World’s First Drive of The New Rimac C_Two Prototype!! | Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

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    Here it is: The most advanced prototype of My New Rimac Concept Two Hypercar! On which race track should I do the first Hot Laps in my next video? Comment below!! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss the track video:
    Check out part 1 - Full Factory Tour:
    Check out part 2 - Customisation:
    After customising my new Rimac C_Two in Croatia with Mate Rimac at their Rimac Headquarters and checking all the details on the Full Factory tour: Here’s my first drive of the most advanced Rimac Concept Two Prototype!! This is part three of my video series - make sure to check out our exclusive Hypercar Factory Tour in case you’ve missed part one: and the customisation of my new Hypercar: Also let me know how you liked the Tech Talk between Mate and me 😃
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    1. Nico Rosberg

      On which race track should I do the first Hot Laps in my next video? Comment below!! Here's the most advanced prototype of my new Rimac Concept Two Hypercar! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss the track video:

      1. Bernhard Weinbacher

        Österreich Ring

      2. Routy

        @Oliver Guggenheimer q

      3. sven trogrlic

        man kann deutlich erkennen wie du bei Min. 7:17 (im Unterbewußtsein) mit der nicht vorhandenen Gangschaltung am Lenkrad spielen willst....aus Gewohnheit, aufgrund der F1-Zeit von damals!! XD

      4. Edmond Hung

        Barcelona. With Lewis's Merc together maybe?

      5. Peter

        You should see if you can do a hotlap at the new Zandvoort circuit. :)

    2. Justin Lakey

      Don't pull a Hammond!

    3. Sofi Leto

      Fat boy Rímac 🚗💩

    4. Luis Nannini

      Grant Cardone !! Lol 9:00

    5. Frederick Bradley

      Looks a Little like a combination of porsche 918 and some Ferrari

    6. Akshat Singh

      Meanwhile: Hammond you blithering idiot you just drove that car 🚗 down the cliff you muppet. Hammond: it was parking in style.

    7. Ozan Müyesseroğlu

      I wonder would it be viable to add some mechanism like KERS? Or is it there already?

    8. We are not livestock

      I guess it's subjective, but I'm finding it totally ugly from every angle. It's so... pointless to even look at.

    9. Ativerc

      Ok, now make Hammond do it.

    10. Tim Nielsen

      Nice one. Richard Hammond use the Testdrive in a different way.

    11. tian johan

      Mate was so scared. He knew the car's performance and ability much better then the driver. He got out as soon as possible and had the test pilot take over the passenger seat for perfomance mode. I would have done the same. I hate being in the passenger seat in cars when the driver start pushing it. I can still remember those vids of Mate's electric BMW before he even started Rimac company. What a journey this must have been for him.

    12. Jomar Manzano

      Sorry. Choose green

    13. Mr. Mooin

      Don’t know if Richard Hammond would like this one

    14. Jahn Michael

      one drive and problems, the quality of hypercars haha. same by 1000 ps by petrol cars

    15. Jason Segarra

      Technology is insane from back then to now. Scary actually 😅

    16. Ivan Zagreb

      Croatian government giving Rimac subsidies, to make 2 million car for rich people. It is ridiculous.. At the same time Croatian kids starving in schools, and capital city is in ruins after the earthquake and nobody cares..

    17. Badoura Davids

      wow it took u forever to get a smile on your face u looked so fearful

    18. Tom 4444

      Can’t wait til Hammond tries it

    19. AJ ADV

      You flashed the BR Green computer model by too fast. ..... It took me four tries to pause on that beauty!!

    20. Aidan Sherman

      “You sure it is safe to push the car?” Like 😳

    21. shocka007

      Mate, The look of ... OMG . lol

    22. Robert Jurić-Marijanović

      Kada će Rimac napraviti auto za normalno smrtni Hrvatski puk. Kojemu je plaća prosječna 3500 kuna mjesečno.???

    23. Domagoj Patkos

      I am Croatian

    24. sven trogrlic

      Mate : "Nico, try to push the brakes!" Nico : "The what?!" XD

    25. Marko Chamber

      Can we get footage from the camera behind you?

    26. marce1fen

      Mate: Maybe try the brake a little bit... Nico: What? Mate: The brake. It exists...

    27. MacGyver3103

      has nico eaten curry before? 😅

    28. Kim SJ

      Nico.. are you shifting with your fingers? 😆

    29. B-R- B

      HAHAH first drive, next video is TopGear testing the car 9 months ago

    30. MUD DER

      Der Oberhammer! 👌💪👍

    31. Aziz Hussein Z

      When F1 champion is calling it is amazing that mean something

    32. yage202

      It appears you are trying to paddle shift out of habit, cool!

    33. INF_ Infinity

      I have this car... in Asphalt 9

    34. Legal Fiction

      Love how open the conversation was about the carpet. Love Mate Rimac, humble, stays out of the limelight, just gets to work with his truly impressive car

    35. G Mike22

      Nico has always been a favorite for many reasons, least of which was giving LH a hard time. Really interesting to see him in this environment; excited, happy and at ease. Earned a new subscriber today.

    36. McSnoopy007

      A Mercedes looks for its driver and not the other way around

    37. David Thompson

      Love it when you sent it!!,went quiet for a while!!.

    38. joseph

      ken wheres barbie

    39. the name

      before even clicking i knew that it would be in a slower setting. Its always like that. Its like "wow im gonna try the new tesla performance but with half the power, so exciting"

    40. HecticYule

      dont let hammond drive this one

    41. Benson

      *Doug DeMuro would like to know your location*

    42. Proud American

      Is it me or does Nico look like a James Bond villian?

    43. T.O.B

      Is Nico Rosberg the son of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders

    44. Monte

      Richard Hammond has entered the chat

    45. Jaap Kamstra

      Wow: I think the most innovative car in a long time! Huge respect!

    46. Juniper SRX

      Kia Stinger 😉

    47. Juniper SRX

      Mate no longer wants to handover the keys to car reviewers.......instead a retired F1 bloke

    48. Miraj Jaha

      Where is the hampster?

    49. Jon Y

      RIMAC. Way ahead of the curve, yet so humble. COOL !

    50. Tony Montana

      @nico rosberg, can you describe how fast is it? I would like to get a feeling of this video

    51. Stable Slayers

      That boy was 💩 himself 😂😍

    52. Lvxyar

      Lol I have that car is forza horizon 4

    53. Google Google

      Strom für Autos billig aber zu Hause unbezahlbar.....die Menschen haben ständig leere Handyakkus😁....ich finde, es gibt keine Kabel für alle, die Kisten sind sauteuer.....und überleg doch mal....die Kraft reicht für 100000te LASTKRAFTWAGEN und Flugzeuge gar nicht!?

    54. Google Google

      BoxsterNazi geiziger grausamer!

    55. Mark M

      Man this is just amazing

    56. Deimantas

      Good thing Hammond didnt get his hands on this

    57. Gerardo Muñiz Fuentes

      Podrías poner subtítulos en español por favor

    58. Yusuf Bilen

      8:10 his hands are shaking :D

    59. Alan Bird

      Drive by wire gets a glitch you loose control too much robotics , and can be hacked controlled any smart phone.

    60. Tarush Singh

      Wonder what Richard Hammond would think of this one.

    61. Great Days

      Respect ✊ to the team ! Video is 👍

    62. Great Days

      That’s was to scary to watch 😅

    63. TheN30M

      well its not a Koenigsegg

    64. Tomáš

      4:44 finaly the car that recorded buggatti chiron

    65. Colour Swatchez

      5:47 "you sure it's safe to push the car a little bit huh" 😂😂😂 priceless.....

    66. jamage productions

      Great stuff gents, now about the pebble noise from the underside, might I suggest mm thick firm rubber laminate along the undersides and wheel wells maybe doubled up directly behind the wheels for some length where stones are thrown up at a more acute angle? I thoroughly enjoyed this vid, excellent work.

    67. Velimir Ikalovic

      can't wait to see next part!!!

    68. Learn to Tie

      Lucky you took it for a spin before Hammond. :D

      1. Vijay Suriya

        @Ross Outdoors hamster will forever be a part of the rimac they keep fire extinguisher in the back window now😭😂😂😂

      2. Ross Outdoors

        It took more than 2 weeks for someone to mention that.. tells me the rest are serious Rimac fanboys or clueless about this car's

    69. Critic Omnia

      Look idiot with a mask 😁

    70. Andreas Münch

      Great company!!!

    71. Matt K

      Elektro ischt die Zukunft. Aber nur für Dummköpfe.

    72. Rajeeb Barma

      seen many videos but finally subscribed.. not just because of the car

    73. Michel Perrot

      Bonjour, je n’étais pas trop fan de vous Nico, mais franchement je reviens sur mes premières impressions, personne d’autre que vous n’a battu Lewis et tout le mérite vous en revient. En plus vous vidéos sont géniales, bonne continuation et faites nous profiter encore de votre compétence. 👍🏻👍🏻merci Nico .

    74. baqmann1

      You should ask Richard Hammond for some advice on how to handle that Rimac.

    75. Travel Couple SA

      Don't give this to Hammond. Thanks 😅

    76. Joe j

      Where's Dick Hammond?

    77. Nahalka autošport

      big fake car

    78. Ben Harrison

      The poor guy was pooping himself

    79. Alexjkz

      Rimac is AMAZING

    80. Gjovalin Kola

      ..considerando che Tesla era di quelle parti, Mate C- Two, promette bene.. Mercati e produttori emergenti..

    81. TakeNote WithReason

      8:05 😂😂😂

    82. Angelo Cadena

      Can't wait for hammond to drive this.

    83. മണലാരണ്യം

      Looks like a mclaren from front side

    84. Praveenkumar Kandhasamy

      Hats off man - Mate Rimac , such a great achievement , very advanced projects running on and the great thing apart from all these is you are still a humble CEO ,,, Simply no words -- salute

    85. NENI NENI

      Ima li nas hrvati

    86. Filippos Koliopanos

      All youtubers* often say the "standard" don't forget to subscribe if you want to see the next ...this... or that.... . I almost never do. When Nico said, "hit Subscribe so you don't miss my racetrack lap of the finished car", I jumped on that button! ...Only to realize that I'm already subscribed. *Please be sure that I am not so ignorant and blasphemous as to call a F1 World Champion a "DEfastsr".

    87. Antonio Rueda

      Nico, haz algún vídeo en español, somos muchos millones de audiencia potencial

    88. Ronen Borshevsky

      He is so terrified from Nico's driving! that's great!

    89. 170 Termo

      Geil Nico,geile Kombination Crocar,Croroad GermanPilot👍👍👍 Grüße auß Norwegen von ein Croaten🤣

    90. Dino Slav

      Mate shat himself hhh

    91. Tomasz Kuzak

      Rimac definitely doesn't get enough attention. The whole story about this company it's so inspiring. I hope one day all people will know about this cars.

    92. dark ages

      Can you, uhm, can you try the brake a little bit?

    93. marko marko

      Love it how you tried to hide your excitment while driving 😁

    94. Gregson Berlin

      So great facial expressions of both - Mate and Nico.

    95. Justice Warrior

      2000hp?? Not even close!!

    96. Justice Warrior

      Dude you aged 15 years with that awful botox!!! WTFFFF HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FACE!!

    97. mournivalof4

      What a lifestyle you have Nico You must LOVE what you do.

    98. game 0004

      nice video . ..nice concept !. ...nice

    99. Theo Fisher

      Note to Rimac : Do NOT give this car to Richard Hammond!

    100. fer daneri

      En el Peru ya tenemos el RIMAC desde hace mucho tiempo, nos habla mucho especialmente en las epocas de lluvia.