WILLY'S WONDERLAND (2021) Ending Explained


2 Mio. aufrufe214

    #willyswonderland #endingexplained
    In Willy's Wonderland a silent drifter's car breaks down in a rural town and home to Willy's, where he finds himself having to tend with a group of evil animatronic critters. We're breaking down the story including what we learn about The Janitor, what made the gang turn evil, and explaining the ending that leaves one character's fate in the air.
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    1. Visiting Fredbear's

      Fnaf No Gore have you seen any of the games!?

    2. Glitch Boy River Rain

      I didn't know Christen Delgrosso was in this film dang lol

    3. I am da wii

      Not much gore. Only 5 children murdered, two fires, A child who gets his head crushed and a man getting crushed in a rabbit suit and getting left in a backroom for years (and probably more stuff which i can't be bothered to list). Not much gore.

    4. the harbinger of souls

      4:14 "salty meat in my mouth all day please!" he said that when my mom was walking by😂

    5. JasenJohn

      *Salty meat in mah mouth please*

    6. Kirishima

      Ummm in freddys the animatronics literally skin the nightguard and stuff him in a suit😅

    7. Qrow

      Nick Cage in this movie reminds me of the guy my cousin married from Boston who drives a really nice car but tells us something like "mechanic" or "electrician" whenever we ask him what he does for work. I heard BFG Division the entire time.

    8. Dino dough

      My parents won't let me see the movie

    9. Demonkingt

      The difference between fnaf and this is that for fnaf the kids were murdered/stuffed into animatronics. You can see your eyeballs popping out of an animatronic if you die in the first game. The games arent bloody but the lore is such as a kid's frontal lobe bitten off.

      1. Demonkingt

        @Mizako 96 cool now rewatch the video and listen to what is said

      2. Mizako 96

        People know this isn’t FNAF though dude.

    10. b!ngøs ýț çhāņņęľ

      So is the banana split movie ^^ My leader fleegle is the leader~

    11. Apocalypse

      What's odd is there were seven bodies in that satanic ritual but there are 8 murderous animatronics.

    12. aidanette — !

      “They pull up at Wendy’s”

    13. Batman

      I don't think this ending needs an explanation...

    14. Jakobus

      Duuuddeeeee! This is a new cult classic favorite of mine!

    15. Sanity Monster

      I love how the siren was just like damn......everyone is dead.......GUESS ILL DIE TOO

    16. Dark

      Nicholas cage is Willy wonderlands Doom slayer

    17. Mr Yellow

      FNAF, kid oriented and no gore?? bahaha Maybe good to research what you talk about in...you know, reviews

    18. renz tinio

      Imagine if nicolas cage found scottgames script about five nights at freddy nicolas cage will totally make a movie off it

    19. Big Monkey

      Remember, this all happened from a tire breaking.

    20. yeeter skeeter

      What I wanted to happen: Anybody: *gets hurt* Nicolas: need some ducktape?

    21. Dustin Firkins

      Id watch it

    22. Mark Angelo Valdejueza

      Did he just say that FNAF is for kids? Wow.

    23. The Developer

      So basically just fnaf

    24. Justin Martinez

      In america u survive the animatronics in Soviet Russia animatronics survive u

    25. Yufoh

      4:25 did you call it wendy's? that would've been a better movie, like twins in the shining inside of a wendys, no...A Giant Mega-LO-WENDYS

    26. Wolfy boi

      Are we going to just ignore the fact that he has so many movies?

    27. Blackout

      Please have flashing light warnings. I watch this on my TV, just had an epilepsy seizure. I'm a bit more severe but still damn dude.

    28. Shaun Lehr

      Salty meat in my mouth all day please. Found Flix 2021

    29. madening

      Was this movie a mix of Fnaf and John wick When someone was asked The protagonist from the last movie you watched is in the last game you played

    30. Dennis Thomas

      Nicolas Cage fighting ripoff (Five Nights at Freddy's) animatronics, was something I never knew I wanted until now.

    31. AquaticCatGaming

      Honestly this is kinda like Fnaf but if the security guard was a professional badass.

    32. Rafael Nava Andrade

      "Freddy Is more geared to kids" Fnaf plot: murder of children, Dismemberment, corpses in animatronics, psychological manipulation, negligent companies, dysfunctional families.

      1. Demonkingt

        Ignore the lore and it's kid friendly horror 😂😂 but only.if you ignore the lore 😅

    33. effinawesomeness

      4:23 they pull up at Wendy’s

    34. Rowyn5 roblox?

      The ending is simple, she figured out how delicious that punch pop was.

    35. i.o gam3ing

      4:20 they pull up at wendys

    36. Michael lowney 33

      4:23 they pull up at Wendy's lol

    37. Svetlana Rodriguez

      Who is showing this?

    38. Danielle Saxon

      The banana splits is like the same as it

    39. maximus dongus

      Wow absolutely no spoilers

      1. Mizako 96

        You’re new to this channel I suppose. Yet you had 30 minutes to click away, hell, he starts from the very beginning of the film. You should’ve known.

    40. Nizam Miah

      This movie represents a scenario that I've always pondered in terms of horror movies: "what would the situation be like if a competent protagonist walked around actually fighting the monsters or didn't succumb to cliche horror tropes (like tripping on air, or spending too long to search for keys ect)

    41. Baby booon

      Fnaf has no gore. Me remembering the screams of springtrap the or the secret screens of springtrap with his real face partially out looking like a bloody skeleton

    42. Say Orange Again

      Can you do antlers

    43. Kiriu Xeosa

      Holy shit this was actually good finally a horror movie where the character isn't a bitch

    44. Erick Mendez

      Its like fnaf

    45. jpkjnn

      "Pull's up at Wendy's..."?

    46. totothehall //

      i thought this was kill conte

    47. Rocket 2778

      I hope the FANF film is not so gory like this one

    48. Victoria Bonner

      "Freddies is lacking in gore" 👀 sir, the books tell about a girl getting her limbs chopped off one by one then being replaced by robot parts.

    49. Lizard blizzard


    50. TyFly DaGuy

      So no one gonna say pause after he said “salty meat in my mouth all day please” ?😂

    51. Ender Does Art

      He is thew ghost rider

    52. Lacey Ann

      Nicholas Cage is so beautifully strange.

    53. DMoneyyy

      He should have said “......I Love Pop” at the end

    54. Lacey Ann

      Satanic rituals for everything looooool!

    55. Crownless Octo

      If fnaf and a guard fights back

    56. Ed el man

      Top tier movie

    57. Joshua Sweetvale

      0:55 The meta-joke is this: Silent sociopathic cliché 'slaughterthon 9000' videogame protagonist. Complete with ignoring the plot to go play the arcade minigame... + Five Nights at Freddy's = Target-rich environment :D Karmic beatdown ensues.

    58. Sinnermax


    59. Giselle Demetrio

      I had a theory that the janitor actually knew livs parents and then he investigated and found that they stopped there so he went back to get revenge

    60. Aizawa Shota

      Where can you find willys wonderland?

    61. High Tier Loot

      Fight Night at Cage's

    62. Gamerboy 9757

      The janitor is sus

    63. Gokce Karakurt

      I use DEfasts for over 10 years now and this is the first time i am commenting but i cant hold it back. I fucking love this channel and literally watched every single video on it. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY.... cover some old movies with some gore or actual horror!!! this new 2017-2021 bullshit is literally awful BULLSHIT. Nothing new nor exciting, many plot holes and zero joy since we can literally pretell how things will end. All the movies you have covered which are from the early till mid 2000s are way better and you are also way more into them and enjoy to explain them more, its very obvious. So please cover some stuff like Cabin Fever (2002), Anatomy (2000), Unbreakable (2000), Battle Royal (2000, old version) etc etc.

    64. Maria Espinoza

      *Teens dying* Janitor:Drinking🥵🥵🥵

    65. Maria Espinoza

      Ozzie:☠️☠️☠️ janitor:😆😆😆

    66. Ebtihal mubarak

      Stop swearing

    67. tropical

      This movies kinda funny

    68. Alien Beef-Gravy


    69. Alien Beef-Gravy

      My god, cursed animatronics are terrifying to me.

    70. Depression

      Still Love how nick cage just does s**t like this

    71. Bernize Eugene

      Nick Cage's character is the master of time management!

    72. Saitaina Malfoy

      How the ever-loving HELL did they not get sued by Scott Cawthorn (maker of FNaF), WB or Blumhouse?! Okay, mostly Scott as I think he's the current rights holder, but I'm pretty sure Warner Brothers and/or Blumhouse owns movie rights to FNaF (does WB own Blumhouse?). This doesn't have enough changes to fly past...

    73. Yasmeen Farisha

      Tbh..Before I watched the movie,I hated it and said it was a fnaf ripoff.But when I watched it,I gotta say it was a really good movie. I loved it and after the movie ended,took back everything I said about the movie.Highly recommend but it's 18+

    74. Peter Gallagher's Eyebrows

      It would have been much better if the teenagers were not in the movie.

    75. saksham srivastava

      I love these badass action movies, john wick being the best example and this movie being pretty fun too!!

    76. Brandon Felts

      I would rather watch this then the crappy movie

    77. William Newland

      This movie was soooo weird

    78. Excalibur Studios out of context


    79. Luke Lindberg

      Despite all my rage, I am still just Nicolas Cage

    80. Andrea

      This taught me a new use for duck tape

    81. Trip on Tube

      The thumbnailI thought it is Serious Sam live action movie

    82. Claye Coad

      I think that the janitor left Sara alive to ya know kill the town, for trying to kill him

    83. Arjun Ghuman

      To be honest the ending wasnt really explained.I was hopong for an answer along the lines of the identity of the janitor

    84. Tamara Vargas

      You didn't explain anything. You just narrated the movie.

    85. shy dude

      kammy:OH GOD ITS THE JANITOR PLEASE NO *janitors watch beaps* kammy:YEEEEEEEEESSSSS

    86. HailAnts

      If I owned FNaF I'd sure as shit sue..

    87. Heartless214

      I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice Siren Sara didn't get destroyed by the explosion. They could legitimately make a sequel with Sara as the main villain. Me and my sister was talking about this and came up with 2 ways they could do it. Option 1 is to have Sara rebuild the gang and they hunt down the Janitor while killing anyone nearby as a bonus. Option 2 takes some inspiration from FNAF and has Sara turning herself into an amalgam of the Willy crew by using their parts, like Ennard from Sister Location. I prefer Option 2 since the Janitor had such an easy time killing the animatronics that fighting them again would be pointless. But having Sara become a combination of all of them would make her a threat and give the Janitor a hard time fighting her. She won't die until the end, but she whittles away at our heroes health throughout the movie.

    88. rowe Rowe

      27:00 The beginning of *The Ending being explained* Big difference between *FULL BREAKDOWN OF MOVIE* and *ENDING EXPLAINED* Js.

    89. Agent Soshi

      I think a FNAF movie would have to just be a thriller because the animatronics have to be invincible

    90. OninevikArt

      I kinda really hope that Red from Mandy is actually the Janitor in this movie and its all just a crazy alternate world. That's why he is so badass and just doesn't talk anymore

    91. Muhammad Uqbah Ahmad Termizi

      Hopefully, there is next movie exploring his character or new quest

    92. Cc the Dc2 animator

      Wait he said Wendy’s not willys

    93. Red Ninjadude

      Purple guy in a nutshell

    94. Shane Leskinen

      Autism kinda reminded me of my Aspergers.

    95. G.T.Studios

      Satanic ritual...but uses baphomet symbolism...huh. all in all 10/10 will be buying a physical copy soon.

    96. Hailey Powell

      does the janitor have ASD??? He's definitely not neurotypical

    97. Exo Firefly

      my theory is that willys wonderland was made in 1984 but it was made in a different town until 1996 i mean fuck it was so popular it had its own pinball machine and like the janitor may have been at the one in 1984 and then he stumbled upon this one and just yknow, did his thing. he took out his rage that he had building up bc of his trauma and then he got it all nice and clean to relive the good aspects of his childhood.

    98. Bryson Ashcroft

      It’s not waging war if it’s this one sided

    99. Seagull

      they pull into wendys" lol

    100. Courtney Crick