What Happens If iPhone 12 Spins at 100 MPH on Wheel? - Will it Survive?


185 Tsd. aufrufe69

    I zip-tied the iPhone 12 Mini to a car wheel and had it spin at 100MPH to see what happens!
    Safety precautions were used in this video.

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    1. Azhi KH Ibrahim

      Do samsung galaxy s21 test

    2. gorandelija

      Imagine u hit a kid in his backyard :)

    3. TAWS2001 Gamer

      Material Waste, Dislike From Me !

    4. Žiga Dolinšek

      you should do a what happens to iphone 12 if a baseball pitcher throws it into a wall

    5. Harsh Sinha

      iPhone 12 mini be like: Am I joke to you ???

    6. ᗩᒍITᕼ ᑭOOᒍᗩᖇI

      Meanwhile Apple headquarters- what kind of f***** video is this

    7. Y LOKJITH

      Shop: new phone has arrived Me: ahh too costly but okay let me buy Tech rax: bro new phone?? K lets buy nd destroy it

    8. Everything

      Why you don't turn on the camera

    9. Haroon Rashid

      Am I the only person who think they will shoot a video through that iPhone 12. while the wheel spinning

    10. MIni MåĹaŤIA *WaRZ]

      0:47, look on the ground wtf was that it scared the shit outta me

    11. Beat Lynx

      No one: The Abarth: *YEET* iPhone 12: AAAAAHHHHHHH

    12. Safety Mask

      Gift me

    13. ilda Febri

      Buat aku aja dari pada di buang aku gak punya phone😕

    14. Andy Tesla

      It's funny how peole make these extreme tests and end up disappointed because the phone didn't survive.

    15. Caden Lesseuer

      is that a fiat 500 abarth

    16. Myfriend Mrsmart

      I love breaking tech I mostly use my old tech to smash

    17. K-CED

      3:15 It's behind that Terroriser spot.

    18. MusicMAAD

      They need to ban you from purchasing phones. Sorry but not sorry. People that make phones are mistreated so uhm to be wasting phones this way seems like.... a waste of a fellow human's life. K bye 👋

    19. Full Send

      I feel really bad I uploaded a clip to tiktok and it got 600k views I tried to find your tiktok acct to give credit but couldn’t find it I’m sorry brother

    20. Oliver

      Me watching on my iPhone 12 👁👄👁

    21. PLK

      I thought it was a noble m600 in the thumbnail

    22. Ruben Kuipers

      You should film it in slo mo

    23. Douglas Sousa

      you should had recorded in slow motion

    24. Hungry Hamburger

      100 mph in first gear? Sure thing for this Abarth!

    25. Dank memes And sh!t

      He should have took a video

    26. Ashish Lakra

      2:20 *Bye have a great time!*

    27. Fabio

      nice omg so fast 0:57

    28. Suresh Singh

      Yaar bhai ek i phone hme bhi dedo aap too inhe kharab hi toh karte ho please bhai ek i phone dedo

    29. William Pinilla Araujo

      Dinero tiene para tener tan cantidad de iPhone

    30. Saif Alghufli

      New iPhone: *gets released* Techrax: it’s free real estate

    31. DxnLxght555

      Next video

    32. TIBMES_YT

      Try with bugatti chiron ( at 400km per hour )

    33. azean tazilan

      Minute 47 like frog!!🐸🐸 after the car start the engine..

    34. TX I

      I want Glaxy S21 drop test

    35. nooby book

      When sonic quit nintendo: 2:56

    36. safwan mukhtar


    37. ASPT001

      g f o r c e

    38. KILO TRAYZ

      Should record using the iPhone while spinning

    39. K9vermilion

      pls be safe, you were worried if the phone flew in your face, imagine if the car fell of the stand at the speed of 50 mph, let alone a hundred. be safe next time, as always love your vids.

    40. Anne Avis

      First iPhone to get dissy 🤣

    41. A S R A R

      The iphone is fucking soooo safe i mean it is astonishing...this iphone can survive 50 mph...and thr energy is mind blowing there...wow👏👏 literally this was flabbergasting....

    42. Benjumilk Baltazar

      I Can’t even afford 2nd hand iPhone XS. 💁

    43. Tintin

      You should have recorded it

    44. NotRelat.d

      should have put the compass app doing that

    45. Creejer

      This would trick be useful for those damn Pokémon go eggs.

    46. Deanna Martinez

      That almost-i did brainwashed from how fast it was🧠

    47. Zahir Rivera

      I jumped 😭

    48. Rikka Takanashi

      oh wow, apple makes durable phones now?

    49. -Därk Søül-

      3:05 is me when my phone starts getting choppy, starts lagging, and then freezes

    50. Floral Fire

      actually the ceramic shield is only on the front not the back

    51. Mayank Narwal

      Should have recorded video on the iphone

    52. Tha King Ryan

      Alternative title: How to make an iPhone drunk

    53. Mr TriggerHappy

      Ahhh yes because mph is the unit to use for rotational speed.

    54. Rahul Op famii

      To fou ggt

    55. Aryan The Hood

      Now this is what We say phone test

    56. Arssen pro

      0:48 mouse???

    57. SP ARTS

      I always wished that I had an iphone.. And this man's hurting me a lot😭😭😭

    58. SP ARTS

      I phones are for kids!! Try with micromax or nokia...

    59. BlackHorn

      you forgot to record on iphone

    60. Arun Bhardwaj

      Don't waste iphone 12, if you have one , pls give me 🙄😐, my dream is to buy this 😁

    61. Jerry Kerry

      This gave me anxiety and I don't even use an iPhone

    62. Mr Sol Gaming

      Me: shaking iPhone iPhone: want to undo? Him: shaking iPhone a lot iPhone: can you undo this

    63. Ridaan Pathan

      uncle please give me iphone 12 please uncle

    64. Briar Beauty

      I can't believe I'm literally dieing for a phone but this guy just throw off phone, I can't believe

    65. Josh Conway

      "if the phone comes off and hits me, im probably done" me: "good"

    66. Eat, Game and Sleep

      Bro i want that " I AM POOR"

    67. 360P JAY

      I mean this was really lame it was indefinitely gonna fly off from that one little support band

    68. Tahasin Emon


    69. TheLowSpec Dasher

      A b a r t h

    70. Scott Chiste

      I’m actually disappointed. I was hoping the see the iPhone tear itself apart instead of going frying into the pavement

    71. Fiat

      Fiat 500 abarth

    72. Engines And Electricity

      Yeah, that's why you should have used three zip ties, and spaced them apart.

      1. K-CED


    73. Crazy Teen69

      He should have been driving and threw it out the window I would like to see that lol

    74. Mega.lolzzz

      I have been watching techrax for 7 years

      1. Joel Radhakrishnan

        Same. lol

    75. Firedog 0506

      I use to watch this guy 7 YEARS ago man the memories I'm glad to see he's still doing the same stuff

    76. Nayomeea


    77. Creature Adventure's

      3:57: when you eat the random mushroom from the forest

    78. Torres Da Concertina

      abarth 500

    79. Shayan

      Please do this for 3310

    80. Lottalovin Animations

      Me wanting an iphone12 random youtuber destroying iphone😱

    81. Lottalovin Animations

      Another video nobody asked for

    82. stran006

      that is an Abarth 500

    83. Prateek Gaikwad

      If you have phones to destroy, please gift one phone to me. I am a student and I don't have any smartphone for study. If you help me with any phone, it would be great for me!

    84. Aidan Ryan 458

      Good oul fiat 500 abarth

    85. Texus Noe

      Centrifugal force acted upon the IPhone. I wonder at what speed did the iPhone hit the cement tho... was the camera filming at 30 frames per second?


      Video recording????

    87. PKH Parsa

      R.I.P iPhone😂🙃🙂

    88. MIKEYmr_007

      you should record it from the iphone

    89. NeonX SAMIN

      Why it's not the pro max 😢

    90. AJ -

      the reason didnt to this with a nokia 3310 is because it would have broken the car

    91. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

      Im from philipine

    92. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

      My using gudjet is not mine

    93. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

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    94. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

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    95. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

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    96. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

      Not iphone just anything brand

    97. Cyrus Ezekiel Manahan

      Give me cellphone please

    98. Tree Scorer434

      dude if nokia 3310 would have hit the ground like that, it would have broke the ground.

    99. Deadpool8222

      Can survive being chucked at 75 mph and survive with two scratches drop two feet screen is broken

    100. Akshat -

      wich car