We had a Very Lucky Escape! | Plus a van update with Husky Sherpa

Sherpa's Day

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    Find out why we had a very very Scary day!
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    1. MonstermindCEOBdclub

      curtain next to/ above burning candle = not advisable . when curtain accidentally blows over the candle = bye bye time .

    2. Mllê Melocotón

      How blooming cute and fun is Sister Sarah! “I’ll pay you back, £2 a month.”

    3. Rumple Stiltskin

      I love you guys, I will always send you my protection!!! "Wherever you go, you are loved!!!

    4. Kerry_n channel

      Oh no I missed this video now I will see

    5. ADogsFriend

      Are air horns legal there? Sorry for your scare, glad you both are ok.

    6. J Pryor

      Try a Lil air horn or some loud noise maker on those horses. Idk.

    7. Carefreeblues

      I had an untrained & aggresive, off leash GSD chase after my malamute once. I was scared shitless and did all I could to shield my fluffball, I can't imagine having to take on a horse. Glad you and Sherps are fine!

    8. Giada Tarasco-Clavio

      Holy crap! I am glad that u are ok guys xx💙

    9. Dave Hart

      Ok.... just want to take a moment, the guy shoulder barged a horse, your man points went off the scale that day. Prob a good thing you werent recording, the language wouldnt be youtube friendly. As for self defence, what about a airhorn and a bright strobing light? Best to avoid that area tbh, prevention is better than cure

    10. genevieve bonneau

      What are those people at 15:21 doing?

    11. Arturas none

      Horsey just wanted to say hello! and then told his mates that you being rude :D

    12. Rockycodeman

      Get a whip like the one Indiana Jones used to fight off the horses.

    13. SW77

      Bloody hell, that is a hell of a situation. Never knew horses could be that aggressive. Obviously they're very powerful creatures, and I guess - would attack if felt threatened. But it doesn't sound like that horse felt particularly threatened in this case. Strange - and definitely scary. Glad you boys are alright

    14. Laura Nielsen

      THANK GOD you are both safe! ❤️❤️🐾❤️❤️

    15. Jack Eppington

      What you need is the kind of umbrella that shoots knockout gas from the tip, like James Bond or John Steed.

    16. M Mac

      Jamie! Hopefully you see this. Do you have representation? I'm not promising anything at all but I'm a marketer and quarantine has given me time. Anyway, an email would be great. My apologies beforehand, my emails tend to be long :)

    17. Neil Burns

      You may want to carry something that perhaps makes a loud noise in order to try and scare the horses off. Something like a wee hand held airhorn or whatever that they used to have at football matches on the continent.

    18. Kate Winslow

      Air horn?

    19. Sam Marchetti

      Somebody say fish stick?

    20. Trucker Jason

      Any news on the cost of repairs? Maybe there is something that Sherpa's fans can do to help?

    21. Bev W

      i'm a bit late, but something easy u can get to help if it happens again is one of those attack alarms that go on your keys. horses (and most wild animals) hate really loud noises, so will likely bolt away if they hear it. easy to carry for you, and poss peace of mind

    22. Larry Nottingham

      Sherpa may be suffering PTSD and you may need to seek help for him. jk. How about carrying an air horn (I think that's what there called) I think they make small ones and hopefully legal in the UK. But it also could scare Sherpa... Hugs and kisses Sherpa hope you are much better from that tramatic experience you sweet angel. 👼

    23. Kim Robertson

      Glad you guys are safe, OMG that was scary!

    24. Embur12

      Stop horsing around...lol

    25. Paul Moadibe

      nice rug... "Sherpa, get up !" oops...

    26. 132900dx

      What happened to van and are ok to Brother

    27. 132900dx

      Sorry to hear it was a negative experience... Need not worry , just beautiful horses were scared too...Sherpa is safe that's important..

    28. Jennifer Hill

      Scary! As an 8 - 10 yr old child, I spent the Summers (when my Mom got tired of me being such a book worm I only came out for wood & water) out walking in the Open Range, only, THIS TIME, just across from the fence, was a Bull. A very BIG bull! Today, I’d have more sense. 😳 He wouldn’t have needed to do very much, just hit me with his head or body! I was delighted when I survived, but never told my Mom I was around a bull & his ladies.

    29. warriorwolfprincess

      You could get a family portrait of you, sister Sarah and Sherpa and hang it up on that wall

    30. Carol Chan

      Poor Sherpa!

    31. Juan Gutierrez

      Sherpa: *eyes closed for 4 minutes* Jaime: "fish sticks" Sherpa: 😶

    32. Sharon Witzel

      I'm gald you guys are okay are you getting the van fix

    33. Irisa Negrete

      Horses will not see a human or any other animal as prey, because they are strictly vegan. Also, wild horses will rarely approach humans, but normally do like friendly dogs. The lone horse was for sure curious & may have wanted to play with Sherpa. Although a horse can easily kick any animal or person causing serious & sometimes permanent damage if not death when they are startled, scared it threatened. They will usually walk or run away when they are not welcomed, unless they feel something pleasantly familiar with the other animal or person. There are times when left to themselves, a dog & horse will become fast friends. The fear Sherpa felt could have been of course the size difference, or understandably the projection of your own caution or fear, therefore felt fear himself. Had you been familiar with horses & their natural behaviors, you may have projected a secure instinct for Sherpa. It does sound like quite an adventurous experience for all of you alike. I too would feel cautious & even startled if a big wild animal of any kind approached me unexpectedly. You are lucky they horse did not raise up & kick you from fear when you attempted to intimidate it. One day while walking my sister’s small dog along the beach a huge bald Eagle came flying overhead. I’ve encountered large Golden Eagles before up close as it quietly watched me exploring a large pile of volcanic rock in a forest once. When I finished my exploration I got into my car & slowly drove away. It never moved, but continued watching me. As I left, it was necessary to drive directly next to it as it stood along the side of the road. It stood to the top of my wheel well, which was maybe thigh high. But this time at the beach, I sensed the eagle was hunting & was sizing up the small dog. Of course I picked the dog up to hold, letting the Eagle know it could not have him. We saw the same Eagle later on our hike, it was eating ocean creatures that had washed ashore, as many ocean birds do too. I have no doubt that Eagle would have grabbed the small dog, because I’ve seen video of a large Golden Eagle grab a toddler once in a park & found the child was too heavy to gain needed lift to fly away. Also the parent of the child was screaming while chasing it was also chasing it until the child was eventually dropped from a short distance. The child was shaken but otherwise fine. Luckily he had a coat on so does not get talons clutched into his flesh. Thank you for your story.

    34. Phil G

      I had a cow chase after me when I was a kid. Scary stuff. I was on a bike and I was pedaling for all I was worth. I'm told I got too close to its calf but I didn't know any better at my age, all I knew is that humongous animal was after me.

    35. Girl Sage

      Jamie glad y’all are ok! It’s a snafu of astrological thing called Mercury Retrograde ! It’ll end in a week.

    36. Shabbir D

      Glad you and Sherpa are safe. Please remove the candle near the curtain as it can easily start a fire. ❤️❤️😍❤️😍

    37. J Bajovane

      Jamie! Put the metal portrait on the wall behind the couch!!!

    38. J Bajovane

      Thank goodness you and Sherpa are ok!! Oh my!

    39. Cruising 1

      The birds weigh the seed in their mouths before picking the most nutritious. Scary experience, glad you are both ok x

    40. Joan McErlean

      New curtains look great. And the new cushions covers are envelope style.

    41. Kay 32

      If you have a leash that isn’t a retractable one, then use it to swing it in a circle next to or in front of you. Kinda like a lasso but vertical, then snap it toward the horse but not hitting it. Or start caring a bull whip with you. You don’t have to hit them with it, all you have to do is create the noise and it will scare them. Just a suggestion from someone that has grown up around horses. But I do agree with others, that most likely it was a Stallion and it is breeding season, so he was being protective over his mares!!

    42. Grace ‘

      I am so sorry! Definitely hold onto something hard or sharp to defend yourself! Good luck to you and Sherpa

    43. A B

      I used a fire extinguisher to break up a horrific dog fight (I had already tried other options and I was alone). It was messy, but a life saver and no harm done to anyone. I believe there are different types of extinguishers, at least in the states, but I think you could definitely carry a small one. If you do carry one or a horn, maybe try it in front of Sherpa first, so he is less likely to freak out if you do it in an emergency. I'm assuming you can't have the taser sticks? that we have. I'm not suggesting to taze a horse, but apparently the electric crackling noise they make when they are turned on is enough to scare many things away.

    44. Maria Hein

      HELL, that was so scary. Thank God you are both ok. physically at least.

    45. Jason Stinebaugh

      Aww. Poor Sherpa! Glad you're both ok! He looks exhausted.

    46. OfficialFlyPhish

      Can't even carry pepper spray?! Are you completely dependent on umbrellas and manners?

    47. caricia angela

      They should be on the same level, and so the curtains. Otherwise it won't stay good

    48. caricia angela

      They should be on the same level, and so the curtains. Otherwise it won't stay good

    49. InnSewerAnts

      Yeah running is usually not good, if you've ever been really pissed at someone and they started running you might have experienced the instinct to chase. I have.. Something about running away triggers something and I think this is kind of universal. Very happy both of you got away with just fright.

    50. Ameise Michaela

      Is that a normal behaviour for horses?

    51. fanfreluche7466

      it is the first time that I hear such a story; in case of dog attack there is Self defense bomb against attack (pepper).

    52. Resi

      Take some carrots along the way , horses love carrots, you can trow them to them en then they eat gives you time to get away

    53. melody miller

      A poster of you and Sherpa would be nice on the bare wall.

    54. silent bear

      Lord Sherpa,the Hero and Defender of mankind ! :D

    55. anvilgardgen

      A whistle, a small ref's. whistle with a pea in it, is very good as they have sensortive hearing

    56. Glenn Laroche

      Bloody horses, tho--no wonder the French cook them.........get what they bloody deserve, great nasty buggers......

    57. Mike Mawyer

      if its legal there.. get you a extendable night stick! One flick of the of the wrist and you have a baton to beat back any attackers.. human or ANIMAL!!!

    58. Sylvia J

      Sherpa looked right up at you when you said "fish stick" :)

    59. Hundredacredaycare

      I’m glad you guys are ok I believe it’s mating season. How about a walking stick We used those for hiking. ❤️🙏🏻❤️. You can get them with metal tips on the bottom

    60. David Earnest

      Yacht Horn. The ponies won't stop until they get to the Ocean.

    61. Gabrielle Saunt

      In future in case you come across it again would a personal siren (140 Decibels sound) loud but Sherpa might understand

      1. Gabrielle Saunt

        The noise should scare the horse. Horse sounds edgy natured, I've seen calm ponies and horses in my area.

    62. Mac Notts

      Just a thought, if you were walking on public access land and no warning signs. Then report it. You could save someone else who maybe older and not got a brolly.

    63. Daina S

      Wow!! You are very lucky! I'm So glad you are both ok!! Love from Oz.

    64. Elani Arkady

      So glad you both are ok! Snuggles to brave Sherpa.

    65. Simon Tam

      While you were protecting Sherp he was standing by your side incase the moment you needed to be protected as a last resort. Sherp had that fight or flight instinct in him and he was gonna use one. He is just really smart and knows when to use which instinct. That bond with him doesnt need to get stronger. Him by your side the entire time only proves how strong your bond with him is.

    66. Gay Lowe

      What about carrying a can of canned air-horn ?

    67. Kathleen Mackey

      I think you should keep the yellow pillows, too, since they bring out the yellow in the striped pillows. You place looks so cozy!

    68. Kim Vail

      If canned air horns are available to you, those make an excellent deterrent

    69. C C

      How close were they?!

    70. Melanie Cooper

      If you can, carry a medium plastic bag with you, one that really makes noise when you shake it. Glad everyone is alright. =)

    71. atlvquisdi udohiyo

      Your best bet is to avoid a area that that has a stallion protecting his mare's I have known stallions to kill their owners and a air horn or whip may have the opposite effect on a stallion and you being able to shoulder block the horse just shows he wasn't in mood to fight

    72. Melissa Harden

      Try to find a long, narrow gray patterned tapestry or painting for the blank space!

    73. Melissa Harden

      Can you buy beer spray in England?

    74. Momo

      Good grief. Glad you guys are ok.

    75. Sonia Garcia

      Omg !!!!! Thank god that you guys are ok and safe !!! Always bring pepper spray with you, it sounds scary ..... big hug for you guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    76. Melissa Bishop

      So happy you and Sherpa are ok. Poor things.

    77. Sammi Q Patriot

      @Sherpa’s Day #2 of 2, The curtains, I actually liked the ones too, but the new ones do look very nice too. And you’re right the new ones do look more chic/clean and less distracting, how nice she also made cushions to match! Jamie: “Look at me talking about cushions, never thought that would happen.” 🤣😂 Then when @Sister Sarah was shopping... Jamie: “Who even are you?” 😂🤣😂🤣😂 My husband used to play a trick when we’d go shopping, all of a sudden he would dramatically step away from me (sometimes actually lightly shove me away) and yell out really loud “Get away from me lady! I don’t even know you!” 🤣😂🤣😂 It was hilarious! A couple of times some other random guy we didn’t know would call out to my husband and say something like “She could do better than you anyway!” 🤣😂🤣😂 or “She could bother me anytime she wanted!” 🤣😂🤣😂 So.. he doesn’t do it anymore LOL! Too funny! I think Sarah should get back at you for your comment “I’m with that thing”..lol.. can’t wait to see what she does LOL! 😂

    78. Linda Nadeau

      So glad you and Sherpa are OK.

    79. Dachdog

      Don't burn the house down with you new curtains and candle. Yikes!

    80. Amy Mayville

      You are a brave doggo dad Jamie!!! Way to save Sherp!!!

    81. RetroMiner 11

      Airhorn or something that makes a loud noise

    82. Janet Carey

      So happy you’re both safe and sound! Love the new curtains and cushions! The lady did a nice job 👍🏻 The large stunning picture you received of Sherpa would look perfect over your sofa!

    83. N Pats


    84. Mathew Heninghem

      put a big picture of sherpa AND you in that space :) I think it'd look really nice

    85. Jacques Tamlyn

      Bloody hell that’s full on. When Horses fire up they are pretty scary and they are huge animals. No wonder you got a fright. Sometimes talking to them quietly and steadily will calm them down, as they do get flighty, and react to your fear, But hard to do when you are protecting your dog. My mate’s had to wade into water and punch a Kangaroo that was trying to drown his dog after tearing the dog’s abdomen from chest to back leg, they aren’t something to be messed with. Sorry that happened poor Sherpa and you know wonder he needs a sleep.

    86. Robyn Taylor

      Glad you both are ok!!!

    87. Oneness Light

      Scary stuff. You are both very brave and support each other in any situation. Great bond, guys. We have huge sheep guarding dogs here in the Transylvanian mountains and they attack you in groups. Especially if you have a dog with you and our malamutes are crazy aswell 😁 I always carry an electric teaser stick with me. It won't kill them, but it scares the hell out of them. It's enough for us to protect ourselves. Makes a pretty scary noise and it's painful enough to make them run away if needed.

    88. Just Me

      Air horn.

    89. jay massacre

      As soon as u said fishsticks and chicken he woke up 🤣😂😍i love it Hi from nyc

    90. ROB Bohea

      Look at his big old lion mane.

    91. Susan Gaudet

      The birds are looking for niger seeds, not that mullet

    92. alyson hans

      is that recorded because id like to see the footage. umbrella doesn't work for them.

    93. alyson hans

      with a horse or horses, stand in front with a distance and put ur arms up and stops them.

    94. trish tucker

      I’m so happy you all are doing okay! ❤️🙏🏽

    95. JoAnna Broussard

      Black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite for many birds. As for the horses it sounds like a stallion protecting his herd. Keep a good walking stick with you.

    96. Divya Patra

      That must be very scary for both of you. Thank God both of you are safe. Please take care be careful.

    97. spawnthecrazy

      What happened to the van?

    98. dorinda jensen

      Those appear to be Chickadee,s they like sunflower seeds.

    99. Brandy King

      He's such a good boy! I'm glad you had your umbrella! Horses are HUGE! I'm sure that was terrifying, you poor boys!

    100. Patricia Strang

      I'm late to this. How scary 😳 good idea from another viewer..get an air horn. They sell them in cans on amazon. I used to have birds. All of them will eat the bigger seeds (sunflower?) because its like junk food for us. They're fatty and we all love fatty junk food dont we 🤪