar Vetrivel

      Super cycle

    7. Jaishankar Vetrivel

      Amazing stunts

    8. Jaishankar Vetrivel


    9. Jaishankar Vetrivel


    10. Jaishankar Vetrivel

      Super ncs

    11. Jaishankar Vetrivel

      Wibmer the best

    12. Jaishankar Vetrivel


    13. vagg sp2

      How that's possible!!!

    14. Khalid Aitdada


    15. PreSyncc

      props to the bike that survived this

    16. LilikJox

      FABIO WIBMER is the best1 of bike

    17. Sanjay Kumar Yadav

      Excellent stunt you have done

    18. PR9 GAMER

      Bro you are great.....

    19. Iván Alfonso Andrade Ortega

      Como es posible que este Man no ha matado a alguien en estas acrobacias

    20. GoD TWO9

      Ainda bem q é montagem

    21. T1D phoenix

      ada boy

    22. Louis TANNER

      I don’t see how 31k have disliked this:(

    23. blue ray

      Good job bro

    24. KP Channel13

      Thats beautifull I like

    25. Rinku Boss

      Bhai mast 👌👍


      Hey! Fabio can you tell me about your stunt bike I want to buy also ???


      Is this video real how can a bicycle can run faster than a motorcycle. And he is still alive even performing most dangerous stunts???

    28. ahmet inal

      izlerken patladı amk

    29. Huy Dương


    30. J. K. Billore

      The Most fearless guy in the world. Fabio.

    31. Ulrich Heyder

      Zu wild

    32. Nitesh Jadhav

      Your lives itly

    33. Muhammad Hadi

      Song name

    34. Krishna Adhaduk

      Girl: Come over. Fabio: Can't Girl: Parents aren't home. Fabio:

    35. Apex predator

      I want him to teach me how to do all the stunts he did

    36. Mira Sulyvan

      the sweaty frame ...

    37. kara whitaker

      You need to clio out

    38. GrEaT 100%

      He went down the stair set the @Aaron jaws did

    39. Abraham Barberi

      The fools who disliked this video probably can’t even ride a bike 😆 Keep it up Fabio! Blessings from Mexico 👊🏼

    40. Bianca Quack

      Warum die Viedeos nur auf Englisch?😭☹😭☹😔😔

    41. Volga Mama


    42. chute mi#2076

      How my grandparents say they got to elementary school:

    43. Justinas Buelis

      How much times you change back tire on this video?

    44. فهد الجش

      شنو اسم السيكل

    45. selvakumar c

      ultimate fabio

    46. Nikhil Dhuri

      Me watching video My cycle: don't even think about it


      Nice stunt

    48. Tomás Cardenal


    49. Tomás Cardenal


    50. Cristian Fiocchette

      Súper amigo sos un crack 🤟

    51. PLAYER K10

      2:50 parecem meus vizinhos ali.

    52. Luis Angel Rojas Espinosa

      Que mirda es puro montage

    53. ahmet ebinç

      very good sin wow

    54. Andreas Kater

      Everyone : many times did his suspension bottom out in this video Me: 1,000,000 times


      sou brasil kkkkkkkkkkk que daora esse vídeo

    56. M & B

      Richtig gutes Video 👍 mach weiter so ❤️

    57. Lenno Bra

      Wie oft mustest du ins Krankenhaus?

    58. Shish Kabob

      I Like it the song

    59. Uaii Su7


    60. Uaii Su7


    61. Sidhvi _Official

      Imagine going to school like this 😅😅

    62. Baris Cifci

      Echt cool das war alles machst und was du kannst

    63. darryl roflo

      I wish i could have one of your bikes i think thats ib my dream only

    64. darryl roflo

      Im a big fan of you Sir from philippines your bike is my dream bike sir.. Keep safe

    65. connor radford

      You should try a one shot video Love the Vid😍

    66. Banana_ Man6453

      This was my face when I saw some gap a 8 stair 😮 and this is my face when I see you jump like a 40 stair 😲 but 5 times bigger

    67. BuzzVoid


    68. Netrix

      0:40 lyon 25?

    69. mandip kc

      Every body say where is mystery but how wilber is alive is big mystery

    70. Ravi Powar

      Seriously... The guy has no FEAR .. Great Yaar

    71. hamdiye bayar

      nediyon ıa

    72. 스쫄

      저러다 비퀴기 터지는게 아니라 내 불알이 먼저 터질듯


      Hi fabio lm your fan

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      O CARA É. PRO

    75. 10717 안진성

      보는게 더 무섭다

    76. Hockey Bro


    77. yamen ابن فلسطين Abu Khaizaran

      اشترك في القناة على اليوتيوب defasts.info/club/EHlBMoJvUH9YqbZJJNv2HA

    78. gamer boi

      When are you coming to sweden again?

    79. Laura Capruta

      Respekt! 👍💪



    81. Stefan Caliment


    82. Lerway Chase

      Hi,Our company has free MTB accessories, such as pedals, gloves,etc,if you are interested in them, could you help us test them and give us feedback, thank you.

    83. ابو طايس


    84. madhu jangir

      What the........................

    85. Paula Helu

      OMG amazing!!!!😎

    86. Joan Herlan


    87. Always Solo

      Dude just jumps the Lyon 25 no big 😂

    88. Starkus

      My brother was recommended this video to me

    89. Mindy Williams

      i love you so much

    90. B 47668

      dude.. that is badass..

    91. lionel Messi

      Medo:a Fabio: Disse alguma coisa?

    92. Tucker Luna

      I liked the part where he went down the stairs really fast. 🔥🔥🔥

    93. adam bakr


    94. Edison erwin Tubay lino

      Guao 😱😱 no tiene miedo

    95. Bart van Dun


    96. adam bakr


    97. Milos Jovanovic

      Sick Series: How many stairs can you gap? Fabio: Yes.

    98. Rajni sharma

      I wish that you will have 1 crore subscribers very soon😊