Well now my Airsoft Pistol only shoots full auto


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    1. Ravinder Singh

      Can you ship this to India brother?

    2. Adam Lucas

      I have a real country

    3. Adam Lucas

      I have a real country

    4. Airsoft Crusty


    5. Abu kanak

      Bro as is the name of this Automatic air soft wants to buy me the too and shoot some people

    6. MihajloTackacom

      600th comment congrats to me

    7. Jody Holcomb

      Were u get em

    8. Jody Holcomb


    9. Michael Salazar

      Actually he just speed up the sound and slow down the video

    10. Davis Morgan

      Does anyone know how to fix it, same thing happened to me

    11. carter

      I see this as an absolute win.

      1. Gizmorphix


    12. VampireTFGaming

      Where can i buy one of this?

    13. Snitxh.

      Plot twist: he had a macro on

    14. Scott Byrne

      Is the fact I can see the pellets mean that it doesn't have alot of power

    15. Blinke monke

      Robbers: "Hey look it's just a tiny kid what he going to do?" Kid: "Bet you didn't see this"

    16. KM TAN0


    17. Stephen Antonsson

      Bro what you worried about. This is an upgrade.

    18. Nehemiah Smith

      Everyone now that one cav in r6 Me:breaks window Guy in my team: gets down 10 seconds later your position has been compromised

    19. K. Baker

      So stupid how they make these things look so real.

      1. Tankify

        ok and? people who buy these are taught to keep them in boxes or cases when transporting them in public...

    20. The Hvnt3r

      Is There Burst

    21. YEAH YEAH

      When you get made fun of by your friends at an Airsoft event for just bring that

    22. Ryne Niduaza

      Barretta m9 full auto with extended mag

    23. Marko Eja


    24. kevin anderson

      What brand of air soft gun is this


      Hell noo

    26. n3gative brainz

      Lmk if u want help w your shooting form

    27. Kris

      Wow why do I keep getting recommended these lgbt videos

    28. Mc Mcgyver


    29. André Luiz Almeida Diniz

      Ah, you got a Taurus PT92

    30. Christopher Cranefield

      Why is that gun so insanly realistic?!?! You can easily rob a place with it and they wouldnt know the difference

    31. LunarAir

      H a c k s

    32. warp_ warp


    33. Moist Man

      But like no full auto in buildings

    34. Alucard

      That's why you don't buy airsoft guns at Big5

    35. DD expert


    36. Car 109

      "Thats not full auto, this is" "Dayum bro, OK" If you havent seen it here you go: defasts.info/title/video/fa6Sl7i6rJ_F2N0.html

    37. Shy Guy


    38. Jade Debelen

      How much?

    39. Gaming Central

      Renetti burst be like 😂

    40. My stepsister Is stuck

      He practicing for school tomorrow

    41. kaiL0L

      Stop fucking around with the samurai edge

    42. Johnathan Tavra

      Gib me

    43. Yab Bro


    44. Turtle Plays65


    45. Carson Wadge

      Mine has the same thing happen to it part of the selector got snap internally

    46. Noobmaster 69

      "There are no accidents" -master ogway

    47. jhones paiva

      Loja ?

    48. Alejandro Gutiérrez

      Diamanti of warzone xD

    49. Gaming kitten2.0

      You should paint the tip orange.

    50. cassu


    51. BJ outdoors

      Hey buddy I have one that's a berretta m92a1 it has a full auto switch on it near the hammer fake

      1. BJ outdoors

        Sorry just rewatched it and had the same issue a couple years back with it take the right side grip off and pop the spring back on thsts what fixed mine

    52. Carter Cole

      What’s wrong with thst

    53. Jeremiah Logan

      (Plot twist) that was not full auto

    54. Mr P

      Even if your a girl please tell me how to get your skin that smooth

    55. Duelfueled

      The kid named full auto

    56. Toxic Waste

      So does mine

    57. makenon

      Black people being shot over a nerf gun. 💀 Den jimmy over here wit dis shit

    58. No one joins the Empire


    59. Rudolf Steihelm

      Auto clicker looks fine to me

    60. Kionna Pryor

      I played this when my mum is sleeping rip me

    61. Tyrek Wright

      Ohhh can I show you mine

    62. Trapshin

      M9 go *brr*

    63. Calvin Tate

      Plot twist: he had experience from other games to have such a fast trigger finger.

    64. NONO_DS

      Canada baned the airsoft man i am so sad

    65. Evan Declan

      Rip to going to building fields

    66. Zane Weber

      Where's the orange on the barrel? You could literally Rob a bank with that

    67. Spicy Big Chicken

      “Upgrades people. Upgrades”

    68. Siberian Snake

      NO FULL AUTO IN THE DEfasts!

    69. Infinity Lizzard

      What kinda gun is this

    70. Lucia Bolaños

      Cómo hago pa tener una?

    71. LUCAS BLZ

      "It's not a bug it's a feature"

    72. Landon Etheridge

      Bad. Ass.

    73. Cod Smith’s

      3 round burst

    74. Angel Gutierrez

      Diamatti type beat

    75. Kevin Depriest

      Buy a new toy!

    76. Not_Dezertian

      Woah warzone looks a bit different hmmm

    77. Michael Smith

      I also have that pistol and the same thing happened to me

    78. Ariel Is Dad

      I have that pistol but it don’t shoot bbs🤫😅

    79. justasingledoor

      Dudes will buy a 600 dollar airsoft gun and will still refuse to buy a 300 dollar real gun

      1. BTTStratosphere

        This is a child

    80. El bolainas 417

      "Hey! No full auto in buildings!" "Sorry, my gun broke."

    81. Noah Suet

      Cute man, starting with fake guns

    82. Fuckoff Beth

      Just switch it back to auto bro😎

    83. Homero De Hoyos Jr.

      We’re did you get the airsoft pistol

    84. Sang PL

      Upgrades, people, upgrades

    85. laurenz schönherr

      Its so funny how these airaoft kids feel cool when they shoot with plastic guns

      1. BTTStratosphere

        I know weird how people have hobbies and shit

    86. Kenneth Sanchez


    87. Almxghty Drew

      You lame as hell just go buy a real one and learn grip you dont want slide bite jajaja 🤣

    88. Tiffany Brunson

      you can Buy a no one

    89. Elmeriboy

      Hur lyckas man egentligen?

    90. Amari Beasley

      i want what he got

    91. Spiderhog 2099


    92. Soren! -

      Is this the new Caveria rework?

      1. Soren! -

        @Gizmorphix understandable guess they were testing it on Capitao as well

      2. Gizmorphix

        Yea but they took off the suppressor

    93. Trebuchet engineer

      Holy shit, I've never seen someone using double tap

    94. zoady

      can you put a link so i can buy that

    95. Nighthawk 009

      Plot twist: he’s using trigger finger

    96. supr- usr.

      And this I why I went and got a real gun after my air rifle broke

    97. D - Ruger

      Nice extended mag on a berreta how many rounds does it hold 80


      My guy done put a switch on a airsoft😭😭

    99. Santiago Camargo Patiño


    100. A Random Guy

      Leaked G1911