WrestleMania 37 graffiti murals time-lapse


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    Watch this BT Sport time-lapse of WrestleMania-themed murals in London and Glasgow, Scotland, featuring Sasha Banks, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Bianca Belair.
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    1. Natasha Bolton

      Wow amazing :)🙃🙂 wreatlemania come 2 uk oneday 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    2. JayVH Music

      WWE On The Go tik tok for latest videos and uodates

    3. Hank Acham


    4. Sonu Sharma

      Very nice 👌 Theam

    5. Cameron Doerksen

      we just letting people graffiti now?

    6. Randy Orton


    7. Jadon Wilkinson

      I want to be a wrestler that is my dream

    8. Angelina Yanthan

      EDGE♥, ROMAN💙, DREW💜, SASHA💙 go............ Champs ♥💙💜💙💪💪💪💪🇮🇳

    9. Joshua A


    10. Tamil Fevers

      Where is the randy orton

    11. Santosh Singh

      Welcome to wrestlemania

    12. Ali _ JAMIL_S_17

      فنان 🤟

    13. Randy Ortany

      Ciao a te a Londra Speriamo che tu sia a Londra A volte più dolce possibile Mi piace qualsiasi cosa nel wrestling.

    14. Leke Aleks

      I'm Rady for Wrestlmania 🔥🔥and for Drew Mecintyre Champion 🤩💪

    15. Giorgia Simeoni

      I'ready fo Wrestlemania 37🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    16. Dan Toledo

      I wouldn’t call this graffiti it’s more of a mural.

    17. Joel Lee


    18. All Games video online

      Wow fantastic

    19. City Gunzals: Victorian Railway History Lives Here

      OK, Yes, It is cool. But Nobody is talking about that the Fact that they have Mural of Becky Lynch's Mania Moment from WM 35. I get that she's from the UK and It's an Iconic Moment in Mania History. But what if it's a Hint for her Return?

    20. Rolando Castro

      That doesn’t even look like Bobby Lashley

    21. InfoYou SWR24

      Dmcintyre clay⚔️ore

    22. Stivi Shehu

      Can't wait for *Wrestlemania*

    23. IPlayzz

      Wrestlemania 37. The end of an era

      1. Lucas Farrell


    24. Jafar Ali


    25. eloysantiago quisbertcochi

      Becky becky becky wuooooooooo like

    26. Pawan Kumar

      Get ready for the worlds biggest entertainment platform💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    27. Cyrus Tzy.

      Bobby looks apollo crews

    28. RoNy EnGLiSH

      WWE wrestling week

    29. CrAzy MaN

      Without Brock lesner and john cena wwe is nothing

    30. Predator Gaming

      There is a great return in these WrestleMania a youtuber told me guess who is he in comment

      1. Predator Gaming


    31. Priyansh Kashyap

      Where is the stage reveal?

    32. Toasin Al Nayeem

      WWE is teasing the return of Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania🤑

      1. Jason Taylor

        I care

      2. Toasin Al Nayeem

        @Rake Dear 🙄🙄

      3. Rake Dear

        No one cares about that overrated kid

    33. Elpapi Martinez

      Good l like this

    34. Arrogen

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that they showed themselves doing graffiti, which is a crime by the way, on DEfasts?

      1. Your Mom

        Lol it’s not a crime because they were allowed to do it

    35. Jamari Johnson


    36. Shajack


    37. BadyasOfficial

      Why bobby face like that?

    38. Wesley C

      That's so incredible graffiti.

    39. emmanuel salas

      Drew champions love

    40. nemo pouncey

      if bobby lasley saw the drew one he'll punch a hole through it

    41. Mike N Ike

      I think they thought it was Titus O'neil vs Drew McIntyre XD

      1. BadyasOfficial

        When i see i think apollo crew

    42. Midnight Carnage

      That Doesn't Look Like Bobby Lashley Lol

    43. Enrique Sanabria

      WWE IS really scummy for stripping United States fans of the WWE network. WWE completely spit in our faces. I will NEVER support Peacock. So F WWE and REALLY F Peacock.

    44. Laura Márquez

      “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

    45. Rakesh Prusty

      Where my Roman Reigns

    46. Bro Bh

      I WWE is awesome to Watch bro

    47. Sasha Whitney

      This is legit awesome

    48. Mattia Federico

      I like Drew McIntyre

    49. Carolynne Peirson


    50. rsha heri

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    51. JRR31984

      Very GOOD. SKILLS.

    52. Hogzilla fortnite


    53. The fitness challenger

      If I can get 500 subs before June I will make a video of me chugging 20 raw eggs

    54. Michael Vazquez


    55. D3rd gaming


    56. Jon Deo Cerbo

      I always wish that I can talk to WWE Women Superstars because I know all of them from NXT RAW SmackDown womens division but I wish on my birthday to meet the 5 superstar that brokes my depression Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, Billie Kay, Naomi, Io Shirai

    57. Larry Richardson


    58. TygerRex channel

      I can't wait to see what the stage looks like at Ray James stadium

      1. TygerRex channel

        @error silver wow I must say that was really good but i give it 8.5/10

      2. TygerRex channel

        @error silver actually I was looking forward to miz vs bad bunny but its a tag team now I'm looking forward to Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

      3. error silver

        @TygerRex channel Btw, which match at WM 37 are you the most excited for? For me it's the triple threat Universal Title match.

      4. TygerRex channel

        @error silver me to man, me to

      5. error silver

        @TygerRex channel Ikr? I'm so glad to see these types of stages return to WM.

    59. Tei'Zhan McFall

      I can't wait for wrestlemania 37.

    60. delaboy 114%


    61. rohitcr2k

      10/10 for Sasha and Bianca @ 0:58 and Becky @ 0:49

    62. francisco Choque

      amazing graffiti

    63. Abraham


    64. Max Mulcahey

      I can’t wait to WrestleMania 37 It is WrestleMania week This is some great art work ✊🏿🇯🇲

    65. Fearless Reputation Reigns

      They did a really great job on Drew here in UK. 🔥🔥🔥

    66. J23 Record Music

      I'm ready for Wrestlemania 37 this weekend.

      1. Dora The Mon

        The ppv was great

      2. OP Gamer

        Any hacks to watch it free now 😁

      3. JMT Plays

        Yes definitely

      4. Jay Town Gaming


      5. max life 720

        same here brotha!!!!

    67. Ahmad Fayyad

      That's an ebic

    68. Torrie Wilson

      WWE better do a stage reveal before WrestleMania 37

    69. Grisna official


    70. AlifLukman Fandi

      The work was fantastic, but why Lashley look like Ice Cube HAHAHAHAHA

    71. Jawan Farmer

      That is pretty good

    72. Trinell Duke


    73. Anime XYZ Gaming

      It takes day and weeks finish the Wall is pretty amazing I give you that 10/10

    74. Wrestling Doc

      this is my 20th year of watching WWE, probably the only consistent thing that have remained the same since my childhood days when it comes to entertainment. Seeing this getting the well deserved recognition all around the world makes my heart happy!

      1. Bunty wants to destroy Earth

        Mine is 9th

      2. The Underrated Guy

        @Hugo Cortes I have been watching since 2010,and I am about to turn 21 too

      3. The Underrated Guy

        10 year

      4. Suraj Nimbade

        My would be 19th.

      5. Hugo Cortes

        Nice! This is my 15th year watching WWE since 2006. I was 6, 20 almost 21 this year

    75. La Omar

      Hello,did Alexa's hear,bliss

    76. I'm legit subing to everyone who subzz to me

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

      1. Ellen Collins

        OG accactly not like we win Money 😂 its only a comment 😂🤣

      2. Ellen Collins

        I suppose

    77. Toma

      grafits are looking ro realistic

    78. Toma

      wwe is fake but its cool to watch

      1. Money Mark

        Movies are real but breathing air is fake

    79. KM BOSS

      I'm coming on time

    80. Arun Kuwar


      1. Lucas Farrell


      2. Legacy Mania

        That’s what I be saying

    81. Alan Peterson

      Erm 😐 ... so we not gunna acknowledge what happened to big Bobby’s grimace? 🤣

    82. bigfun ethan

      Sup wwe I am going to see this

    83. Francisco Aguilar


    84. BrotherKnight

      Hello WWE

    85. 01uthd


    86. يزن جمال


      1. No Name1248

        ok bot

    87. THE REAL LG

      0:58 *Wow, they did good job on Sasha and Bianca* 💯

      1. Cristian Perez

        I’m so looking forward to that match I hope Bianca Belair wins at Wrestlemania

      2. Zander Thomsen

        Bad Bunny ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

      3. Shadrachkiller1

        @Money Mark :)

      4. Money Mark

        Legend Says that Miz and Morrison were the one that painted it They were warming up by painting on bugs bunny car

      5. Shadrachkiller1


    88. Jacob Allen

      I was the 545th person to watch

    89. Jayden McDaniel

      they did bobby wrong af

    90. thegoat chris

      Congrats to whoever found this comment😎😎😎

      1. francisco Choque


      2. La Omar

        @Esteban RL. thenks noob

      3. Esteban RL.

        Ok bot

      4. La Omar

        Hhhh I don't speak Spanish language but a few english and few allman ,,my respect for your language cause i didn't understand u@omar howard

      5. Omar Howard

        @La Omar ese es mi nombre. Lol ( my Spanish is bad

    91. emanuel perez

      v de dedo

    92. liking

      Bobby doesn't look like himself, damn

    93. Julian Esteban Rojas Marroquin


    94. Alexandro Oliveira de Souza


    95. Rz chdu


    96. ElectroGamer YT


    97. Argenis Gutierrez


    98. Argenis Gutierrez


    99. Squidy Dragon