YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]

YBN Nahmir

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    YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage)
    Stream/Download: YBN.lnk.to/OppStoppaRemix
    Director: Rock Davis
    Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
    EP: Nigel Talley
    Producers: Jyothi Davis & Carla Johnson
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    1. Blessing Dhaura

      this is the worst song ive heard in a very long minute 😂😂savage should say no to some things

    2. Head McMahon

      YBN Nahmir Opps: I heard you had that oppa stoppa YBN Nahmir: 👁️👄👁️

    3. Head McMahon

      0:00 this song stays on repeat

    4. llamabator9999 9

      this was an alright parody. glad to see junior high is still doing electives.

    5. DAR001

      Model citizens no doubt!.... How embarrassing.

    6. ThatGamerGuy

      Glad nahmir dropped the label so he can make the music he wants

    7. Ahmad AMV

      YBN look like a label plant ur not bout the street shit we peep u lil homie

    8. jaylon highfield

      Tell me why I thought 21 said “bitch smell my fingers you can’t tell me I ain’t rich” for so long and I’ve never felt more retarded

    9. Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account

      Nahmir still rapping about his GTA avatar I see.

    10. ISM

      when you gotta take yo lil brotha out with you or u cant go out

    11. Fullsendornosend

      nahmir is like the homie with anger issues and 21 is coming so he dont get mad

    12. DR -

      1:03 just noticed they fighting a rat on the video game 😂

    13. Allen Okoye

      On God who else thinks this song is dope🔥🔥🔥

    14. elitefn -_-

      21 looks so pissed he be saying fuck life in his head

    15. 哦,李丹尼斯


    16. 哦,李丹尼斯


    17. 哦,李丹尼斯


    18. 哦,李丹尼斯


    19. 哦,李丹尼斯


    20. 哦,李丹尼斯


    21. 哦,李丹尼斯


    22. JayVader90

      21 looks like he's there for the food and nothing else

    23. CXD Daggy

      is he talking about fortnite or COD no affense

    24. Hugo Esposito

      thanks to 21 , YBN my godness u trash as hell

    25. Pepa

      21 looks good

    26. NorthLasVegasMcSwagger 702

      21 look like britney spears in that workout video that get bf was telling her "smile"

    27. NorthLasVegasMcSwagger 702

      21 garbage.. Don't support gerber's

    28. juni0r

      21 looks like he smuggles Mexicans across the border in that jacket 😂😭💀

    29. SpookyRumi

      That beat and nahmir's flow are trash, only good thing is 21

    30. Why Yu hate

      my mans 21 ready to take cover

    31. Why Yu hate

      mannn 21 said im finna get set the fuc up

    32. Why Yu hate

      man ion een cars ybn shoudlve known we was only boutta talk about 21 ybn why u holdin him at gun point LMAO

    33. Why Yu hate

      21 lookin nervous as hell lookin around to make sure he aint getting set up

    34. Francisco Bravo

      21 regretting the collab

    35. MuffinTheGoat

      I swear this man is like 20 but is still the size of a 6th grader 💀😂

    36. Young Tommy

      Dis go hard shout out to my nigga YBN Nahmir and 21 Savage

    37. Gamaliel Georges

      21 did not want to be there at all

    38. Tyreek hill Fan2

      21 looks like my at a family gathering

    39. Dejourne Dumas

      #Save the turtles😈😈😈😈

    40. VT DO CPX


    41. Aerron Edwards

      4 4os

    42. ben robinson

      Where are the Rage Against The Machines/ Motley Crue/ Metallicas etc aswell as 2pacs, Biggies Nas etc, I think we all miss the 90s and early 2000s alot. So im not a hater but are you saying I can use two notes over an 808 and make a hit song with over 5000000 views now???......damn I dont blame you guys for doing it if its that easy. We need some emotions in our music some minor chord progressions usually work well.....

    43. The Mandolorian

      His name is 21 savage bc your only getting atleast 21 movements form him

    44. james_mccullors

      I'd rather be ridin in a Honda than a slow ass i8, your better off buying a Camaro ss

    45. LucidWrld_YT

      This Shi 🔥

    46. S 1 R 3

      21 savage:wtf im doing here?

    47. ace varaymond


    48. Christian Dart

      Anyone catch the part where savage said no shaking hands with snitches

    49. Landyn Allen

      Yeah 21

    50. Eli

      21 looks like the older sibling that doesn’t want to be seen with you at school

    51. Daniel Gilkey

      21 savage don't go to school, the school go to him

    52. lomasturabas coyotecojo


    53. saiman Kforay

      Mam got the drip

    54. notconner

      21 looking like hes the Bestbro of the group

    55. Yellow Eminem

      he teased the snippet 2 years ago and finally dropped the full song

    56. Troy Baker

      Chick at the beginning look like she has 2 basketballs in her pants 🤮

    57. Final Fadezzz

      The thumbnail did you guys so wrong

    58. AnonymousPotato36

      why did yk osiris pull up at the end?

    59. Shawn

      Welcome back.. this not your 1st time here

    60. Jose Villegas

      Bro 21 go hard here

    61. Travis Taltoan

      Osiris fukd da whole video up. Smh

    62. bubba da beast


    63. Crystal Clear

      Back ground beat nice❤️🔥, sound nice, video shoot ❤️🔥, back ground voice wording🔥, ending wording 🔥 song🔥.

    64. Connie Campbell

      I like how all the comments bout 21 and not bout his verse😂😂😂

    65. BOULDER 44

      Why do they have a stove outside 😭🤣🤣

    66. J Zz

      21 slaughtered this beat.

    67. Riya Wale

      This music video and “dr.pepper is soda for cars” by verse vault is the two things getting me through quarantine. So thankful for music videos!

    68. Harsh Tyagi

      0:02 aye this girl taking selfie, I think I saw her on twitch flashing lol

      1. Harsh Tyagi

        @plugboi johnny defasts.info/title/video/l7Okkt-4iaHPt90.html

      2. plugboi johnny

        Spill 👀

    69. Skeii Wilson

      "That's tha oppa stoppa"

    70. nyezi Mkhize


    71. elijah.100

      2017 vibes coming back

    72. Craft union

      I will try to comment on this video every day until it reaches 10m

    73. Ил Мэджик


    74. It's Kai

      Why are ya'll tb savage like that lmao he's chillin -3-

    75. Albert Francis Simons

      Tracks fire but dude looks like Tyga rapping like Maxo Kream


      21 savage like when u forced to take family pictures

    77. Deegan Sovocool

      “Nahmir fell off, he doesn’t make good music anymore” then releases this banger

    78. Julian Ferreira

      Am the only person who says "oppa stoppa" instead of opp stoppa

    79. RedGalaxyStiker ll

      21 look like aint even wanna be there lmaoo

    80. rep


    81. GriZzY

      am i the only to see that 21 looks kinda bored

    82. XTR David

      21 looks like Kodak when he was released from jail at his party

    83. Landon Battelli


    84. SwiperKillz 13

      Everyone gangsta til Obama come inn da cut

    85. yafet teka

      baby quavo without the mumble

    86. Billy Blunkall

      XBOX 360 controller

    87. hot dancing 18

      The year has already started with fuck music man🔥🔥💪💪

    88. Gotta Jay

      Is 21 kidnapped by Nahmir?

    89. Lucas White

      Trash! It’s not turning me on but 21 dope

    90. Groovy Tony 83

      21 look like he dont wanna be their

    91. killerpizza Frenchmaid

      They Guy at the end Driving looked like Tay-k for a second

    92. Restu Hamzani

      Indonesian 😎😎

    93. Kimathsert

      btw YKOsiris just pulls up everybody:*pissed* dudes in the back: YK GO NOW

    94. Kimathsert


    95. Shubham Raval

      21 tough 😂

    96. Kendrick Darrington

      Was yk osiars

    97. Harry Potter

      How are people saying 21 is better lol? His bars are garbage

    98. Cameron Bean

      21 look bored as hell 😂

    99. CC Soni

      21 a real street nigga 🤣 he don’t dance ... this video ain’t his seen

    100. Spacedout M

      21 and nahmir are plain goofys.. when you thought this video couldnt get any worse ,"osiris" pulls up 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻