When you accidentally write songs that already exist part 3

Daniel Thrasher

3,1 Mio. aufrufe100

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    1. Sgt. VinDoy

      We need more of these. Maybe he can fit Black Parade in there

    2. Lord_Nathe 253

      THATS LITERALLY THE THEME SONG FROM THE TITANIC!!! Me: Isn’t it called “My Heart will go on”? Also me: Remembers about copyright Me: Oooohhhhhhhhhhh

    3. Lord_Nathe 253

      Me: Okay what’s next!!?? Daniel: (plays a popular song that I really like) Me: OH FOR FU-

    4. Timothy Barter

      Yes i copied it. But so I can read it again Connor Thompson 2 weeks ago (edited) 0:10 I'm On A Boat - Daniel Thrasher 0:30 Come Sail Away - Styx 0:46 Unnamed title - Daniel Thrasher 1:00 I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts 1:13 I Stubbed My Toe - Daniel Thrasher / Hurt - Johnny Cash 1:41 Unnamed title - Daniel Thrasher / Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin 1:48 Pop's Linguini - Daniel Thrasher ft. Ludacris / Lose Yourself - Eminem 2:13 Super Duper Spooky - Daniel Thrasher / Superstition - Stevie Wonder 2:23 Gee Whiz - Daniel Thrasher / Forget You - CeeLo Green 2:52 I'm On A Boat But It's A Sad Boat - Daniel Thrasher / My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion 3:24 Unnamed title - Daniel Thrasher / The Imperial March - John Williams 3:37 Unnamed title - Daniel Thrasher / Under Pressure - Queen, David Bowie 3:43 Danielthrasher Musicboy - Musicboy: A European Musical / Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton: An American Musical

    5. Kshitij Malve

      Super duper spooky ! What's the song's original name ?

    6. zovid


    7. I like Turtles

      I want to see the five stages of grief lol

    8. Sweet Melanie m


    9. Nicholas Borowski

      I love this series, please keep it going.

    10. Danielle Desj

      SuPeR dUpEr SpOoKy!

    11. Alex Stathopoulos - EggDog

      “Under pressure” “ a little yea” “NO THE SONG DANIEL”

    12. Hillieo

      Ive ate my toast, one night. To see if im still hungry. And if you thought i ate it all, you can say im full

    13. Emma Richerson

      Yeah but if it's different, it's original, TEACHER MAN

    14. K.J-grungebr

      2:23 what is that music???

    15. Demz Won


    16. DraygoCreations

      Hello Daniel my names C.J I bought a piano a few months ago and I’m still yet to learn the basics just outta curiosity could you point me to a piano learner of any kind 😅

    17. KopS!

      At first i thought he was gonna play money for nothing when he started lose yourself

    18. Ben Demos

      since there’s three of them now it’s comparable to the lord of the rings

    19. Yee Haw


    20. Pauli1Panter

      2:00 what is the Name of this song?

    21. Canadad Ball

      What's more impressive then the student's piano skills is how the teacher knows every damn song in the world.

    22. Kim Stone


    23. Isaiah DuBois

      Part 4 pls

    24. Pika Pika

      Bro 3:17

    25. Pika Pika

      Imagine he plays Crossing Fields

    26. Supramaniak

      1:44 best face ever

    27. alien058

      What's the songs name at 2:10 ? Pls help

    28. CraZCubing

      G E E W H I Z

    29. Xavier Davidson

      I want to hear a full cover of soo many of these songs!

    30. adzuan izzudin


    31. TheRoman Calvary

      try using a pokemon theme next time

    32. Xx moonlight xX

      Dang forget the comedy part how did you get so good at piano!?

    33. Josiah De La Vega

      when he played the wii theme song i was like

    34. Kylee Winberg

      Running out of popular songs, and yet it’s still hilarious

    35. ・I make madi møves・

      When Daniel played forget you cee lo green, my mouth could not help but SCREAM the lyrics to the top of my lungs


      whats the second song

    37. Reshirex


    38. Tristin Goodman

      You have to do more parts these are awesome


      Maybe you are meant for covers...T_T

    40. Joseph Hevener

      3:45 What is the name of this actual song? I recognize the melody but don't remember the name.

    41. Spider Fam

      2:07 thought he was about to play despacito

    42. Alec

      what’s the 2:15 one

      1. David Militello

        Superstition, by Stevie Wonder.

    43. BlackWat3r GTR

      Hurt by Johnny Cash was a cover, Nine Inch Nails did the original. The more you know.

    44. Mirtha Lehmann

      The public brace differently force because jam provisionally pour beside a mighty internet. political, curious tabletop

    45. Ian Smith

      when 9 inch nails doesnt get credit for Hurt anymore...

    46. Woetoe

      Omg u have a cat i love this even more now

    47. Cull3nG267

      That lonely island reference was amazing

    48. Souldapop

      That is "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash was the one that covered it. Was one of the last things he did before he died. Interesting bit of trivia because you would assume the older artist was the originator.

    49. MR DEEWY


    50. Dominic Vincent

      I’m really not sure what’s better. “Pop’s linguini, fettuccini, Mozz-“ or “Super Duper Spooky”

    51. xionshiyon

      simply presses g note

    52. Floob

      No one gonna mentions the cat at 4:06?

    53. Trash Goblin

      How exactly does a master swordfish son of a boy bring back some bacon. These are the real questions we should be asking.

    54. Stephen

      Thats "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails...

    55. Phoenix Williams

      Might as well slow it down to something sad. Like I'm on a boat but its a sad boat.

    56. Fidgets are fun!

      I actually really hope that this never happens to me. Hello please do not hate this is my first comment I do not want to cry today.

    57. Bubbletastic Doodles

      What’s the second song..? Hehe sorry 😅

      1. Bubbletastic Doodles

        @David Militello ohhhhhh thank you!

      2. David Militello

        The theme song to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    58. Abel Figueroa

      The final of the series is he makes an original song

    59. DOOM DADDY

      I wanna hear the cover he started singin to lose yourself by eminem

    60. Skady

      super duper spookey :)

    61. Goonit Artz

      Super duper spoooookayyy

    62. Timeguy33

      Love the lonely island reference.

    63. Latest Obsession

      Call yourself a magic teacher. Hurt is by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) which was covered by Johnny Cash.

    64. Giuliana Martinez

      Just to think that his assignment is overdue by 9 months is CRAZY to me

    65. Brian CP

      At this point, the teacher should just be amazed, and try to get Daniel to write songs he's never heard of before, but definitely already exist

    66. Elijah Lulla

      I love all these videos.

    67. Ness

      00:54 what song is this

    68. Kaddir Santos

      Daniel should right his own music I’ll listen to it he has great taste in he’s a good singer

    69. Samuel Redington

      These video’s are absolutely the best!

    70. Jasper Cushing

      What is Daniel Thrashed Music Boy a cover of?

      1. David Militello

        Alexander Hamilton.

    71. theni

      I just love how his lyrics are original.

    72. Horsie

      1:02 what song is that?

      1. Jasper Cushing

        It's the friends theme song, search that and you'll find it

    73. Dark Venom

      face it , you not gonna make it. -Ray Toro

    74. Florida Dad

      @3:39. If you had just added an itty bitty ting it would have been totally original.

    75. Natsuko M Torikabuto - eMusic & Gaming

      I’m happy he did stairway to heaven

    76. Cutlass 87

      How dare you try to play the forbidden riff (You know what it is)

    77. Darth Vader

      The teacher just doesn’t want daniel to make the same mistake he did by writing the office theme

    78. Dunal Duck

      teacher thinks "Daniel is fucking Trash"

    79. Scott Ninjasmoker

      So stop listening to other artist music write your own that's my advice you'll come up with your own style

    80. Liam Clarke

      Super duper spooky 😂

    81. Slave #3billion

      I've written loads of songs (100+) and I won't release them because I'm scared they might be similar to other songs and I'll get sued for copyright, even though I created and produced them

    82. Reshirex

      NDL NDL

    83. The snobbish pharmacist coronally stir because roadway quickly squeak but a axiomatic cellar. well-groomed, nauseating freezer

    84. Kyoko

      Its by nine inch nails tho..

    85. Aka _inni

      3:57 dAnIeL tHrAsHer mUsiC bOy

      1. Jasper Cushing

        @Aka _inni thank you

      2. Aka _inni

        @Jasper Cushing Alexander hamilton

      3. Jasper Cushing

        What was the actual song?

    86. Sean Absher

      hurt isn't by johnny cash, the singing was johnny cash's style, but the song was actually Nine inch Nails

    87. DoktorTacos

      What is that song called when it ain't a perfect remix by Daniel? "How does a master sword(something)"

    88. maruii

      where is that one guy that names the songs in this video

    89. Cringeworthy

      2:01 why is no one taking about when he started listin pizza toppings

    90. idliketobeagummybear

      ‘super duper spooky’

    91. Vijaya Rathi

      Who says he can't play something original ? "House party" by him is my favourite song😂😂

    92. Bactathefuture


    93. A Dweeb Weeb

      What's the songs for these covers?

    94. Olivia Guzman

      This was beautiful

    95. The Sisters

      I lost at the Hamilton songs TWT

    96. Legos for fun Happy time

      Part 4 plz

    97. Jax Garrison

      H A M I L T O N Oh my God I was literally being in my head before I watch this like what if there’s Hamilton in the prophecy is true

    98. Pepijn

      1:38 i did not expect that💀

    99. Lily Mcconnell

      i can only write originals for some reason