What is the Punishment for Emergency Ejection? #shorts

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    Ever wonder if pilots get punished for ejecting from aircraft? After all airplanes are expensive and what if the pilots prematurely abandoned the vessel? #shorts
    Footage source: National Archived Catalog

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    1. Face McShooty

      "Ejecting can save your life" "If you eject, you will never fly again" Logic 100 america

    2. Srmatrong

      So wait, do they only get banned from flying, IF they acquire one of those injuries that prevent them from flying? Like if I pilot gets shot down, ejects, safely. Comes home, gets tested out and everything, and is golden, can he fly again??

    3. Sir Loin

      Oh those tax payer dollars

    4. Sarmen PM

      There's actually a few procedures a pilot has to follow in order to pull the handle.First he needs to make sure there's no other possible way to save the plane,Then he needs to call his superior to double check then he'll have to look over his head to make sure there's nothing above him then he needs to empty his pockets 1 by 1 to make sure he's as light as he possibly can be(some pilots take a leak/take a crap/spit a few times in order to make themselves even lighter then they have to say the Alphabet backwards very slowly to calm themselves down and then only then they get to pull the handle.

    5. Werner Lightner

      Also note, ejection compresses the spine so it makes them slightly shorter.

    6. uncharted7again black king

      Wow didn't know this guess u can't eject easily without hurting your ok its time to create better technology fr fr lol hurt my ass ban my ass and ass my ass lmfao

    7. Bernardino Tamayo

      Why not make the ejection seat a pod like astronauts returning from space

    8. James Booth

      Just a useful tip, you can avoid losing your job if you are in a live combat zone, and your plane is close from malfunctioning, that's the time to eject out. Most fighter jets now has a live feed of a percentage value chart that's always transmitted to base. The ejection priority is always at 15% default of the entire structure integrity. The computer will automatically eject you at 3% structure integrity, however, you'll have a 5 second warning before ejection.

    9. dantederi

      Maybe title the video "the risk of ejecting....... " rather than use punishment or ban. It confuses a lot of people

    10. Rashadow

      16 times!!! SIX TEEN TIMES!!!! okay i watch way to much memes on the internet.. Edit: "Fallout" kinda suit this videos subject xD

    11. MR MAYHEM

      Ahhh my ex-wife used to give me so much shit for premature emergency ejections

    12. Same ole Same ole

      I know a guy that a strap cut his testicle off when he ejected from a jet. Swear

    13. j w

      The speaker doesn’t know the meaning of half the words he used and is misleading

    14. reallue

      That's actually exactly what I thought.

    15. King Bob

      My friend is a test pilot for both the military and Nasa. He's encouraged to crash the plane. 147 planes last count. Probably 149 by mid next week. And he gets payed a lot just to push a plane past its limits. And sometimes just to find errors in the designs. Which is over half the crashed planes lol

    16. Enon

      Yeah so the answer to this is that you can in fact continue to be a pilot. This was quite convoluted.

    17. busybee

      Punishment for avoiding death?......death.

    18. Birdhunter Inc.

      The actual punishment: getting fucking crippled

    19. Birdhunter Inc.

      Well goose died because he ejected so ejecting bad

    20. Joe Hansen

      Just because a pilot gets ejected doesn't mean he can't fly fighters anymore

    21. Kerbal X

      Don’t they actually ban them because if they do it a second time there spine would shatter from the stress?

    22. 78djinn

      This video is stupid

    23. Nol Arm

      Me: *ejects from plane* Everyone else on the passenger aircraft going to New York: 😰

    24. Robert Navarro

      Fuck that plane that's what taxes are for

    25. Listening noob

      Those of you wondering why you get fired after ejecting is because ejecting causes spinal issues. You can't be a pilot with spinal issues of course which is why you are fired for some years before you are deemed ready to fly once more.

    26. Pooja Ganguly

      An injured pilot is better than a dead pilot.. Ejection is the last resort..nobody wants to use this feature and even if it's used.. chances of getting severe injuries are far more...

    27. mad7206

      You signed for and you broke it sir , someone's gotta pay for it

    28. DataC0llect0r

      Dislike for misleading title and intro

    29. Jonnny D

      Once and youre fucked, twice and you’re dead

    30. CrownWood-Mellisa Albina

      It was shown in the green lantern movie

    31. Don Dollah

      Oh shit

    32. Гуле

      Be a man go down with the plane

    33. Momma Pickles

      Actually never once have i wondered that

    34. StalinSoulz

      *Your being Shot Down!* *Wait, i can still land this baby*

    35. HÆX A.

      I guess it's better then dieing by being burned alive 😅

    36. hackyou360

      Actually it‘s exactly what I thought but who am I to judge I had some knowledge of it in the first place 😅 - but there‘s one more thing: Depending on who you fly the jet for (and also depending on the aircraft type) there can be a limit on how many ejections you can have and you have to go to a medical examination after an ejection to basically examine your spine for the expected damage. There can be some kind of „logbook“ for ejections. I know that from a friend who‘s flying Eurofighters for a living and he‘s got a colleague who actually had to eject out of a training jet once already during ground proximity flight training and he is in fact still allowed to fly 😄 (training jet was not a Eurofighter though)

    37. NalNoaki

      All in all you are still screwed 😂

    38. Muhammad Ali


    39. Yashraj Yadav

      Ejection: *"exists"* Loss of job: technically no, medically yes

    40. Reyhan Wahyono

      So it's medically banned.

    41. Ms OhSoSolo

      As much as I love to fly I never knew any of this...🤔

    42. FaZe Gewchy

      *missiles following me* Im panikin dont panic no i am becoz, im gonna lose me job

    43. Rage Supreme

      Why did I just double tap the video like it was a tiktok

    44. Inu Sara

      Kamekaze Pilots: "pft, amateurs"

    45. XR_NYC_O G • 11 years ago

      But what if the aircraft is going to explode or engine on fire they have no choice to do a emergency ejection?

    46. MrBigT

      People read the title and started leaving comments BEFORE watching

    47. Tequila Wolf

      Spending Trillions of dollars just to bomb a 1 dollar tent. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    48. Hairyurinal

      So then maybe answer the question? Do they get banned even if they receive no injuries from the ejection?

    49. bogbrush999

      Why is Stephen Hawking doing the voiceover?

      1. Not What You Think

        We take that as a compliment. Stephen Hawking was a badass.

    50. Gaming According to Peter

      Kind of clickbait.

    51. Anthony Katsivalis


    52. miran

      hell yeah f4 footage

    53. E R

      My grandma's brother was killed when he attempted to eject

    54. Amine B

      Du coup c’est quoi la sanction ? J’ai pas bien compris...

    55. BubberGroves

      Don't be a Goose.

    56. Cloud Strife

      I worked on them. Martin baker variation. Fun fact: if you eject, and live, Martin baker places you in the “tie club” and you get a suit tie, you’re given a custom Martin baker watch (they are pricey), and your name is etched on the glass wall they have at their building.

      1. Cloud Strife

        Also, a full ejection (pulling handle-> parachute activating) happens in 2 seconds. Pilots are evaluated for medical screening. They can be limited to number of ejections (due to compressing of the spine), but typically they are placed back into fit-for-duty status.

    57. Duckhunter711

      Yea no if I fly a 100 million dollar plane I’m going down with it. Even if it’s over something stupid I will die with that expensive plane rather than have it go down without me

    58. Shi USA


    59. Aaron Granda

      IH crew cab mid 60s.

    60. Antonio Vazquez

      Is everyone in these comments stupid? He literally SAID it’s a MEDICAL reason, not because he hit the eject. There’s no bad wording, I just feel like none of you watched further than 2 seconds in then commented and left.

    61. FerraroGaming

      Oh your fighter jet is on fire and about to explode... well tough shit

    62. Bitemyshinny Metalass

      So basically just trying to save yourself is punishment enough.

    63. Jin Bambino-DiGeronimo

      You lose an inch in height After a second ejection you’re done.

    64. Vitor Gouveia

      *jet pilot escapes his exploding jet* *Arrives at the army* General: fired

    65. Not Baraka

      thought it said emergency ejaculation

    66. GetClapped

      What if you have to eject because of a engine problem that didn’t have anything to do with the pilot

    67. Percaholic

      So no it doesn’t ban them unless they get an injury lol

    68. Big Man

      You can only use the ejection seat three times in your life. One reason is because it is so rough on your back and neck that your body can only take it 3 time. The other reason is that is you have to use it 3 times you are clearly unfit to fly the plane so they will not let you fly anymore.

    69. Sam Vin

      Ejecto-SEATO cuz...

    70. letsgetchino 666

      The more yuh know I guess lol

    71. Hi

      Listen to your accent and you wanna talk about the usaf gtfoh

    72. buck3366

      My dad made ejection seats for over 30 years and worked for Martin - Baker. I wonder if anyone ever had to use one of his?

    73. Jair Rivera

      better than dying

    74. Brage Solbakken

      Hm, dunno what imma use that info for but, uhm... I guess thanks?

    75. AJ

      Eject at Mach 20

    76. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

      “You might get a whiplash” You have billions of dollars to spend and you don’t have a solution to that? Motorsports already has a solution called the Hans Device.

      1. Nick Bloor

        You don’t understand how fast these pilots eject. Even if they *dont* sustain serious injury from being ejected they can only do it so many times in their lifetime/career, as the speed in which they eject literally compresses their spine. Whiplash is also a very minor injury in comparison to the injuries a plane crash would cause had they not ejected

      2. M L

        a driver only looks at his apex/exit and in 2D and is usually only like 30 degrees a pilot sometimes goes as far as looking directly behind him not possible with aircraft

      3. felix hamel

        It’s not practical for a pilot who needs to look around a lot.

    77. eduSTEMlab

      Well sorry I never for once wondered. I only wonder why DEfasts is showing me this

    78. The Old Gang

      Why the fuck would you get punished for ejecting?? I mean you dont do this on purpose like: I have this sudden urge to eject...

    79. Introvert Aerospace

      Why the hell would there be a punishment exactly?

    80. jesse martinson

      And they shrink 2-3 inches

    81. Jerry Warren

      How can you say so much and so little. How can anyone watch these brain dead videos

    82. TheWutangclan1995

      Imagine a rocket coming at you and you’re just contemplating whether or not you want to get fired today.

    83. MrBizteck

      Actually bollix. I know a pilot that ejected from a Tornado in the RAF .... he continued to have a long crareer and I flew the Bae146 with him years later.

    84. Alu Hasbar

      Pilots: Eject Me: Reject

    85. Albert Marqz

      No one asked

    86. Interested Bystander

      I know someone who ejected from a fast jet. Bird strike to the cockpit took out the pilot (unconscious) so the navigator in the seat behind hit the eject handle and saved them both.

    87. F.D. English

      Unless your Goose

    88. Just Swimming

      Nobody: Mike Tyson: “SPINAL”

    89. Yaidoz

      Imagine ejecting and then getting hit direct impact by the missile you were ejecting from

    90. RX-Heaven

      I didn't hear you say any punishments.

    91. Never Prepared Enough


    92. Marta Fanai

      Whenever I watch jet videos on youtube. SwatCat comes to my mind.

    93. Abhishek Patel

      Connect the seat with their bank account when they eject 💀 fine gets deducted XD some of em gonna die with plane just to avoid fine

    94. Eren JAEGER

      Huh, in the movies they always make it seem like ejection is perfectly safe and the pilot is uninjured

    95. Paulo Roque Jr.

      Prejuízos $$$$$$

    96. ALLAH LESBO SLU2 _

      Interesting , the p a k staani pilot couldn't survive the ejection though 😂😂😂😂😂

    97. Christian Lauderdale

      How about landing in your chute over an inch shorter than you took off? Vertebrae compression sounds like a pretty shitty punishment to me.

    98. Overseers Twentyfour

      Such a risk. I rather crash the plane than to deal with the effects of ejection. Thats if i survive the 50% chance of surviving the actual eject

    99. Stan Salazar

      There’s a pilot that just had artificial discs replaced in his spine & he was cleared to fly F15s again. Also, if I pilot chooses to get spinal fusion which was traditionally the treatment for herniated discs from ejection, they could be cleared to fly again if surgery was successful.

    100. blackstarafro2

      So if you crash, you die..but if you eject, you will be in crippling pain till you die.