Who makes those scam popups?

Jim Browning

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    So you got a fake virus message, but how did it get on to your computer and who is responsible for these messages?
    PC Protection Help LLP create these fake messages. Not only do they create them, but they periodically log back into the PCs of the people they previously scammed in order to scam them again with yet more popups which the sneakily place on the browser.
    Unusually, this group are in Jaipur (66/114, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Sector 11, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033, India), but they have a connection in the US. The owner's name appears on all invoices and he pays for their phone services.
    The company website is compiko.online and their address also appears on fix69.com
    This video exposes their entire scamming operation.
    You can see their full details here: www.scammer.info/d/46923-pc-protection-help-llp-fake-virus-popup-scammers
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    1. Aka HAMZA Your boy

      You are true super hero bro 😎

    2. Peace

      Dislikes are from scammers

    3. NotSolar

      Jim, thank you so much for what you do. It really makes me happy you fuck with these scammers, I'm extremely admired by what you do and I would like to let you know you'll see a lot of support coming from me on Patreon. Please, keep up the good work and continue what you do.

    4. Faux Foe

      When you told him you're a computer technician you forgot to say what level you are.

    5. John Paul Boudreaux

      i called the number. you definitely scared them off

    6. Arclightlain

      Amazing work, Jim

    7. Gavin

      Jim i literally just got a phone call from a number 02 45018789 that's australia number, i am in australia, and they said there is a warrant out and I'll be arrested within 45minutes because of some mistake in my tax, so i pressed 1 to speak to a officer like the automated voice said and an indian guy came on asking for my first and surname to look me up on the file and straight away i thought if only Jim Browning took this phone call. I said to him noway you're a scamming and he's like do you have proof and i asked him ok tell me where your from and company and who are you so he hung up

    8. Mason M

      I got a Trojan virus pop up as a kid and I called them and yelled at them because: “MR WINDOWS MINECRAFT ISNT WORKING”

    9. Carolina_duc

      We need Americans devoted to protecting Americans capable of taking down these people along side the military boots on the ground.

    10. Logun

      How do victims get to the scam website to begin with? I always thought they hit an ad which directed them to these sites? Please advise as my mom-in-law has been hit twice (thankfully we were able to stop the CC transaction). To combat this I was going to install a Pi-Hole by her modem....

    11. Dwayne Stimpson

      Brilliant, I hope they all go to Jail!

    12. Esteban Cantu

      i’ve been getting a bunch of spam calls lately can we work something out? like every 5 minutes.

    13. Michael Moore

      I dont get why someone who knows his grift is obviously busted even keeps trying to defend himself and doesnt attempt another route, such as hanging up. The more I listened the more he seems like just another fool being conned.

    14. Michael Moore

      Come on, you've had the virus, I've had the virus. Our computers must have slept with the same server. My company uses the little tiny brush to get rid of the little critters.

    15. michail okeefe

      Great video

    16. Kenichi Kichu

      Lol they have a Log me on Rescue app that looks legit.

    17. Jon Broomfield

      i see in the video how they repeat scam a victim but how would someone get the very 1st popup?? great work Jim :)

    18. Diamond Pickaxe


    19. JulX

      An Indian called the house phone today and said "hi my name is John." I could literally here a bunch of Indians in the background saying "so ur computer is having problems sir?" Lolll

    20. Mad Hatter

      I like how the topmost popup has it's minimize and close symbols swapped. Are these popup-scripter even trying? ^^

    21. MJK BEATZZ

      Hey can u check out custom sneaker addict? I ordered from there a month ago haha

    22. Mark Cochran

      Hey Jim my wife has been getting dozens of calls for weeks now from the "irs" but are asking for someone we don't know. They won't leave her alone and I told my wife about you and wanted to see if you can help us. I'd really like to see there scam business go up in flames first hand. Plz let me know if you can help us we don't want to have to change her number and they win.

    23. natdrat00

      Generic comment to feed the algorithm.

    24. Ontor Gaming

      Thanks for this videos i just Subcribeed you❤️

    25. saif allarakia

      just a friendly tip if you get an email claiming to be from amazon check the sender if it is real the sender should be something like ******@amazon.com or something like this

    26. Me Get noob

      Could you please bring a man of intel.

    27. Dizzy Hollows

      I got scammed 4-6 THOUSAND POUNDS. So basically, got a “royal mail” message saying i gotta pay a fee of 2.99. Then, a fake lloyds called my parents saying they will change our credit card and block the previous one. Lost all our money on the card 🤸🏻‍♀️

    28. foch41

      Need a scammer to get into this Padula guy's PC and mess things up for him

    29. Ghost

      Jim be like "today we are going to look at this popup and then save the world"

    30. Amy Louise

      Jim is my new fave person to listen to whilst going to sleep... No more asmr. Voice of velvet? Tick. Smart and brave enough to do literally what we all wish we could do. Tick.

    31. Tyler Townsley

      They have added a new wrinkle:

    32. Dr. KwaZ

      Seriously, this should be a live virtual tv show. Get a few of you together with a host like they do on Live P.D. This is much more entertaining than watching cops mess with crackheads.

    33. Rohith Valluri

      Hey Jim, could you make a video talking about any action taken against the scammers you've reported to the police?

    34. OodlesOfNoodles

      Is it just me or do all scammers sound the same?

    35. J D

      imagine DEfasts verifying a legit criminal, a good criminal brilliant, but an actual criminal

    36. Sausage Mahoney

      Can DEfasts please explain to me how I was unsubbed from Jim when I'm literally a patron? 😣

    37. Rainer Winkler

      you have chaturbate in your bookmarks? (8:50) hope you delete your browser history regularly 😂 keep up the good work!

    38. Darragh Chapman

      Never heard Gish gallop before, I'll remember that! Thanks for the video, and for the endless spanners thrown in scammers' works :)

    39. Axn3d

      As a part of the Indian community I apologize and well shit its embarrassing being compared to these low life pricks.

    40. Brian P

      I'm from Massachusetts. At least 20% of people in MA talk to you like a piece of sh*t like this guy does. New England is a very overtly aggressive place.

    41. Dimebag Darren Lowe

      Do you know Clive from the Isle of Man?

    42. FairNut

      12:11 they even got different languages, lol

    43. Kris Sirk

      We need your help here in the philippines Jim. There are what we call online lending apps that not only imposed inhumane interest but harrasses the borrower by threats and contacting your contacts and facebook friends without your permission. They humiliate people and abuses people that are in need because of the pandemic

    44. Stephen Dunn

      Simple pop-up fix.Type in program manager in search programs, then a list of programs running on your computer will appear, pick option to quit the program the pop-up is using and it will close the program. End of fake pop-ups. easy peasy

    45. mr man


    46. j c

      Is the US government takeing this shit seriously yet ?

    47. Ben

      Show their faces

    48. Ganesh moorthy

      Sir we need your help Ian from India

    49. Tommy DeNato

      Lol. Good ole Dedham.

    50. mm carts27

      The messy sea therapeutically reduce because purchase mainly itch besides a cluttered squash. boring, whispering yoke

    51. CelticShadow

      i live in massachusetts, if someone even with an accent didnt know how to pronounce dedham since they are supposedly from a company that has stuff going on in dedham, there would be so many red flags. but to be fair id be getting red flags the second i saw the pop up soooo.

    52. fm00078

      Johnalfred (xfinity) Another video to watch 'Project Farm'.

    53. Nate the Fate

      I feel bad for the owner. He sounds like a good guy.

      1. TripleSuperStar

        No, he just wants you to think that, he's definitely in on the whole scam.

    54. Eivind

      When you scrolled through the JavaScript it gave me cancer of how bad it is. Not surprised tho.

    55. random person

      Does he even need to check if their location is legit now?

    56. Murry's Fallout Silent Cinema

      "Let me open the brain of your computer" Scammer prolly tells his girlfriend he's a surgeon now

    57. Abird

      I always end up eating chili when I watch. This has become my chili show.

    58. Craig Sanders

      These people will eventually try to take you out Jim... Please be careful.

    59. Reckluse Music

      Scam baiting sounds funny I might have to give that a go to annoy these people

    60. Anderson Le

      So this is how it feels to counter a Scam Likely call

    61. igiveupfine

      jim, holy crap, my mom just got this popup! thankfully after she was freaking out she texted me and didnt call them. thanks to you having just published this, i 100% recognized everything about this and was able to talk her out of being so scared. so thanks for being entertaining, and informative. THANK YOU.

    62. Ratchet0203

      I have a 4K screen so when these menus pop up they're low res and blurry so I know instantly to ignore them lol.

    63. Taaxi Caab

      Richard may be the first person that Jim sends off to prison for a VERY VERY Long time. Great work Jim

    64. Nikibiki

      Yep. WHO makes them. 100% agree.

    65. Cameron Is Here

      I think I found a scammers phone number

    66. Adam Weaver

      I hope behind the scenes Jim is actually taking these companies down and making people bankrupt. You can't post that stuff on youtube, but god speed jim, thanks for your hard work

    67. KingstonPiano

      @Jim browning hi there, do you have ways to deal with scammers via Facebook messenger? Like those who make food delivery scam specifically.

    68. Gelek Wangchuk

      Really really big thank you

    69. Tahlia

      He protecc He attacc but most importantly He stop those who hacc

    70. Myenta Bartlett

      I don't know the possibility of you seeing this but I just got off the phone with a technician for apple, and this guy directed me to a website called Malwarebytes and idk it seems kinda weird to me and I feel uncomfortable so could u see if it a scam or real? thank you so much

    71. JUNEBUG


    72. Gang time

      was looking for this

    73. Mesmerising Chihuahua

      Jim I’m in the UK and have a scam call number if you want it. They called me but I knew it was a scam .

    74. Melodrama75

      Do you need a fee to help someone? I got a letter in the mail from a iprimus. I have never been with this company. Please help!!!

    75. LIFE GAMER official

      I love this channel He is truly a good anonymous hacker I love this man He help the people who victim by scammers

    76. Paul Van Natten

      You’re like a Digital Guardian Angel for older people!

    77. ce sneaks

      The puzzling female unequivocally embarrass because sort evocatively share per a raspy richard. amuck, symptomatic eye

    78. CapStar362

      Richard P sounds Italian

      1. CapStar362

        he has been doing this alot of years, oh 2016, LMAO please, ive been doing this since 2003. and as a hobbyist since 1992.

    79. CapStar362

      let me open the brain of the computer

    80. sridhar ch

      Thanks for educating us😊😊

    81. Masked One 1316

      Oi Jim I’m British and just got a phone call in an automated voicemail on the 2/3/21 11:42am saying there’s a “tax fraud case under my name” something for you to look out for I guess.

    82. Severus Snape

      Jim Browning, you are a hero! You have helped many people already. It's refreshing to see that there really are good souls out there in the world.

    83. Jannie Nortje

      Hi Jim, I love what you do and started with Ethical hacking. Do you provide any paid training classes?


      We don't need superheroes, we need people who don't wait for superheroes.

    85. Black Asphire

      How to do I get into this? Can it be a job? Not including YT. Working around the PC like this is like witch craft. 🧙‍♀️

    86. OG_3rbiBTW

      Not gonna lie , you are the best youtuber because you doing your best to help people and stop scammers You really need to get a certificate for this ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    87. XXCerberusXX

      Real life bad ass. I'll take this over a James bond movie any day.

    88. Uncle Paul Hargghis

      I love the fake “official” looking pop ups. I remember one that had so many spelling errors it was fucking hilarious

    89. Iron 451

      this guy has great power and he is using it for great responsibility

    90. Akosua Nyarko

      I came across your video and subscribe cos you doing a great job. Writing a letter to must of the victims. Real human. God bless you. 😊😘🙋🏽‍♀️

    91. Saltiney

      jim browning is such a fucking gangster

    92. Perula Enna irrukku

      Richard sounds like an Indian trying to speak with An American Accent! Get hold of him and he will rattle the secretes!

    93. Matt Taylor

      10:52 I love the myfunction on line 96, these guys don't even know how to code they just copy and pasted from the internet

    94. Mo2theSos

      There's a website called gmaiol.com idk anything about it, but I made a typo and my computer warned me

    95. eessppeenn001

      I see the bookmark for CB in the browser there at 8:32... Nice!

    96. mf myles

      Hey this probably won’t be seen but I have been getting these emails from this Todd James he wants me to send him 600 dollars so he can send me quite a bit of cash

    97. Jimmie Murphy

      Google locksmith scams, they're everywhere. Please do an awareness video.

    98. infinity channel

      Great work Jim. i wish You could be my teacher could you?

    99. Skeil

      I dont know if it’s possible but try to get the scammers name before they can say it. Just go like that: „Hello im **scammers name** who are you?“ That would be so funny

    100. just a really sad panda

      Do you ever track USA based scams? I have one that is harassing me lol. I'm pretty sure they are based in Pennsylvania. I have been watching your channel for some time now but I've not seen any USA based scammer caught.