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    This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
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    If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!

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    1. Kachi Ogbuka

      Did you notice how Brent and Pierson were jumping and playing. Now that is a fun relationship

    2. opzz xsin

      To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

    3. Blurr1e

      Why do I felt like Brent is so happy I actually SHIP THEM

    4. Byul Kim

      Did you and Ben get back together

      1. Byul Kim

        Never mind

    5. It’s PaavniS

      Lexi and Ben So cute 🥰

      1. opzz xsin

        5:05 ben is like the old man following the girl to kidnapped😂

    6. Julian Joseph

      I don't like her anymore

    7. Eama Naseer

      thunbs up if u think bexi is the best couple

    8. Eama Naseer

      i think Lexi and ben

    9. Eama Naseer

      Ben and Lexi are together again

    10. Manshi lakshita Seerutton


    11. Emery Paekau

      That was like so crazy

    12. Jiya Tomar

      Who ships Lexi and Andrew?😏

    13. Klea Shala

      Ben actually enjoyed this photo shoot

    14. Federicoduf7hjgfjhhyhb Tandgxyhfy

      lexi i saw ben kissing ur friend and he broke up with u and i say ben u are brokeing up with lexi i will tell her wath his vids pls if u see the marrmaids they are huging u see that ok

    15. your jungkookie

      *I hope it works *alexa rivera* *alexa rivera* *alexa rivera*

    16. nurul afifah


    17. Malvika Chawla

      Hey I have a prank Idea for u so that u can pull it on Ben like now that u guys broke up how bout now u call him and be very serious hide the camera very well and then tell him that ur pregnant it would be hilarious Also ❤️ from India

    18. Bleh Disgusting

      The 15/32 remanded me of my grades

    19. zion casurao

      lexi what happed to eva and brent

    20. Tony Wong

      5:05 ben is like the old man following the girl to kidnapped😂

    21. Asia Key

      sofie plus dom

    22. Juveria Plays

      I feel like Ben was happy that Lexi and him were nominated😂😂😂😂

    23. Harpal Singh Rajpal


    24. Amber Tannehill

      Great couples

    25. Mark Labib

      When Ben did the swerve in his head:THIS IS REVENGE FROM LAST WEEK LEXI >:CCCCCCCCCCCCCC realizing she swerved again too:😐

    26. sheryl dsouza

      If it is Pierson and Brent like the comment

    27. Teneill Bell


    28. Kimora J.

      BEXI 😩😩🥺 that one was best . Oh btw love you Lexi

    29. Joann Ridad


    30. Gotcha Friend squad

      I would love to go Sofie and dom s dated

    31. Journee Jackson


    32. Jason Carney

      I liked and subscribed can you give us a shout out

    33. Jennifer He

      Hi Lexi

    34. Joseph Flowers

      I live on a ranch so doms and softies date is normal

    35. Louie Rivera

      Brent gets my vote - your my niece so .... GO BRENT GO 🤓

    36. Layla Turney

      2:43 it's just a kiss on the cheek

    37. Layla Turney

      Witch Lexi? Lexi R or Lexi H HELP ME

    38. Jill Allen

      Really wow

    39. Queen Z

      They are all so cute 🥰

    40. Lesley Uukongo

      I don't want anyone with lexi only Ben it might sound selfish but believe it or not they are perfect together.I can still see the love for lexi in Ben's eyes I THINK that it was MAYBE lexi that ummm likes Andrew I don't ship themmm

    41. Dance,Dance,Dance!!!


    42. SARAH Thorne

      Brerson is the best couples

    43. Arlette Eliacin


    44. Deja Thomas

      sofie and dom basically kissed on the lips when sofie like the ring pop after dom put it in his mouth me watching the video: OH!!!! dofie for life

    45. Jahking Chin

      I think it’s braver

    46. McKenna Shippey

      SHIP dom and sofie

    47. colones415

      brenson beacus there more cutteeeeeeeeeeee

    48. toca boca Queen

      Of course duh Ben and Lexi are the besssssst couples

    49. bryan prudente

      Brent and pierson -=brierson😍💏👨‍👨‍👦👫

    50. Aiden Wiggins

      Ava jealous

    51. Fathima Nazaah


    52. Sharon Wuletaw


    53. great channel on mahanta jiya Mahanta

      I love Lexi and I see from AMERICA

    54. Sania Akhter

      Brent and pierson 😍

    55. xxx Bxxx

      Guys did ya'll just see??? Brent ships Landrew!!! It's a big win for the Landrew squad!!

    56. Young Savage

      Wait her name alexa

    57. Beaula Velthuizen

      I mis Bexie

    58. Lourdes Samper

      Lexi and ben❤

    59. amna shaukat

      I Love Brent and perison couple

    60. Sprinkles From Heaven

      Ha Ha ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha lexi

    61. Jothimani Rajendran

      sofi is cute

    62. Gian Rehawi

      Are you and Ben together again

    63. Gresa Fejzuli

      Sofie and Dom!!!🦋

    64. Rosés solo is coming woohhh

      Dom and Sofie are so cute tho

    65. Play with Missmissa

      No one will ask which lexi it was .....

    66. Dane O’Connell


    67. Jaya Meena

      I love your voice🖤🤩

    68. Immyme

      I love Lexi but I feel like the first date she gave herself an easier one

    69. Wilma Sison

      Lexi:kiss on the cheek to get 2 points Brent:we have done this a billion times now just give me Pierson:yah i know right btw lets just do it

    70. Kaylin Pretorius

      Hay Lexi Rivera I have a problem every day I think of you when I go to my motocross championship i think of you and I just want to meet you in person I live in Africa it is not fun at all a am 11 years old all my friends think a am crazzy I know that I am not a don't believe in the haters

    71. Margarito Anzures


    72. Zuby Osman

      Ben and Lexi the best couple

    73. shambhavi ks

      Wait...... If Sofie and dom lost 10 points at the last so 32 - 10= 22 so how did they have 23/10 I mean it's fine it was fun but little bit calculating mistake

    74. Maryanne Harris

      Omg love it so so much fun

    75. Eshan Manjrekar

      Among all your friends and brother I love your intro the most because it has a clap in the beginning it sounds like a beat , I don't know about other subscribers but it's cool 🔥🔥🔥

    76. veenaekm14

      bexi should come back i mean they are so matching and dosie too cause at the end that happend

    77. Navya Venkatesh


    78. Parth Walekar

      Really the competiyion would have been won by Lexi & Ben💯💯💯💞💞💞

    79. AkAj Kumar

      you want to know something lol in 8:08 Lexi and Sophie look like the same. LOLOLOL

    80. Tanishka Nautiyal

      why is nobody accepting that Dom and Sofie are actually a great couple

    81. Olivia Nicholls


    82. annmarie zavala

      Hi Love your video

    83. Arwa hanan Majid

      Did lexi and ben breakup😭😭💔💔💔

    84. Alayna S

      Done love you videos

    85. Aarav Majumdar

      The win from the viewers Bexi

    86. Aarav Majumdar

      Bexi is the best ever

    87. Palakk Munjal

      Lexi should do that #10datesin10days challange . The one that brooklyn did on her channel brooklyn and bailey!

    88. Semara Harrison

      Ben and lekey

    89. Semara Harrison

      Hi I'm a very big fan of you

    90. Cassie

      Is it just me or is it obvi that Ben and lexi were happy that they got voted together?!🥰🥰

    91. Vivienne Cohen

      I ship Bexi most

    92. Blabla Bla


    93. Payton Long

      Lol I love u all

    94. snicolegreen7

      i voted for ben and lexi

      1. Cassie

        anyone notice that instead of "Pierson" she wrote "Pieson" 1:03

    95. snicolegreen7

      this video was so scary for lexi because what if all voted bor her and ben

    96. Loord Fatima


    97. Emmy FnafGlitch

      Aww I ship Brent and Pierson

    98. Octavia Barrett

      Lol Lexi's face when she hated the cake