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    It's time to follow up on the UVLEN scam-busting, and Krazy Ken has some good news… and some bad news. Quick recap, the UVLEN claims to be "digital hand sanitizer," but… is it really? Check out part 1 of the initial scam-busing below…
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    Krazy Ken's Tech Talk - UVLEN Scam Follow-Up (Good News and Bad News)
    Special thanks to @bartek_chmiel1 (Twitter) for calling UVLEN, and helping out with the episode.
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    1. Computer Clan

      Special thanks to @bartek_chmiel1 (from Twitter) for helping me with this episode, and for getting in touch with UVLEN. I have more cool scam-busting / knock-off episodes coming soon (including the highly requested StarScope Monocular, and an AirPods Max knock-off), so feel free to subscribe and turn on the bell so you don't miss them! 🔔

      1. NoFish

        Can you look at brevite camera bags? They look nice but the website and ad feels suspicious, especially with the "sells out every 30 days claim"

      2. Nate Church

        @Computer Clan In case you didn’t know, you can force a chargeback through the bank you’re using after proving the company being uncooperative (depends on the bank usually). Sure, it’s only $15, but it helps tell that bank to not do business (or allow their customers to do business) with shady companies like these. ...I think... never needed to do a chargeback. I was just told this as I was opening an account. I might be totally wrong and completely misunderstood what was explained to me.

      3. Windows 7

        @Computer Clan I want you to make a video about destroying the fake Apple Watch just for shits and jiggles

      4. Eojin's Reviews

        How's the airpods max going? ;)

      5. Computer Clan

        @Shane Threlfall I don’t know what it’s made of, so I can’t replicate it exactly.

    2. bioLarzen

      Haha, Alibaba, dx and ebay are full of those cellphone-attachable telepohoto lenses which are all obviously crap (the ones that actually exist) - but at least crap on the cheap :D

    3. NikTech

      I have a suspicion that the man behind Lit Mobile, Blaux and UVLEN are the same because the websites of Lit Mobile and Blaux look very similar and when Lit Mobile went down, Blaux came and the same with UVLEN.

    4. noodles.

      HAHAHA when your “sales” department can’t explain their own “product”

    5. d610

      How awful there are so many scam products advertised on Instagram and there is no option for scams under report...

    6. Oliver Rohachev

      Ltt shirt? Lol I have the same one

    7. Bruce Baker

      "What's that weird sound?" Oh crap. It's the phone! The biz line for that bullshit uv plastic strip. What do we do? "Answer it?" Nah. Cancel the number and pull it from the site!

    8. Bruce Baker

      Dear valued client We are trying our best to protect you. First, we tried to keep you from purchasing by having a dodgy company name, glorptext sales copy, 10 random digits that look like a phone number, and a BS product. This was ineffective. Next, we tried to keep you from purchasing by refusing to process your transactions. Repeatedly. But you persevered and. in a moment of distraction, our shopping cart inadvertently took your money. Now desperate, we are trying to keep you from purchasing (or at least receiving) the product. We have shipped it to a random address, somewhere in the world. If this happens, despite our patented Rando Numberistics technology to be your address...we give up. And you can have the damn plastic postage stamp.

    9. Ljliljana Paunović

      do a video of covering augmented reality cuz i wann learn more of AR propretis

    10. Nii Goji

      I got an "Auron bottle" ad watching this video...it says you can purify water with UV lights....please check it out too.

    11. Marcus Anthony

      The wifix ad before this video was shocking! And kinda ironic that it was on the channel xD

    12. John Długosz

      "only out fifteen bucks" not even that: next call is to the credit card company to charge it back. I think, all things considered, it's better that this is a complete scam rather than just a fraudulent product. Otherwise, we'd have a bunch of people _using_ it thinking it is doing something, instead of using soap and alcohol to clean things.

    13. John Johnson

      Wow, Krazy Ken! There was an ad for star scope right before this video. It’s the first time I ever heard of it

    14. Oilicec Otos

      Only $15 x 100k suckers. They are laughing all the way to the banks.

    15. Peter King

      It’s half science. Yes UV light can be used as a disinfectant, but the way they attempt to do it via filters is complete BS. I do UV photography. You need two thing a UV sensitive sensor (most cameras don’t have one) & a UV filter.

    16. michael

      I have reported their business, been in contact with a Google Maps employee on reddit and twitter, and left bad reviews...the company is still there

    17. JP Thrower

      I’m guessing that it’s being shipped from China in a padded envelope which, because of trade promotion agreements many years ago, is actually cheaper than shipping domestic US and allows them to ship us cables that are sold for three dollars and still profitable. These don’t have tracking numbers and they take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.

    18. Eric G

      “I paid for the product a month ago” Screen capture shows “payment not completed” lol

    19. Tony Tuite

      This is what I expected from the end of your first video. That website is a classic "exit scam" where they get a bunch of people to buy a product that doesn't exist then cash out and disappear before the credit card companies can start reversing charges. The worst part about this is that I'd guess 20% of the ads I see on sites like Facebook are these scams, and social media platforms don't do anything to dissuade this activity because they're getting the ad revenue.

    20. Red Wizz

      Stop making "reviews" without having the product

    21. Sam

      Why is your mouth so small lmao.

    22. ahhchoo

      You should cover the guy who polluted youtube with his scam tech commercials. His ads are as annoying as those old Head On commercials. He always claims some scientist(s) spent years researching or getting fired for making the technology when in reality, it's just a Chinese clone phone, drone, teeth cleaner, etc.... defasts.info/title/video/qKKlmb67rpvVzpY.html He is also selling fake face masks too.

    23. omniemon

      To keep this uv thing going you should try some of those Sen on tv uv light wands to see if their claims hold up 🤔

    24. davewave1982

      You need a third Petri dish as a control for background.

    25. Nick Semertzides

      Fyi real far uvc light is invisible. The part you see is not what sterilizes

    26. Nenad Kralj

      plot twist: you are waiting so long for product bcs: 1. company employees: actually so you're 1st video 2. company employees: actually preparing for you legit UV light filter (which) actually will work 3. company employees: will actually invest into actual only working semple and send it to you 4. you: actually receiving working sample (testing it) working 5. company employees: can continue w/ selling "shenanigans" to other people 6. case closed (carousel goes round n' around)

    27. Kyle Deeter

      Do a video(s) on the beany that supposedly blocks out 4g and 5g "harmful" signals

    28. SAM HAM

      Cool, scam products get me buzzing every time, UV is real big in the scam scene now. No surpises but it was original, a smart phone attachment filter???

    29. Roach DoggJR

      Yeah they are scammers and they are scum. They just picked up what they made in cash and closed everything down. They are probably working on their next scam.

    30. UXXV

      Superb follow up. What is your theme music btw. Love it!

    31. Richard Vacanti

      I have a scam for you. The VOLK phone. Sounds great in concept like they have not made one phone yet and they’ve been taking orders since 2019 and they were supposed to be ready in 2020. Too hard to explain how everything was supposed to work in a text. But there are some good sources that tell you about it on the Internet. On DEfasts just type in the volk phone and Check out the very first video. It will tell you all about it I believe it’s a scam

    32. unreliableemployee

      What companies like this do is drag it out so you can't request a refund or flag it as fraud. Get your refund as soon as possible because I'm almost certain its not coming.

    33. Asari Patlineto

      I was very interested to see what this would end up to be

    34. HappyQuails

      UVC is never intended to disinfect skin. It also burns and damages the eyes. It is only intended for inanimate objects encased in a light containing case.

    35. Shoray Sharma

      And I know that was an Indian accent. 😂😂😂😂

    36. Anthony Cumia

      Please review clearphone from clearunited. Thanks

    37. Abdullah Mahmood


    38. TomGreen 99

      Bro just wants his $15.

    39. Star Wars Rush

      this guy is the applest apple fanboy

    40. cardsfanbj

      You could try out the disinfectant testing you could try finding different UV-C devices. I know I've seen some at this store called Tuesday Morning that's like a clamshell case you put your phone in to clean it.

    41. Criminal Brewing

      We need to get these scams prosecuted and shut down.

    42. Bruce Coleman

      If you want to check for UV light, shine it into a box of Tide powder. That stuff glows like mad under UV.

    43. David Brown

      Id Bet the CEO's of 'Wish' are some of your Biggest Fans!

    44. Fada Te

      For all this deflated hype they could have used a quartz UV LED connected to the USB port...

    45. L D

      Could you not chargeback the 15$?

    46. jasexavier

      Thank you for the follow-up; I'm glad others pointed out the frequency increasing technologies, and that they are extremely unlikely to be what's going on here. There are a variety of physical processes for passively converting light to higher wavelengths, using the energy in that same light. These tend to involve lasers, or fairly cutting edge tech that wouldn't be available in a $15 device. Even if one does believe that they have somehow made a cheap device with some kind of photon upconversion technology, the easiest way to tell this is a scam is that it's claiming to use UV-C to disinfect skin, which simply isn't done, even with legitimate UV-C disinfecting sources. When such a device is used in a room, generally the room has to be vacant. When a handheld device is used, PPE must be worn. UV-C isn't like the friendly sun-burn-causing UV-B, it will cause skin and eye damage. This damage is usually temporary, but it's still not going to be pleasant.

    47. Adam Foster

      They are busy sterilizing the world. Of course they don't have time for your shitty little email. Of course!

    48. Stephen Fazekas

      Google profits off of these scams they don't care

    49. Popplio

      I've been watching since 'Windows Crap Edition' and I've been really impressed with the channel after all these years. Keep up the good work!

    50. Dan McGarvey

      Ken you might want to look into novitec. They offer a wifi range extender that is supposed to defeat an ISP bandwidth throttling.

    51. seriously? with serious

      It would be funny if they actually cracked this tech

    52. skildude

      You'll need to incubate the petri dishes at 37 degrees to get optimal bacterial results. Also Sheep Blood Agar(SBA) would give even better results. those plates look like they for growing yeast. Also store the agar upside down. Lid on the bottom. This prevents most particles from entering the dish and contaminating the agar. I'm willing to bet that the Korean gov't probably is investigating them. This could be why they are not willing to commit anything to you.

    53. lewis shin

      im disliking cause i dont want this type of content in my feed the video quality is good and all but this isnt content i want so im disliking so youtube's algo wont keep putting it in my ****.

      1. ussenterncc1701e

        There's a "not interested" option on your feed. So you can still train the algorithm for you without negatively impacting the creator's likelihood of showing for others.

    54. frankthespank

      Why do you people need to sterilize your phones?! I never needed to sterilize my wallet or keys or anything else I ever carried with me. ::shrugs::

    55. Treynath84

      Wonder if that Lit Mobile one arrived or not. Doubt it...

    56. talha driss

      Kick stater crap

    57. RyuDarragh

      A device/technology that could do this does exist, but you would loose up to 80% of the output power. Depending on the wavelength in and out, you would see anywhere from scary to #%$!!OMFG%%#!!!! pricing.

    58. RealDeal

      dude uvlen is not even Chinese its korean lol im living out here in korea and it is real people actually uses them

    59. jmartinez1989j

      That's why I never buy anything from facebook ads did it two times and forget it never ever again. Facebook is a joke when it comes to ads . Allowing people to rip everyone off.

    60. red wolf92

      rather than creating a fake Kickstarter to scam people to buy their pseudoscience garbage like most Western folks do, this Asian company directly just sell you their non-existing pseudoscience garbage and straight up blue-balled your order.

    61. Lunar Lancer

      Quick way to test for uvc. Shine it on your skin. If it smells like cooked/burning pork it's uvc. Got that from @bigclivedotcom

    62. MC Chase

      It's forever a scam, Ken. You have been Escobar-ed

    63. squorsh

      Now i know that DEfasts content creators aren't supposed to tell their audience to do stuff, but as i am unaffiliated with them please go report their account on Instagram for being a scam.

    64. KYB77

      But hey that's just a theory a UVLEN theory

    65. savio rodrigues

      Hi indeed it seems to be all cap but in case you get it and try to plate the microbes on your agar plate, can you pleaseeeee do it under a laminar flow? Your current experimental setup is super flawed due to it being done under non-sterile conditions and will only draw criticisms from the company and tech you are trying to debunk. P.S. there are microorganisms that can survive UV treatment (some fungal spores have been reported to survive the forces of vaccum and UV in space)

    66. BillyBeamNG

      I got a ad for a scam called Smart Dot that “protects” you from EFM waves before this video.

      1. squorsh

        It's not a scam, if you wear it you won't be harmed by them. You wouldn't regardless but still

    67. Thomas Tarler

      Ken if you’re unable to hear back from the company - call your credit card provider and get a chargeback. Not only will you get your money back but the process raises a red flag for banks handling this company’s money. Enough are raised and they (and possibly significant owners) are blacklisted.

    68. Nilo Fido

      🤔 Technically almost possible to do.... LED’s do emit a small percentage of uv light, although by mistake, inefficiency to be precise, as modern LED’s start with UV light exciting a material that acts like a filter and lets through only visible light; if the filter is inefficient will let some UV go through... being used as a sanitizer though is quite unlikely as this UV’s are actually near UV, commonly known as “black light” and not powerful, the wave length is still too long, to damage cells. The other issue is that it is quite likely that phone manufacturers are using “cheaper” materials for the LED’s but also using an extremely cheap filter as the front glass of the LED to stop UV’s in the same manner as every photography speed light do, the front glass looks slightly yellowish, to stop UV’s....

    69. ejonesss

      if you cant talk about the earphone knock off you should not have even mentioned it because the knock off scammer may be watching your videos. unless you bought them using a burner friend (a friend you only use once) to prevent discovery.


      Just the fact you can't comment on their pages yet the same handful of names are all trying tobuy or sing it's praises on every post says it all...

    71. jintie

      However you’re getting captions for this video really needs to be checked, they’re pretty pathetic

    72. Slifer

      Ltt store DOT com

    73. B a r t S l i g g e r s

      Is it just me or ...The South Korean Guy one the phone speaking English somehow had a Dutch accent. You can hear it by the particular ehhm’s and uhmm’s, and the rhythm of his sentences.

      1. deykuzor

        Speaking as a Korean English speaker, Korean people tend to pick up mannerisms where they are learning english, but he didn't sound like he was from Korea, despite the province being Gyeonggi-do... It may have been a call center... But on the topic or Korean people speaking english, some do have difficulties with the "F" sound since it's not a thing, or the TH sound, since again, it's not a thing, and words ending with the "S" are also a difficult sound since the letter we use for "S" makes a "T" sound when at the end of a syllable.

    74. inial8tor

      6:07 i subbed

    75. Shinkansen64

      For some reason I got a uvlen ad on this video

    76. cujoedaman

      If you can't do anything with the UVLEN, what about a "side project" and testing the supposed "UV phone cleaning stations", I've seen Walmart selling these things and I can't find ANYTHING that proves if they work or not.

    77. Seth The Beat Machine

      My scambaiting bro AtomicShrimp was like what a minute I know all about scams hol up.

    78. Alaa alnajjar

      That's a lot of face

    79. Fox

      Funny thing is, on ebay you can find UV lights for cheap from shady china suppliers and they emit UV-C light... just not on purpose, or at least they're not advertised as UV-C emitting tubes. A proper health risk but a lot cheaper than the weird blue filter for the phone.

    80. seedorfj

      Why not file a charge back with your card company?

    81. Grayson Bedford

      facetime audi-

    82. mikeselectricstuff

      UVC doesn't go through glass. Also CRTs are designed to respond to an electron beam, not UV

      1. Fox

        That's a hard generalization. UVC can penetrate glass. Quarz glass is ideal, since it's highly transparent to UVC but it's not the only material that could be used in less critical applications where output doesn't matter as much. A normal, thin sheet of glass still has some UVC transparency. Like cheap sunglasses, not all sunglasses actually offer sufficient protection. Also monochrome CRTs utilize phosphor, which can be excited with UVC.

      2. cujoedaman

        But the screen of a CRT will glow when exposed to a UV source, like a black light. It's kind of a very, very pale green color.

    83. Jessica Wilson

      Just an FYI who wants a product that can do similar to what this says it will - gel nail lamps can sterilise (they use the same lights as phone soap) and they are very readily available in near endless form factors - including many battery powered and easily pocketable varieties.

    84. Wei

      suggestion, you should not post the video before u got the product. So the company wont run away or not responding to you.... With the product in hand you can show the prove to us with facts. With this we can just assume its a fake product. There are gullible people out there.

    85. Avg Joe Show

      I know it doesn’t seem like THAT big a deal because YOU’RE only out 15 dollars but the issue is that thousands or millions of people are out 15 dollars which means that this lying scammy company is taking in millions. “I’m just out 15 bucks” is EXACTLY what they want to hear

    86. Shay Devlin

      I keep getting the USB ad that says that the laptop can run without the HDD even though he's holding the cd/dvd drive

    87. Jani Akujärvi

      Anyone stupid enough to fall for this scam deserves to die from China Flu.

    88. imark7777777

      Don't forget about the banana test you don't want your bananas to have sunburns I mean you do want your banana to have sun Burns. Big Clive has a lot of video resources including one that links to the banana video.

    89. Steve - ThatRandomGamer

      What next? Make hand sanitizer from thin air?

    90. Матвей Андриенко

      Btw, petri dishes are supposed to be stored in a fridge (or a refrigerator) so nothing grows in them

    91. insert_name_here

      As a foreigner in Taiwan, I can tell you that during Chinese New Year, companies do not work at all during the whole week. That being said, this is obviously a scam.

    92. lizard450

      Call your credit card company and do a charge back. It's criminal not to attempt to get your money back

    93. Iam Gömböc

      Thanks. It's like part of mankind has accepted scams and are comfortable with the idea of having them all over the place. Mankind is quickly climbing back to the tree :/

    94. Andrew F.

      Always research before you buy just about anything. Make sure you watch actual reviews and know what you're actually gonna get.

    95. Ian Zamojc

      I like products that say "military grade". The military typically awards contracts to the lowest bidder. It doesn't mean "over spec", it means "just barely in spec".

    96. hg md

      You should probably get rid of that bacteria as soon as possible if it gets a lot more worse

    97. Marcus Jones

      nice ltt hard drive shirt :D

    98. Alba Formiga

      My biggest problem with this is that you can't use UV C on your SKIN, even a small amount can really damage your skin

      1. SusanIvanova2257

        That's the thing that's been bugging me all the time with these things. Even if it worked it would straight up burn your skin. There's a reason UVC is used to disinfect surfaces or tools but not human skin.

    99. Matthew Tipple

      Ya know, seeing Atomic Shrimp post here, and then LegalEagle with The Spiffing Brit just makes me know all DEfastsrs know each other at this point.