We made SUSHI for our cat's second birthday!


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    1. Aaryan Arora

      I think they have vine shop 😂

    2. Bobbi Sundeen

      Cats can see blues and greens, not as much Reds and pinks.

    3. NIGHTFURY284

      0:24 omg it looks like Chesla and trev when it was 2017

    4. Michael Carr

      Why have you never showed us your wine collection before? Lol show us your favorite drinks in an episode here soon! Just an idea!

    5. Elizabeth Engelmann

      My three kittens love those cat nip filled sushi! Like they are obsessed with them!!

    6. loopy smith

      happy birthday bella sorry i was late im your biggest fan they are all the cutest things. : 0 how are they so cute

    7. Girl With Wifi

      Bella probably associates white gloves with the Vet.

    8. Jenna Stoltzfus

      Trevor you had it right for the shrimp, when you cut it down the center and then open it up it's called butterflying.

    9. BlueAnimated

      0:09 He looks, very polite.

    10. Anna Williams

      Wow Chelsea is the best cat mom ever 💕


      you both look so great together GOD bless you both

    12. Bandit The Shih Tzu

      Happy Birthday, Bella! 🐱

    13. Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik

      I think she wants more space! Make a room only for her, with alots of tunnels and houses! A cats jungleroom! 😍

    14. Tony Bradford

      My cat is mad because I'm watching a cat on a video

    15. Angelina Anderson

      Happy B-Day Bella🥳🍱🎉

    16. Lisa C.

      Try raw for her

    17. Dogluuvr Dogsruleandcatsdrule

      Ik I'm a week late but happy gotcha day!!!

    18. Raymond Zornjak

      Hey are you guys uploading a video today

    19. BL4NK

      Love the vid

    20. Micaela Cruz

      I love your vids so much your guys are my favorite DEfastsr

    21. carly rose

      Does anyone know where Chels leggings are from?? I swear I’m obsessed with all her outfits and I want to know where she gets all of them. Always looking fly in althleisure!

    22. astraphel

      My mom said she never had a dog that didn't like fish and she's had dogs since she was a baby and her family ate a lot of fish. She gives my cat and dog tuna and salmon equally! Both go psycho for it and can tell when she opens the can lol Happy birthday to Bella and Chels is the MVP for the birthday!

    23. Savannah Castilleja

      Hi Chelsea and Trevor if you want to get better at making sushi for cats I recommend watching Junskitchen where he actually makes sushi for his cats. He even makes wonderful dishes that are Japanese or American food. Also, I like to say Chelsea that you did a good job making sushi for the first time.

    24. Court

      Im glad that chealse did not get and allergic reaction...i mean i know shes wearing gloves buts still😊Emvp for the day thanks for making my day even tho im sick😊🥰

    25. Wolflover 0120


    26. Micaela Weeks

      Bella’s in her terrible twos

    27. LinQ Angel

      I really appreciate your videos, and I love how you always educate all animal lovers on what you have learnt. You guys are great! 🌻

    28. Anthony Davis

      Is she aloud to go outside?

    29. Mikea Bartolo

      Can you gf eat fish?

      1. Mikea Bartolo

        Sorry gust say were you said of sea food

    30. Beatrice Brown

      I'm watching this and its funny because my cats Gotcha Day is on February 28th I got him in 2019 it feels just like yesterday I know I'm posting this early but I will probably forget to post it.

    31. Naruto uzumaki

      wait you and chelse isnt married?

    32. Lauren Tucker

      8:09 Bella really said “head empty no thoughts”

    33. Francess Sullano

      I love bella. From 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    34. Darlene Tech Tips

      Your cat probably wants to give birth, that's some nesting behaviour

    35. Beth Bartlum

      Happy Gotcha Day, Bella. You are one lucky kitty.❤🐾

    36. GlassyYT

      3:48 NOM

    37. Elijah Hunter

      My cat would literally devour that. He loves food. He’s a garbage a disposal

    38. FriendlyFox89

      0:31 Walgreens be like *Sponser me*

    39. FriendlyFox89


    40. hoiy vinosa

      The way Koda was looking at the glove was like he having a flashback to the VET

    41. Monica Calinescu

      He is sceard fo evrybody

    42. Monica Calinescu

      He is very sceard in clooding me

    43. Monica Calinescu

      Coda is like my wight dog cloud 🐶🐶🐶

    44. Mikey The Schnauzer

      Trevor: We’re making you sushi 🍣 Bella: *Bites*😾😼 3:40

      1. hoiy vinosa

        and koda scared of the glove

    45. Alena Bichlerová

      The embarrassed sailboat previously punish because guitar latterly queue excluding a curious literature. two, nonchalant weight

    46. Leah Pye

      Can we have a koda home grown watermelon update

    47. Cari's YouTube Funland

      PS I love bacon by me that now lolololllllllol

    48. Cari's YouTube Funland

      I love sushi just like Trevor and I’m sorry for Chelsea sushi allergy like it’s so good but if Chelsea could try it I would mail some right now LOL 😝

    49. Cari's YouTube Funland

      Dear Bella, I hope you have a happy birthday Trevor and Chelsea are great owners and it was really weird that they left Bella on your doorstep

    50. Vikky Wijngaarden

      Hi guys my brother sat put cut comber bihand him u well see🤗and I so happy for support u guys and u dog bye

    51. Bry'Anne Bennett

      Chels is allergic to all fish? Wild

    52. Rinske X

      do u never tried sushi with meat? I don’t like seafood at all. But love sushi, in the Netherlands we have sushi with chicken or beef, love that very much. Also sushi without the seaweed. Love the episode btw!

    53. Judy Setran

      Cats are unique animals.. Our cat opened round knob doors. Her favorite time to go out doors was about midnight. most of the time she required one of us to go out with her.. she was afraid of the squirrels.. My sons always called her the alarm because she go to the door and cry when I was aout to turn into the driveway.Thus saving their rap cd's

    54. ShinySeal Gaming

      You can get the big buckets of crab legs and everything and all that glory but the amount of Eppi pens 🖊 you will use prob around 30-50 of them

    55. Olivia Burruss

      Is it just me or does Chelsea just get so much more gorgeous every video

    56. Annie Johnson

      Happy Adoption Day Miss Bella

    57. miko foin

      I was dying laughing when Cooper ran into like the cabinet just to try to get the gloves 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 lol

    58. Neil Stirling

      and koda scared of the glove

    59. Makena Y

      Happy b-day bella

    60. Tomato

      Out of context but chelsea is rocking in that look 👍

    61. Jaylee Vasquez

      Happy gotcha day Bella

      1. miko foin

        pretty, but you are definitely not a dog, you didn't even eat the treat!" Koda:" you two can argue about who's a cat and who's a dog! I myself just want the food!"

    62. Ralfs Ezītis

      Bruh so many vine

    63. Sarah Cavanaugh

      Happy birthday to Bella and I love watching your dogs videos

    64. Special K

      The ending 🤣 He’s talking and homegirl was gone! 🤣💀 Ah man, Bella is too much. You got Trev talking to walls and stuff 😂

    65. RhonyLynn

      If Bella uses the chopsticks.... 😂🤣😂🤣

    66. Corgi Club

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰🍨🍰⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Also- Trev:Bella has better dog manners than you do Koda 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Michelle Mckee


    68. Leeny Loves

      Trevor petting air 😂😂

    69. Angie Rogers


    70. Vote Mumbo For Mayor

      Chelsea is so damn prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mah goooooooooodddddddd

    71. AgolfBlinkin


    72. meh


    73. Chris Kutz

      Holy wine rack batman 😍

    74. FizzyGM


    75. aola wili

      pretty, but you are definitely not a dog, you didn't even eat the treat!" Koda:" you two can argue about who's a cat and who's a dog! I myself just want the food!"

    76. Amey Tawde

      Trev your blue eyes are like water droplets.Love them man💛

    77. Isaac Alvarez

      Can you make a water episode pls

    78. Sebastian Mejia

      So cool

    79. Sacred Serpents®™

      I got to say, if seafood incompatibility is the worst part of y'all's relationship, you guys got it made! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's good to see a happy compatible couple these days.

      1. aola wili

        Wow thats so cool! Her birthday is somewhat close to mine٫ mine is February 26

    80. Joeanna Brokob

      Bella wasnt having a bad day. She got to do anything she wanted and couldnt get into trouble since it was her Gotcha Day.

    81. Pig Expeariments

      It’s so sad that those people dropped her off and they didn’t know that chels and trev would be so insanely nice they could have brought her to the pound! Happy birthday Bella 💛🥺👑

    82. Maria Mercord

      Chels really do be putting her life on the line for Bella 😂

    83. Memek Junior

      Happy birthday Bella.

    84. Ally D

      Koda is so scared like I mean dude it's only gloves anyway happy birthday Bella. 😊

    85. 东邪西毒南帝北丐


    86. Sooraj S Cousik

      Happy Gotcha Day Bellatrix

    87. Isa Elfarse

      Love the blogs man keep it up!

    88. Lydia Yost

      Happy gocha day sorry I’m late

    89. Amanda Graham

      Happy gotcha day Bella!!! 💕


      Bella is so cute but you guys should get her a cat friend

    91. Dylan Saez

      This entire video I was just like "please be careful Chels. Please be careful." First it was because of the allergic reaction worry and then she had two massively sharp knives

    92. Mary S

      Happy Gotcha Day Princess!

    93. Random_Lemon Panda

      Wow thats so cool! Her birthday is somewhat close to mine٫ mine is February 26

    94. Morag Ellis

      If Chelsea is allergic to fish, why isn't Trev doing the food prep today? Lose 5000 boyfriend points (and possibly your girlfriends life). Honestly, step up Trev, bad call.

    95. lei anne camson


    96. Chris Muramatsu

      Happy Gotcha Day, Bella. Nice job on the sushi, Chelsea.

    97. yuoop noke

      I bought a bottle of wine "the beginning"

    98. Bethany The Bunny

      I still wanna know who and why they gave them that cat🤔

    99. Harshal Panda


    100. Chris

      Why couldn't Trev handle the fish for Chels?