Why Robots That Bend Are Better


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    Robots of the future may be softer, squishier and bendier than robots today. This could make them ideal for space exploration. Check out kiwico.com/Veritasium50 for 50% off your first month of any subscription!
    On Thursday February 18th, 2021 the NASA Perseverance Rover will land on Mars. It is a wonderful robot, made out of steel and wire - but will future robots look like Perseverance? There is an emerging field of research on "soft robots", where the machines are flexible. These soft robots have many advantages over traditional robots - they're safer, lighter, more flexible and can change their shape and size.
    NASA is investigating the use of soft robots for space missions. For future visits to Enceladus or Europa, a lander could cut a hole in the ice and then insert a compliant robot through the hole. This robot could then grow and change shape on the other side.
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    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
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    Video supplied by Getty Images
    Thanks to Zachary Hammond for showing me the soft truss robot
    Filmed by Derek Muller
    Edited and GFX by Trenton Oliver
    Animation by Ivan Tello
    Music by Jonny Hyman
    Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci, Dan Meyer

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    1. NoT_K0Pyae

      Doc oct

    2. László Isó

      I like new concepts... but some wheels would drastically improve that robot... and some arms maybe??? A seat to carry around people??? So

    3. ceerw buty

      speed of the pulse = speed of light, even better if the pulse goes at the speed of light then you divide the time you get by half.

    4. MrMoji

      theres a question i have, if you drop a empty metal cup into a lunch box full of water upside down, why does it flip it self to be straight up again?

    5. ajvark

      Yeah I've seen into the spider verse

    6. Paul Chang

      Throw a sphere container in the center and it can carry objects at any orientation while it is crawling around.

      1. ceerw buty

        0:17 "Hey honey, come and look at my soft robot." "If it's not a robot, I'm going to cut it off."

    7. Luca Pasa

      Finally, the sequel to my favorite of Veritassium's videos

    8. DucHieu TV

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    9. 1 sub before 2022

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    11. Kunwar

      *Why do we need robots that can bend?* Simple. So we can finally say "What are you doing step-robot?😏"

    12. Iago Borges

      Back in my day robots were made of steel and worked 20h a day. It was not like today where this softies can’t even walk for God sake.

      1. László Isó

        :D here where I live robots are soft on the outside, they have a solid bone structure, they are 100% recyclable. They run all day long without electricity. All you need is the lousy paper to run them... and then you just tell them what to do, no programming is needed they have a factory CPU setup.

    13. DBS Player

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    14. Игорь Фадеев

      All this is interesting, but there are more interesting things. Modern ideas about the universe are too superficial. For just one billion euros, I am ready to tell everyone interested how the universe was actually born and what matter is made of. And also, what is wrong with the Einstein formula (A. Poincare) and how to overcome the speed of light using a reasonable supply of energy. I almost forgot why all the measurements of the speed of light carried out so far cannot be considered correct and why different photons must have different speeds, the speed of light is not a constant. And also, why black holes are black (hint-the reason is not that light can't escape because of gravity, everything is more complicated here).

    15. VVindovvZ

      they better use them on mars... but hey... elon don't make soft robot

    16. Hunter h

      Can you do a video of the Mandelbrot set

    17. jacob headworth

      1:20- who made that one? I would like to look it up to lean more about it

    18. bocoy noiu

      or type. That’s cool 😎

      1. The Hammurabi Chode

        Bot? Probably a bot

    19. Eric W.

      Do a video on liquid helium super fluid. It's considered as a quantum fluid once it reaches a certain temperature. Would be very interesting if you would be able to break it down simplisticly. Just seen a 1977 video on it and it was a lot to take in. lol 🤕

    20. Foobar Deadbeef

      Kiss my shiny metal ... !

    21. Pronto

      0:17 "Hey honey, come and look at my soft robot." "If it's not a robot, I'm going to cut it off."

      1. bocoy noiu

        These are safer because in the event one gets outta hand, 5.56 will put it down.

    22. bravojr

      Make a SOLID 2 core system, that projects soft noodles out... may be more worth for the soft things protect the core and you can have a stronger core that has all the power localized instead of multiple corners.

    23. bravojr

      Inb4 Soft robots are safe... SHARP METAL IN THE EYE.

    24. nightmare foxy the cool one

      I'm just gonna say something about that asteroid video you made awhile back Would it be possible to take a say railgun And possibly shooting asteroid and split in 1⁄2 enough that it Avoids earth just asking because I don't think you're gonna see this but I would like you I hope you do

    25. Juan David Sánchez Neme

      :O Three kids!

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    27. Aditya Ambatkar

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    28. Ryosuke Takahashi

      This is why everyone likes bender

    29. ZADO HCG

      I don’t know much about 4-d stuff, but couldn’t this be used to simulate a tesseract?

    30. Cristobal Rivas

      1 Million: 1.000.000 1 Billion: 1 Trillion: Why anglo-culture can't use any standart messure right.. damn.

    31. walt bradly

      Do they have a shiny metal ass to bite?

    32. 02ultraboy

      How to go faster than the speed of light :have the first clock send a pulse to the second one, then it starts, when the pulse gets sent back the lazer gets fired. The time it took - speed of the pulse = speed of light, even better if the pulse goes at the speed of light then you divide the time you get by half.

    33. SeppuKun

      Can you use your science to prove that there are only 2 genders and that any other genders is just cultural Marxism pushed by modern day communists?

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    35. Don David

      9:57 Is Mark Rober who is talking? i didnt know that you boys were friends, 2 of my favority chanels

    36. Viq

      These are safer because in the event one gets outta hand, 5.56 will put it down.

    37. Mark chaffee

      Think I cracked measuring the 'one way speed of light' / I need someone who knows what they're talking about to tell me why it's wrong

      1. Mark chaffee

        Wouldn't this give the one way speed of light?

      2. Mark chaffee

        With both clocks stopped, could they not be brought back together whereby you'd have the time difference of the clocks. The distance between the clocks was known and exact...

      3. Mark chaffee

        Won't then both clocks be synchronized exactly? One clock sits by apparatus designed to emit an identifiable burst of light and is programmed to stop running at the moment this light is emitted. The other clock is designed to stop running when it detects this light.

      4. Mark chaffee

        Tether two clocks to a central anchor with two equal and known length...tethers.. Move both the clocks in opposite directions until they reach the limits of the length of the tether. These clocks are designed to begin when they detect a certain (sudden and reducing) change of tension in the tether. Destroy the central anchor.

      5. Mark chaffee

        I propose accelerometer or tension clocks. Timers that start when they undergo a certain change in motion or change in tension of a tether.

    38. YTjndallas

      So... You named the robots in racially and culturally appropriated names? 🤪 What are the robots’ pronouns?????

    39. eioshen boboi

      Finally this video came out, i already watch the other one so many times!!

    40. nararya nalakanta

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    43. Ngozi Oguh

      BIG HERO 6!!!!!

      1. eioshen boboi

        editor/consultant. Cheers.

    44. Larry Hsu

      PLEASE TALK ABOUT John Hutchison anti gravity !!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 PLEASE !!!

      1. The Hammurabi Chode

        I googled "Jon Hutchinson gravity" and a low resolution video of a "prepetual motion machine" came up : /

    45. Jacob Daley


    46. AnAnD Y

      Hi there.. could you pls explain what is the source of energy behind earth's movement ?

      1. cookiemonster

        Sun's gravity

    47. Siddhesh Rane

      Next video : Why Women That Bend Are Better

    48. john medeiros

      I am Bender Please Insert girder

    49. seth seth

      These soft Transformers got laughed right out of Cybertron by both the Decepticons and Autobots.

      1. seth seth

        @The weird Show Yes you are clown.

      2. The weird Show


    50. Y H

      In video games, you'd be instructed to shoot the joints of these robots

      1. Voidling studios official

        Shoot the toobs and you pop them

    51. definitely not pico

      It's like your my science teacher

    52. scrofwimey

      Names of these robots are gold, imagine like police department using them to rescue drowning people "Smith on scene, there's a kid drowning" DEPLOY KIELBASA

    53. warrior cast

      I can picture a robot uprising with these things, where they aggressively flop against people.

    54. jumbledProgram

      shut up baby i know it

      1. jumbledProgram

        @Bop bender from futurama

      2. Bop


    55. Mistah J

      Kiełbasa is actually the word for the "Polish sausage".

    56. LeRainbow FPV

      honestly, I understand why you are wearing masks when so close, but man, isn't it time to understand that when standing so close even a mask won't do anything? You might as well just take it off. You're just wearing the mask for the camera anyway, when it is off every one 'disregards' "corona law" anyway.

    57. Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.

      *Many robots (including soft robots) are programmed for locomotion and other forms of motor control based upon the wiring principles of central pattern generators* (CPGs)-neural circuits that produce a wide frequency range of oscillatory rhythmic outputs even in the absence of sensory feedback-that have been adapted by evolution over hundreds of millions of years across the animal kingdom for axial, quadrupedal, and bipedal locomotion, as well as many other peculiar forms of locomotion, including rolling locomotion akin to that of the robot showcased in this video here. After several months of preparation, I'll soon be posting vids from my perspective as a Harvard neurobiologist and scientific editor/consultant. Cheers.

      1. savantian eccentrian

        @zendiablo No you're confusing the original thread above. John Doe thought he deleted his original COMMENT on this Veritasium video due to trolls and neck beards, which he did not since all the original comments are still there. There was never any talk of the harvard guy's original CONTENT because I don't think he ever had any on his chanel yet. I've seen his comments on other videos for a while now and most people actually like his comments and give positive feedback. So no there is not much hate, just the usual from the typical haters and trolls.

      2. zendiablo

        @savantian eccentrian I clicked on his name/icon and there is zero content on his channel... but has 14k subs.. so he deleted everything or moved it all to private. I'm not really seeing all the hate that is mentioned.

      3. savantian eccentrian

        @Krish Gupta You really don't know how to search for past comments by a user? Use the mobile version of DEfasts and click on this harvard guy's profile icon. You can see that he posted this same comment multiple times before and they are all still there. I found them. Think before you type my guy.

      4. Krish Gupta

        @John Doe nope he deleted it

      5. Stochastic Diety

        @John Doe nope. it's still there and I'm sure he doesn't care about neck beards. he probably just reposted to get to the top again since comment ranks cycle over time.

    58. Oxy Bright Dark

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    60. JoshMaN

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    62. Icabod Psillycyberman

      Got an off topic question for you. Lots of sci fi uses rotatating structures in space to provide gravity inside them. Does this actually work-my head tells me it shouldn't?

      1. Icabod Psillycyberman

        @Oxy Bright Dark But those big spinning devices are on earth where there is already gravity-the centrifugal force then works towards the circumference of the device.i dont get how centrifugal force would work where there is no gravity. The people in the space station (or whatever) are not held to the surface of the thing that is spinning unlike the example of water in a bucket?

      2. Oxy Bright Dark

        If you spin a bucket round and round, the water contained won’t fall out, because it’s sent constantly backwards into the bucket, rather than into the earth. Centrifugal force, which is actually a combination of forces, would work in space. But when you go towards the middle of the ship, it’ll spin faster and the gravity would be stronger. This means that the ship would need to be quite big, and the middle compartment not liveable, or in the shape of a donut or frisbee, spinning so that the outside is faster. They use big spinning devices to test G forces. Tom Scott made a video about it.

    63. Absolute Fireworks

      Made veritasium videos dubbed in Hindi also.

    64. Habatrosha

      Can you please make realistic a custom T-Rex design and go to wild animals tigers, lions, gorillas, Elephants, etc... I wanna see their reaction, thank you so much, I will give you a like of you do this.

    65. Hot Choco

      That d8 is looking mighty fine

    66. Crystal Dragon

      Why not use pool noodles?

      1. Oxy Bright Dark

        If you bend a pool noodle too much it snaps

    67. Marty Lynchian

      Soft Robots = gay robots. Give me steel, fuel and fire any day of the week.

    68. Daniel Thorne

      i dont know, i watched the Boston Dynamic robots. this is lame AF

    69. Ultima Ratio

      I wanna see this piece of crap "roll" through a freaking forest! :D

    70. maxim jurisic

      its like baymax

    71. Mip

      "Scientists" wearing masks outside, smh.

      1. iLearnCode

        Thats because you are confusing "scientist" with "Scientist ©".

    72. iLearnCode

      bendable robots sounds like commie gobbledigook garbage akin to "eat the bugs" or soylent. Its like calling electric scooters "hover boards". It reeks of civilizational decline and coping.

      1. iLearnCode

        @THYCR3ATOR Not an argument

      2. THYCR3ATOR

        You forget to take your meds today bud?

    73. Eluem

      Seems like everything that bends is better. Seems true in physics engines too, if done correctly.. and by bend, you mean flex. Swords that flex are usually also better.

    74. Nicolai By

      That's kinda cool I guess.

    75. Dominador Cordova

      Robot that bends are better.. and here I am looking at myself. Am I a robot?

    76. Definitely Decided name

      Kiwi co crates are really cool especially the eureka crates

    77. Endless

      If we take this to Mars, why do we have to inflate a balloon. Why cant we use another material that is flexible and soft. It has no risk to pop

    78. vbddfy euuyt

      Bravo et merci

    79. Naveen B

      Iss traveling at the speed of 8km/s ,but why they don't feel gravity inside?.

    80. Bruce McKay

      The best bendy robot is Bender!!! There is no alternative!!!!

    81. Hacked


    82. Jaques Merde

      i really thought he said last "we will see more sex robots in the future" XD

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Bravo et merci

    83. KrxzyFN

      BRO YOUR 40 ?!?!?!?!? YOU LOOK 20

    84. Zhoutong Yang

      “Safe around people” “W R R R R R R R R R R R R R R”

    85. Enterprise Galileo ll

      Don’t let China enslave the United States of America. Do you think a Chinese mind could think up a robot like this😂😂😂✨ I don’t even think they would want to being enslaved the way they are. The best minds are free minds🧠

    86. Peter Quad

      I mean this could be perfect safe robot, i mean of course it will need stronger motors and everything but if you could crawl in, and i don't know imagine that building is in fire and you can't really get out this fella could do this.

    87. alfpolo29

      This year the 2021' will be the 20th anniversary on attack on Twin Tower in New York, even today if i think about it i see again the people fall,people that for not burn alive has choice to jump over the window and die...many times i think why not exist a system for can escape in safety on skyscrapers? Why Engineers,Scientists,Researchers dont have found some solution? In London in 2017 14 june has burn a Grenfell Tower,24 floor,72 people die burn alive or the "most lucky" suffocated on fumes...in the World are not rare atrocity like this,today skyscrapers are in all World,but system on safety again are not adequate...

    88. Manish Kumar

      Sir how can I be a applied physicist

    89. Jackson

      Cool... I still prefer Gundam.

    90. D.I

      It’s less scary than atlas

    91. Jurie Verster

      Mark Rober.

    92. CaptainStink

      There’s a joke to be made there somewhere...

    93. Pidde Bas

      Take a shot everytime he says compliance

    94. Sukshith S. M.

      Hello sir.. Can you make video on why planets revolve in elliptical orbit (considering general relativity)

    95. Luqmaan Rashid

      From what I know, nothing of any use has been produced by soft robotics research for as long as people have been working on them. They're just useless university projects that go nowhere, just like those absolutely useless self-assembling cube robots that can do jack all. After the last Asimo, Boston Dynamics Atlus is the biggest advancemt we've made in the feild of robotics in the last 30 years.

      1. Fing Book

        @Huzufu yes, 30 yrs, then 15 years, then 6.5 yrs, etc.

      2. Huzufu

        Keep in mind these are still very early stages. It's worth exploring weird ideas like this because that's what science is all about. Even if it isnt very useful, at least it was explored fully. Only by trying and testing a ton of ideas can we stumble on revolutionary ones.

    96. Solutions & Débrouille

      Bravo et merci

    97. bouytt guyt

      0:08 Prototype of a freaking 'A.T.A.T.'

    98. Maxwell Baca

      There is absolutely no point in trying. To stop this technology it is inevitable. The end of mankind by robotics is inevitable. Not in our lifetime or our children... But its 100% guaranteed

    99. Leviathan's Iris

      I love that this video showed up in my recs after a long string of Combat robotics videos xD

      1. litapd311

        i've been watching a ton of battlebots recently. although i don't think a bendy, poppable robot would do well there!

    100. Melon Collie

      I don't think they'll ever be more capable than hard, rigid robots. I think hard robots will just get smarter A.I. and more joints and rotation points, thereby giving them a wider range of applications they can handle and being better at not hurting humans. Maybe some specific situations where they have to directly deal with people, but I think advanced A.I. and maybe a squishy shell applied to a hard robot would more than make up for that.

      1. bouytt guyt

        tecnicly electricty are difine robot we more toclking about air autaton