what even is this, AliExpress EXPLAIN

Naomi Jon

Naomi Jon

979 Tsd. aufrufe142

    my first time ordering on aliexpress! it went .... like this
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    you're even cuter than the anime skirt, broccolis

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    1. Naomi Jon

      Websites/ online shops you want me to try? 🤔⬇️

      1. Kumral S.

        Zaful & Shein 🔥🖤

      2. Naja Hadzialic


      3. Kim Taeliha


      4. Abby White

        blushmark its fairly cheap and good quality

      5. Chonkyspaghetti _


    2. MenacingKree


    3. _Jinx3d

      Please try dresslily

    4. ambersquirrel25

      Ok so I did some research and it looks like it's saying Levi the Masochist...idk if it's correct but that's what I got

    5. DracoLivor

      sorry to say but I like the fake house of CB dress better, it's not as short and the bust is more covered. LOL hate me but I am old school and don't like clothes that show ur assets too much (maybe cause I am a Gen X woman and maybe cause I am happily taken).

    6. K S.

      I really love ali express but number 1 rule is NEVER buy clothes there 😂 You really should have brought something else then clothes🙈

    7. Alice Wonder

      The like was for the " Arabische Nääääääächteeeee"

    8. Stephanie Thijsseling

      First rule of alieexpress : always read the reviews first😂

    9. sidxneyy

      “so short and so small!....like levi-“ jsjsjsjs 😭😭😭 i love aot omf

    10. Azra Gurung

      Wrist band clock mwahh

    11. The Hour of Witchery

      "great first item, really love wasting my money" really hit because we all know that should be AliExpresses slogan 😂😂

    12. Allyson

      13:04 i lost it hahaha

    13. Andi1422

      I can’t believe she showed her 🥦!! OMG!! 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I need a TRESH Shirt!! 🥺

    14. Lemon Sugar


    15. Jaqueline Janosi

      Aliexpress clothes are great is you are petite, but they are made for Asian East body types in general. If you are tall or plus size, don't bother, it isn't really their fault either. It's just the question is managing expecting and shopping for with retailers for your body type. Aliexpress manufacturers usually carry chinese sizes, it naturally won't fit you.

    16. Abigail aby

      I am a huge fan of Hosoka so I really want to buy the outfit :)) (he is my secret boyfriend) ¶;

    17. AliceBindi

      The first dress is cute, just sew the slit back together and we won't be able to see her any more :p

    18. Noor Mahmood

      Is Vincent her boyfriend? ??

      1. Noor Mahmood

        @Shesanugget Ok ty , so he's her best friend right?

      2. Shesanugget

        no :)

    19. Murren Kelly

      I usually love Naomi’s wild makeup looks but lately the colors really wash out her eyes and idk of that’s what she’s going for but it’s a lil creepy

    20. alanna nowlin

      she’s cute

    21. Leli

      "Wrist band clock" Ach ja der struggle, wenn man Wörter vergisst. Very relatable 😂

    22. J. Bockisch

      the worst thing about aliexpress is all the stolen art tho. So many artists have got their work stolen by aliexpress and can't do anything about it because neither the website nor any sellers would ever do anything about it

    23. mila reimerink

      i loved this video sm

    24. Paninii

      fuck... i want that hentai skirt but where do i wear it LOL

    25. Sofia Roque


    26. Lil’ Monster

      The fact that your body is not the same shape as the model.



    28. Rand Mo

      ‏#savesheikhjarrah ‏Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people Zz

    29. Rand Mo

      ‏#savesheikhjarrah ‏Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people Zz

    30. Rand Mo

      ‏#savesheikhjarrah ‏Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people Zz

    31. Sasha C

      you look so much like Perrie Edwards

    32. Mariahatzigeorgiou Μαρία Χατζηγεωργίου

      When the moon 🌛 hits 👊 your eye 👁️ like a BIG pizza 🍕 pie 🥧 that's amoreEEe

    33. pisslord

      the shirt just says levi ackerman in katakana

      1. yuoop noke

        1996 is not Gen Z!

    34. Savanna LaVera

      .. I'm so sorry but her baby hairs/side burns look like hair coming out of her ears and I can't 🤣💜 Also she said she edited the anime shirt .. but I have a confession.. I could still see through it a bit 🤐 I hope she fixes that for her own privacy! 💜💕

    35. Nayeli DeathKnight

      "I'm very, very confusion..." - Naomi 2021 :D

    36. Nat Alie

      Just wear cycling shorts under the dress!

    37. Nat Alie

      I couldn't understand the first 40 seconds of this video

    38. MinusNoir

      ''ohdubukitabupilililalobupitikitipimiminobubu'' Now repeat this 10 times

    39. Grincat Girl

      Can you please Test a Spidergwen cosplay

    40. 恵美子 の ヤンデレEmiko The Yandere


    41. Abbyguelle Bolduc

      anyone think that when she talks to chili she dounds like a furby.

    42. MinusNoir

      - Mommy? What's a lipstick? - It's a thing to stick your lips together, sweetie.

    43. Jessi .k

      0:37 the Daily struggle of my cat having me as a pet

    44. Lex U-U


    45. MinusNoir

      ''I am going to ... PU''?

    46. MinusNoir

      Love the henti skirt.

      1. MinusNoir

        @mikea hiooi yeah but those shorts are really skirt!

      2. mikea hiooi


    47. cachi palma

      in the shirt it says "Levi Ackerman"

    48. Sevde.

      1996 is not Gen Z!

    49. Noura siniora

      12:50 business walk😉😉

    50. thebxsketcxse

      I bought a switch skin on AliExpress and they took my money but didn't send me any confirmation email and I still haven't gotten the skin sooo.. uwu Love it. I should've made an account but I'm dumb lmao

    51. Meg Griffin


    52. Eva Cairns

      0:45 i thought that was chilli ABABAXJXK

    53. Sun Shine

      1996 is millenial not gen z

    54. R Ü M I

      Wait she’s German omg hahaha erst jetzt gemerkt Lul hahaha 😂

    55. CheshieD

      Pfffttt yeah no the dress in the thumbnail you were neeeeever gonna get something even close to it for nearly $15. It’s a corseted dress with boning, ya can’t get that for $15.

    56. kitti1012749

      Me watching naomi’s socks slowly getting more dirty on the bottom, I love 🤣

    57. E C H O

      I love how Vincent was right about the Levi shirt

    58. Franscesca Stam

      Wrist band clock

    59. Sara Araz

      Can u tell me where , l can watch it

    60. isAtenea

      she is same Billie Eilish, i love heeeer

    61. Wolfy Alfhiem


    62. Sheepy 16able

      Your make up is legendaryyy, the queen of broccoli has the best make up like always

    63. Madhavi Valluri

      Who else noticed Naomi’s socks are dirty lol

    64. Tiffany Penner

      When will the next hair color video come? Girl you know we be waitin 💁

    65. Sabont Magont

      14:14 YES Icon! You can see when it’s house of cb!!

    66. mmpj twod

      How is she gunna get on camera with that masterpiece on her eyes and not even mention how kickass it is

    67. Faith Emily D

      What does Vincent thing about your makeup evolution??

    68. A C

      Blouse = dress shirt

      1. mmpj twod

        “So short and so small~~~ like Levi✨✨”

    69. Chelsea

      AliExpress steals small business's designs and mass produces them way cheaper and run small businesses out of business. Then when the small business asks them to take them down they pretty much threaten them and kind of extort them. They are a horrible company and they should be shut down and you shouldn't ever give them business by making a video about them ever again.

    70. Selin Çakır

      Your natural hair color looks so good

    71. El Rose

      Naomiii you can still see through the shirt at 6:49 ahhhh please see my comment!!!!

    72. butti fdft


    73. Carter Lakey

      Naomi : my vocab = wrist band clock? WATCH lmho

    74. Pablo Pincheira Santander

      Idk why, but i LOVE the business walk 😂❤️ always makes me laugh so bad 😂

      1. butti fdft

        Ah, I love your makeup as usual 😌❤️ Can I just say, I love your videos..they make me laugh a lot.

    75. Wolfie Thepup12

      I LOVE AOT(Attack on titan)its amazing eren,mikasan,levi,Reiner,Historia,a lot of my favorite characters oof😌😌but its really good if you haven't seen it before

    76. hønėy lémøn

      OH NO HISOKA 2.0 OHhHhHhHhHh ViNcEnTtTtT yOu nEeD To StOP TuRniNG mE OoOOoOoonNnN

    77. IlyXNarutoX

      Sie hat die cuteste katze der welt

    78. About Albiii

      Naomiiiiiii ich liebe deinen Make Up!! ❤

    79. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

      Honestly 95-99 is more like Zillenial, the weird cross road between each generation like a gap of sorts...like we're too young to have the FULL Millenial experience but we're the older Gen Z...basically.

      1. lalaysuga

        For me 95-98 it's still just Millenial idk Gen z is 1999(2000)- 2010

    80. Veronique Brandt

      Plz can you make a video where you buy the best wigs from wish

    81. Chia Fairy

      whenbi Google it it says Gen Z is from 1997, not 95 😅 i got real confused there for a second.

    82. Samantha McDole

      Is this the girl that made the contour voice over that everyone on tik tok uses? The one about men telling the church we can shape-shifting. She sounds just like her. Lol don't mind my stupidity😅

    83. dolimi jotoo

      “So short and so small~~~ like Levi✨✨”

    84. Ray Gin

      Ahegao clothes are soo cringey. It just screams "iM sO qUiRkY aNd EdGy"

    85. Michelle Ruiz

      Gen z is from 1997 to 2010

      1. dolimi jotoo

        drop the workout routine😭‼

    86. social butterfly

      You could transform the blue dress into a cute longsleeve simply by cutting it :)

    87. BlueRamen_playZ

      oooooooooooomg where did u get the hisoka?

    88. KayneTigerxx

      Naomi's makeup is IMVU real life

    89. \ •Lily• \

      Ah, I love your makeup as usual 😌❤️ Can I just say, I love your videos..they make me laugh a lot.

    90. Cloud._.rain0

      Uhhhhh the sec skirt is kinda sus tho-

    91. axjanae

      With how her lip makeup is makes me think she would look amazing with a vertical labret piercing 😍

    92. Tangerine *

      The shirt says his name. Yaaay 4 years of Japanese in high school paid off!

    93. Makaya Blunt

      Lol u can say it hinti

    94. Becca Veber

      Makes me happy naomi also eats olives like out of the jar too 👽✌🏻👌🏻

    95. Bárbara Rhaego

      I feel like your editing it's a bit too much in this vid... I can't see your baby hair because the editing is too strong. I would like to see your pores and better details on your makeup. Please, you are gorgeous, don't make it so... blur-ish.

    96. Denia T.

      Anime but for adults 😭 😂

    97. Crystiana Dodd

      Naomis booty is just so JUICY!!! 😩🥰😍

    98. Iriseth Fica

      Naomi sounds a little bit bothered in the begin of the video :(

    99. La Maya

      18:45 girl are you fluent??? Cuz like when I heard ur "accent" I tought you were fluent in french!

    100. swag

      drop the workout routine😭‼