Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

The New York Times

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    Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
    Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
    Watched the video? Here are a few more details on The Times website. www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/arts/bob-ross-paintings-mystery.html
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    1. B. D

      I love how they literally give you the answer for the question in the title in less than five minutes

    2. levi.

      this is irrelevant but anyone notice no-face on her dress when she opens the box lol?

    3. Nadine Meadows

      I think he is so big in the last few years because life is so depressing, and he makes us happy. AND him inspring others to paint is just so calming, healing, and wonderful.

    4. C Kett

      Did the Smithsonian obtain ownership of them or are they just loaned to the museum?

    5. Ibruh

      bruh bob on twitch for real

    6. Christopher Schotts

      I really enjoyed watching him

    7. Anus Presley

      The girl in the yellow dungarees is cute

    8. Anus Presley

      The joy of painting is part of my night time wind down, it's pure chillout

    9. TrixiLovesYou

      The paintings are worth a lot of money, but they are packed in cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. Sure.

    10. leskvin80


    11. sudhirpv

      Art for the clueless set.

    12. Irish Technical Thinker

      Just a little tree here and a little bush, where the animals hide and be happy. Little friends here.

    13. Ronga

      Imagine how many hungry mouths they could feed if his paintings were sold🤔...and a few squirrels too 🐿 🐿 🐿

    14. John Doe

      This is what DEfasts was invented for.

    15. Wesley's Waters

      I grew up with Bob Ross as my baby sitter, as well as antique roadshow, and Mr. Rodgers , but Bob truly inspired me to activate my creative mojo in not just painting but in every lil or big situation that I in countered in my life. But best of all creativity is just part of it, add a pinch of politeness, honesty, and a big dollup of Love. With those ingredients mixed, and applied in life the finished product is True Happiness and Joy. And if you spread that joy, and express happiness the people around you will get a solid dose. I am a better person because of Bob Ross and his joy of painting show, Antique Roadshow with its instilling hope, and Mr. Rodgers explaining life's situations and how best to deal with them in such a way that not only helps, but builds self esteem within yourself and those around you. Thank you God for giving us such amazing individuals and thank you Bob , Mr. Rodgers, and all at PBS.

    16. Vastav 17

      The world watches bob ross for Bob Ross.

    17. Ryen

      I'm pretty sure, he's living in a place exactly like his paintings like heaven somewhere❤️RIP legend❤️

    18. Marvin M. Malto

      Back ground music please

    19. Richard Harvey Allsop, English Artist

      I discovered Bob's television programmes for the first time last year. What a wonderful artist, a great sense of humour and a kind heart.

    20. mike d

      If they sold those paintings.......boy oh boy they would rake in the loot $$

    21. Gerald Snyder

      I am 39 man I remember see him 🎨 on PBS After watching sesame Street surprise people didn't know this guy was the man back then in the '80s

    22. Kenneth Chambers

      I discovered Bob Ross in the late 1980's while in middle school. After school I would come home and watch. I continued to watch thru high school and beyond. Decades later in 2010 I came across his reintroduced show early morning PBS. I have always been a fan of his, however my love of his show has evolved. When I was younger it was a fascination with his talent and creativity, but now that I'm older his show is a form of therapy. The sound of his voice. The sounds of mixing paint, and the tapping of brushes on canvas. The various sounds are relaxing and therapeutic.

    23. Garrion Beal

      I really aspire to be like bob, happy, blissful, and just content

    24. A G

      Project Veritas

    25. Ryan Cavanaugh

      I would start watching as a kid and think to myself, I'm just a happy little viewer..

    26. WildPhotoShooter

      Bob Ross started on TV in the UK not long ago. Im not even a painter , I've never painted anything in my life but I enjoy watching Bob creating those amazing paintings. His technique is fascinating, he makes it look like we could all do it , but even I know there is a very high level skill needed to do what he does.

    27. Hannibal Cortez

      They should build a museum only for his paintings,this guys is one of the wonders of the world

    28. Manifesting Wealth

      6:51 😂🔥💯

    29. hlf_coder

      And just think, he was a master Sargent in the Air Force in the 60s and 70s. I totally had him pegged as a flower power style hippie. I can’t picture him as a commie crushing cold warrior

    30. Tooler

      Why is no one talking about the SpongeBob music in the background?

    31. jokerboss72

      Forget he did it in Virginia my home

    32. DP 3633

      Are the people running his office a bunch of idiots wtf


      I liked Bob and his "soothing" voice... along with the sounds of the paint brushes "dusting" against the canvas... BUT... His paintings were "horrible"... 😩

    34. James Thomson

      Just a brilliant presentation of an American Original. A natural orator I watched him for many years and never tired of his voice. A gentle man!

    35. WondrousConundrum

      so we just gonna ignore the random jar of peanut butter on the desk?

    36. Mj Zen528

      A museum - a gallery tour of paintings with this video. So many things they could do with the originals to share with the world.

    37. DorkieShorty

      Make a Bob Ross Museum :D I bet a lot of people would come from all over the world too look at the paintings and find information how he started painting. It would be a great tribute to him and u can even throw in some painting classes in there, to keep his dream alive of teaching people how to paint.

    38. violentdawg

      That explains why I have never seen anyone selling them all these years... If that's what he wanted, I can stop killing myself trying to find one lol

    39. Capn Clawhammer

      I keep wondering if Mr. Ross ever painted an UNhappy tree, cloud, etc.

    40. catlikemeow

      I miss bob 🥺

    41. Ace Alegro

      Want this become a Movie

    42. PM Music

      A national treasure. I've watched so many I lost count and I'm not a painter. I loved it when he'd say "In our little world".

    43. Dwayne Becker


    44. Jamila Murray

      I love Bob ...n his people are loyal...even after death...they honored his wishes...these are priceless...it's great to see that money can't buy everything..❤️💪🏿🇯🇲

    45. Feliciano Hernandez

      Si si gringos. A comprar. Pinturas.

    46. Scott Michaels

      I am 51 years old and it feels like Bob Ross has always been a part of my world. The people who keep his legacy alive are wonderful. Thank you.

    47. Tina Ni

      “These are worth more than me” is so iconic lololol

    48. Katylyn Williams

      Lol the SpongeBob music Also Annette is a QUEEN

    49. The Soggy Waffel

      NYT, Never fire your editor

    50. Playbahnosh

      I can't be sure, but I think Bob didn't want to sell his paintings for many reasons: The first being that Bob didn't want us to hang _his_ paintings on our walls, but he wanted _us_ to paint them ourselves! Bob believed that we can _all_ paint and showed us countless times just how fun and easy it is if we just tried. I think he didn't believe his paintings had any real value aside from being study aids. Bob didn't paint to _have_ paintings so he can sell them and get rich, no, he painted because...he loved painting! This is one of those things where the journey is what counts, not the destination. Bob wanted _us_ to experience the same joy and serenity he experienced when creating those landscapes. It's similar to like having a 1000+ piece puzzle. You work on it for days, weeks, figuring out where all the pieces fit, how it will come together, with that tinge of excitement and fun every time a piece clicks into place. But when it's completed, it just becomes a picture. Sure, you can frame it and you can say you did it, but at that point it's not the same, exciting, immersive activity you've been doing. So, you buy a new puzzle and start again. The same with Bob and his paintings. It was the act of creating something beautiful, figuring out where that happy little tree and his friends go, how the mountain slopes, where to build that happy little cabin, etc. Once it's completed, it's just a picture, and I think Bob was already thinking about what to paint next, because it was the act of putting brush to canvas that was his fun and joy, not the fact he had 30K landscapes in boxes in some dusty storage room. If you want to have a *real* Bob Ross on your wall, do what the man himself would've wanted you to do, and *paint it yourself* :)

    51. Bryan Rice

      The Gosh Darn Spongebob music in the background.

    52. D0PEF1END

      They shouldn’t just be in boxes, locked in a room. They should be in a gallery for all to see and be inspired by.

    53. ARandomGamer

      you see, THIS should be what a company strives for, not money.

    54. James Youldon

      Probably in the happy lil garbage bin

    55. scarezone

      good they are showed to people

    56. scarezone

      dont you think you guys should have them on display so ever one can enjoy them really sad to see them in boxes what a waste

    57. Tricky Dr Hofnarr

      bet i cant get 5 subs

    58. Richard Pinner

      Take that Damian Hirst you utter sell-out

    59. ernstbtmn

      Nice walk down memory lane... As a black kid watching this guy paint? He helped to inspired my drawing and architectural aspirations. R.I.P. Mr. Bob Ross

    60. Sabatrol

      The spongebob music hahaha

    61. WyattDoes

      I like how there’s spongebob music in the background

    62. TheFrogfeeder

      I turned 18 the day he died. I remember watching Bob Ross at daycare as a young kid when they were new episodes...

    63. John Friesen

      A person with a 4.7 million DEfasts subscribers...but he died years before DEfasts was even invented!

    64. Pete the Pirate

      Bob painted cabins!!

    65. bag o' toe tags

      My mother, artist and art instructor, Dorothy Hammond, was a student of Bob Ross. Most of her art is in the style of Bob. Whenever she displayed her art at shows she hung a plaque up telling of her credentials and giving Bob Ross all the credit for her work. She is missed but I kept about eighty of her paintings.

    66. Mister Mobile

      Why is he so big in the last few years? Easy answer: It brings people back to a time that things were simpler, and he puts you in a good mood.

    67. marine

      imagine stealing a bob ross paintings cant relate

    68. Argonaut121

      I've never heard of Bob Ross. Having seen these paintings I now know why.

    69. Jacob Thornton

      We only make happy mistakes here - Bob Ross

    70. Jesus Hernandez

      They must be worth millions

    71. Galley Brooks

      Bob is a legend. I used to watch his show with my grandmother. She was his biggest fan. I sure miss those days.

    72. Britdev A

      4:47 lmfao I have a painting like the one she’s holding at my dads house.

    73. DoomSlayer 510

      Why do you think Bob has become so big in the last few years? I tell you why.... Because the world right now is full of negativity and Bob is the only happy positive person we have ever known and possibly ever will.

    74. WildWesti

      maybe try selling a few especially the ones that are made 3 times... Thousands of his paintings are rotting away in a box in Virginia not being viewed and appreciated. SAD

    75. Chris Logan


    76. O K

      Time to commit theft

    77. Cristian Hernández

      El compadre Moncho jaja

    78. Eman Mohammed

      Follow @artbyeman on Instagram Great Art Page Enjoy 😉

    79. dnt5volvo

      They are stored at the Bob Ross Foundation.. None have been sold. And none will be sold.. They are stored at the foundation.

    80. Eddie Rodriguez

      Dammmmmm i remember him growing up 😁wow I'm old lol

    81. Reginald Winsor

      Bob Ross is an icon. He has inspired thousands of artists like myself to paint for the joy of painting. I am certain that Bob would want his paintings to be there for everyone and not for some self indulgent collector.

    82. John Valencia

      the paintings look a lot better in this high def camera than they ever did on those 80s cameras.

    83. Paul R

      I would love to own a Bob Ross. Or better yet after the pandemic is over they need to do a traveling road show of his works across the country

    84. Sierra Dailey

      When I was a kid I used to watch him over and over every time he was on tv my Mom would have her tape recording and a easel up painting just mesmerized by him...I naturally chose him to do my report on for school I draw or painted him a picture wrote him a letter and in the mail I received a copied painting with a letter from bob ross and signed I still have it till this day ,one of the coolest things ever

    85. Dave

      We used to be high on weed in the 90s and watch his show when it was screened in the night.

      1. Paul R

        Did the same thing in the 90’s lol. The way he spoke about the happy little trees was priceless lol. I would love to own nowadays

    86. Folgee

      4:01 spongebob music hits different

    87. K M

      New York Times: We found the missing paintings Bob Ross Inc: They were never lost Good old NYT making up stories again 😄

    88. Dragon_Beast 42

      People named Bob are way too chill, I had an old neighbor and he was just kind and never really did anything to harm others, almost too chill.

    89. whyputaname

      I remember watching him back in the 80's on PBS.. It was his voice and demeanor that memorized me.. He made me smile when he would say, happy little bush, happy little rock, happy little tree.. He also would give the inspiration to want to paint.. He is missed though🙁

    90. Silveradoman61

      Im just diggin his hair and his soothing voice.

    91. Blank Man

      That's an excellent sales tactic. Announce to the public that you have the entire collection and there are no other authentic pieces in circulation. Then tell them they are not for sale. Watch the value increase tenfold overnight. "First item up for bid is an official Bob Ross painting" " shall we start the bidding at $20,000?"

    92. ATLHooligan

      Clicking on this video was a happy accident.

    93. Sameer Khan


    94. Jay Fayza

      4:02 Spongebob Music??? lol

    95. Aroma From Heaven

      Great vid..You were one of my first inspirations to start my own channel.for real thanks so much.God bless.

    96. Ana María

      Bob Ross brings me tons of tranquility...like the world is nice and pure😌

    97. sorrow2607

      Is that titanium white?

    98. Nunezification

      I learnt how to paint, watching Bob Ross, I have dozens of Bob Ross replicas, but some of them are not as good as his. Loved his show!

    99. Neantvert

      It was GREAT. Thank you and congrats

    100. 88Doug

      He is the best! The one and only!