What you didn't know about Xiaomi.


2 Mio. aufrufe240

    You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: defasts.info/title/video/h7eJhZupZGPEu9U.html

      1. Samir Kunwar

        its been week plszz upload new videos of review

      2. Arash Mukhridz

        @Yen Hua Ang ya I agree with you but I don't care a 8k blablabla I just want a brighter so we can see the phone.

      3. Yen Hua Ang

        Please post a video today at 13:00 PM UKT and a video tomorrow at 11:10 AM UKT!

      4. Yen Hua Ang

        Can you please post a video today at 1:00 PM GMT? I've been waiting for your next video! And please post a new video tomorrow at 11:10AM GMT as well!

      5. Yen Hua Ang

        Can you please make your videos 8K Ultra HD(4320p) so that we can view your videos clearer?

    2. mervun29

      xiaomi x huawei

    3. Darlington Ovwemu

      After buying xiaomi's mi (rechargeable) mouse, became a fan. I've never loved an electronic product like that mouse.

    4. Muhammad Afnan

      i like ir blaster and side mounted fingerprint in all midrange

    5. ユノアYunoa

      Yeah but Xiao Mi is still not pronounced like that haha

    6. YoGucci Boii

      As a previous Xiaomi user and currently a Samsung user this video made me love Xiaomi more.

    7. TheSkiesHFace

      4:40 Well then he was wrong... Instead of the “sh” sound at the beginning, it’s an “s” sound So it’s “syao mee” instead of “shao mee”

    8. Starbuck

      Stupid name. Stupid products. Only for homeless people who can't afford an iPhone.

    9. Alfredo Bamba

      China virus

    10. Tammera Power

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    11. Danny Chung

      The absorbed knight taxonomically avoid because door mainly drag between a pleasant tornado. naive, historical expansion

    12. Juan Barros

      These videos are so good, the little things he does, like the floating cable, make the video better

    13. Laith Smadi

      They need at least another 20 thousand employees just to make MIUI bearable . MIUI sucks big time , I wouldn't be surprised if the company dog designed it .

    14. Conmea Alex

      The aloof uzbekistan sadly crawl because roof mathematically hate on a steady session. unsightly, unable plywood

    15. lee a dorney

      I bought a note 9 pro not bad but sizeable, tho I'm using a mi 10 t lite..which is a great alrounder 😍 - been looking into Xiaomi and they're certainly an intriguing company like the 10t lite, that's flagship phone specs for under 250, Samsung could never and wouldn't do that, highly interesting company!, you can never know what they're gonna do next

    16. Galileo Chiu

      bloody comies

    17. 1337

      Xiaomi phones are all heavy in weight compared to Samsung.

    18. DjCotes Musik

      Honestly...I'm in the US and I'm temped to try a Xiaomi phone. I was a Huawei user but after they got blacklisted, I am forced to try other brands. I still have my Huawei from 2018 and it is blazing fast compare to everything else here.

    19. Zesta [GD]

      Xiaomi changing there website name to Mi.com is like Apple changing there website name ple.com imagine that

    20. Ethen Hunt

      Mission impossible ? Wait ... thats what I do

    21. Rory Veltman

      The plucky beaver ontogenically brake because library classically switch pro a tedious ghost. paltry, vagabond lipstick

    22. Pranav Khemka

      Some one who I know had a Xaomi phone. Her phone exploded

    23. Mika Mäntykumpu

      Nokia and Tampere are two different cities even though they are close to each other. Nokia (Corporation) has its headquarters in Espoo, a neighboring city of Helsinki (and Vantaa that has the Helsinki Airport, or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as it's known in Finland, within its borders). Also, if someone in Finland should know how to (approximately) pronounce Xiaomi I'd write shaumi because Finnish has no alternative ways to pronounce alphabet. The only exception is when letters N and G are next to each other like in "kenguru" (kangaroo) then those two letters are combined. English is a poor language to try to tell someone how to pronounce something: think of were/wear/ware and possibly where. ;)

    24. inhisgrip119

      I don’t know which phone I will pick

    25. megapet777

      I have known for years that xiaomi sells high quality phones for cheap, that's why I recommended xiaomi to my sister, even though I use iphone.

      1. Jessica Hyde

        give your iphone to your sister then. You use xiaomi

    26. Simon Samson

      I'm using a xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro. I shit you not. This phone is a monster even in to day standard The price couldn't believe my eyes compare to the specs and build quality.

    27. Clarity

      Not personally a fan of Xiaomi phone since I’m already super deep into the Apple ecosystem, but I’ve recently purchased 5 of Xiaomi lamps for all of the rooms. To simply put, they are the best lamps I’ve ever owned.

      1. inhisgrip119

        I like Apple the best personally

    28. inhisgrip119

      Steven Wozniak: Likes Xiaomi Me: wait do you still like Apple?!

    29. ruffdraft

      This is great. I am glad you did this company focused video.

    30. Ivan Drangov

      Why Xiaomi has not entered the US market? Bcs Apple will sue the hell out of them for borrowing the ideas, which is right and correct to do.

    31. unaiz hussain

      we need him to get ten million common guys

    32. randomclips1511

      since i always disliked apple (*and theyr customers) for theyr *cocky and anti-consumer behavior, and samsung for theyr uninnovative same phone with more problems every year for nearly 1000€ designs, and xiaomi got prices, innovation and performance spot on for me i LOVE xiaomi the most. (not fanboy like but definitely preffered over all those other trash companys. xiaomi got a vast ecosystem like apple BUT without gimping theyr stuff AFTER its sold and without you needing to sell organs to afford them. ) i will happily buy one xiaomi after another until a xiaomi competing company comes around that is moraly acceptable like xiaomi and could be a successor. my own history was samsung galaxy 1 plus (which burned 3 times while charging up (no joke)), samsung galaxy S4, samsung galaxy S6 (still alive but literally Melt´s on HOMESCREEN when turned on (also laggs and crashes like hell) ), pocophone F1 (best thing i bought in my whole life), a rent xiaomi mi note 10 for like 12 months (was for the photo capabilitys), and when my package arrives my xiaomi mi11 256GB will be my next phone for like 8 years or so. (my pocophonbe f1 was an import the first day it released. i saw its capabilitys on its spreadsheet and it was a must have)

    33. Raju Rachamalla


    34. taetaerinn_

      It's true tho. Xiaomi is rocking here in Ukraine. Mostly, in my opinion, it's because it's a budget phone here for our level of salaries and yet it has a good software for such price. I, myself am a fan of Samsung, but I kinda consider getting a Xiaomi phone soon ( but the ads thing kinda bothers me so I might reconsider for Huawei lol)

    35. All of Creative Commons

      This man would a good class presentation😅😅😇

    36. Gian Pacayra

      10/10 quality

    37. Learn & Walk withNae

      The only thing I love about my Xiaomi phone is- REMOTE ...period!

    38. makeup mania

      Xiaomi comes in and stupid apple making overpriced phones are now at their downfall

    39. Jakub Jaček

      xiami is china shit i holded alot of them in my hands its even worse then iphone 8c plastic cheap bullshit


      I was thinking his logo as a Motorola logo from the beginning now I know the truth🤣🤣🤣

    41. Warren & Yolande Lyle

      Because you're the BOSS!!!!

    42. Waver_ Nook

      Not if someone put an nice painting or have an mural painted behind the TV

    43. Sean Gerhards

      ngl, but 98 people isn't a lot when basing it off of a country with 1.398 Billion citizens

    44. Animal Friends

      Bruh it’s still an android 🤮

    45. Geert Romain

      Xiaomi, the giant Chinese copy machine... 🇨🇳

    46. NotRickAstley

      Watching on Xiaomi lol

    47. Swapnil Kashikar

      @2:14 you got me there.

    48. Connor Eltringham

      When aaron mentioned the username spelling error. I use voiceover (due to a rather severe visual impairment) and it pronounces the username as (moo-see-vus “ 😂😂

    49. LEnoxye

      shorter url = less options to change later and rob somebody

    50. Ash

      Sold my S10+ for a mi10t lite and for the money it's the best phone I have ever owned and I don't regret not getting a £1200 s21 ultra and so happy with my £200 mi10t lite. The specs are so good for the money it's crazy.

    51. Tsê-t'ien Ch'ü

      Well, actually… The name of xiaomi has nothing to do with Buddhist concepts. They called it xiaomi in remembering of a pot of xiaomi porridge shared by the founders back in their early days.

    52. Real Games For Life


    53. nate show

      Another Huawei

    54. Flavio Sobbin

      Create random accounts on all your phones then subscribe to yourself. This will help a lot

    55. limexxon

      5:14 i live in eastern europe (romania) and surprisingly samsung and apple are more popular here

    56. Ivan Stoychev

      I am a teacher of English as a foreign language and for some reason have never noticed the username mistake. However when it comes to branding such mistakes are not forbidden.

    57. Sans Nom

      I've never heard of them and have no interest.

    58. Juuso Kiviluoma

      I live in Finland

    59. eino kivelä

      Suami Perkele

    60. Deeper Vision

      I just bought a Xiaomi Mi10t pro and I gotta say this the best phone I've had in the past 5 years. Xiaomi phones really deliver what they promise and more. My phone is packing flagship specs at half the price. The build quality is amazing and I like it when people ask me "what's your phone?" We're gonna be seeing a lot from xiaomi

    61. Selena 2002

      I'm watching this video on a Xiaomi phone😅😅

    62. Ragibul Islam

      Please make a video camera comparison iphone 11 pro max vs iPhone 12 pro.

    63. Joe Momma

      7:29 did i just get rick rolled

    64. Edward See

      7:29 did i really juz got rickrolled by Arun ??

    65. angel jimenez

      The small shame emotionally strap because grass anteriorly trouble next a deranged onion. glib, gifted israel

    66. You Tubers

      Xiaomi captured Huawei market

    67. Aki Dieter

      I always try to figure out, which are these few thousand people who just dislike such amazing high quality content. The must be very unhappy In their lives.

    68. Sai Shintade

      Hay what's your name in among us "Mrwhosetheimposter"😂 Sorry for bad joke :(*_*)

    69. Aarav V Jain CSA CBE

      Don’t act so smart

    70. HAJJI

      12:48 waiting on that 10M subscribers special

    71. Sangwoon Ma

      The poised doubt unexpectedly scold because japan premenstrually help given a hanging facilities. pretty, irate singer

    72. Dave Hall

      I use xiaomi products in Australia I love them my 70 year old father is on his 4 Mi Band he’s on the latest one now the just work. I can ask Sri to turn on my tv with xiaomi IR blaster it’s really cool. You can get electric scooters here in Australia they are great

    73. Z I'm BLINKONCE

      Xiaomi smartphones are really good if you buy a 4 or 6gb ram variant....also miui is being more heavy

    74. X Æ A-12 Them

      ... you turn us on with your very best smart phone .....nice

    75. W L

      Another cult society

    76. Stonks Canibl

      Asian or East Asian?

    77. Ahbab Hossain

      I was keeping track of the countdown; last I checked I was in 28 and all of a sudden it became top5. Time Travel.

    78. harish reddy bommimeni

      Looks like a paid promotion

    79. Asjad Azeez

      The problem with xiaomi is its full of pathetic disgusting adds and bloatware

    80. Jheirell Camarillo

      Fun fact: we all got Rick rolled

    81. Rick Mentore

      You've been drinking too much of the Chinese cool aid!

    82. Aleksandar be together not the same

      Xiaomi is N3 worldwide Crap Le ia 4th place worldwide poor loser company which sells made in china sell like apple product

    83. Mr. Said

      Xiaomi makes phones with bigger lifespan than Samsung or iPhone, screen works fine, no redness, cause green and blue pixels started dying, battery works fine, so no sudden shut downs at 15%, charger (looking at iPhone) connectable, it does not refuse its own accessory over time and that is the advantage that you refuse to see or you are not seeing for real, maybe because of lack of user experience, but i am not mad, cause i judge by user experience and Lenovo deserves to get bankrupt

    84. S S

      That transparent TV is far ahead of its time....imagaine car windscreens using that technology.....you can have digital information on the windscreen itself like an HUD.....windows in smart homes...you can use it to dim sunlight by turning on the black pixels and give the room a certain colour hue by turning on that colour pixel......can be used as a top layer of display on a phone to hide a camera under the screen and do away with those pesky notches....

    85. Sailor Emily

      It seems like alot of cool phones. But i cant get one cause its in the us T_T

    86. Living in Tokyo

      Here in tokyo . Xiaomi smartphone price also not so cheap. # expensive for peasant

    87. ktri

      Who's watching on a xiaomi phone?

    88. Daniel Vasev

      Strange enough, but Xiaomi start to expand really after Huawei was pushed away from the market... coincidence??? hummmm who knows !$!#!@#

    89. Squaremations / Toxic Emerald

      A tesco sandwich, Have you ever had a greggs sausage roll?

    90. фжWìłɗWōɬfжф

      there is also the giiker cube, a bluetooth rubiks speed cube that connects to your phone. it lets you race against other people, and can teach you to solve it. the Giiker cube is the first of its kind

    91. rick

      Mr ,who set he boss

    92. Lilly

      2:00 Is this a subtle ad to Spotify? cause I just was like this is the music in the Spotify ad.

    93. sps

      We can do some more videos for Samsung

    94. O Investidor


    95. Oleksandr Chervinskyi

      "Ukraine"? Yes we are able to calc the money... ;-)

    96. Studio Lab

      MI copy apple Still lots of growth potential for the company, great video.

    97. Ibewuike Donald Chike

      This video actually made me subscribe... My next phone is definitely going to be a MI. Great company.

    98. Chian Yee Lee

      U the bos

    99. Metal Shark

      It's so funny where he fell down the chair


      Suomi mainittu perkele, torille