WARNING LIVE FEEDING!! African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

frog time

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    African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

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    1. elvira desuyo

      Me:*always seeing spider* Frog:(exists) Me:{lots of toad in the pond} Welp

    2. Ash Fisher

      okay I kinda feel bad for the spider *kinda*

    3. Freddy Batata

      In the end, the frog kept the last legs visible becaus that is a trophy for it.

    4. Mr. Goose

      The poor spider :(

    5. Hi There

      Why did I laugh at this-

    6. Havokikk

      Frogs can't see things that are perfectly still, spider just had to play it cool.

    7. Nik U

      we need spiders, they kill flies. we need frogs, they kill spiders.

    8. Chris Weber

      This comment section is gay

    9. messias p

      Cut frog ❤❤❤😅

    10. oz vi

      can someone make an anime fight scence about this

    11. Axel

      I legit didn't know who was feeding on who in the title

    12. Nicollas

      Spider corajous

    13. Rach ael

      I like how at 4:54 he backs away like "oh my bad, I'm sorry, your good, your good. Not gonna hurt you little buddy" and then NOM

    14. Jonas Nickolai

      U gotta love froggos after this video

    15. Kyro iOS

      I only clicked to see which ate which 😭😭😭

    16. Jonas Nickolai

      U gotta love froggos after this video

    17. SweetlyxEdxie

      5:45 that's me stuffing all my food at once just after seeing this video

    18. MojitoBandito

      Fuck me he is chunky

    19. Head Of Steel

      Its like Australia vs. Africa, and Africa wins

    20. Neil Black

      Anybody know what the toe tapping music is?

    21. Benjamín patata asada

      5:26 me eating the complete burger

    22. Dinoplay

      El vídeo 🎃🎃☠️☠️☠️ La música : 😄😄😄☺️

    23. machia0705

      Democrats vs American middle class

    24. Bobby

      This is a smart frog standing still waiting for the perfect time to attack!

    25. TheReviewKing

      That spider ran out of its leg.

    26. GeralDOB


    27. Walter Black

      Looks like eating a crab.

    28. John Conquest

      This music sounds like it’s from a Monopoly menu screen.


      when "FROGITS" need EXP 😂😂😂

    30. Allen Yakubov

      4:11 Frog: OH HELLO THERE Spider:Oh shit

    31. Zachary Vitto

      Whats your reaction at 5:00 and 6:05 in the video??? poor ass spider😥😥

    32. Phantom Arts

      5:11 GET IN MAH BELLEH!!!

    33. Ain't Heather

      The sounds makes it less scary thank you

    34. The Legend

      This music feels really inappropriate for a live feeding lol

    35. 0o0Lo

      Friend spider: "so you are going to meet this frog guy" Spider in the video:"yeh bro" Friend spider:"heh break a leg" 2:03

    36. KEN gaming

      the frog eat the legs first to make the spider legless

    37. Kyle Villa

      Hooman: gimme content Frog: aight how bout 8 mins of torturing a spider while playing a nice music? Hooman: *shakes hand*

    38. MiTR

      Сначала было непонятно кого кем кормят

    39. Aditya Raj

      Frog literally eating the spider bit by bit torturing it Le music: 🥳🥳

    40. ARDH8

      Im having frogs as pets now 😳😳

    41. CDDevelopment

      I clicked on this not knowing which one was going to be getting fed

    42. Purple Cat :3

      Spider when he had six legs left: *ha I am now an insect*

    43. Slash Blade

      This is like Chrollo lucifer Vs. Hisoka the magician clown.. Battle of the death.

    44. Ronnie Bunao

      Ahhpoor spider

    45. cody

      First of all i aint even know frogs got down like that, i aint ever clowning on one again

    46. Shamus Mcreary

      2:01 1 leg down, 7 to go

    47. rafael letaba

      Spider: haha filthy amphibian you're trapped!! Prepare to meet your doom! Frog: what you dont realize is you're locked in here with me! Nomnomnom

    48. Anders Olsson


    49. 6amsunset

      spider: is tear apart limb my limb, its life ending in terror and pain as this ferocious predator eats it piece by piece the music: 🎺🥳🎊😎👏🎉😊

    50. Shamus Mcreary

      0:59 😂

    51. Simenbo

      He do be sittin doe

    52. Empty

      It has a mustache

    53. Perry

      That spider got Merced

    54. Libra Steps

      I was on the frogs side the whole time, I HATE SPIDERS!!!

    55. Breaking The Pump

      I like how the frog is so chill the whole time xd

    56. Oi Sia

      0:42 the best way of saying I don't trust you😑

    57. Xxdarkdragon5322 YT

      The spider though he can catch him off guard

    58. Pranav Prabhakar

      Me : Has a Phobia of Spoders Frog : That ain’t happening.

    59. Emily Johnson

      I feel so bad for the spider. Its really pretty and was ripped apart. But everything has to eat I guess 🤷

    60. klimundas1

      Hypno toad

    61. _ReBuS_

      еда слишком большая

    62. Davion Jackson

      bro watching the frog devour it in slow motion with the music has me crying lmao 5:12

    63. PsycHo hand

      I guess I'm not an *stand user* cuz I can't see their stando...

    64. DanVMan

      Spider : Dead Frog : i am... INEVITABLE


      This is the best 1:48 you dare attack me.

    66. Jeffrey Ray

      That spider thought it was big shit until those legs started coming off.

    67. Greg Sithole

      Anyone else got this recommendation today?

    68. Slain

      I’m gonna get me a couple of African bullfrogs for my apartment, let em just chill around

    69. Tony Wolf

      Unfavorable terrain for spider It even lose it ambush factor and cant run Poor Peter

    70. Hikidy123

      7:17 the frog won

    71. Micael Matos

      Onde é que eu tô, cade os BR

    72. KVL Gamer

      The frog be like:"oh look a crawling dinner"

    73. Veka

      Imagine getting your limbs ripped off one by one and then dying by eaten alive. Also why does the spider never learn and keeps getting closer and closer to the frog

    74. Kevinev Henaff


    75. Mimimimi mimi

      Spider at the beginning: 8 legs Spider at the end: 3 legs

    76. AALiYAH x

      Its da way the frog just staring at the camera &- happy upbeat music playing faa me🤣🤣🤣

    77. Richard's World Traveler

      When the spider only had 2 legs left it was like what are you waiting for? Get it over with already.

    78. Nathan Hansle

      Spider: Why am I hearing boss music?

    79. Mikael Toillier

      what a beautiful frog I would like to have

    80. AB_ Pacia

      6:03 Frog with mustache

    81. AB_ Pacia

      That spider turned into two leg man in no time

    82. Abhijeet Kuri

      I feel sorry for the spider.

    83. gamer guys

      Spiderman left the chat

    84. Mihailo Petrovic

      How isn't this animal abuse

    85. ben_the_goat1

      imagine waking up to that spider right next to your head. that would scary lmao

    86. tope james

      One leg at a time😄😄😄😄

    87. Joe Irion

      Poor huntsman. I love those spiders. So good to have around.

    88. Owen Morvan

      my body itches

    89. Pharr Shot

      Lmao, poor Huntsman Spider... 😂😂😭😭 Had it's damned leg's ripped off ONE BY ONE, IN HELLA' PAIN!! 😂😂💯💯💯😭😭 I think that ya' can tell when & where the frog actually had gotten bit when tryna' eat it, there within that last min or two, 'Ttebayo? 😂💯👍✌👌💯😂

    90. cpt_obvious 321

      Frogs slow ribbit turns into rip and tear.

    91. Akiira

      Why do I watch this while eating

    92. SID Ramz

      I love how the frog tries to fit the spiders legs in its mouth with its widl hands

    93. Tappymouz

      Smart move eating the legs one by one

    94. Eddie Rain

      Welp so much for spiderman

    95. irma axel

      Kumbang bertanduk

    96. Divine Beatz

      Why this song tho

    97. Caleb Chambers

      Somewhere, Jiraiyas is smiling

    98. Ten 5144

      Frog: *Doing it’s thing and chasing and eating a spider* Me: *has arachnophobia, squealing, trembling, and sliding off my chair while two friends laugh and wonder what the hell is wrong with me*

    99. Felipe

      Yo, it was sad for me cause she wanted to escape for her's live ;-;

    100. Ian H

      Mike Tyson: I'm tho badath Bullfrog: hold my beer...