Zig-Zag Marble Gate Completed


309 Tsd. aufrufe19

    The devil is in the details of the Zig-Zag! The new Marble Gate for the Marble Machine X is completed and it works perfectly! Check out the livestreams from the cadding here:
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    Video edited by Hannes Knutsson
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    1. JR DaCapo

      0:06 What a great drum fill !!

    2. Lapin Logic

      ooOOOooOOOOO I am the projection of Martin from the Future and I am here to say this will be in the bin in a month along side 2 other improvements oooOOhHhhwwwwooOOoOOooo

    3. Eluem

      Me: You solved it, yay!!! You: Perhaps not 13:12 Me: DO THAT ONE!

    4. Alvaro Martin Villegas

      The preasure gates may be the perfect compact solution, but the marbles tracks looked so fucking sick. I know making the design for the vibrofone tracks would have been a nightmare but the design in the kickdrum tracks was lowkey the coolest engineered part in the MMX but it´s understandable for the efectivity of the gates.

    5. Hugo van Dam

      0:00 when you remove one line from your code:

    6. Peter Davis

      This didn’t age well :)

    7. Ever Enigmatic

      I might come back in episode #874, when it's close to getting finished.

    8. Ian Ferguson


    9. devjock

      "coolest plywood parts I've ever made" cue Dexter's Lab "This is my greatest invention!"

    10. Elena9 Ivanova

      [The software system is included on the "Eli Machine"]

    11. SlowBird

      I was already a fan but you mentioned starship and you're clearly a fan as am I. Double liked and subscribed ahaha! I want to come bike there someday. Maybe you can guide for a Mediterranean bike trip.

    12. Dave DiAngelo

      Have you considered making those gates out of acrylic instead of birch ply? Once you have a final working design, you can mill the parts in acrylic and assemble them the same way. That would give you some pretty cool visibility to the marbles. Might be worth a half-day effort to build one and test it out. Keep up the amazing work, Martin...I'm loving every second of it.

    13. Tomm J

      5 days later and this design already feels like ancient history ^_^

    14. Fab Funty

      Less pressure is always good. When does the MMX world tour start ? 🤣

    15. seeni gzty

      Martin: "perhaps not" Everyone: Face palm

    16. Yann Jup

      Please increase the length of the guide screw, otherwise a lateral movement will prevent the moving piece of wood from returning. also, you should limit the friction of the screw thread on the wood, as this will cause rapid wear of the wood, and allow unwanted lateral movement. you can for example screw on the metal thread a small aquarium bubbler pipes of the right diameter (use following if your screw is M5 diameter. www.zoomalia.com/animalerie/tuyau-a-air-en-silicone-pour-pompe-d-aquarium-2-5-m-4-6-p-4328.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhP2BBhDdARIsAJEzXlHYpbVe5dCZ3ajt3MO6pcPNu_tBieY9cDGju_6xfUrkFfC22j40NNUaAoW2EALw_wcB#l15447 Bon courage !!!

      1. seeni gzty

        Machine these gates out of acrylic!!! More visibility, less friction and those nerds with objections against threads in plywood will have to shut up!!!

    17. Todd Hedenstrom

      If you'd like to see the marbles better, why not use a clear material like lucite instead of plywood?

    18. Mattisx

      If you really wanted to see the marbles, couldn't you use acrylic or fiberglass in some places instead of wood?

    19. Adnan Al-Alim

      Martin, now is the time to (re)apply for Dear Moon! We want to see you floating in space! 🌚 🌍 🚀 🌞

    20. nitroad shadow

      You could CNC gate out of acrylic if you want to make the marbles and the mechanism more visible. Though you would have to sand and polish the parts (if you want to polish large and awkward areas of plastic i would recommend a rag and some Polishing compound).

    21. rolands50

      How about auctioning-off some of the obsolete/superseded parts? I'm sure there would be a lot of people out there who'd love to own a piece of the MMX! :-)

    22. Robert W.

      So, will ask the same question again, for the sixth time, in the hope I'll get an answer this time. Once The MMX has been completed, how realistically transportable (for gigs) will it be? What time frame are you planning for disassembly and reassembly on stage?

      1. David Jones

        You should ask your questions in the discord if you expect legitimate and fast answers. The answer to this question is: the MMX will not tour, it is the studio machine for music development and composing. The touring machine is planned to be "the next iteration" which is in active design by the CAD Team. MM was the proof of concept, MMX is the prototype, and "MMY" (as it is known) is the full v1 for touring. I'm sure you can get more info in the discord by people actually working on the machine.

    23. Franco Bartolabac

      Heyo Martin! Any plans to get to #dearmoon? It's been years since you made that video!

    24. Joakim Larsson

      The design is definitely sound! If you want to add some "visual effects" you could make the middle part (the "gate") from acrylic or another transparent plastic.

    25. Gun Face

      Dude 4 daaayyysss. I was loving the daily updates.

    26. bouytt guyt

      "Perhaps not" Oh f*ck

    27. Hans Milling

      Imagine if the whole world worked together on problem solving, from cars, wind turbines, bikes, mars rockets and lots of future technology, like you do with the community. We would create awesome machines and other stuff.

    28. Deba Kumar Dutta

      When will be your marble machine x be completed?

    29. Fabian Isell

      Where is the Daily update?

      1. bouytt guyt


    30. Revvek

      Ooooo clockwork marble gates. Engineering new things for yourself can be like baking, it’s done when it’s brown, not when the timer goes off.

    31. aiRCoft

      Wilson's proud of you.

    32. TVD Dico

      Cant you make that part from a Transparent material?

    33. NGC1433

      Machine these gates out of acrylic!!! More visibility, less friction and those nerds with objections against threads in plywood will have to shut up!!!

    34. Ben Brocas

      "I know Cad-Fu"

    35. Top Cat

      This is "still" not complete? Geeze! :O

    36. Mal-2 KSC

      What if you made the pieces of the pressure gate that face the audience out of acrylic instead of wood? Then you'd have dimensional stability _and_ be able to see the marbles, and with the slots in the sides it wouldn't even be that hard to get a cleaning stick in there when the graphite gets stuck to the inside.

    37. James the Flames

      I haven’t been here in 5 months and my birthday was two days ago. I just wanted to see how you’re doing.

    38. Benjamin Shropshire

      It's kind of interesting watching this and @SVSeeker at the same time. Way different outlook on the design process, timelines and getting things *done*. Not that either is right or wrong, that's up to the person building the thing, but it's interesting seeing different talented and intelligent people coming to different conclusions.

    39. TigerZero aka Allen

      Here's a thought. I'll add. I have no schooling in materials that can be machined. Wood/metal, obviously. But what about rock? It keep in line with the organic look. I would think there is a Rock that is soft enough to be CNCed and out last the Plywood? Plus it might be an expensive material, but we fans keep sending funds to this work. With the right cutting bit that CNC can cut metal. Isn't there a bit that can cut rock? It would give a nice aesthetic look to the parts design using rock, assuming it was with proper funding and possible to do so.

    40. Frank D

      y'all got anymore of them... build videos?

    41. Alex H

      My humble advice would be if these gates work well, finish the MMX with them. The whole purpose of the subassemblies is to be able to change them later if you think of a better solution to the problem. One easy way would be to machine the same parts just out of acrylic instead of plywood.

    42. Eriochrom

      Maybe a silly question answered many times before, but: Why are there still those grooves in the center screw of those sliding parts? Won't they tare on the marbles, plus creating much more noise than using smooth metal rods with only grooves where they have to bite into the wood?

    43. A History of Bad Men

      The finished gate is a thing of beauty. Seeing the way it works, fulfilling its function perfectly, is a thing of beauty. The marbles can still be seen, and are so visible on so much of the journey. Don't mess with it. It's an engineering work of art.

    44. Matt in the Hat

      Make the slides out of acrylic so you can see the marbles through it. That should give you the visuals you need. The guys that made the conveyor should be able to knock them out.


      5 * * * * *

    46. Kevin Berisso

      Hey Martin - I believe... In fact I believe so much that you have inspired me to try and develop a robotic marble machine - defasts.info/title/video/ibCPmZ7Xi3Sn1d0.html. Keep up the great work.

    47. Collin Douglas

      0:19 marble machine does EDM

    48. Jamie

      I love how he compared streaming to the matrix

    49. Kancelas

      You should cover the area you'll be cutting with painter's tape, because it will prevent the wood from blowout and cut down on post-processing time since you don't have to sand the parts so thoroughly or at all.

    50. o

      Zig-Zag Marble Gate SOOOO YESTERDAY do CLOCKWORK marble gates XD

    51. Frédéric Induni

      Still waiting for the constant radius divider...

    52. Mauro Abidal Carrer

      I'm sure a lot of perople already said that...... but why dont you 3D print the zig zag gates ? you probably can get get them one a lot faster with no/verty few post processing

    53. Ben Jackson

      looks great, only concern is how long until Martin is complaining about the sound

    54. Michael Hildebrandt

      It will be interesting to see how you fix the problem with the height of the marble in the marble divider. How can you set the marble height with this new cates?

    55. Martin Allfrey

      13.12 no way Martin. ply wood , please, its not a CLOCK!

    56. Francois Faucon

      As we say in french : "On ne peut pas avoir le beurre, l'argent du beurre et le cul de la crémière". What a beautifull language

    57. Halex

      13:11 That new design looks very cool but I just want to remind you that the best engineered solution is the one with the fewest moving parts. Less spots it can break.

    58. Jurjen Bos

      A video with cat and CAD. Let's see what the DEfasts algorithm makes of that.

    59. The Humphreys

      Martin, I need to know what wrench you're using. I love the swivel head, and I've been coveting it for a while

    60. Milo Szecket

      the custom-design-for-each-channel idea looked incredibly cool ngl but so does this, so

      1. Milo Szecket

        13:05 if you make em all out of acrylic like the salmon ladder you'll be able to see the marbles >:)

    61. Max

      You make me nervious Martyn holding that gate open lol, was like "nooooooo it stuck :'( " and then you let go of the handle lol

    62. Everett Troya

      Could you make the gates out of acrylic? Will probably have less friction thought. But would be less susceptible to erosion. (Not sure if the marbles erode the plywood much or not)

    63. peccantis

      That massive squeak from the gate is worrisome.

    64. riski fadilah

      saya dari indonesia alat musiknya bagus banget

    65. Frogz

      i was there! like this comment and reply if you were awake at 5-6 am too :D

    66. Michael Wilkinson

      is there a reason u dont use a different material to reduce sticking, then u can push the pressure reduction further?

    67. Paladin Entertainment

      26,316~ marbles per channel to test 1,000,000 marbles

    68. CUNHA FIX IT

      Could you make part of it from plexiglass instead of plywood? Then you could see the marbles.

    69. Greg Fraser

      8:06 for some silly reason, I'm now envisioning a hidden lever that Martin can pull as a grande finale to an epic show, which would instantly self-disintegrate the whole MMX and in the process creates one last chaotic yet fitting soundscape of marbles falling out of the machine. The MMX-equivalent of smashing a guitar on stage.

    70. George Magnum

      Martin, been following you since MM 1 video (hard to believe it was so long ago), and since then, been very much getting into the Wintergatan music library. Not only are you an innovative engineer, you’re a brilliant musician. Love that wheel design, but if the zig zags are going to work and help you get back to writing songs for a completed MMX, I think you need to just bite the bullet and do it (for now). The only things I know about design/engineering are basically from your videos. Might as well go with this now and then see about upgrading in the future to a cooler looking design

    71. Abomination

      Snare at the beginning: *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam* *bam*

    72. Cobalt27

      *drums intensifie*

    73. Peter Kelley

      Another mole down ... I wonder which Mole is next? For a lot of weeks you've been working on sound reduction the noise of the machine, but with these pathways you've lost a lot of that sound reduction.

      1. Peter Kelley

        In three days he trashes this idea for a clockworks version.

    74. Mike Bellman

      What about anodizing / coloring some of the metal balls to create some color and visualization? I don’t think you’d like to drill light assemblies into your perfect wood pieces, it you could add small fiber optics which leak a little bit of light inside the tracks by drilling toy holes. It would complicate the assembly though. Cheers.

    75. Kashi Gorton

      Martin your laptop is going to be so unhappy when it’s full of sawdust 😓😓😓

    76. Screen Writer Guy

      0:03 Neil Peart wants to know where you live

    77. TheN30M

      Hey martin look at my sandwitch desig in discord its more open and has the same function

    78. Mike Schwirian

      You do not need to ever finish. Rebuild the gates 300 times? I’m going to watch every minute. You and the build are why I’m here. I love the process- you ever finish, I’ll absolutely come and watch you on tour! But that’s not what brings me back each time you post a video. And if you DO finish this project, I hope you’ll start another so I can watch it too. Please.

    79. Elijah Silvis

      This guy is a little crazy, but I want him to succeed.

    80. Daniel Lambden

      13:11 ok so hear me out here... A different modular marble dropper design for each instrument. Some level of compromise between form and function

    81. Create Inside

      what software do you use to programm the 3d models?

    82. Mr. Gnome

      cant wait for the next version of the marble gates in 3 weeks 😂

    83. Stan yo bro

      232k views in one day. Shows that there are lots of people who like seeing a mechanical genius at work rather than the usual garbage on DEfasts. Keep up the great work.

    84. Ukobold

      Wondering what you’re doing then getting answers is such a pleasure in these confined times ! And we’ll be the ones who will know - until you find a way for the eleventh hour watchers to see the marbles deal with gravity ! Thanks for your anticovid spleen marble pills !

    85. tomix1024

      "You can't use it that way, that's not now it's meant to be used" is the little brother of "We've always done it that way" and "We've never done it that way"...

    86. doug723

      NASA shirt? You've lost your marbles....

    87. Kenneth Due

      if you drill the holes in the plywood, and 'reinforce' the holes with cyanoakryolate glue (10sec glue) before tapping them, it will be much much stronger threads

    88. Larison Johnson

      I read a story, long ago, titled “Shoot the Engineer”. The gist was that an engineer would never complete a design activity on his own. The engineer would always want to go back and make it better. The only way a design would ever be finished, not perfected, was when a manager figuratively “Shot” the Engineer, signaling the design was good enough. But I’m an engineer , so I love this content, keep up the great work!

    89. Dave Anderson

      Make it out of clear acrylic instead of wood.

    90. Alex Fiet

      With this modular design, Martin will be able to make some spares for his world tour.

    91. Baldur Vizla

      Use inserts in the wood

    92. Ariki Ereso

      Hey have to ask are you an engineer of some form?

    93. Paul Houx

      Centuries from now, archeologists will visit the site where the Marble Machine was produced and find thousands of round metal objects. What explanation, do you think, will they come up with? Knowing archeologists... probably something with Gods and fertility.

    94. Collin

      It’s been summer in Florida for a while now.

    95. Xaracen

      your wood dust computer is terrifying. its becoming a fire hazard

    96. Jethro Q. Walrustitty

      I love that short atonal avant-garde piece at 0:00!

    97. Ferchhumer

      How long will it take to finish...

    98. CptBirdon

      Experimental jazz be like 0:02

    99. avinalaughmate

      perhaps not moment....ffs

    100. antell markus

      How about using teflon paint on your parts.