WandaVision Episode 7: Every Clue About the Agnes Reveal EXPLAINED


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    WandaVision Episode 7 reveals that--as expected--Agnes is actually the witch Agatha Harkness. But the twist is that Wanda isn't controlling Westview. In fact, it’s been Agatha, all along.
    We comb through the show for every clue that Wanda and Vision missed, that Agatha was the actual villain. We also speculate about Agatha’s plan, and that strange book in her creepy dungeon.
    Katherine Hahn puts on a clinic in this show, and it’s an absolute delight to watch how she imbued her “neighbor next door” with a hint of malice.
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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
    Edited by Antonio Polito and Katherine Woloson
    #WandaVision #EasterEggs #Agatha

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Did you like the reveal?

      1. IcywølfX

        Not really. I didn't see much lead up.

      2. Chip


      3. waz

        I just liked the trap remix of the song lol

      4. Funksultan

        I've love to see the arms on ya, because 90% of what you're saying here is quite the reach. The brooch and purple? Yeah, but after that it's all off the rails. The norns? C'mon. Please just call them theories. Reveal indicates you're showing something planned, not taking these over-the-top wild guesses.

      5. Ville Hankipohja

        Do you understand that your video title is a massive spoiler?

    2. Karen Dantas

      slight correction, it was a cicada at 11:40, not a moth :)

    3. Roxterat

      04:56 - lol what was that frame? :D pulling strings?

    4. mediocre at best

      watching this video after the last episode... your predictions were incredibly spot on, so spot on infact that it's kind of creeping me out...

    5. Alex W.

      When Agnes met Wanda for the first time she used the term "charmed" after Wanda introduced herself.

    6. Jay Montecalvo

      Dotty was vengeance demon in buffy

    7. TonyPyston

      Nice fight Club addition👍

    8. Jenifer Joseph

      This was still Wanda for the most part. Episode 9 confirms this. She did control Norm, and all the others. I know it’s easy to blame this world on Agatha but it just isn’t true.

    9. Joshua Evans

      Got to be honest, these are some tremendously bad takes o.O

    10. Elliot G

      "And in the opening credits, she has Naughty written on her butt." My eyes have been opened. That's all you had to say, fam, the rest is just window dressing.

    11. Colin Mathura-Jeffree

      Great edit- Hi from New Zealand.

    12. Fabien

      annnnnnnd you were wrong 13:04 of bullshit

    13. boosie

      That’s a cicada not a moth ⚰️

    14. Bryan Martinez


    15. GrandmastahT

      do you know what a moth looks like

    16. Elongated Muskrat

      Sorry, but, like, they're dead now...

    17. Amber Malmstedt

      Who is that? 4:57 there is a flicker of an image of a man.

    18. Toby The Tortoise


    19. Being Sherlocked

      Quake aka Skye/Daisy Johnson grew up in St.Agnes Orphanage. When I saw ‘Agnes’ as a name in WandaVision, first thing that comes to my mind was quake. Also the orphanage is in hell’s kitchen so in some way it’s connected to daredevil? 🧐

    20. ViolentOrchid

      What's the random guy popping up about?

    21. Amber Belle Leonhardt

      "Robot breeding stock" no thank you

    22. Naveen Paraparan

      The elite lily infrequently march because mail genetically sneeze towards a gainful nylon. five, overwrought sailor

    23. Starmander53

      And wanda knew there was an out side world she made the place they're in And the boys already are able because if wanda is able to be 4 months to 9 months pregnant then they are able to grow faster

    24. Starmander53

      The purple blast from black panther is kinetic energy being released out of the suit if you watch the black panther movie

    25. waitandrender

      Fan theories and rumor mills like your channel are a cancer to the internet.

    26. pefanti

      You should look up the Triple deity, it is a very recurrent iconography. In classical religious iconography or mythological art, three separate beings may represent either a triad who always appear as a group (Greek Moirai, Charites, Erinyes; Norse Norns; or the Irish Morrígan) or a single deity known from literary sources as having three aspects (Greek Hecate, Roman Diana). (from Wiki)

    27. Newy Diver

      Not a moth it’s a cicada

    28. Nicolas Charalambous

      But its not a moth. Thats a cicada

    29. Interitus

      the Black Panther in the intro is probably in memory of Chadwick Boseman.

    30. May Fitzgerald

      The simplistic moat tentatively embarrass because signature biomechanically load plus a homely spinach. alive, jazzy fur

    31. Dylan Draper

      Why was there a brad pitt subliminal cropped in at 4:57 😂😂😂

    32. Verde Tejuela Natural Podcast

      The three witch can be just an Hecate necklace. Hecate is the patroness from witches all over the world and has a 3 form + The book is a witches book that has an special name. Is the book where only the witch owner can write what they learn. It can be stolen from her coven

    33. Eric Ellertson

      whats with the 4:56 brad pitt?

    34. Razvan G Stanica

      Brad Pitt?

    35. ragebrick

      4:56 XD

    36. who is massa

      Did anyone see Brad Pitt at 4:57?

      1. who is massa


    37. Alisha Stijlemans

      At first I thought Agatha was a villain created by Wanda so Wanda had someone to blame instead of her. Because the whole 7th episode she was like “am I the villain?” So my theory was that she didn’t want to be seen as the bad guy and made a new storyline where Agness was a villain. But seeing that Agatha is in fact a real villain in the comics,I am debunking my theory here haha, would have been some cool psychology though

    38. Flyder nov

      one thing, at 5:26 you say Agatha bewitches Herb to cut through the wall, however, you can see that there already has been cut through the wall...

    39. PeaceLoveAndRico

      that mcphee guy is gonna be a twin...

    40. Wimpy Tiger

      4:56 what the fuck

    41. Astral Tourist


    42. Caroline M

      Thor's mom in the avengers said she was raised by witches.

    43. Laryssa

      Brad Pitt?

    44. Moon Warner

      This is literally just. Innacurate, and rather stupid to make before episode 8 came out, where agatha's actual intentions were revealed. She wasn't controlling westview

    45. Adam Moren

      Say "Hi" to Tyler for me.

    46. DaneelFoyer

      Why is Tyler Durden there?

    47. imaginaryobserver

      I like how Agatha introduces herself as the neighbor from "my right, not yours".

    48. DJ Flint

      4:56 Was that Tyler Durdin or Constantine?

    49. Banana :3

      another thing is that book might be the missing book from dr strange that we see in the library thing

    50. Ahnaaf Taorid

      Look at 4:57 in slow mode a man apears

    51. Michael Fletcher

      Those aren’t months. 🙄

    52. Harm de Bruin

      Why is there a brad pitt still in the video? XD

    53. Amadeus World

      loooool caught you're fight club easter egg

    54. Ceez B

      these recaps make me realize I missed 90% of the show... like I watched it but most of it went over my head.

    55. Lee Hamilton

      End game the scarlet witches dome engulfs the world bring mutamts

    56. marburge

      What was the thing that pops up @4:57

    57. Jude Loire

      The insertion of Brad Pitt's Fight Club frame at 04:56 made me laugh.

    58. Kitty Gianelli

      Agatha was Scarlet witch’s mentor in the comics

    59. Austin Boyd

      What's with the brad pitt cameo?

    60. Pierce Witcher

      who is that guy at 4:56 hes very hard to see he pops up for like a milsecond so keep your eye out

    61. James Wæn

      Tyler Durden isnt real 4:55

    62. eklxtreme

      who's the person that flashes at 4:56 ??

    63. sneaxy

      bruh agatha bit spiderman

    64. rollership

      lol some of this sounds like a stretch but a lot of it clarified the show for me..thanks!

    65. crandf

      Your theory is very over simplified. An uber powerful 300 yr old witch would have done a lot more harm if she were truly evil. MCU movies have grown to be more plot centric with realistic characterization. My guess is that Agatha is not evil now. But she will probably try to kill Wanda to stop her from losing control. Monica, red Vision, and the twins will fight her and in the end convince her to help Wanda undo the bubble reality while keeping red Vision alive.

    66. Leandra Cariker

      Agatha doesn't want Wanda doing the sitcom thing. That's part of Wanda's childhood and one of her ways of dealing with grief. That's explained in the episode

      1. Leandra Cariker

        Hated this video. You: agnes did it all The actual episode: **agnes trying to figure out how wanda did it**

    67. vocal stan

      i don’t really think agatha has control over wanda, i think she’s just been trying to pull evil strings each episode to expose wanda / testing her. the reason why wanda doesn’t “know” how she created everything in the first place is because as you said, she might have this split personality that she created. she alters her personality in the sitcom by simply not remembering the real life stuff.

    68. Joshua Bigbee

      The hypothesis that it's Agatha controlling the people like Vision's coworker in the wider world is seems to have proven incorrect. Agatha herself asks Wanda how she is doing it and marvels at how powerful it is to have spells running autonomously a quarter mile away.

    69. Salsy Sierra

      You became the worst villain because you killed our floof boi :

    70. MrcS

      brad pitt flashes on screen at 4:55

    71. random gamer

      at 5:26 I disagree he cut the wall be she came u can see it in scene

    72. Tsuthoggua

      Why is Brad Pitt lurking at 4:56 ?

    73. Deivy Maybe

      4:56 Rad Pitt?

    74. Justin Pippin

      My wife just pointed out that when Darcy punched the circus guy it made a metal noise. Her fits might’ve fused with the handcuffs!

    75. Walter Quick

      :-D I dig the Tyler Durdan appearance at 4:56! LOL

    76. Mark Rocque

      Big reveal: ya, I don't know who that is

    77. Stormfighter

      It is fun to see this now since a lot of things are not true since it's actually all (almost everything) part of Wanda's creation, but still, the rumor about the witch trials was on point!

    78. SquidGirl Inkvader

      You missed something. Who’s the creepy guy mysteriously appearing subliminally at 4:54??

    79. Happy Tricera

      I think the 3 people on the necklace are Wanda Agatha And Donni all being a witch.

    80. Joseph Kuzdal

      Here's one: The commercial for the yogurt "Yo' Magic" with the slogan "Eat Yo' Magic" and the guy wasting away on the island. Sounds kind of like a hint that Wanda's magic is being 'eaten' or drained.

    81. Charles the Toppat

      Click bait!

    82. Aj Hunter

      cicadas. not moths.

    83. Hugo G

      Lmao Brad Pitt

    84. Keiron Raven

      4:56 😲 fight club

    85. Jean Garcia

      So I entered here to watch the clues from WandaVision about Agatha and in the last 10sec you spoil me the comic and possible future Disney+ serie with the new characters. Sneaky.

    86. James Teutschmann

      This video didn't age well.

    87. Martina Vikman

      4:56 why is there a split second where a picture of Brad Pitt pops up??

    88. hooded_tomYT

      rule number 1 we don't talk about fight club

    89. Matt Jordan

      Interesting how immediately after saying "devils in the detail" Wanda is pregnant. Vison and Wanda both go home and repeat the sentence. When Agatha says "thats not all he's in" Does she mean Wanda herself? As a metaphor for the kids of mephisto being inside Wanda herself.

      1. Brett Weatherbee

        Either that or in the children as a part of Mephisto's soul (The devil is in the children)

    90. NewFemtex

      Agatha is also the only only character that doesn't mention feeling depressed/drained/alone from being in the Hex. I was waiting for it in the episode where Vision "wakes" her. Wanda states to "Pietro" that she feels alone and essentially grief ridden and as the program unfolds she's getting more and more depressed - as mentioned in the video.

    91. Bente Boucher

      the flie is memphisto (the devil in the mcu) because memphisto had his first appereance as a flie in the comics

    92. Aaron Schappell

      Not moth - a cicada.

    93. Jordan Fowler

      Good try, but you just tried to put a lot of meaning to things that wasn't there...

    94. Domstomper

      Tyler Durden 4:56 hahaha nicely done

    95. Vishrut Krishna

      ]we saw that it's not Agnes controlling her to create a dream reality, she for sure created this on her own due to her trauma loss

    96. Bella’s Vlogs

      The garrulous fur energetically remain because margaret quickly share before a useless cork. peaceful, difficult feedback

    97. dakren12

      Didn't know Brad Pitt, sorry I mean Tyler Durden was in the cast of WandaVision :D @4:56

    98. Will. P.

      Cicada, not a moth I don't know how that would change your agatha/witch clue thing

    99. Sonia

      Why is Brad Pitt on the minute 4:56? XD